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									                     The          Island Vegetarian
                                   Quarterly Newsletter of the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii
                                   SUPPORTING HEALTH, ANIMAL RIGHTS, AND ECOLOGY

                                                        Volume 22, Issue 3, July-September 2011

Inside this Issue                    Road show brings animal rights
                                     message to the masses
Message from the Editor        2
Health Update                  3         by Scott Owen Snarr, Editor
Summer Calendar                5
Local Happenings               6     Industry tries hard to conceal the cruel reality of animal farming, but the
                                     animal rights group Mercy For Animals (MFA) has brought the truth directly
In the News                    8
                                     to the public, screening the film Farm to Fridge outdoors in a cross-country
Calendar of Events            11     tour that spanned forty-two cities and nearly 12,000 miles.
Oahu & Maui Events            12           Farm to Fridge is described as “perhaps the most compelling and
Kauai Events                  13     graphic documentary of its kind, . . . [using] arresting images recorded on
Book Reviews                  14     hidden camera and [putting] into focus the harsh reality faced by farmed
Recipes                       15     animals.” MFA tour coordinator Phil Letten operated the special truck
Local Listings                15     equipped with loudspeakers and three 80-inch monitors that looped the 12-
                                     minute video in pedestrian-dense districts in cities coast to coast.
Effortless Weight Loss        16
                                          Local activists at every stop were recruited to join the cause. Volunteers
Animal Rights Arena           17     drove from as far as two hours away to hold signs that read “Meat = animal
Vegan Tidbits                 19     cruelty. Choose vegetarian” and to hand out leaflets and free copies of Farm
                                     to Fridge on DVD. Letten was accompanied by animal rights activist Nora

 Public Lectures                     Kramer for the first two weeks of the trip and by Vic Sjodin for the latter
                                          Beginning with its March 7th kickoff in Las Vegas, the tour received
  WILLIAM HARRIS, M.D.               consistently favorable reception. Onlookers in city after city vowed never to
“BE YOUR OWN NUTRITIONIST”                                                               (see Road Show, page 17)
    Tuesday, July 12th, 7 p.m.
 Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse

  Tuesday, August 9th, 7 p.m.
Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse

Tuesday, September 13th, 7 p.m.
Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse
                                       Photo: Mercy For Animals
  See page 11 for more details,       Pedestrians in New York City stand mesmerized at the shocking images of
 including Maui meeting times.        animals in factory farms depicted in Mercy For Animals’ Farm to Fridge.
   The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011                                                      Page 1
           The                                                               Message from the Editor
                                               Dear Readers,

