First Signs of Alcoholism by anamaulida


									The faster you can notice the first signs of alcoholism, the easier it
can be to treat this problem and stop it before it gets worse. Alcoholism
is not a problem that occurs overnight. It involves a pattern of behavior
that continues to build over a period of time and often the alcoholic is
either not aware of it or they may end up denying that it is
occurring.Knowing and spotting the first signs of alcoholism can help to
prevent health and emotional problems in the life of the alcoholic. Here
is a look at some of the first signs of alcoholism you should be looking
for.Sign #1 - Mood SwingsOne of the first signs of alcoholism is mood
swings. You may notice that they become very irritable or angry when they
drink. Sometimes feelings of despair or depression may occur. On the
other hand, some people become happy and find many things humorous when
drinking.Sign #2 - Alcohol ToleranceAnother of the early signs that can
point to alcoholism is high alcohol tolerance. Eventually it starts
taking more and more alcohol to get the effects that they want. If you
notice that they are gulping down drinks or ordering doubles to get that
feeling, then a tolerance may be developing.Sign #3 - Drinking in
SecretOften alcoholics will begin to drink in secret because they are
more comfortable and they want to avoid any criticism. You may find a
stash of alcohol and if they are interrupted or confronted, they may
become upset. Sometimes they may even lie about drinking to cover it
up.Sign #4 - Drinking to Cover Emotional ProblemsAnother sign that
alcoholism may be a problem is when people begin to drink to cover up
emotional problems. They may use it to escape reality or they may keep
drinking until they begin to feel happier.Sign #5 - Compulsive Need to
DrinkSometimes an early sign of this problem is a compulsive need to
drink. They may be fixated on the alcoholic beverage they want and may
start planning all their activities around drinking. Once they start
drinking, it can become harder and harder to stop drinking and they may
show that they aren't able to stop when the night ends.Sign #6 - New
RitualsIf you notice someone drinking in a ritualistic way, this could be
an early sign of alcoholism as well. Often alcoholics come up with
drinking rituals, such as drinking right before or after dinner or having
a drink at a certain time each day. They may start to drink before they
attend events where they will have alcohol. If the rituals they have are
interrupted, they may become irritated and angry too.These are just a few
of the first signs of alcoholism. If you notice that you or someone you
love has one or more of these signs going on, make sure that they receive
help as quickly as possible before the problem becomes any worse.

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