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									              Grade 1                                    Grade 2                                  Grade 3                                    Grade 4                                  Grade 5                                 Grade 6
Recall        New: Recognize at a glance and name        B6: Recall addition facts with sums to   ???: Recall multiplication facts to 5 x    B9: Recall multiplication facts to 9x9
              familiar arrangements of 1 to 10           18 and related subtraction facts.        5 and related division facts.              and related division facts
              objects or dots.                                Visual and concrete support                                                   Use strategies such as:
                    use Ten Frame Visualization                                                                                                  Doubles
                    recognize the parts and the                                                                                                  Nifty nines
                       whole in a Part-Part Whole                                                                                                 Tricky zeros
                       configuration up to 10.
Addition &    A7& B7: Describe and use mental            A3,B5&B11: Develop and apply             A2,B9,B11&B12: Describe and apply          B15 & B13: Describe and apply            New&B10,B11: Describe and apply         New&5B10(M
Subtraction   math strategies for basic addition facts   mental math strategies for basic         mental math strategies for adding and      mental math strategies for adding and    mental math strategies for adding and   mental math st
              and related subtraction facts and          addition facts and related subtraction   subtracting 2-digit and 1-digit            subtracting 2-, 3-, 4-digit numbers      subtracting 2- to 5-digit numbers       subtracting up
              estimate amounts between 10 and 100.       facts to 18. Estimate sums and           numbers and estimate sums and              which are multiples of 10, 100 and       which are multiples of 100, 1000 and    which are mult
                    Memorization of facts not           differences of two 2-digit numbers.      differences of 3-digit numbers.            1000 and estimate sums and               10 000 and numbers having tenths.       and decimal nu
                       intended.                         Strategies may include:                        Add two 2-digit numbers             differences of numbers in the hundreds   Estimate sums and differences of        and hundredths
                    Use benchmarks of multiples               Use doubles                             Subtract two 2-digit numbers        and thousands.                           numbers from ten thousands to           differences inv
                       of 10 to estimate amounts.              Make 10                                    that require no regrouping        Strategies may include:                  hundredths.                             thousandths.
              Strategies may include:                          One more/one less                       Subtract a 1-digit number                 Front End                         Strategies may include:                       Conti
                    Counting on                               Two more/two less                          from a 2-digit number                   Compensation                            Up Through/Back Through a                 learne
                    Counting back                             Think addition                          Subtract two 2-digit numbers              Up Through/Back Through                    multiple of a power of 10            Encou
                    Make 10                                   Rounding and front end for                 that differ by a multiple of               multiples of 10 and 100               Break-Up-and-Bridge                       person
                    Use doubles                                   estimating, with visual and             10.                                     Compatibles                             Compensation                           Asses
                                                                   concrete support.              Strategies may include:                          Think Addition                          Compatibles/Near                          reason
                                                                                                        Front End                                 Balancing for a Constant                   Compatibles                             result
                                                                                                        Break-Up-and-Bridge                          difference                            Front End/Adjusted front End
                                                                                                        Compensation                              Clustering of Near                Assess and justify the reasonableness
                                                                                                        Up/Back Through Multiples of                 Compatibles                     of calculation results.
                                                                                                           10                                Assess and justify the reasonableness
                                                                                                        Rounding, front end and             of calculations results.
                                                                                                           adjusted front end for
                                                                                                  Assess and justify the reasonableness of
                                                                                                  calculations results.
Multiplication   B16: Mentally multiply 2-digit    B13,B14,4B14: Describe and apply           5B15,5B10(M
& Division       numbers by 10 or 100.             mental math strategies for calculating     apply mental m
                     Use concrete and visual      and estimating multiplication and          calculating and
                         support                   division.                                  multiplication
                     Examine place-value-change   Mentally calculate:                        Mentally calcu
                                                         Multiply and divide by 10,                Multi
                                                             100 and 1000 and examine                  and ex
                                                             place value change                        chang
                                                         Apply multiplication facts to             Apply
                                                             multiples of 10, 100, 1000                multip
                                                             using strategies such as Front            and te
                                                             End, Compensation,                     Divid
                                                             Compatible Factors                     Apply
                                                         Divide when the divisor is a                 multip
                                                             multiple of 10 and the                    000 a
                                                             dividend is a multiple of the             hundr
                                                             divisor.                                  single
                                                   Estimate:                                  Estimate:
                                                         Product of two 2-digit                    Produ
                                                             numbers                                   numb
                                                         Product of a single digit by a               numb
                                                             2- to 5-digit number                   Quoti
                                                         Quotient for a single digit                  numb
                                                             divisor and a 3 or 4-digit                numb
                                                             dividend                                  numb
                                                   Assess and justify the reasonableness      Assess and jus
                                                   of calculation results.                    of calculation r

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