    The Island Vegetarian is published              As I put the finishing touches on this edition of The Island Vegetarian, I
  quarterly by and for the members of the      felt there were a few stories missing from these pages that deserved mention.
       Vegetarian Society of Hawaii.                Some of you have heard of “Photogate.” Such is the name of the scandal
                                               in which VegNews magazine was caught using stock images of meat to illus-
            P.O. Box 23208                     trate “vegan” foods and recipes. The editors defended themselves at first. But
        Honolulu, HI 96823-3208                facing an angry, defecting readership, they issued an apology and promised
         808-944-VEGI (8344)
                                               never to do it again.
                                                    The event saddens me. Besides being dishonest, there is something mor-
  Visit our website for a restaurant guide,
         TV and meeting schedules,             ally incongruous about vegetarians trying to make other vegetarians drool
       newsletter archives, and more.          over pictures of meat. Plus, it gives the impression that vegan food is some-
                                               how inferior or less visually appetizing than meat. That is not the case, how-
                         ever. Using photos of meat was simply a way for the editors to save time and
                             You can find the original story by with a link to the apol-
                                               ogy at and make your own judgment about it.
            Board of Directors                      In other news, Food Not Bombs — the group that feeds vegetarian and
                                               vegan meals to the hungry in 1000 cities across the world while promoting
        President:   Lorraine Sakaguchi        peace and social change — has run up against some trouble in Orlando. A
   Vice President:   Jim Brown                 recent court ruling upheld the city’s decision to make it a crime to feed groups
        Secretary:   William Harris, M.D.
                                               of people at the park more than twice a year. Local volunteers challenged this
        Treasurer:   Anjie Pham
        Directors:   Karl Seff, Ph.D.          injustice with civil disobedience by continuing the feedings. Twenty arrestees
                     Laurelee Blanchard        now face possible 60-day jail terms and $500 fines for giving nutritious vege-
                     Patrick Moore             tarian meals to people in need. If this makes you feel outraged, go to
                     James H. Thompson to learn more and show your support.
                     Scott Owen Snarr               Finally, on a lighter note, I have just learned that the movie Forks Over
                                               Knives is coming to Oahu at the Dole Cannery Theater beginning July 8th.
          Newsletter Committee                 I’ve been looking forward to the release of this documentary, which boldly
                                               explores the relationship between “diseases of affluence” and animal-based
            Scott Owen Snarr
                                               diets. Our own Ruth Heidrich appears in the film along with Neal Barnard,
          Alida Rutchick, M.Ed.
                                               M.D., Colin T. Campbell, M.D., and a host of other names and faces that you
          William Harris, M.D.
                                                                                           might be familiar with. The produc-
                   Mahalo                                                                  ers are trying their best to take this
           to all our volunteers!                                                          film to mainstream audiences. I
                                                     Annual Meeting                        urge you to go and see it. And bring
                                                                                           along anyone who is willing to join
The opinions expressed in this newsletter              Scheduled                           you. It promises to save lives.
are those of the writers and not necessarily                                                   Look for a review of the movie
those of the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii.                                                 in the next issue of The Island Vege-
                                                    Reports from the Board will be
                                                    made to the membership prior to        tarian.
The information contained in this newslet-
ter is for educational purposes. It is not          our featured speaker on July 12,
                                                    2011. Please attend and learn          Aloha,
intended as medical advice, and it is not
intended to replace the advice of a quali-          the latest and current status of
fied, licensed medical practitioner.                YOUR organization. Mahalo!                                     -SoS

       Page 2                                                          The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011
                                                                                          Staph found in nearly
                                Health Update                                             half of US meat
                                                                                              Drug-resistant strains of Staphylococ-
                                            diet can be important in the preven- cus aureus, a bacteria linked to a wide
