; Advanced French- French 3 and French AP
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Advanced French- French 3 and French AP


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									                     Doral Academy Charter Preparatory School
                               School year 2010-2011
                       Course title: Advanced French (3-AP)
                              Dr. Guillermo A. Rivera
                                    Room 113-M

Bonjour! Bienvenue et félicitations. Welcome to the French class! This year we will work
very hard to improve our listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in French.
During the course of this year you will find your ability improving in all four language
skills—listening, speaking, reading, writing. Besides learning the language, this class
will enhance your understanding of other cultures, including those of France and French-
speaking countries. These discussions will broaden you world view, and perhaps give you
a new perspective on your own culture.

AP French Language
AP French Language is comparable in content and in difficulty to a course in French
Composition and Conversation at the third-year college level. Students who enroll in AP
French Language should already have a good command of French grammar and
vocabulary and have competence in listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Although
these qualifications may be attained in a variety of ways, it is assumed that most students
will be in the final stages of their secondary school training and will have had substantial
course work in the language.
The Course
The course should emphasize the use of language for active communication and help
students develop the following:
A. the ability to understand spoken French in various contexts;
B. a French vocabulary sufficiently ample for reading newspaper and magazine
articles, literary texts, and other nontechnical writings without dependence on a
dictionary; and
C. the ability to express themselves coherently, resourcefully, and with reasonable
fluency and accuracy in both written and spoken French.

Course content can reflect intellectual interests shared by the students and teacher
(the arts, current events, literature, sports, etc.). Materials might well include audio
and video recordings, films, newspapers, and magazines.
The course seeks to develop language skills (reading, writing, listening, and
speaking) that can be used in various activities and disciplines rather than to cover any
specific body of subject matter. Extensive training in the organization and writing of
compositions should also be emphasized.

Class rules:
   1. Follow directions the first time they are given and do your work.
   2. Get to class on time. Do your warm up work when the bell rings.
   3. Respect others, be polite and helpful.
   4. Take care of school property (desks, books)

   5. Sit and stay in your assigned seat; raise your hand if you need something.

Consequences for not following the rules:
  1. Warning. (2)
  2. Call to parents.
  3. Detention
  4. Referral to the administration

Class procedures:
There are a number of procedures that must be followed at all times, they will ensure the
smooth running of the class. Please adhere and follow to these procedures that will be
explained in class.

Class materials:
   1. Composition notebook.
   2. Pens- black, blue; pencil, highlighter,
   3. French pocket dictionary

Class fee: There is a $10.00 class fee to cover photocopies, books, etc.

Books: Trésors du Temps. We will also use many other books in class.

Homework: The purpose of homework is to help you succeed and do great in all your
examinations. Your homework everyday is to review the material covered in class. There
will also be homework from the online activity book and I will explain and show you in
class how to do it. If you do not have access to the Internet you can visit a public library
and if you do not have a printer then you can copy the homework in your notebook. You
need to turn in your homework as soon as you get to class.

Tests and quizzes: There will be chapter tests about every two or three weeks. Also,
there will be announced and non-announced (pop) quizzes every week. These quizzes
could be oral or written.

Class routine:
In order to maximize our learning we need to follow a structured routine in our class.
Although this routine could vary slightly from time to time, the following will be the
usual way in which the class will be conducted.
a. Bell work (or warm up) (Review from previous class, etc.)
b. Lesson (Vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, learning a song or a poem, etc)
c. Individual or group work
d. Presentation or discussion.
e. Class conclusion- Review of what we learned in class (formal or informal)

Grades: Students will receive at least two grades per week. These grades might be based
on oral or written work, and they can be in the form of quizzes, tests or projects. Students

will receive a class work grade based on their actual accomplishments in class. For
example, to get an A in class work grade you must do your bell work, bring your
homework, participate actively, etc. Classroom participation and conduct will also be
graded. Conduct, effort, and participation will be given every nine weeks.

The grading scale is as follows:
100-90 A 4.00-3.50
89-80 B 3.49-2.50
79-70 C 2.49-1.50
69-60 D 1.49-1.00
59-0 F 0-.99

Grade distribution.
Test and essays 30%
Quizzes 20%
Projects 25%
Classwork and homework 15%
Participation 10%

Uniform: All rules of Doral Academy must be followed, including the dress code.

Electronic devices: You must not use electronic devices in class. If you have a phone it
should be in your book bag during class. Using your cell phone in class will lower your
conduct grade to a C. No texting, please. If you are caught using your cell phone I will
take it away from you and your parent or guardian will have to pick it up.

Keys to success in class:
   1. Be prompt.
   2. Be prepared.
   3. Be polite.
   4. Be mature.
   5. Review every day

The school attendance policy is followed in this class. Please be on time. If a student has
more than 5 unexcused absences he/she will receive a failing grade (no credit) and will
need to take the class again.

We will be reading several short stories, newspaper articles, depending on the class. We
will also do several projects, memorize poems, sing songs, and watch French movies. If
the class behavior is excellent we might have a French picnic twice a year.

Speaking French in class:

Because it is so important to have as much practice as possible speaking the language, it
is essential for us to spend as much class time as possible speaking French. 10% of your
class work grade per term will be based on the extent to which you speak French with
your classmates and with me. You will learn how to ask for general things in French.

Make-up work
Make-up work and assignments are the student’s responsibility (this includes athletes,
dancers, and all other students.) No makeup work will be given for unexcused absences
and tardies. Check the school’s website for homework, class summaries, etc.
Late assignments will not be accepted and you will get a grade of F.

Written assignments
All written assignments such as essays and projects must be done by you and only by
you. The only way I can measure your progress is by evaluating your own work. It is
considered cheating to get help for upper-level French students or French-speaking
friends, native speakers, parents, the Internet, etc.

Academic Dishonesty
Academic dishonesty in any portion of the academic work shall be grounds for awarding
a grade of “F”.
Cheating includes: Copying all or part of someone else’s works or ideas as one’s own;
using materials and resources other than the ones specified; using translation software to
Plagiarism includes copying all or part of someone’s assignment or copying a text from
the Internet without citing the source

I encourage all my students to speak with me at the first instant they start to feel lost so
that I can help clear up your questions. I welcome communication with your parents as
well. Please encourage them to contact me if there is an issue or concern. Please contact
me at garivera@dadeschools.net Merci,

Class Syllabus- French 1-2-3-AP
Doral Academy Preparatory
Dr. G. Rivera (Monsieur Rivera)
garivera@dadeschools.net; 305-597-9950
By signing below, I certify that I will abide and follow the rules explained in this
syllabus. I understand that the teacher reserves the right to do any necessary changes to
the syllabus and we (parent and student) understand that not following the rules set forth
in this document will jeopardize the class grade.

DATE: _____________________________________

STUDENT’S NAME AND SIGNATURE: ____________________________

PERIOD: ________________

PARENT’S SIGNATURE: ___________________


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