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Lab 2 Rat Dissection


									                      BIOL 1151L: Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory I
                                              Spring 2010

                                   LABORATORY 2: Rat Dissection

   1. To provide students with and understanding of basic dissection techniques
   2. To provide students with a basic understanding of the body’s organ systems and their
   3. To provide students with an opportunity to use proper terminology to refer to orientation,
      direction, and anatomical regions

Resource Materials:
   1. Rat Dissection Video (on reserve in library OR purchased from Media Services located in the
      basement of the library)

   2. Laboratory Manual for Anatomy & Physiology, 3e. Allen & Harper
          a. Exercise 2
          b. *review terminology in Exercise 1

   3. Rat Dissection Figures

   4. WileyPLUS:
          a. PowerAnatomy (Section 2: Organ Systems)
          b. Rat Dissection Videos (under the “See” subheading)

Learning Outcomes
The attached document describes what students are expected to know for the laboratory practical.
Please also remind your students that they need to have a working knowledge of anatomical
terminology (i.e. orientation, direction, regional).
All of the information student’s are expected to know for this lab can be found in the laboratory
manual or in the attached figures.

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