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Four Guardsmen


The Virginia governor appointed Washington as the adjutant of the colony's southern military district, with the rank of major, in early 1753, before his 21st birthday.\n New York's adjutant general reports state that he joined Company B of the small, 350-man 8th Regiment as a second lieutenant in June 1882. A week or so of State Camp of Instruction near Peekskill, N.Y., during the summer seemed to be the most demanding duty for New York Guard soldiers at that time when Roosevelt, in his 30s, was busy launching his political career and ranching in the Dakotas. "1 believe no other great country has such fine natural materials for volunteer soldiers as we have, and it is the obvious duty of the nation and the states to make such provision as will enable the volunteer soldiery to be organized with all possible rapidity and efficiency in time of war, and furthermore to help in every way the National Guard in time of peace," he told Congress after assuming the presidency in 1901.

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