Poster Session Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference

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					Session No   First Author
2C01         Pigarov, A. Yu.
2C02         Predebon, I.
2C03         Preinhaelter, J.
2C04         Rafiq, Tariq
2C05         Ramos, Jesus J.
2C06         Rappaport, H. L.
2C07         Redi, M.
2C08         Reynolds, Jim
2C09         Ricci, P.
2C10         Rognlien, T. D.
2C11         Roytershteyn, Vadim
2C12         Ryutov, Dmitri D.
2C13         Salvetti, Matteo
2C14         Samtaney, R.
2C15         Sen, Amiya K.
2C16         Seol, J.
2C17         Shadwick, B. A.
2C18         Shaing, K. C.
2C19         Sharapov, S. E.
2C20         WITHDRAWN
2C21         Shasharina, S. G.
2C22         Smith, C.
2C23         Snyder, P. B.
2C24         Sovinec, C. R.
2C25         Spong, D. A.
2C26         Strickler, D. J.
2C27         Strozzi, D. J.
2C28         Svidzinski, V. A.
2C29         Takayama, A.
2C30         Tang, X. Z.
2C31         Tarditi, Alfonso G.
2C32         Tessarotto, M.
2C33         Thiffeault, Jean-Luc
2C34         Todo, Y.
2C35         Torasso, R.
2C36         Tracy, Eugene R.
2C37         Turner, Leaf
2C38         Umansky, M. V.
2C39         Vahala, George
2C40         Waelbroeck, F. L.
2C41         Waltz, Ron W.
2C42         Wan, Weigang
2C43         Wang, S.
2C44         Wang, Weixing
2C45         Ware, A. S.
2C46         Watanabe, Tomo-Hiko
2C47         Watson, Paul G.
2C48         Westerly, D.
2C49         White, Roscoe B.
2C50         Wong, H. Vernon
2C51         Wright, J. C.
2C52         Wurm, Alexander
2C53         Xu, Bai-Yu
2C54   Zheng, L.-J.
On Non-Diffusive Plasma Transport at Tokamak Edge
Test Particle Approach for Transport Studies in the RFP
Simulation of ECE from MAST
Influence of Geometry on Drift Waves in Tokamaks and Stellarators
Dynamic Evolution of the Heat Fluxes in a Collisionless Magnetized Plasma
Driven Poloidal Spin-Up with Rotating Magnetic Field
Linear Gyrokinetic Calculations of Microturbulence in H-Mode on NSTX
Computational Studies of Magnetohydrodynamic Phenomena in the Reversed Field Pinch During PPCD
Collisionless Reconnection in Presence of a Guide Field
Coupled Turbulence and Transport Evolution for Magnetized Edge Plasmas
Relevance of the ITG Localized Modes to the Accretion Theory of Angular Momentum "Generation"
Stability Analysis for a Finite Aspect Ratio Screw Pinch
Rationale for the Columbus Experiment
Simulations of Pellet Injection in Tokamaks Using AMR
Optimal Control of Tokamak Resistive Wall Modes in Presence of Noise
Role of Bumpy Fields on Single Particle Orbit of Near Quasi-Helically Symmetric Stellarators
Comparing Envelope and Full-Fluid Models of Intense Laser-Plasma Interactions
Island Rotation with Island Induced Viscosity in Tokamaks
Effect of Hot Ions With Large Orbits on MHD Spectrum in Tokamaks

Distributed Technologies for Nuclear Fusion Data
Periodic Orbits in Muonic Hydrogen Atoms Exposed to Both Circularly-Polarized Laser Light and a Uniform Magnetic Field
Developments in the Peeling-Ballooning Model of ELMs and Pedestal Constraints
Use of Nonsymmetric Algebraic Operators in a Semi-Implicit MHD Advance
Physics Issues of Compact Quasi-Poloidal Stellarators
Development of a Robust Class of Quasi-Poloidal Compact Stellarator Configurations
Coherent Ion Energization by Electrostatic Waves
Effects of Fast Particles on Internal Modes in Reversed Field Pinches
Edge Plasma Simulations for Large Helical Device with UEDGE
Plasma Potential of an Electrostatically Driven Plasma
Plasma Flow Control in a Magnetic Nozzle for Electric Propulsion and Fusion Scrape-Off Layer Applications
Nonlinear Covariant Kinetic Theory of Magnetoplasmas
Nonlinear MHD Stability and Dynamical Accessibility
Simulation of Intermittent Beam Ion Loss in a TFTR Experiment
Ideal MHD Ballooning Modes and Stability Boundaries of Near Helically Symmetric Stellarators
Random Attractors and ELMs
Nonlinear Resistive MHD Analysis of the Turbulent Dynamo and Pressure-Driven Transport in the Reversed-Field Pinch
Modeling of Effects of Magnetic Perturbation on the Quality of Flux Surfaces in SSPX Spheromak
Quantum Lattice Gas Representation for Vector Solitons
Shielding of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations in the Long Mean-Free-Path Regime
Progress on Full Radius Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulations and Prospects for Treating Transport Time Scales With GYRO
Delta-f Simulation of Collisionless Tearing Modes
Stellarator Optimization: A Comparison of Genetic, Differential Evolution, and Levenberg-Marquadt Optimization Algorithms
Neoclassical Transport Calculation for ST Plasma
Ideal MHD Stability of the Quasi-Poloidal Stellarator
A Non-Dissipative Closure Model for Mirror Instability in a Collisionless Plasma
Hall Current Effects in Dynamic Magnetic Reconnection Solutions
Second Ballooning Stability Access in the Quasi-Poloidal Stellarator
Bootstrap Current Simulation
MHD-Like Plasma Equations for Hybrid-Particle Simulations
Full Wave Simulations of ICRF Mode Conversion and Lower Propagation in Toroidal Geometry
Action Principle Derivation of Generalized Magnetofluid Models
Nonlinear Dynamics of the Firehose Instability in Magnetic Dipoles
Development of the Kinetic Adaptive MHD Codes: AEGIS

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