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									                                           YouTube Alternatives

School Tube
A website dedicated to the sharing of videos created by
students and teachers. School Tube allows teachers and
schools to create their own channels for sharing their
students' works. It also provides excellent how-to resources,
copyright-friendly media, and lesson plans for using video in
the classroom.

                                                             Teacher Tube
                                                             Teacher-created videos for teachers. Some of the
                                                             videos show lesson plans in action. View videos or
                                                             upload your education videos here. Advertising present.

Teachers TV
UK- based website of videos for teachers and about teaching. provides hundreds of videos available for free
download. There are videos for all grade levels and content
areas, as well as videos about teaching methods and
practices. For example, there are 15-minute videos highlighting how document cameras or podcasting can
be used within the classroom, complete with downloadable lesson plans and short case study videos.

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Educational videos, quizzes, and games for K-12 organized
by subject area. Embed link present.

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                                                                     Watch Know
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                                                                     Similar to neoK12 this site offers literally thousands
                                                                     of great learning videos organized by subject area
                                                                     for easy browsing. Limit search by desired age

Snag Films and Snag
Find full-length videos from National Geographic and
other producers for free viewing. Snag Learning
features high-quality documentary films selected with an
educational focus. Search by grade level, subject area,
or channel (PBS, National Geo, Explorer, ITBS).

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Teacher’s Domain
                                                                 This Site offers many excellent videos, including great
                                                                 PBS stuff like Nature and Nova. One of the best things
                                                                 about this site is that many of the videos are available
                                                                 for download, not just streaming, which makes them
                                                                 very useful for the classroom.

How Stuff Works
Informative, short videos on a wide variety of topics, but particularly
strong in science and tech.

                                                     Ted Talks
                                                     A great source of inspirational, thought-provoking, educational,
                                                     and entertaining presentations given by some of the world's
                                                     leading experts on a wide variety of topics.

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Untamed Science

Collection of videos and podcasts about biology and
Earth science topics.

PBS Video and PBS for Kids

Quality videos from the public television company.
Click on “All Channels” in the PBS Kids to see the

Discovery Learning and
History Channel
Both of these sites offer many of the same videos you’d
find on the TV channels.

                                           Kids Know

                                           Animated videos explaining and demonstrating concepts from
                                           math, science, geography, and English. Each video starts with
                                           an introduction to a topic and is followed by a quiz.

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Places for Uploading your Videos

                                        – Moderated sharing site for K-12
schools. Video size up to 2GB.

                  – Upload video, docs, audio, photos. Privacy options.

                         - better quality than YouTube. Up to 500 MB upload per
week. Can create own channel.

    – Upload or use web cam. Free, nearly unlimited storage. Ability to add
comments or tags at various points of the video. Privacy options.

     – Free service for user-created videos.

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