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					Fermanagh-Mifflintown Home and School Association
        Field Trip Chaperone Guidelines
 1. A copy of Act 34 and Act 151 clearances must be filed with the
    school office.
 2. All chaperones will be selected by a committee consisting of an
    executive board representative, principal and the grade specific
    teacher or teachers.
 3. Eligibility, to be considered to chaperone, will be based upon the
    following requirements:
        a. For each child enrolled in Grade 1st through 5th, chaperones
           must earn a total of five participation points per child/per trip
           from March 1st of previous year to February 28th of current year.
        b. For each child enrolled in Kindergarten, chaperones must earn a
           total of three participation points per child/per trip from August
           1st to February 28th of the current year.
 4. Parent/Guardian volunteers can earn one participation point by:
        a. giving monetary donations
        b. donating items
        c. helping the day of an event
        d. attending a committee meeting
        e. attending a Home & School meeting
     In addition to the above, a parent/guardian who is chairperson or co-
    chairperson of an event will receive two participation points per each
    committee served.
 5. The Home and School Association will maintain a ratio of 3-5
    students per chaperone based upon district policy and bus capacity.
 6. There will only be one family member per student permitted to
 7. Chaperones will be required to pay for their own entry fees if
    applicable. Payments must be made payable to FMHSA by check or
    money order and received three weeks prior to date of trip. If
    payment is not received, you will forfeit your right to chaperone.
 8. All chaperones and students must travel to and from the designated
    location on the transportation that has been provided by the Home
    and School Association and approved by the Juniata County School
    District Board of Directors.
 9. Any exceptions to these guidelines will be considered by the
    Executive Board and the Head of School.
      Fermanagh-Mifflintown Elementary School
            Field Trip Chaperone Form

Please complete a separate form for each child in your family and
return it to your child’s homeroom teacher by January 30, 2009.

Student’s Name: ______________________________________
Teacher’s Name: _________________ Grade: ___ Room #: ___
     Parent’s Name: _________________________Father
    Parent’s Name: _________________________Mother
      Parent’s Phone #: Home _____________________
    Work # __________________ Cell # _______________
  Guardian’s Name(s): ________________________________
     Guardian’s Phone #: Home ____________________
    Work # __________________ Cell # _______________
           Parent’s/Guardian’s Mailing Address:
Email Address: ________________________________________

 To be considered to chaperone you must complete this form
and have it turned in by the deadline. All Chaperones will be
chosen according to our Chaperone Guidelines and achieving
                   the participation points.

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