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					                Serving the Community since 1981                                                     July - August 2009

                                                   Presidential Update
   As most of you know, the Delano Jaycees have just made it through the busiest time of our year. The final beer was poured at the
Delano Fourth of July Celebration, a new tradition of watching the sun rise the morning of July 5 has been continued (yes, I admit I ducked
out early and missed the beautiful sunrise this year), and though our biggest project is done, the year is only half over and there is much
more for the Jaycees to accomplish throughout the remainder of the year.
   First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the Fourth of July Celebration in Delano a success. This year, the Jaycees
and our volunteer organizations poured 152 kegs of beer (which is a record since going to strong beer), and 120 cases of Mike‟s Hard
Lemonade. We will know in October the proceeds each member organization that makes up the Fourth of July Committee will receive, and
we are looking forward to giving those dollars back to the Delano community. Some potential changes being explored for next year
include larger glasses, overlapping of shifts, along with the possibilities of kickball and beanbag tournaments.
   A special recognition to our treasurer Alex Roeser for being honored with not only a Presidential Medallion from Minnesota Jaycees
President Jason Gadd while working in the beer stand, but also for being recognized as this year‟s Commodore Award recipient by the
Minneapolis Aquatennial and Delano Royalty Organization! Thank you, Alex, for all your hard work, dedication to the chapter, and
continually always looking ahead to that next project and having those new, innovative ideas that allow the chapter to raise funds to do
what you love to do best – pump money back into the community.
   Next, I want to recognize our very own Delano Jaycee Alex Forster, a former Miss Delano, who was crowned the Minneapolis
Aquatennial‟s Queen of the Lakes July 24 in Minneapolis! Thank you, Alex, for everything you have done and will continue to do for the
Delano community. You truly are an awesome ambassador, and the chapter wishes you much success in the new adventure you are
   In other news, the Jaycees decided not to do another highway clean-up at this time, and will revisit the subject this fall. We also decided
to take a hiatus from the golf tournament this fall, as well, and are in the planning stages of reviving the Jaycees Haunted House. Watch for
more details to follow on this exciting new project!
   In the meantime, August will be another busy month for the chapter. It actually kicks off at the end of July, with a Delano Jaycee team,
coordinated by Jodi Baumgard, at the Relay for Life in Delano beginning Friday, July 31 going into the morning hours of Saturday, Aug.
1. If you are in town during this time, stop down at Central Park and visit with the Jaycees team and show your support! Visit our web site
for a link to our Relay team‟s web site. Also watch next month‟s newsletter for an update on the Relay.
   The Jaycees are also kicking around hosting a booth at the second annual Taste of Delano Wednesday, Aug. 5 from 5-8 p.m. at Central
Park. Watch the web site for more details on this.
   The following weekend will be the annual garage sale, coordinated by Nichole Krause and Laura Schumacher, at Alex Roeser‟s
residence Friday and Saturday, Aug. 7-8 from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day (see attached flyer for more details).
   And finally in August, the Jaycees will be manning the hot dog stand at Coborn‟s for two weekends – Friday and Saturday, Aug. 14-15,
and also Friday and Saturday, Aug. 28-29. Volunteers are still needed to staff these two weekends – this is an easy fundraising event and
we appreciate the opportunity Coborn‟s provides us to raise some funds. Contact Nathan Dalbec to sign up at (763) 972-2951.
   I think that brings us to the end of August – where has 2009 gone?? Hard to believe the year is half over already. That being said, with
our major project behind us, I am looking forward to continued successes within the chapter, and will be looking hard at recruiting a few
new members to step up and become involved in our various projects. If you know anyone who would be a good candidate to join the
Jaycees and become involved, please have them contact me.
   Remember . . . “It‟ll be Fine in „09!”
                                                                           2009 Board Members
                                          President: Ryan Gueningsman:                          
                                          State Delegate: Nichole Krause:                       
                                          Individual Development: Open
                                          Community Development: Josh Schoborg:                 
                                          Treasurer: Alex Roeser:                               
                                          Public Relations: Kevin Jaunich:                      
                                          Website Editor: Nichole Krause:                       
                                          Newsletter Editor: Laura Schumacher                   

                 Serving the Community since 1981                               July - August 2009
                                                      4 of July Memories

PHOTOS: We are looking for all your Fourth of July
photos! If you have photos of the chapter at the beer
stand, please forward them to Don‟t
forget to visit our photo gallery online at to see all the fun from this years
Fourth of July Celebration!

            Serving the Community since 1981
                      The Jaycee Creed                                            July - August 2009
                           We Believe
                                                                  Calendar of Events
                That faith in God gives meaning                   General Membership Meeting 18th
                  and purpose to human life:                      @ Legion 5pm
                 That the brotherhood of man                      Garage Sale Fundraiser – 7th- 8th
                 transcends the sovereignty of                    Coborn’s Hot Dog Stand – 14th – 15th
                                                                  and 28th – 29th
               That economic justice can best be             September:
                 won by free men through free                      General membership Meeting
                            enterprise:                            15th @Legion 5pm
                                                                    Punt Pass & Kick - 12th
              That government should be of laws
                                                                    Fall All State Convention
                      rather than of men;                           Highway Clean up - 19th
                That earth’s great treasure lies in
                      human personality:
              And that service to humanity is the
                        best work of life!
                                        Upcoming Event Info!
General Board Meeting: The next board meeting will be held on August 18th at 5pm at the Legion. All members
are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Relay for Life: The Delano Jaycees are having a team in this year’s Relay for Life event in Delano. The Relay for
Life is July 31st – August 1st. Everyone is welcome to stop by and show your support.

Hot Dog Stand: The Jaycees also will be manning the hot dog stand at Coborn’s the weekends of Aug. 14-15 and
Aug. 28-29 – please check the dates and contact Nathan Dalbec at (763) 972-2951 if you can help out on either of
those dates.

Fall All-State Convention is set for Friday-Sunday, Sept. 11-13 at the Kahler Grand Hotel in downtown
Rochester. The next registration deadline is Aug. 22. I would encourage as many Delano Jaycees as possible to
consider attending this convention – please contact me for more details.

                               Upcoming Membership Renewals:
            Membership renewal applications will be mailed to you with the due date 1 month prior to
            your anniversary month. Please send member ship dues to: Delano Jaycees
            PO Box 332            August: Martin Bauman September: Joanne Georges
            Delano, MN 55328                Cindy Lynch                       Emily Hutter
                                            Shawn Lynch                       Sonya Schlosser
                                            Laura Schumacher
                                            Scott Shoutz


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