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 Description: Infrared thermography is a remote condition monitoring technique that identifies surface
 temperatures by measuring the intensity of infrared radiation emitted from a surface. This course is designed
 to introduce students to infrared thermography and its potential uses in the industrial environment. These
 uses include but are not limited to, heat loss detection, electrical-panel analysis and preventative maintenance
 based on temperature variations.
Competencies: Upon successful completion of this course the student should be able to:
     Describe the components of infrared thermography
     Describe the basic operation of an infrared thermography system
     Discuss the uses of the infrared thermography technique

             a. Components of an Infrared Thermography system
             b. Infrared Thermography operation basics
             c. Heat loss detection
             d. Electrical current detection
             e. Equipment temperature analysis
             f. Identifying worn parts through the heat generated by friction

Suggested Learning Resources (Course Materials): Industry specific infrared thermography equipment, user
manual for equipment and analysis software. Handouts.

Suggested Method of Instruction: Lecture with hands on activities.

Suggested Method of Evaluation: Instructor observation

College: Bowling Green Technical College Contact: ___Brian S. Young                          ___

E-Mail: _brian.young@kctcs.edu___                   Phone: ___270-901-1045____________

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