The Thrill, Ecstasy and Magic of South India Holiday Tours

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					For the traveller looking for plenty of sun, adventure and a roaring
time, the fitting response is a South India Holiday Tour. Filled with
quaint experiences which vary in virtually every inch of space, you are
unlikely to find such a diverse experience elsewhere.South India is
comprised of four states, each of which revels in its own history. In
Kerala, you will find an unmistakable Portuguese influence. The dominance
of the Nizams in the regions of Andhra Pradesh is apparent, while the
Dravidian stronghold, Tamil Nadu is steeped in unadulterated Hinduism.
The state of Karnataka has an eclectic mix of modern thought, the Hindu
way of life, and a fair share of Jainism as well.Southern India is
blessed with an assortment of terrain which gives it the distinction of
offering a complete experience. Be it a beach destination, hill station,
pilgrimage centre, nature and wildlife hotspot, or even historic city,
South India has every nuance finely etched out in its confines. Every
microcosm in South Indian is home to the richest, most fulfilling
experience, and this is what is revealed during South India Holiday
Tours.Among the main tourist attractions, you are likely to be
overwhelmed by the Marina Beach in Chennai. Believed to be among the
longest beaches in the world, this is a beach unlike other conventional
ones you find anywhere else. It is a centre for political and cultural
activity and is appointed with several promenades and statues that give
it a grand feel.The backwaters of Kerala are an ideal way to unwind
during your holiday. The waters are tranquil and offer an exquisite
ambiance for togetherness and solitude. Sifting calmly through the
waters, a houseboat cruise in Kerala is a perfect way to acquaint
yourself with tourist delights of the state. The state of Kerala also has
plenty of beaches by virtue of lying along the west coast of India.
Several of these are virgin, and unspoiled by commercialization.Among the
many natural wonders are the hill stations in Southern India. Coorg, Ooty
and Kodaikanal are among the most beautiful cities that South India has
to offer. They provide welcome respite from the scorching sun, and allow
you to savor an altered ambiance of this region. The terrain is daunting,
though scenic, and if lucky, you may get to see some wildlife along the
way.South India Holiday Tours are wonderful ways to spend blissful days
with your family. The pace is slow, the atmosphere is genial, and
everyone is assured a great time. There is something for every age in
every season. Although the time you spend on your holiday is only
limited, you are sure to take back with you a lifetime of memories.

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