Vegetarians at lower                        tion of metabolic syndrome.”                      range of human diseases, are present
                                                 The study examined more than in meat and poultry from U.S. grocery
risk of heart disease,                      700 adults randomly sampled from stores at unexpectedly high rates, ac-
                                            Loma Linda University’s Adventist cording to a nationwide study by the
diabetes, stroke                            Health Study 2, a long-term study of Translational Genomics Research In-
                                            the lifestyle and health of almost stitute (TGen). Nearly half of the meat
Vegetarians experience a 36% lower          100,000 Seventh-day Adventists and poultry samples (47%) were con-
prevalence of metabolic syndrome            across the United States and Canada.              taminated with S. aureus, and more
than nonvegetarians, suggests new                 Of the subjects in this smaller than half of those bacteria (52%) were
research from Loma Linda University         substudy, 35% were vegetarians. On resistant to at least three classes of
published in the journal Diabetes           a v e r a g e , t h e v e g e t a r i a n s a n d antibiotics, according to the study,
Care. Because metabolic syndrome            semivegetarians were three years which was published in the journal
can be a precursor to heart disease,        older than nonvegetarians. Despite Clinical Infectious Diseases.
diabetes, and stroke, the findings indi-    their slightly older age, vegetarians                  This is the first national assess-
cate that vegetarians may be at lower       had lower triglycerides, glucose lev- ment of antibiotic-resistant S. aureus
risk of developing these conditions.        els, blood pressure, waist circumfer- in the U.S. food supply. And DNA
     Metabolic syndrome is defined as       ence, and body mass index (BMI). testing suggests that the farmed ani-
the presence of at least three out of       Semivegetarians also had a signifi- mals themselves were the major
five total risk factors: high blood pres-   cantly lower BMI and waist circum- source of contamination.
sure, low HDL cholesterol, high glu-        ference compared to those who ate                     Although Staph should be killed
cose levels, elevated triglycerides, and    meat more regu-                                                      with proper cooking,
an unhealthy waist circumference.           larly.                                                               it may still pose a
The Loma Linda University study                   “ T h i s w o r k Densely-stocked indus- risk to consumers
found that while 25% of vegetarians         again shows that trial farms . . . are through improper
had metabolic syndrome, the number          d i e t i m p r o v e s ideal breeding grounds food handling and
rises to 37% for semivegetarians and        many of the main                                                     cross-contamination
39% for nonvegetarians. The results         cardiovascular risk for drug-resistant bac- in the kitchen.
hold up when adjusted for factors           factors that are teria that move from                                   Researchers col-
such as age, gender, race, smoking,         part of metabolic
physical activity, alcohol intake, and
                                                                       animals to humans.                        lected and analyzed
                                            syndrome,” said                                                      136 samples cover-
calories consumed.                          Gary Fraser, M.D.,                                                   ing 80 brands of
     “In view of the high rate of meta-     Ph.D., principal investigator of Ad- beef, chicken, pork, and turkey from
bolic syndrome in the United States         ventist Health Study 2. “Trending to- 26 retail grocery stores in Los Ange-
and its deleterious health effects, we      ward a plant-based diet is a sensible les, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Flag-
wanted to examine lifestyle patterns        choice.”                                          staff, and Washington, D.C.
that could be effective in the preven-                                                             “For the first time we know how
                                            N.S. Rizzo, et al. Vegetarian dietary
tion and possible treatment of this                                                           much of our meat and poultry is con-
                                            patterns are associated with a lower
disorder,” said lead researcher Nico S.
                                            risk of metabolic syndrome: The Ad- taminated with antibiotic-resistant
Rizzo, Ph.D.
                                            ventist Health Study 2. Diabetes Care, Staph, and it is substantial,” said
     “I was not sure if there would be a                                                      Lance B. Price, Ph.D., senior author
                                            2011; DOI: 10.2337/dc10-1221
significant difference between vege-                                                          of the study and Director of TGen’s
tarians and nonvegetarians, and I was                                                         Center for Food Microbiology and
surprised by just how much the num-                                                           Environmental Health.
bers contrasted,” he continues. “It in-
dicates that lifestyle factors such as
                                                                                                            (continued on page 4)

