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Physical Environment

1. Abiotic environment (inanimate objects) can be differentiated into
physical buildings and physical environment. Physical building include;
fence, building, pages, sports fields, playgrounds,
gardens, rivers, showers, toilets , canteen, and stalls.
The physical environment including temperature, humidity, noise,
air pressure, garbage, sewage, air pollution, water and soil.

2. Environmental biotic (living organisms) include: plants and
animals. Animals can act as pets
(Pet animal), farm animals, disease vectors, and host.
Biotic environment, including plants and animals.

Nonphysical environment

Environmental non-physical (mental and social), which includes the relationship
tradeoffs between individuals with the surrounding society.
A very popular slogan “Clean is healthy”. Environment
clean and healthy should always be sought by any citizen
community because it can affect our health together.
Healthy environment is a condition that supports
overall productivity and is a condition
behaviors that support the growth of healthy community life.

Healthy environment will look on the appearance and
behavior of citizens. Appearances citizens
reflects the level of personal health community members.
Healthy personal appearance, among others, dressed in clean, neat, and
fit. Healthy behavior visible from the public attitude that is always
maintaining personal hygiene, not taking out the trash, spitting,
moreover urinate and defecate in any place.

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