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                                      Solar Cells Hellas Latest

 SCH Group Corporate Social Responsibility
                                                                                             production processes implemented in the
 Within the framework of the Corporate                                                       factory of Solar Cells Hellas, using
 and Social Responsibility program of Solar                                                  multimedia equipment, helping thus
 Cells Hellas Group, the interest in                                                         students to understand the presentation
 promoting education in technology                                                           content in depth.
 remains      intense.     Therefore,    in
                                                                                             In addition to the cooperation with local
 collaboration with the Directorate of
                                                                                             educational institutions, Solar Cells Hellas
 Secondary Education a series of seminars
                                                                                             Group aims at strengthening its
 is scheduled to be delivered to students
                                                                                             cooperation with the educational
 in the area of Achaia, enhancing thus the
                                                                                             community in its totality. In particular, οn
 relationship with the local community
                                                                                             Friday the 19th of March 2010, students
 and educational institutions.
                                                                   Upcoming                  from the High School of Andros will visit
 Students will have the opportunity to                              Events                   the facilities of the vertically integrated
 attend presentations that include the                                                       unit of Solar Cells Hellas at the Industrial
 basics regarding Renewable Energy                                                           Area of Patras. The students will visit the
 Sources, the Photovoltaic Technology and                                                    production units of wafers, cells and
 its practical applications. The main                           Date :                       modules and get information on the way
 objective of Solar Cells Hellas Group is to                                                 the hi-tech equipment works.
 inform and educate secondary school
 students on renewable energy in                                ECOTEC–                      PV Module packing, an
 combination with the environmental                             Environmental                underestimated procedure...
 impact of energy production and the                            Technologies&
                                                                Photovoltaic                 or maybe not?
 positive effects from energy saving and                        Systems                      PV Module Packing is an important issue
 substitution of conventional energy
                                                                Location: Expo               that deserves Research and Development!
 sources. Apart from the Environmental
                                                                Athens in                    It affects customer satisfaction to a great
 importance, particular emphasis will be                        Anthousa
                                                                                             extent as most complaints are due to
 given     on     PV     technology      and
                                                                                             packing, while it ensures safe transport
 manufacturing issues. Highly trained staff
                                                                                             and unobstructed delivery of the
 of Solar Cells Hellas Group will deliver the
                                                                                             photovoltaic modules.
 training seminars analyzing the PV

            Headquarters: 170, Sygrou Avenue, 17671 Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 9595 159, fax: + 30 210 9537 618
            Production Facilities: Industrial Zone of Patras, 25200 Ag. Stefanos, Block 31A, tel: +30 2610 241958, fax: +30 2610 647129
        March 2009| Solar Cells Hellas Group| website:| e-mail:

Until recently cardboard boxes onto wooden
pallets have been used in the industry. During
loading, unloading and transport, photovoltaic
modules were not stable enough and various
problems occurred. In particular, if intermediate
loading and unloading was required, there was a
risk of paper collapse. Furthermore, packing
procedure was extremely time-consuming.
Finally, if several pv modules were loaded on a
pallet, a special robust design was required,
otherwise the pallet would probably bent.
Consequently, there was an additional risk for
the last pv module to bent during lifting

In general, the horizontal loading position of pv
modules is more common in the market. The
vertical loading position is more difficult but
cheaper (smaller pallet surface and larger volume
of the truck is occupied. Since the calculated
transportation cost depends on the surface
rather than the volume, the higher pallets result
in lower transport costs).

Then a few companies came up with specially
tailored corners which impressed many
customers. Nevertheless, the main problem                                          Thus, the cost will be significantly reduced. In
remained the high cost.                                                            the horizontal position of the panels, these
                                                                                   corners are certified for maximum load of
The specific feature of the tailored corners is that
                                                                                   1000Kg, providing maximum horizontal stack
pv modules can be packed in three different
                                                                                   of about 47 pv modules (in this case a very
ways, horizontally and vertically on their wide
                                                                                   steady palette is required).
side or vertically on their narrow side. In this
way, each time a different palette is required,                                    Solar Cells Hellas is not only interested in
depending on the number of panels to be placed                                     satisfying parameters such as efficiency,
on it. Thus, the use of the specific corners makes                                 thermal coefficients and short-circuit current.
feasible the reduction of transport costs by                                       Professional approach in all production
stacking more panels per load, facilitates and                                     stages, from raw material control to packing,
satisfies the customer during unloading and                                        makes the difference between a pv producer
storage, requires less storage space in the store,                                 and a pioneer in the market.
while reduces at the same time packing and
storing man-hours.

