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Improving Million Lives by Marijuana Legalization by anamaulida


									Marijuana Legalization is a hot issue among different nations including
US where almost 81% of population is supporting it. Many physicians have
rated marijuana safer than alcohol and cigarettes, and have established
the medical benefits of medical marijuana. Let us look as to how this
wonder drug can improve million lives. Professor Raphael Mechoulam
isolated the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana called as THC in
1964. Since then many scientists are working in this field to evaluate
the benefits of marijuana to alleviate the condition of patients
suffering from debilitating diseases. Many people believe that smoking
marijuana can destroy lungs and cause cancer just like cigarette smoking,
but the truth is not as it has been stated. Very long-term and excessive
smoking of marijuana does release some carcinogenic elements but some
cannabinoids have been proved to have anticancer properties. It
considerably slows down tumor growth in breasts, lungs, and brain and
reduces neuropathic pain. THC is also used for the prevention of nausea
and vomiting during cancer chemotherapy, and for appetite improvement.
Medical marijuana is used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
patients. Marijuana use has improved the lives of countless people
suffering from seizures. Due to its antispasmodic qualities, severe
seizure and multiple sclerosis patients have been able to carry out their
day-to-day work. Marijuana has also been successful in treating
migraines, anorexia, arthritis, and cachexia. Medical marijuana can be
used to treat many chronic diseases like glaucoma, Alzheimer's, Crohn's
and treat weight loss associated with AIDS. Parkinson patients and those
suffering from Tourette syndrome and OCD have been benefitted from
marijuana use. It is excellent for pain management in premenstrual
syndrome symptoms. All these patients and many other are deriving
benefits of marijuana available in nature. In the legalized states, these
patients have to get themselves registered at the respective registry
centers, and they can obtain it in limited and lawful doses as prescribed
by their physicians.After marijuana legalization in 17 US states, new
doors have been opened not only in medical field but also for subsidiary
medical marijuana businesses. Medical marijuana industry is an emerging
industry that can give huge profits to its investors. Hemp is utilized in
various industries like automobile, paper, clothing, and rope, in an eco-
friendly manner, and medical marijuana can reduce healthcare cost. If the
political barrier is uplifted and marijuana legalized or maybe taxed, it
will help improve not only the country's economy and environment but also
lives of commoners.

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