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How to create a sitemap for the free site/blog

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									How to create a sitemap for and submit it to
Google Webmaster Tools.
Creating a sitemap for a self-hosted wordpress blog is easy. All you need is installing
Google XML Sitemap Plugins. Activate it. And you’re done. But how to make a sitemap
for a blog? Can we do it? The answer is yes. You can create a’s sitemap. Here’s how:

   1. If you don’t have CATEGORIES included in your sidebar, go to your Sidebar
      Widgets editor and include it.
   2. Open a page of your blog up so that you can see the CATEGORIES sidebar with
      all the categories listed.
   3. Carefully highlight all of the categories in the CATEGORIES box and copy them
      to the clipboard.
           1. Press CTRL-C for PC.
           2. Press CMD-C for Mac.
   4. Open the Manage Pages part of your Dashboard and create a new page.
   5. Paste the contents of the clipboard into the editor.
           1. Press CTRL-V for PC.
           2. Press CMD-V for Mac.
   6. Edit the list as you see fit.
           1. Remove extraneous categories like “Uncategorized.”
           2. Create a “Recommended” or “Most Popular” list of categories above or in
               place of the alphabetized list.
           3. Add static, descriptive text before or after the list.
           4. Bold certain categories to make them stand out.
   7. Name the page and save it.
   8. If you don’t want to have a separate sidebar listing of categories, go back and
      remove the CATEGORIES Sidebar Widget.

Don’t forget that pages created in this way are NOT self-updating like the
CATEGORIES widget in the sidebar. You’ll have to redo the entire process every time
you add a new category to any post, or you’ll have to learn how to edit the page yourself
to add the category and the link.

How to submit a’s sitemap:

   1. After login to your Google Webmaster Tools -> Add Your Site at ADD SITE.
   2. Click the ubmitted website / blog-> click Submit Sitemap.
   3. Enter this code -> sitemap.xml -> Submit Sitemap. Done.

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