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					13th March 2009

Dear Athlete / Parent,
         Since moving to the new stadium our young Track & Field teams have had superb
results, gaining promotion to the Northern Premier Division of the Young Athletes
League, and we congratulate them on this achievement. However, success comes at a
price! It means that we have further distances to travel to compete. This summer we have
YAL fixtures in Blackpool, Macclesfield and Wavertree (nr. Liverpool). We also have
National Junior League fixtures in Hull. Sending a full squad (A & B athletes in each
event), plus officials, team managers, and hopefully, providing places for some parents,
will often mean 2 buses are needed. We estimate that transport will cost £2500-3000 over
the season.
         Parents will have to pay a fee to travel but we want to avoid charging the athletes,
in order to encourage them to compete, develop team spirit by travelling as a squad, and
ensuring everyone arrives safely and on time. We also have further equipment to buy,
both to replace existing and to buy new equipment, totalling around £5000. To be able to
do this we must raise funds. Otherwise, we will be forced to either charge for travelling,
or look to increase membership fees further.
         We do not want to do either of these, and this is where your help is essential. We
have a number of both existing, and new ideas for fundraising, none of which will
succeed without your support and assistance. Where possible we want to target those
NOT directly involved with the club in order to spread the burden, but that is not always
         Below are some of the ways you may be able to assist the club in raising funds
and we ask everyone to see where they can possibly assist:-
            1. CLUB LOTTERY – the club run a monthly lottery draw at £5 per
                number, per month. 50% goes to club funds and the other 50% is paid out
                in prize money (1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes – values vary depending upon number
                of entrants). The more people that take part the bigger the prize money and
                the bigger the benefit to the club.
            2. SPONSORSHIP – the club are always looking for businesses who may
                be interested in sponsoring the club, but these are hard to find in the
                current economic climate. Do you work, or know someone who may be
                interested in sponsoring a team who are (i) very successful, (ii) young, and
                (iii) promoting physical activity and healthy living?
            3. SPONSORED FUN RUN – this summer we are hosting 3 Fun Runs,
                which are about 1.5 miles long (17/06, 15/07 & 27/09). Could you get
                people to sponsor you to do one, or all of these races to raise money for
                DAC? If every junior member ran, and raised just £10, that would raise
                over £3500!!. We will award a prize to whichever junior club athlete
                raises the most sponsorship money (copy of sponsorship form attached &
                extra copies on reception if you know anyone else who wants to help).
            4. MEGA-RAFFLE – we are looking at possibly running a mega-raffle,
                selling tickets at each meeting we host throughout the summer. However,
                to make it attractive and successful, we need really good prizes. Do you
                know, or work for anyone who may donate a great prize, like a holiday,
                TV etcetera? We will give them as much publicity as possible to thank
                them for their generosity
            5. SUPERMARKET BAGGING – Sainsbury’s, on Thorne Road, have
               agreed to allow us to have a “Bagging Day” on Saturday, May 30th.
               Participants must be at least 11 years old, but this is a great opportunity to
               both raise funds and raise awareness of the club. Those able to take part,
               please complete the section at the end of this letter and return to the
               reception desk. If we can get enough involved we will look to do it in
               shifts. We will also need adults to help supervise.
           6. SPORTSPERSON’S DINNER – we are currently looking to organise a
               Sportsperson’s Dinner, in association with the Stadium Management
               Company, for 8th October’09. Plans are in their early stages but will
               include Guest Speakers, meal & cabaret / disco (Geoff Capes has agreed
               to be one of the speakers). Sadly, this will be for those who are 18+.
               Please look to keep this date free and support it if possible.
               are looking to see if we can benefit by people donating their redundant
               (but working) mobile phones, and clothes that are no longer needed. DO
               NOT BRING THEM YET (!!), but do not throw them away either. We
               will be in touch.
           8. FAMILY FUN DAY / FETE – we are exploring the possibility of
               holding a “FAMILY FUN DAY” at some point through the summer, if we
               can find a free date. We would need lots of help, both in organising this,
               and on the day
           9. KIDS DISCO – speaks for itself, but does anyone know someone who
               runs a disco that will do it cheaply (or free!!)?
           10. MURDER MYSTERY / CASINO / RACE NIGHTS – all great nights
               but need organising and supporting. Could you help?

As you can see, there is a lot in mind, and a lot of potential to make money, whilst having
a good time, but that is all it is, now, POTENTIAL. We need you to get involved to make
these ideas come about and be successful. Are you prepared to help your / your child’s
club continue to grow stronger?

We are looking to hold a further FUNDRAISING meeting on:-
Thursday, 2 April 2009 @ 7.00pm
either in our club office, or the bar, in the main Keepmoat Stadium. If you are seriously
interested in helping, please try to attend.

Dave Lilley
DAC Vice Chairman (07917833860, Email: DAVIDL4556@HOTMAIL.COM)


I am over 10 years old, available, and wish to help with the above fundraising event.

NAME (capitals)…………………………………………..
Contact Telephone No…………………………………….

 (If under 18)Signature of Parent / Guardian…………………………………..

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