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					RIVERVIEW                                 90 ASHLAND AVE.

COMMUNITY CENTRE                       WINNIPEG MB R3L 1K6

JUNE 2004                                         452-9944

www.riverviewcc.ca                      reflector@shaw.ca

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             June 28 – vote for your Canada
The Riverview Reflector is a      Reflector goes on vacation                       Riverview Resident wins
volunteer effort of the            – reflections on the year                    National Newspaper Award for
Riverview Community Centre                                                      Investigative Journalism 2003
                                            gone by
(RVCC). The Reflector is
delivered free to more than       The next Reflector will be in September.  Local resident and reporter for the
1600 homes and businesses.        This has been my first year as volunteer  Winnipeg Free Press received a
All advertising revenues are      Reflector editor. I added a couple of new prestigious 2003 National Newspaper
used to defray printing costs.    features this year – “     Call me Art”
                                  focusing each month on a local artist,    Award for investigative journalism.
                                  and “ Cool Jobs in the Hood” focusing     The award was in recognition for
Riverview      residents     and  each month on a someone in the                  s
                                                                            Dan’ work reporting on the case of
groups are invited to use the                                            ve
                                  neighbourhood with a really neat job. I’  James Driskell, convicted of first-
Reflector to access the           met lots of Riverview neighbours with
                                                                            degree murder in 1991 and sentenced
Riverview           community.    these articles and have been truly
                                  impressed by the diversity of people and  to life in prison, now released from
Submit your letters, articles,    talents we have right here in Riverview.  prison and awaiting a new trial.
notices, photos and comments      Those features will continue again next         s
                                                                            Lett’ reporting was an important
to reflector@shaw.ca (please:     year, along with the established columns  factor in bringing to light the
if possible, put your text in the such as Food for Thought and              mistakes made leading up to the
body of an email, NOT in an       Community Constable report, and, as
                                  described later in this issue, a new                                    s
                                                                            conviction. This is not Lett’ first
attachment) or call Tom at        feature “ What’ News in Women’
                                                   s                       smajor honour. Four years ago, Lett
474-1598. Submissions must        Health” .                                                         Nai
                                                                            received a national B’ Brith
include name, address and                                                   Human Rights Award for his
phone number. DEADLINE            Our family has lived in Riverview for one
                                                                            outstanding coverage of human rights
IS THE 20TH OF EACH               year now and we have loved it.
                                  Riverview is very special – surrounded    issues.
MONTH.                            on three sides by a river, creating a
                                  geographic village, located close to                     Time to Strike!
All material may be edited for    downtown with a beautiful bike path to
style and length. Articles and    the Forks, fantastic trees, close to shops,   A couple of Reflectors ago, we wrote
photos will be published at the   lots and lots of green space, in a vibrant    about Danny Schur, local recording
                                  city. The volunteers with the Community       engineer and composer of musicals. In
Editor’ discretion. The Editor    Centre are truly dedicated, community-        May, an abridged version of Danny’   s
and RVCC are not responsible      minded people. The Spring Carnival, the       new musical Strike! About the Winnipeg
for any loss or damage to                             s
                                  Good Neighbour’ Group Parade of               General Strike in 1919 was performed
submissions.     The     views                      s
                                  Homes, Big Bob’ Big Band, local sports        outdoors in old Market Square in front of
expressed in the contributions    for the kids, Churchill High School’      s   thousands. It is a great composition,
                                  “Fiddler on the Roof” – were all              catchy tunes, compelling story. We hope
to the Riverview Reflector are    highlights.                                   Danny will be able to bring the full
not necessarily the views of
                                                                                version to the stage soon.
RVCC and its Directors.

