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					Dear (Parents, Members etc.):

Our organization has joined forces with Elite Specialty Meats (ESM) in an effort to (raise
money for new football uniforms). ESM offers us a “unique” and “turnkey” system for us to
raise the funds needed to purchase the new football uniforms for the 2010 season). By
forming a strategic alliance with Elite Specialty Meats we are able to offer (our members,
our parents, our supporters etc.) “5 Star USDA “Choice” “A” quality meats delivered
directly to your door.

With ESM’s system in place, we can raise the funds needed without having to physically
handle the products or collect the money. All we need to do is simply buy the food
products for our own personal consumption and recommend others to buy these high
quality foods as well! You can do this by going directly to our website at (your current
website where there is a link or to this web address The products
will ship directly to the purchaser or wherever they want it shipped, all boxed and packed
in a Styrofoam cooler with dry ice.

We receive $10.00 for every box of product purchased. Example: If a “combo pack” is
purchased since there is 6 boxes in a combo pack we will receive $60.00 for that
purchase. With a solid effort this could translate into several thousands of dollars towards
our cause.

Elite Specialty Meats:
• World class ranked in the top 2% in the world
• All Steaks are USDA “Choice” Grade “A”
• All mid western grain fed steer, no steroids or preservatives added
• All meats are hand selected and cut by our master meat cutters
• Wet aged 28 days to perfection, and marbled to excellence
• Robust in flavor, and flash frozen “sealing in all the juices”

We Need Your Help, order today, and enjoy the highest quality food products


When it comes to meat, it has to be Elite!!

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