; Participants in Boston Tea Party
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Participants in Boston Tea Party


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									Boston Tea Party Historical Society
 The Complete List of Participants - Two-thirds of those whose ages were known
 were under 20, including 16 teenagers. Only nine are known to have been 40 years old
 or older.
                                      Samuel Hobbs               Paul Revere
      Nathaniel Barber                John Hooten                Benjamin Rice
      Samuel Barnard
                                      Samuel Howard              Joseph Roby
      Henry Bass
                                      Edward C. Howe             John Russell*
      Edward Bates                    Jonathan Hunnewell         William Russell*
      Thomas Bolter
                                      Richard Hunnewell          Robert Sessions
      David Bradlee
                                      Richard Hunnewell, Jr      Joseph Shed
      Josiah Bradlee                  Thomas Hunstable           Benjamin Simpson
      Nathaniel Bradlee
                                      Abraham Hunt               Peter Slater
      Thomas Bradlee
                                      Daniel Ingersoll           Samuel Sloper
      James Brewer                    Daniel Ingoldson           Thomas Spear
      Seth Ingersoll Brown
                                      David Kinnison             Samuel Sprague
      Stephen Bruse
                                      Joseph Lee                 John Spur
      Benjamin Burton                 Amos Lincoln               James Starr
      Nicholas Campbell
                                      Mathew Loring              Phineas Stearns
      George Carlton
                                      Joseph Lovering            Ebenezer Stevens
      Thomas Chase                    Thomas Machin              Elisha Story
      Benjamin Clarke
                                      Ebenezer Mackintosh*       James Swan
      John Cohran
                                      Archibald Macneil          Abe Tower
      Gilbert Colesworthy             Martin                     John Truman
      Gershom Collier
                                      Thompson Maxwell           Thomas Urann
      Adam Collson
                                      John May                   Josiah Wheeler
      James Foster Dondy              Mead                       Thomas White
      S. Collidge
                                      Thomas Melvill             David Williams
      Samuel Cooper
                                      William Molineux           Isaac Williams
      Thomas Crafts, Jr               Thomas Moore               Jer. Williams
      John Crane
                                      Anthony Morse              Tom Williams
      Thomas Dana
                                      Joseph Mountford           Nathaniel Willis
      Robert Davis                    Eliphalet Newell           Joshua Wyeth
      Edward Dolbear
                                      Joseph Palmer              Thomas Young
      George Duton
                                      Jonathan Parker
      Joseph Eaton                    Joseph Payson
      Joseph Eayres
                                      Samuel Peck
      Francis Akeley (Eckley)
                                      John Peters
      Benjamin Edes                   William Pierce
      William Etheridge
                                      Lendell Pitts
      Thomas Gerrish
                                      Samuel Pitts
      Samuel Gore                     Thomas Porter
      Moses Grant
                                      Henry Prentiss
      Nathiel Greene
                                      John Prince
      Samuel Hammond                  Edward Proctor
      William Hendley
                                      Henry Purkitt
      George T. Hewes
                                      John Randall
      John Hicks


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