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2       Riverview Reflector                                                                                May 2004
Jim Falloon … … … … … … 284-4865        Forte Accounting one-third page ad
Past President &
Grant Co-ordinator
Quinn Menec … … … … … 478-1562
Vice-President            VACANT
Kanning Burns … … … … …
Secretary                 VACANT
Hall Bookings
Trudy Mattey … … … … … 475-5674
Reflector Editor
Tom McMahon … … .… … .474-1598
Reflector Advertising Coordinator
Ellen Funk… … … … … … … 474-0500
Kathy McLeod … … … … … 284-0259
Buildings, Grounds & Ice
Ted Bigelow … … .… … … ..284-6649
Dan Jackson … .… … … … .284-5013
Fund Drive                VACANT
Grant Co-ordinator        VACANT
Youth Soccer
Judy Coy … … .… … … … … 453-1629
Mini Soccer
Mike Shultz … … .… … … ...453-0152
Hockey Convenors … .....VACANT       Royal Bank ad one-third page
Baseball Convenor
Jim Falloon … … … … … … 284-4865
Archery Convenor
Dan Jackson … … … … … .284-5013
Steve Reimer … … … … … 474-0554
Basketball Convenors
Richard Leaver … … … … .452-1113
Lynda Peto … … … … … … 453-6256
Quinn Menec … … … ...… ..478-1562
Special Events … … ..… ..VACANT
Privacy Officer
Tom McMahon … … … ..… 474-1598
Good Neighbour Groups
Margaret Manning … … … .475-9440
Riverview-Ashland Daycare
Mary Barton … … … … … … 477-0917
Roger Harel … … … … … ...452-9944
Members at Large
Greg Zador … … … … … … 284-8846
Distinguished Member
Brownie Zawadski … … … 284-5731

May 2004                                                        Riverview Reflector   3
                                        Community Centre Minutes
Tuesday, May 25, 2004                      Matthew Lawrence joined the meeting       SPECIAL EVENTS
                                           to discuss resurrecting the summer        discussion re Spring Carnival
Attendance:Louise Evans, Jim               day camp program. Trudy will get back
Falloon, Trudy Mattey, Mike Schultz,       to Matthew in a few days.                 MOTION: Moved by Trudy Mattey,
Josie Tremblay, Brownie Zawadski,                                                    seconded by Quinn Menec that the
Quinn Menec, Matthew Lawrence, Lori        TREASURER – Kanning Burns                 board appoint Kristine Dubois-Vandale
Keith and Kanning Burns                    ?  submitted budget changes for           as Mini Volleyball Convenor. Carried
MOTION: Moved by Trudy Mattey,             ?  Discussion re interclub transfer       SOCCER – Mike Schultz
seconded by Mike Schultz that the             procedures. Kanning to talk to         ?  all okay – lots of mini soccer
minutes of the April 2004 meeting be          Brian about holding cheques.           ?  mini soccer tournament with
approved. Carried.                                                                      Safeway and CIBC to sponsor.
                                           MOTION: Moved by Quinn Menec,                Mike to organize
The sign has been removed from the         seconded by Mike Schultz that the         ?  better communication of programs
building and won’ be replaced. Josie       board approve the financial statements       required
Tremblay presented us with drawings        for February, March, and April 2004.
of proposed murals for the club. The       Carried.                                  KARATE – Quinn Menec
drawings were great.                                                                 Tournament May 27th
                                           BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS – Ted
MOTION: Moved by Trudy Mattey,             Bigelow (by e mail)                       CANTEEN
seconded by Kanning Burns that we          ?   looks like we can get some soccer     will be open during practices and
spend $400.00 for Josie to paint the           goals at a very good price out of     games in evening.
logo on the wall facing Ashland and            Dauphin - $800 each
pursue grants to complete the              ?   fields are ready for first cut        EQUIPMENT – Steve Reimer
remaining murals on the community          ?   student to be hired by this week,     (by e mail)
centre. Carried.                               May 29 – 4 applications                ?  been gearing up for soccer
                                           ?   micro soccer pitches to be laid out       season. Purchased balls and
PRESIDENT’ REPORT                              at the club                               jerseys
– Jim Falloon                              ?   did an ice making clinic for           ?  distribution of the soccer
Discussion re: letter from Darcie              volunteers of RA Steen CC                 equipment was well organized
Reimer, facilitator of Parent and Tot
                                           ?   Garage improvements will help             and have good handle on our
program.                                                                                 soccer equipment inventory.
                                               everyone. Concern that the plan
                                               looks like the floor will remain at    ?  Thank you to Judy and Mike for
MOTION: Moved by Quinn Menec,                                                            their help
                                               present level. It may be too low
seconded by Trudy Mattey that the                                                     ?  Would like to acknowledge
                                               and we will have water problems.
club continue to run the Parent and                                                      support of Home Run Sports
                                               Can we drop some asphalt in or at
Tot program and that we pay Darcie                                                       through whom we purchased a lot
                                               least some crushed limestone.
Reimer $10.00 per hour to facilitate                                                     of equipment
                                               Who is dealing with the City?
the program. Carried.
                                           ?   Spring clean up is progressing         ?  Purchased smurf and mini soccer
                                           ?   Rink 2 light removal been delayed         t-shirts through Alastair Gillespie
?   Club will be used for elections                                                      and would like to the thank him for
                                               due to weather.
    June 22 and June 28, 7 am to 8                                                       continuing to help out the club
                                           FACILITIES COORDINATOR                     ?  Equipment room cleanup is next
?   Discussion re new fee to be            Trudy Mattey
    charged to the club, by the City, to
                                           some socials, some showers                NEW BUSINESS
    book our own fields. May affect
    registration fees for soccer and                                                 Brownie wants to know about
                                           BASKETBALL                                regulation of nets around rinks. City
    baseball. More news next
                                           registration subsidy forms to be          will be responsible.
?   Discussion re letter from Lord
    Roberts asking for support for                                                   Next meeting – Monday, June 21 at
                                           BASEBALL                                  7:00 pm
    team going to England. No funds        Hit, Run and Throw girls baseball
    available.                             Festival June 5
?   June 19 – Clean up the                                                           Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.
    Playground Day

