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									                          Provisional Programme – 1 February 2011

Time            Session                                           Speaker
08h00           Registration
08h30           Opening                                           Professor Robin Green, Department of
                                                                  Paediatrics, University of Pretoria
Session 1       Neonatology                                       Chair: Professor Suzanne Delport
08h30 - 10h30   Breast Milk in the NICU                           Dr Nancy Wight, Neonatologist, University
                                                                  of California, San Diego, USA

                Evidence-based Neonatology                        Professor Gert Kirsten, Head
                                                                  Neonatology, University of Stellenbosch

                Therapeutic Hypothermia in the Newborn            Dr Alan Horn, Neonatologist, University of
                Infant                                            Cape Town

                Litigation in Neonatal Medicine                   Dr Liz Meyer,
                                                                  Medical Protection Society

                Panel Discussion
10h30 - 11h00   Refreshment Break

Session 2       Nephrology                                        Chair: Professor Ida van Biljon
11h00 – 12h00   “What the paediatrician should know and do        Professor Peter Thomson,
                about common paediatric renal problems”           Paediatric Nephrologist, Private Practice

                “What the paediatrician should know and do        Dr Errol Göttlich,
                about paediatric renal transplantation”           Paediatric Nephrologist, Private Practice

12h00 – 13h00   LUNCH

Session 3       Pulmonology                                       Chair: Professor Refiloe Masekela
13h00 – 15h00   Strange and Interesting Lung Diseases             Dr Debbie White,
                                                                  Paediatric Pulmonologist,
                                                                  University of Witwatersrand

                Antibiotics for Respiratory Tract Infections in   Dr Carla Els,
                Infants                                           Paediatric Pulmonologist,
                                                                  University of Pretoria

                Medicines, Society and the Law - A Critical       Dr Humphrey Lewis, Chair SAPA
                Review of Paediatric Chest Medicine in SA
15h00 – 15h30   Refreshment Break

Session 4       Gastroenterology                                  Chair: Professor Dankwart Wittenberg
15h30           New Developments in Celiac Disease                Dr Alta Terblanche, Paediatric
                                                                  Gastroenterologist, University of Pretoria

                Abdominal Pain – Belly Ache or Disease?           Professor Dankwart Wittenberg,
                                                                  Paediatric Gastroenterologist and
                                                                  previous HOD, University of Pretoria
SUNDAY          13 MARCH 2011
Time            Session                                           Speaker
08h00           Registration
Session 5       Neurology                                         Chair: Professor Izelle Smuts
08h30 – 10h30   Neurology Symposium                               Professor Izelle Smuts, Head of
                                                                  Paediatric Neurology, University of

                                                                  Dr Michael Lippert,
                                                                  Paediatric Neurologist, Private Practice

                                                                  Dr Johan Erasmus,
                                                                  Paediatrician, Private Practice

                                                                  Dr Elsa Lubbe, Paediatric Neurologist,
                                                                  University of Pretoria

10h30 - 11h00   Refreshment Break

Session 6       Infectious Diseases                               Chair: Doctor Ute Feucht
11h00 – 12h30   Pertussis: Forgotten – Not Gone                   Professor Theuns Avenant, Paediatric ID
                                                                  Specialist, University of Pretoria

                The child with Antiretroviral Treatment Failure   Dr Leon Levin,
                                                                  Paediatric HIV Specialist, Head -
                                                                  Paediatric Programmes, Right to Care

                Beyond pneumococcal vaccination                   Dr Sanjoy Data,  
                                                                  Director of Public Health Initiatives,

12h30           LUNCH –                                           Professor Michael Pepper,
                Mapping the Human Genome,                         Unit for Advanced Studies,
                The Dawning of a New Era in Healthcare            University of Pretoria

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