Cure for Chronic Alcoholism The Complications by anamaulida


									Chronic alcoholism is considered as a serious disease just like diabetes,
epilepsy, asthma, or high blood pressure. However, the people still have
not understood the severity of this problem. Most of them do not even
know there is a cure for chronic alcoholism.First of all, one should
clearly understand what chronic alcoholism is. According to medics,
chronic alcoholism is disease or addiction where the plagued person
always craves for alcohol. He never stops drinking even if the problems
related to alcohol keep coming up persistently. He is known as
"Alcoholic". He shows the four notable symptoms namely; craving, impaired
control, physical ailments, and tolerance. An alcoholic person is likely
to develop health related complications because of chronic alcoholism.
The complications include chronic malnutrition, stomach ulcers,
pancreatitis, heart disease, some sort of cancer (esophagus, colon), and
liver disease. Here, one thing must be noted down. If that person has
been drinking for longer time, then he will be prone to these
complications. If that person drinks heavily for more than ten years,
then he is likely to develop liver disease. Though some types of liver
disease can be treated, in most cases, the only treatment option
available is a liver transplant.There is one misconception and it is that
chronic alcoholism cannot be cured. But the fact is there is a cure for
chronic alcoholism. An alcoholic person can get cured by going through
several phases of treatment such as doctor-prescribed medication, alcohol
counseling, treatment programs, twelve step groups, and other relapse
prevention tools etc. Before the treatment begins, one must remember that
an alcoholic cannot be cured within a day or a week or a month. It could
take many years for that person if he is not determined and positive.
Thus, the recovery from chronic alcoholism disease mostly depends on a
patient.Usually, the treatment begins with inpatient rehabilitation
program. This may be intensive depending on the condition of the patient.
Then an intensive outpatient program follows it. Once this program is
finished, a less intensive outpatient program will commence. After the
patient successfully follows these programs, he will have to attend on-
going services like individual counseling or a support group or a twelve
step program. There is always a chance that a patient under chronic
alcoholism treatment can get addicted to alcohol again. It is known as
relapse. So there must be a plan to maximize the level of treatment if it
happens. One must be aware of the fact that relapse is a common thing
which happens during the chronic alcoholism treatment. Once it is
understood, flexible levels of care can be arranged by the treatment
givers which will meet the needs of an alcoholic patient. Another
important thing is medical care should go hand in hand with chronic
alcohol treatment. It is important because the patients under the
treatment may have developed the health related complications mentioned
earlier. This will help in the quick recovery of a patient from chronic
alcoholism. Click here to get more information on how to cure the chronic

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