4        Riverview Reflector                                                                                 May 2004
RIVERVIEW TAKES TO THE WATER - by Robin McClure, input from Elizabeth Brigham & Alice Sherwin
The sports of kayaking, canoeing, and dragon boating are slowly developing a following in the community of Riverview.
Since its construction in 1997, the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre has been offering programs to the public in
recreational and competitive paddling. A year-round training facility for Provincial and National Team athletes, the Centre
also provides recreational programs such as after-school paddling activities in the spring & fall, and XC skiing in the
winter, summer sport camps for children, and adult evening programs in kayaking & dragon boat. Alice Sherwin & Liz
Brigham both began their paddling careers through one of the Centre’ After-School programs and went on to represent
Manitoba at the Western Canada Summer Games, held last summer in the Interlake region of Manitoba. Now on the
training roster for the 2005 Canada Summer Games, both young women decided to step up their training this winter by
attending the team’ Spring Training Camp held at Del Lago Resort, near Houston, Texas this March. They returned
tanned and fit, having had a tremendous experience down south. Their days began at 7am with a light jog, and stretching,
followed by a 2 hour paddle, lunch break, then another long training session on the water, with some strength training to
finish off the day. It wasn’ all work though… on days off, there were trips to Galveston, San Antonio, and NBA Basketball
games! Liz Brigham would like to extend her sincere thanks to the sponsors who helped to make this training camp
possible: “ With the help of my generous sponsors and their generous contributions I was able to experience Spring
Training camp with the Manitoba canoe and kayak team in Texas for one month. This training camp was an amazing
experience. I was able to improve tremendously in my sport of high kneel canoeing, including my speed, racing time,
balance and endurance. Aside from training and sightseeing I became really close friends with a lot of my teammates,
which is really important to me. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors Roger Burns; Century 21, Easy
Living Shop, and Fort Garry Industries for their generous contributions and helping me take advantage of a once in
lifetime opportunity” Whether you are interested in recreational or competitive paddling, drop by the Manitoba Canoe &
Kayak Centre at 80 Churchill Drive to see if you’ like to become involved!

       Burton Lysecki and Evinger Construction

May 2004                                                                         Riverview Reflector                     5
              And Colour Phase Biz card

