The Intimacy And Ecstasy Of A Loving Relationship by anamaulida


									What is most important for a relationship to succeed - sex, love, or
communication?You might have read hundreds of articles that say that
communication is very important for a relationship to grow. You might
have heard millions of people saying that a relationship can't exist
without love. And some people understand sex as the most essential
ingredient of a healthy marriage.Actually, love sex and communication are
all equally important for a relationship to prosper. The lack of any one
of them may result in a less than perfect relationship; let me explain it
to you.All Communication is not equalCommunication is very important for
a relationship. There is no doubt about that. But what kind of
communication is important for a relationship? What people do not talk
about mostly is how to have good communication, that is, what is it that
ensures good communication within a couple relationship.Here's the thing
- we are all communicating something to others all the time but what
might be questionable is what we are communicating. For a communication
to be supportive of a good relationship it must be appropriate; coming
from a caring and loving place not from spite or resentment.And don't
think that communication is only about words. A single piece of
communication has three parts to it; the words, the gestures and the tone
of voice. And you may be surprised to know that the words are only about
7% of the total communication. Of the remaining - 70% is about gestures -
including facial expression and body stance and the remaining 23% is
about tone of voice.And Love is important for good communication.Simply
put - if two people do not love each other, they will never be able to
have good communication, no matter how long they stay together.And
finally if the communication is not good then your sex will also not be
good. This is simply because if you cannot communicate with your partner
what you like to experience in love making then how can you expect to get
what you want? You will not have the intimacy or the ecstasy that a
couple who has love enjoys.I would like to qualify something here though
- when I speak of sex, I'm not just referring to the sexual act but to
the closeness that two people have with each other in a truly loving
relationship.So you see love, sex and communication are just like three
corners of a triangle, if any of the corners are weak, your marriage will
struggle. For a relationship of grow and flourish you really need to pay
attention to all three, communication, sex and love, equally.

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