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                                                                                  Holiday Gift Ideas: Top 5 Great Laptops To

                                                                                    Holiday Gift Ideas: Top 5 Great Laptops To                            For the Professional
                                                                                                                                           Billed as a large enterprise business product the
                                                                                  CloudTag: Holiday , Gift , Laptop , Select , 484170-     HP EliteBook 8460p will certainly be a great gift for
                                                                                  001 batteries life , Acer as07b41 , Hp 485041-003        any professional. The EliteBook has an Intel Core
                                                                                  replacement batteries                                    i5-2520M 2.50 Ghz processor, 4Gb of 1333 Mhz DDR3
                                                                                                                                           memory, a 320 Gb hard drive and a 14.0 inch LED-
                                                                                  With the holidays fast approaching you might be          backlit HD anti-glare display with a resolution of
                                                                                  wondering what gift to get that special techie in your   1366×768 pixels. It also has an AMD Radeon HD
                                                                                  life. While tablets like the iPad are in high demand     6470M graphics card with 1G of dedicated DDR3
                                                                                  this year, that doesn’t mean that giving laptops as      memory. The HP EliteBook has a lot of ports for
                                                                                  gifts would mean the equivalent of getting coal in       connectivity, including connections for USB 3.0,
                                                                                  the Christmas stocking. Here are some laptop picks       USB 2.0, eSATA and USB combo, VGA, DisplayPort,
                                                                                  that are suited for the type of person you’re going      FireWire, modem, headphone and microphone. HP
                                                                                  to give them to.                                         also added DuraFinish smudge, wear and scratch
                                                                                                                                           resistant coating on the chassis to make the Elite-
                                                                                                    For the Gamer                          Book a very rugged laptop that can endure many
                                                                                                                                           business meetings. HP has a starting price of $959.00
                                                                                  There’s no denying that when it comes to dedicated       for this laptop.
                                                                                  gaming PCs, you can’t do better than Alienware.
                                                                                  Make any gamer happy by getting them the                            For the Budget Conscious
                                                                                  Alienware M18x. This gaming laptop has a 2.5Ghz

                                                                                  Intel Core i7-2920XM processor that can overclock        For shoppers who are tightening the belt a little this
                                                                                  to 4Ghz in Turbo Boost Mode, 16 Gb of RAM, and           holiday season the HP Pavillion dm1z is the laptop
                                                                                  two 750 Gb hard drives. The M18x has an enormous         for you. It only retails for $399.99 but it actually
                                                                                  18.4 inch, 1920×1080 WLED display that is positi-        has a pretty good set-up for its price. The dm1z
                                                                                  vely enchanting to look at. The keyboard has five        has an AMD dual core 1.6Ghz CPu with an AMD
                                                                                  macro keys and a full keypad for maximum effi-           Radeon HD 6310 graphics card, 3Gb DDR3 memory,
                                                                                  ciency during gaming sessions. However the biggest       320 Gb hard drive and an 11.6 inch 1366×768 HD
                                                                                  draw here is in the graphics cards. The M18x can         screen with LED backlighting. The audio system
                                                                                  support dual Nvidia GTX 580M graphics cards in           is good because it has the Beats Audio technology.
                                                                                  SLI or dual AMD Radeon HD 6990M in CrossfireX.           The Beats Audio software actually provides EQ and
                                                                                  Both video cards are excellent graphics card but         other sound settings so you can get the most of the
                                                                                  Alienware charges about $150 more for the Nvidia         limited speakers in the laptop. This laptop provides
                                                                                  configuration. Shoppers can get this laptop from         the best video and gaming capability you can get
                                                                                  Dell at the starting price of $1999.                     for the price range.

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                                                                                  Holiday Gift Ideas: Top 5 Great Laptops To Select

                                                                                                    For the Student

                                                                                  The Asus X32A is a pretty decent laptop for the col-
                                                                                  lege bound student. It has a 13.3 inch display, Celeron
                                                                                  1.2Ghz processor, 3Gb DDR3 RAM and a 320 Gb hard
                                                                                  drive. The display is excellent for long study periods
                                                                                  or just plain surfing the internet. It also comes with
                                                                                  a Linux-based operating system that you can switch
                                                                                  to if you find the Windows 7 system too heavy for
                                                                                  the laptop to handle. The Linux system will boost
                                                                                  the battery life and can actually have an “instant
                                                                                  on” feature. For the price of 354 Euros or $476, it’s
                                                                                  not hard to consider this the perfect gift for your
                                                                                  hard working scholar.

                                                                                                For the Frequent Flyer

                                                                                  Frequent travelers will want a laptop that is slim,
                                                                                  durable but still has the computing power for basic
                                                                                  tasks like document editing and surfing the inter-
                                                                                  net. If you’re willing to spend the money the Apple
                                                                                  MacBook Air is the fastest ultraportable laptop you
                                                                                  can find. The entry level $999 11-inch MacBook Air
                                                                                  is affordable but it has a 2 1.6GHz dual-core Intel
                                                                                  Core i5, 2Gb of RAM and 64 Gb of storage. It also
                                                                                  has the new OS X Lion pre-installed. If you don’t
                                                                                  find the limited storage a hindrance, then this is

                                                                                  the ultra portable laptop for you.

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