The Addiction Of Loud Music

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					Hearing loss occurs when the tiny hair cells in the inner ear are
destroyed from constant exposure to loud music. It is a well known
medical fact that the ears are a very fragile part of the body and
prolonged exposure to sound pressure levels above 85dBA are dangerous to
the ears. Loud music can It is a little considered but well known medical
fact that the ears are a very tender and delicate part of the human body.
Extensive exposure to sound pressure levels above 85dBA will cause damage
to hearing. Loud music can cause TTS, Temporary Threshold Shift, which is
a temporary loss of hearing, which can evolve into permanent loss if
exposure is practiced regularly. Deafness occurs when the tiny hair cells
in the inner ear are blasted away from repeated exposure to loud music}}.
Loud sounds directly affect the autonomic nervous system (which are the
body functions such as breathing and digestion), in a way similar to many
stimulant drugs. Adrenaline is released, the heart rate speeds up, the
intestines tighten up and move. Even a two hour session of extremely loud
music can cause temporary deafness. As far back as 1998 researchers
discovered that dependence on high-decibel music has exactly the same
symptoms as alcohol, tobacco and drug addicts and gambling abuse. {{Many
of those surveyed, stated that their music-listening habits were out of
control. They showed. Those addicted to loud music are not limited to
gender, age or musical taste. They can range from the very young to those
in their 60s and may listen to anything from heavy metal and modern
music, to the classical.   The study showed that music "Has the capacity
to induce rapid potent changes in mood and level of arousal, the ability
to reduce negative states and the tendency to elicit the experience of
craving. These three elements seem to be present in all addictive
substances around which patterns of addictive behaviour tends to
develop." Recent surveys have shown that many churches operate at the
same dangerous levels and this addiction to loud music is not only in the
secular world.   Dr Wendy Stenberg-Tendys and her husband are CEO's and
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