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Lesson 5 Thesaurus Activity by nuhman10


									                              Lesson 5 Part 2 – Create an Acrostic Activity

    1. Type your first name along the left margin of your document.
    2. Using each letter of your name, type an adjective that describes you.
    3. Use the thesaurus feature to find 2 synonyms for each word.
    4. Choose different fonts and colors to format your document.
    5. Insert 1 piece of ClipArt to represent the words for each letter of your name.
    6. When you are finished, Please Print.
    7. Mount onto Colored Construction Paper.


Energetic – Lively, Active
Marvelous – Fabulous, Amazing

Intelligent – Bright, Smart
Loving – Affectionate, Caring

Independent – Self Sufficient, free
Eager – Willing, ready

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