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In an interview, Make My Day Strategies LLC founder and CEO J.A. Rodriguez Jr talked about his book, Not Intuitively Obvious: Transition to the Professional Work Environment. He said most people encounter many difficulties in making the transition from either a student or a soldier to a business professional, but the reality is that all of these difficulties are the result of one cause: not realizing that a recalibration in the way they view the world around them is required. They do not adjust to the new rules of engagement. On helping graduates and former military members, his journey commenced when he was promoted to a manager at age 28. His new responsibilities seemed overwhelming and daunting at the time. In the professional environment, there are many transition points. They all have one thing in common, change. Transition points can come in the form of a new project, a new assignment, a new work location, a new job or job responsibility.

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