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					                                                            Job Evaluation Description: IS Specialist

                                                            Revision Date: 03/07/2011

                                                 Summary of Job/ Position Description
The IS Specialist is an advanced technical and planning resource that benefits the entire organization. Their technical expertise and
understanding of the IS/IT needs of Company and its customers allows them to help Company increase the system's throughput, stability
and reduce costs of the systems with which they work. To provide these services, the IS Specialist must have a total understanding of all
applications and systems. The IS Specialist must be able to understand the user's needs and match either system resources or
applications to meet their needs. The IS Specialist must be able to help internal and external customer in any way needed. The IS
Specialist's prime objective is to generate user and principle satisfaction by maintaining, improving and optimizing Company's system and
application resources.
                                                  Primary Duties and Responsibilities
   Thoroughly understand the technology, products, services and strategic direction of Company.
   Travel to all remote offices when applicable to support user requirements including overnight stays.
   Establish effective relationships with all division/department leaders.
   Provide service and/or training via telephone, video conference, email, remote desktop, and face-to-face that enables employees to
    service their customers and perform their duties using the information systems that they have been provided.
   Using interpersonal skills and patience, develop a solid understanding of clients. peers, and/or managers needs and be able to
    effectively communicate and provide solutions based on knowledge of ever changing information technologies.
   Recommends and assembles/installs hardware and software.
   Intelligently interface with vendors.
   Maintains and troubleshoots various information systems devices, ensuring they run correctly.
   With the highest privileges inherited as the IS Specialist, you must earn the users trust and maintain the highest integrity by providing
    user account management and security.

   Install, configure and administer information systems to include the following required skills/experience:
    Windows Server 2003/2008, Active Directory, Exchange 2003/2007, Windows XP/7, Microsoft Office suites 2000 - 2010, Switch and
    Routing technologies, and VoIP.
   PC, Server, and Network hardware advanced troubleshooting and repair.
   Knowledge of all internal business systems and applications.
   Assistance in protection of critical business data and recovering any lost or accidentally removed data.
   Additional skills that may be beneficial for a successful candidate to fill this position:
    SQL Server, VMware, HTML, Linux/Unix, CRM, Scripting, SharePoint, SAN Management

   Assists the IT Manager in all facets of LAN/WAN management to ensure that the LAN/WAN is functioning properly and is available for
    the intended uses.
   Establishes preventative, protective, and corrective measures and procedures to ensure LAN/WAN integrity.
   Maintains LAN, WAN, and communications equipment at current hardware and software levels.
   Responsible for maintaining LAN/WAN backup and recovery procedures. Knowledge of switching and routing technologies.
   Configure test/prototype network environment suitable to ensuring new requirements/changes do not adversely affect operations.
   Evaluate, recommend, and propose new technology, architecture, topology, etc. suitable to the Company's needs.

                                                         Measurements and Goals
GOALS: Continued improvement of communication skills, Grow technical knowledge and skill sets to allow IS Specialist to support and
maintain all systems in the absence of the IT manager.

Service Request Log - Issue resolution, System uptime, Customer feedback, Supervisor feedback.

                                                  Competencies Identified for Position
Action Oriented | Interpersonal Skills | Technical Aptitude | Integrity and Trust | Communication and Presentation |
Customer Focus | Patience | Problem Solving and Decision Making | Time Management and Planning | Ability to learn |
Dependability | Initiative | Professionalism

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