These corners can be reused up to 50 times                                      Solar Cells - One way success!
(provided that all customers send them back)!
        Headquarters: 170, Sygrou Avenue, 17671 Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 9595 159, fax: + 30 210 9537 618
        Production Facilities: Industrial Zone of Patras, 25200 Ag. Stefanos, Block 31A, tel: +30 2610 241958, fax: +30 2610 647129
            March 2009| Solar Cells Hellas Group| website:| e-mail:

IENE’s Energy News – 23.02.2010

Solar Cells Hellas Group attended as a guest, the
event “Business developments in the energy sector
in Greece and SE Europe”, at the Athenaeum
Intercontinental Hotel, organized by the Institute of
Energy for South-East Europe (IENE).

Through this event the Institute contributed in the
                                                                                      Additionally, it was highlighted that by 2020 the
awareness of the European targets on climate
                                                                                      KWh generated from renewable energy sources
change over the next decade. Focusing on this issue,
                                                                                      should be at least one out of three KWh
IENE decided to proceed with a complete
                                                                                      produced, thus reaching 31,7% of the total
reorganization of its Scientific Committees by
                                                                                      production compared to 11.6% today’s rate. As
establishing three sectors: 1) electricity sector, 2)
                                                                                      far as the impact on prices and cost is concerned,
energy efficiency in industry, buildings and transport
                                                                                      it was noted that the reduction of CO2 emissions
3) energy infrastructure. Regarding the imminent
                                                                                      will reduce the payment of allowances by 200-
question of 20-20-20 the President of IENE Dr. John
                                                                                      300 million Euros in 2020-25.
Dessypris said: "Greece, and the wider geographical
area, faces serious challenges in terms of securing                                   The Deputy Minister of the Environment, Energy
energy resources. IENE’s ambition is the three                                        and Climate Change Mr. Yiannis Maniatis
Committees being capable of representing a forum                                      attended the event, making a brief reference to
not only for IENE’s members but for anyone who is                                     the ministry’s priorities and action plans. As main
active in the energy sector”.                                                         objectives concerning the RES future in Greece,
                                                                                      he mentioned the reduction of bureaucracy, the
Moreover, in view of the participation of
                                                                                      elimination of reactions from local communities
distinguished executives of the energy sector, major
                                                                                      and the reinforcement of the economic
speeches were delivered on issues related to the
                                                                                      incentives in order to promote the penetration of
environmental developments at international level.
                                                                                      renewable energy systems into the energy
In the speech of the Professor of Energy Economics
                                                                                      system of the country. With the implementation
at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA),
                                                                                      of the planned activities, it is expected that 20
Mr. Pantelis Kapros, it was mentioned that the
                                                                                      Mo. jobs will be created worldwide, 15.000-
policy of Greece set for 2020, on the basis of EU
                                                                                      20.000 of which will be created in the
terms, aims at the reduction of greenhouse gas
                                                                                      construction sector in Greece through energy
emissions in sectors not covered by the ETS
                                                                                      efficiency in buildings.
(buildings, houses, small industry, transport) by 4%
and the contribution of RES to 20% of the domestic
                                                                                                                Member of:
energy consumption. Based on a NTUA study it is
estimated that the country’s electric system will be
operating in 2020 with 25% of non-stochastic RES
units, compared to 2,5% today’s rate. Regarding the
production of solar energy it is estimated to reach
the current hydropower production.

            Headquarters: 170, Sygrou Avenue, 17671 Athens, Greece, tel: +30 210 9595 159, fax: + 30 210 9537 618
            Production Facilities: Industrial Zone of Patras, 25200 Ag. Stefanos, Block 31A, tel: +30 2610 241958, fax: +30 2610 647129

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