        The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011                                                                 Page 3
(continued from page 3)
     “The fact that drug-resistant S.
                                           Fewer cataracts                           165% increased risk in the Alpha
                                                                                     study compared with those who con-
aureus was so prevalent and likely         in vegetarians, vegans                    sumed the least.
came from the food animals them-                                                     C. Qiu, I.O. Frederick, et al. Risk of
selves is troubling and demands atten-                                               gestational diabetes mellitus in rela-
                                           Eating animal products increases the
tion to how antibiotics are used in
                                           risk of cataracts, according to a new     tion to maternal egg and cholesterol
food-animal production today,” Dr.         study published in American Journal       intake. American Journal of Epidemi-
Price said.                                of Clinical Nutrition. Based on find-     ology. 2011;173:649-658.
     Densely-stocked industrial farms,
                                           ings from 27,670 participants in the
where animals are steadily fed low
doses of antibiotics, are ideal breeding
                                           European Prospective Investigation
                                           into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-
                                                                                     Veggie diets
grounds for drug-resistant bacteria
that move from animals to humans,
                                           Oxford) study, meat intake was posi-      help black women
                                           tively associated with risk of cata-
the report says.
     “Antibiotics are the most impor-
                                           racts.                                    stay more trim
                                               The participants were divided into
tant drugs that we have to treat Staph
                                           six diet groups: high meat consumers,     A new study reported that African-
infections; but when Staph are resis-      moderate meat consumers, low meat
tant to three, four, five, or even nine                                              American women who consumed a
                                           consumers, fish eaters, vegetarians,      diet high in fruits and vegetables
different antibiotics — as we saw in
                                           and vegans. Compared with those           gained less weight over a 14-year pe-
this study — that leaves physicians
                                           who ate the most meat, the risks for      riod than those who consumed a diet
few options,” Dr. Price said.
                                           developing cataracts after adjusting      high in red meat and fried foods. The
     “The emergence of antibiotic-         for multiple confounders including
resistant bacteria — including Staph                                                 associations were stronger among
                                           age and smoking were as follows:          women under 35 years, who gained
— remains a major challenge in clini-
                                           moderate meat eaters decreased their      the most weight (29 pounds on aver-
cal medicine,” said coauthor Paul S.
                                           cataract risk by 4%, low meat eaters      age during the 14-year study period).
Keim, Ph.D., Director of TGen’s
                                           by 15%, fish eaters by 21%, vegetari-     This is the first prospective study to
Pathogen Genomics Division.                ans by 30%, and those who followed a
     “This study shows that much of                                                  show that a healthier diet is associated
                                           vegan diet by 40%.                        with less weight gain in African-
our meat and poultry is contaminated
with multidrug-resistant Staph. Now        P.N. Appleby, et al. Diet, vegetarian-    American women, a population with a
we need to determine what this means       ism, and cataract risk. American          high prevalence of obesity.
in terms of risk to the consumer,” said    Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Pub-           Dr. Deborah Boggs from the
Dr. Keim.                                  lished ahead of print March 23, 2011.     Slone Epidemiology Center at Boston
     The U.S. government routinely         DOI: 10.3945/ajcn.110.004028              University led the study, which was
surveys retail meat and poultry for                                                  published in American Journal of
                                                                                     Clinical Nutrition. The results were
four types of drug-resistant bacteria,     Eggs increase risk of                     based on data from the Black
but S. aureus is not among them. The
paper suggests that a more compre-         gestational diabetes                      Women’s Health Study (BWHS), a
                                                                                     large follow-up study of 59,000
hensive inspection program is needed.
S. aureus can cause a range of ill-                                                  African-American women from
                                           Egg consumption increases the risk of     across the U.S. conducted since 1995.
nesses from minor skin infections to       gestational diabetes, according to a
life-threatening diseases, such as                                                       The authors concluded that the
                                           recent article in American Journal of     findings suggest that replacing red
pneumonia, endocarditis, and sepsis.       Epidemiology. Researchers analyzed        meat and fried foods with vegetables
A.E. Waters, T. Contente-Cuomo, et         two studies conducted in Washington       and fruits could help to lower obesity
al. Multidrug-resistant Staphylococ-       state — the Omega Cohort Study and        rates.
cus aureus in US meat and poultry.         the Alpha Case-Control Study — and
Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2011;        found that as egg and cholesterol in-     D.A. Boggs, J.R. Palmer, et al. Die-
DOI: 10.1093/cid/cir181                    take increased, so did the risk of ges-   tary patterns and 14-y weight gain in
                                           tational diabetes. Women who con-         African American women. American
                                           sumed the most eggs (seven or more        Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 2011;
                                           per week) had a 77% increased risk of     DOI: 10.3945/ajcn.111.013482
                                           diabetes in the Omega study and a