6   Riverview Reflector                   May 2004
                                  COOL JOBS                    IN THE             HOOD
        – a regular feature focusing on local residents with really cool jobs.
SHHH! I’ going to tell you something        Barbara receives approximately 400-          Barbara took a Bachelor of Science
really quietly – being a librarian can be   450 health information requests per          program, with the idea of becoming a
a really cool job! (Just don’ say it too    year, usually by email or on the             pharmacist. While in university,
loudly.) Barbara Bourrier-LaCroix, a                 s
                                            Network’ toll-free telephone line.           Barbara obtained a part-time job at the
Riverview resident, is a librarian and                                                   Winnipeg Public Library. Upon
the Information Centre Coordinator for      When asked to list the 5 types of            graduating, she was given a full-time
the Canadian Women’ Health                  questions she receives most                  job at the library, and decided to make
Network (CWHN).                             frequently, she says there are: 1.           it her career. However, to be a librarian
                                            Hormone replacement therapy; 2.              requires a Master of Library Sciences
The CWHN received its first funding in      Accessing abortion services; 3. Birth        degree, which is not available in
1996. The CWHN is a national,               control information; 4. Sexually             Manitoba. Barbara found out that
feminist, pro-choice health network,        transmitted infections information; and      Emporia State University (in Kansas),
with a headquarters right here in           5. General gynaecological information.       was offering the degree through
Winnipeg, with a staff of 10. The main                                                   distance education, on week-ends, at
funder for the Network is the Women’  s     Barbara says she receives many               Grand Forks, North Dakota.
Health Bureau at Health Canada. The         phone calls from young women who
Network is governed by a volunteer          are in tears because they just found         After running the library at Churchill
board of directors, which includes          out they are pregnant and they do not        High School for two years, Barbara
women from across the country and           know what to do or who to talk to.           moved on to the CWHN. The fact that
includes women from various                 Barbara tells those young women who          Barbara is Franco Manitoban enables
backgrounds, such as epidemiologist,        is in their community that can provide       her to play an important role in
nurse-practitioner, dietician, HIV/AIDS     counseling, information and health                                        s
                                                                                         ensuring that the Network’ services
activist, among others.                     related services.                            are available in both official languages
                                                                                         across Canada.
The Network specializes in providing        Barbara emphasizes that the Network
information about women’ health,            never provides a diagnosis to anyone,        To be a librarian, you must master the
particularly social science research (as    but can help a person educate                art of finding information, under-
opposed to medical research). For           themselves about particular health           standing technology and enjoy working
example, studies on the health              situations by finding research or local      with the public. So, Barbara did not
impacts on poor women, on Aboriginal        services for the requester. Barbara                                       s
                                                                                         actually go to Kansas (she’ a librarian,
women and on rural women. The               notes that because the requests are                                         s
                                                                                         not Dorothy) nor to Iowa (she’ not
Network plays an advocacy role, trying      anonymous women may feel more at             Marian the Librarian either), but she
to bring this research to the attention     ease in describing their particular          found a way to make being a librarian a
of decision-makers. In addition, the        health situation and asking questions.       cool job.
Network provides information directly       Also, Barbara notes that many women
to members of the public. For the           have been told that their health             For more info about the CWHN, check
Network to do all this, they need                      is
                                            concern “ all in their heads,”or feel        out their web site: www.cwhn.ca or call
someone who is in charge of all that        that their personal health concerns          them at 942-5500. Barbara will be
information; making sure it is properly     have a lower priority than taking care       writing a regular article in the Reflector
stored so it can be easily found when       of others in their family. For these         next year called “            s
                                                                                                                What’ News in
required, helping people find out           reasons some women are reluctant to                   s
                                                                                         Women’ Health”    .
information on their health concerns        go visit a doctor and find that the
and searching for health information        Network is a more convenient place to
from sources across Canada.                 start looking for information about their
.                                           health concern.


May 2004                                                                                Riverview Reflector                     7
Dee-Dee Haines (Maximum Realty) half page

