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									Medical marijuana is, and has been, a hot topic among both people who are
for the treatment and those who think it's some kind of sham to allow
legal smoking for people who enjoy recreational drug use. Nonetheless,
studies have been done and are currently ongoing to explore the uses of
marijuana to help relieve pain, improve moods, and provide a lot of other
health benefits. Because of the way that this drug works, many people see
it as an effective treatment option for conditions that might not have
any other options.       In some states, medical marijuana has already
been legalized and allows people to get the relief that they need. In
others, it is not an option. California is the most notable state when
you think of medical uses for marijuana, but it isn't the only place that
you can get this type of healthcare solution. In states where this is
legal, there are special clinics and dispensaries that provide patients
with the prescription marijuana that they need in various forms. They
help people make educated decisions and find the best possible solutions
for their needs.

  There are currently 16 states that allow medical marijuana use, as well
as the nation's capital, Washington DC. You can currently get marijuana
for medical use legally in the following states:      Alaska Arizona
California Colorado Delaware Hawaii Maine Michigan Montana Nevada
New Jersey New Mexico Oregon Rhode Island Vermont Washington            As
you can tell, these are clearly some of the more progressive states in
the country. Even states like New Jersey and Delaware didn't legalize
marijuana for medical use until the past year or two, however. The rules
and stipulations on how much is legal and what the regulations are for
using, growing, and obtaining marijuana vary from one state to the next,
of course, and you should always know what you are dealing with before
using marijuana for medical use in your state.       Most states only
allow less than 2 oz. of usable marijuana for medical purposes, but every
state law is different. Of course, you're also allowed to have your own
plants that are not in a usable state, but again there are limits on
those as well. Medical marijuana is becoming increasingly accepted around
the nation, but the debate is still ongoing as to whether it is actually
an effective treatment option or not. Fortunately, for the people who
need it, the debate isn't affecting the progress completely.

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