Case_Study_-_Hampshire_Schools_Cycle_Parking_Provision by xiaopangnv


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     ern m e n li ng                                                                    S u p p p ro v
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              Hampshire schools increase cycle parking
    New government funding of £5,000-£10,000 per school for travel plans has encouraged
    many Hampshire schools to install new quality cycle parking facilities.

    Many have already been installed by local Hampshire company Cycle-Works Ltd.

    Examples include:

          10-bike Wye shelter (Pennington)            60-bike lockable Wye compound (Portsmouth City Boys)

          Rounded A style toast racks (Fareham)       Streetstore (St Johns School, Southampton)

                           Please contact us for more information,
                                    advice or a quotation:

                                     Cycle-Works Ltd
                           2 Rances Way, Winchester, SO22 4PN

                          Tel 02392 81 55 55 Fax 02392 81 55 44

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