Richard Leaver quarter page

Jenny Gerbasi quarter page

8       Riverview Reflector                 May 2004
          RIVERVIEW                                REFLECTOR PAID
         BABYSITTERS                                ADVERTISING
                                            Any individual or firm who wishes
Baatz, Stephanie (14) … … … ..284-5266      to use the Reflector to advertise
Bartley, Sarah (16) … … … … … 475-0637      goods or services, etc., contact
Beach-Nelson, Shawna (18) ...475-9670       Ellen Funk at 474-0500. Pre-
Beach-Nelson, Ashley (18) … .475-9670       payment will be required prior to
Bell, Ryan (14) … … … … … ......452-7305    running the advertisement.
Borbridge, Sarah (15) … … .… .453-6994
Dempsey, Aaron (13) … … .… ..477-9394       Did you notice in the RVCC
Diaz, David (17) … … … … ..… ..284-2555     minutes the proposal to increase       Diane McGifford ad goes here
Diaz, Michelle (15) … … … … … 284-2555      the advertising rates? It is
Durling, Laura (15) … … … ..… .453-6256     because the revenues from
Durling, Scott (12) … … … … … .453-6256     advertising do not cover the costs
Dux, Hillary (16) … … … … … … 284-1886      of producing the Reflector. If you
Eastman, Andrew (16) ..… .… ..453-5924      have comments, please send
Ediger, Jaremy (14) … … … … ..452-5496      them to reflector@shaw.ca or call
Ellis, Robin (15) … … … … ...… .478-1050    anyone on the Executive.
Fowler, Lucy (15) … … … … ..… 284-8185
Gillen, Kathryn (16) … … … ......453-5531   Advertisers     support     the
Gillies, Bailey (14) … … … .… … 284-1946    community and make the
Hachey, Sarah (14) … … .… … .294-8508       Reflector possible ... please
Hak, Nick (16) … … … … … … ...475-4064      support our local businesses!
Karamano, Sirin (13) … … … … 475-0228
Kayseas, Jeanine (13) … … … .452-4214
Keith, Stephanie (13) … … .… ..452-0082
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Neville, Beth (17) … … … … ......475-0431
Nikkel, Jessica (12) … … … ..… 452-7053
Nikkel, Shawna (14) … … … … .452-7053
Ormiston, Bekki (15) … … … ....475-3501
Ornostay, Anna (17) … … … … .452-4851
Reardon-Smith, Allie (17) .… ...452-7364
Rosenbaum, Stefan (13) … .....453-1283
Smith-Fernandez (15) … … … ..452-6272
Sveinson, Zše (14) … … … … … 453-0332
Tallin, Naomi (15) … … … … .… 452-7378
Watt, Shenlea (21) … … … … ...474-1178
Watson, Adam (15) … … … … ..477-8901
Zacharias, Beth (14) … … … .… 284-4034
Zacharia, Sarah (13) … … … … 284-4034
          Additions or changes:
 reflector@shaw.ca or call 474-1598 or
            drop off at the club

Colour Phase Tanning ad goes here – see changes!

May 2004                                                                         Riverview Reflector              9
     Call me ART !                         then sets a rhythm for the kids to play             s
                                                                                     Mr. Mark’ family is very artistic. His
                                           with that word, so the whole class        wife, Arlene Minkhorst, is the School
                                           plays musical pizza.                      Director at the RWB, his 11 year old
Mark Cameron is Mr. Mark, family                                                     son plays violin and his 9 year old son
entertainer. He started playing drums      Mr. Mark conducted an interactive         is taking ballet lessons and playing
in high school, later was part of a duo    rhythm session at family Sunday witth     drums. The boys help Mr. Mark by
celtic band called Tarry Trousers, has     the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra           suggesting improvements on his
been playing drums for the Royal           last year and will be doing two more      compositions.
Winnipeg Ballet dance school for more      sessions in the next family Sunday
than 15 years, and has played with         series. He also appeared in an            Mr. Mark is composing his first CD and
Fred Penner and Jake Chenier. Mr.          episode the popular TV show The Toy       expects it to be finished (arranged and
Mark started out with a degree in          Castle.                                   recorded) in 2005.
kinesiology and doing research in a
hospital, but decided he wanted to do      For the past 7 or 8 years, he has         Mr. Mark says children request songs
something more people-oriented. He         performed with the Circus and Magic       from him all the time, and the three
got his first job in show business at      Camp, put on by the Children’  s          most requested – the “  holy trinity of
Nite Out Entertainment and has been        Festival, specifically designed for               s
                                                                                     children’ requests”– are O Canada,
making his living in entertainment ever    Winnipeg youth at risk, for a week long   Jingle Bells and Twinkle, Twinkle Little
since.                                     camp each spring break. The goal is       Star.
                                           show the kids “ you can do this much
He left Tarry Trousers and became Mr.      in a week, just think what you can do              s
                                                                                     Mr. Mark’ first favourite song was
Mark a little more than two years ago,     in a year”.                               Songs of Silence by Simon and
and is now working more than ever.                                                                              s
                                                                                     Garfunkel, and the CD he’ listening to
He is artist in residence at different                         I’
                                           Mr. Mark says his “ m an artist, that’s                             s
                                                                                     right now is Joe Jackson’ Jumping
schools with his “  found sound”           what I do”moment occurred one night       Jive.
program – teaching students to find        when the Ballet was performing at the
sound in everyday objects, such as         Concert Hall and the choreographer        You can see Mr. Mark perform on
playing jingle bells on a turkey baster.   asked him to leave his drums and say      Canada Day at Assinboine Park at
He also gets kids to play musical          a line to the audience. That was it –                                   s
                                                                                     2:15 p.m., and at the Children’
pizza, where he gets kids to shout out      the
                                           “ giant ‘   yes’sign went on”.            Museum on Aug. 5 and 11 at 1:00
the name of a pizza ingredient and
                                                                                     p.m. mrmark1@mts.net

                                           Mary Kay, BC Plumbing

                Riverview Plumbing and Heating, West End Upholsterers

                                                     Ads go here

10         Riverview Reflector                                                                                May 2004
                       Food for Thought - by Lori Michaelson
Use the fruits and vegetables of            Just before serving, in a large bowl        It takes 1000 tons of water to produce
summer to revitalize flagging energy        place:                                      a ton of grain. It takes 16 tons of grain
levels. Fresh foods are generally the       fresh spinach* (lots of it)                 to produce a ton of beef. The quantity
most energizing of foods as they come       1 cup fresh strawberries, sliced            of water used in the production of the
complete with the enzymes necessary         (substitute other fruits: mandarin          average cow is sufficient to float a
for your body to digest them. (This is in   oranges, oranges, blueberries, grapes)      destoyer. And just imagine the vast
direct contrast to cooked foods:            1/3 – 1/2 cup sliced natural almonds        amount of excrement produced ---
cooking destroys the vital enzymes          1 – 2 T. sesame seeds or poppyseeds         more than 250,000 pounds per
and means your own body has to use          Toss with a few tablespoons of the          second of excrement is produced by
more effort to extract the nutrients for    dressing.                                                         s
                                                                                        U.S. livestock. That’ an awful lot of
your benefit.)                                                                          water to produce a food that is linked
                                            * We regularly buy huge bags of             to heart disease and strokes… better to
The following is just one of endless        washed and ready-to-eat spinach. It         eat the grain!
salad possibilities:                        makes meal prep a breeze!
                                                                                        If you have any questions, give me a
  STRAWBERRY-SPINACH SALAD                                                              call at 452-8833.
Dressing:                                   Some food for thought:
1/4 cup raspberry vinegar                   We recently enjoyed a visit with            Additional note from Tom McMahon:
1/4 cup sunflower oil (or some other        Howard Lyman, the world-renowned                                         s
                                                                                        We just read Howard Lyman’ book
kind of oil except olive oil; olive oil’
                                       s    environmental activist. As usual, he        Mad Cowboy, the cattle rancher who
flavour would overwhelm the other           was a wealth of information. One tidbit          t
                                                                                        won’ eat meat. Lyman and Oprah
flavours)                                   he shared with us is so astonishing         Winfrey were sued for saying bad
2 T. maple syrup                            that even the staunchest meat-eater         things about meat, but were acquitted
Yield: about 2/3 cup (enough for lots of    might rethink dietary choices in light of   – by a jury in Texas. His book is
salad). Refrigerate the remainder of        the growing concern over the world’   s     excellent and very thought-provoking,
the dressing for next time. It keeps        diminishing availability of fresh water:
well.                                                                                   and easy to read.

                                       Hands On Design quarter page

                                       South Osborne Biz quarter page
Baltimore Insurance quarter page

Euro-graph quarter page

May 2004                                                                            Riverview Reflector                      11
                                  Roger Burns

                                           Century 21 Bachman & Associates
                                              Visit www.century21bachman.com

                         Selling your home for all it is worth!

                                  Your Neighbourhood Agent!

                Winter’ Over – Let the House–Hunting Begin!

                                James Allum
                Your NDP Candidate in
                Winnipeg South Centre
     Dear Friends and Neighbours:

     As a resident of Riverview, I am very pleased to be your NDP candidate in the coming Federal Election. Like
     you, I am frustrated with years of Liberal and Conservative governments that have reduced funding for
     Medicare, given billion dollar tax breaks to corporations and have been careless with taxpayers’money. I
     believe it is time for honest, active representation and I am committed to working hard to provide that. In the
     coming weeks I encourage you to examine the record of the Federal Liberals and consider who is best able to
     hold them accountable in the House of Commons.

     Please feel free to give us a call if you have questions, concerns, or would like to help on the campaign: 982-
     8120. I look forward to talking with you on the doorstop.

     Warm Regards,

     James Allum

12          Riverview Reflector                                                                             May 2004

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