        Page 4                                                       The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011
Goji berries healthy,                      Vegan diet helps                           gardeners,” stated Tina Waliczek, cor-
                                                                                      responding author of the study.
not ‘superfood’                            with weight loss                                Data for the study was gathered
                                                                                      by an online survey, in which 261
                                                                                      questionnaires were completed by
Though the consumption of goji ber-        Decreasing the intake of high-
                                                                                      adults aged 50 years and older.
ries has risen dramatically, their sup-    glycemic foods can help reduce body
                                                                                           The number of hours per week
posed beneficial properties have not       weight, according to a new article in
                                                                                      individuals spent gardening did not
been scientifically proven by any          Journal of Nutrition. The glycemic
                                                                                      appear to be a factor in vegetable and
relevant clinical intervention study       index is a measure of how rapidly a
                                                                                      fruit consumption, which indicates
with humans. Goji berries’ compo-          given food releases sugar into the
                                                                                      that even older adults with limited
nents are found in other fruits and        bloodstream.
                                                                                      time or abilities — those who spend
vegetables recommended for balanced             In a National Institutes of Health-
                                                                                      less time gardening — may consume
diets. According to Professor Emilio       funded study conducted by Physicians
                                                                                      greater quantities of vegetables and
Martínez de Victoria Muñoz at the          Committee for Responsible Medicine,
                                                                                      fruits than their nongardening coun-
Institute of Nutrition and Food Sci-       99 participants with type 2 diabetes
ence of the University of Granada, the     were placed into either the vegan diet
                                                                                           The survey results also showed
only difference with goji berries is the   group or the 2003 American Diabetes
                                                                                      that a person’s reason for gardening
“significant placebo effect” on people     Association (ADA) diet group. The
                                                                                      had no relationship with the quantity
consuming them.                            vegan diet proved better at controlling
                                                                                      of vegetables and fruit consumed, im-
     He also remarks that the supposed           blood glucose and cholesterol.
                                                                                      plying that programs designed to en-
scientific studies endorsing                        After adjusting for various
                                                                                      courage older adults to participate in
the beneficial prop-                                   factors such as fiber, fat,
                                                                                      gardening need not exclusively pro-
erties of goji ber-                                         and calorie intake,
                                                                                      mote the health benefits derived from
ries “were                                                    the glycemic index
                                                                                      gardening, but may appeal to a range
exclusively                                                     intake predicted
                                                                                      of personal motives.
developed                                                       weight loss, and
in vitro and                                                  weight loss pre-        A.J. Sommerfeld, et al. Growing
in animals in China, but few                          dicted lower hemoglobin         minds: Evaluating the relationship
have been conducted in humans out-         A1C levels, a measure of sugar levels      between gardening and fruit and
side of China.”                            in the blood over time. The vegan diet     vegetable consumption in older
     Goji berries contain numerous         group reduced glycemic-index intake        adults. HortTechnology, 20: 711-717
nutrients, as stated in a thorough bib-    more than the ADA diet group.              (2010)
liographic review recently published
                                           G.M. Turner-McGrievy, et al. De-
in the journal Planta Médica. This
                                           creases in dietary glycemic index are
                                                                                          Summer Calendar
fruit contains antioxidants, complex
                                           related to weight loss among indi-
polysaccharides (proteoglycans,                                                        July:
                                           viduals following therapeutic diets for
which are considered to be the source                                                  National Veggie Hot Dog Month
                                           type 2 diabetes. Journal of Nutrition.
of its beneficial effects on health),                                                     (Compassion Over Killing)
                                           In press.
monosaccharides, lutein, zeaxanthin                                                    21-25: Animal Rights National
(beneficial for the eyes), fiber, pro-                                                    Conference (Los Angeles)
teins, and carbohydrates.                  Aging gardeners                             August:
     However, he says that “the con-                                                   16: International Day of Action for
sumption of these berries is but an-       eat their veggies                              Dogs and Cats in Korea (In De-
other fad” and that “goji berries will                                                    fense of Animals)
not have any positive effect on people     New research from Texas A&M Uni-            19: Potato Day
who do not follow a balanced diet.”        versity and Texas State University          September:
He warns that “miracle foods do not        found that older adults who partici-        Fruit & Veggies — More Matters
exist” and advises that the only secret    pate in gardening are more likely to           Month
to enjoying good health is “a balanced     eat their veggies. “Our results support     Whole Grains Month
diet rich in fruits and vegetables com-    previous studies that indicated gar-        18-24: National Farm Animals
bined with regular physical exercise.”     deners were more likely to consume             Awareness Week (The HSUS)
                                           vegetables when compared with non-          21: World Day of Peace
Source: University of Granada
                                                                                       24: Family Health & Fitness Day

        The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011                                                          Page 5
                                                                                      For those who were skeptical

                             Local Happenings                                     about the taste of vegan and vegetar-
                                                                                  ian foods we passed out several sam-
                                                                                  ples, from soy milk and cookies to
                                                                                  nondairy cream cheese, crackers, and
                                        do with sustainability.                   fried rice to show just how easy and
                                             Club members put together and
Students, volunteers                    displayed poster boards to help illus-
                                                                                  delicious vegan eating can be. And for
                                                                                  those who were especially interested
reach open minds                        trate how the current factory farming     in what they had heard at the booth
                                        industry affects our world. “We really    that day we provided a list of books,
at Punahou fair                         wanted to raise
                                        awareness of this type
     by Emily Jampel                    of farming, as it is
     Environmental Vegetarian Club responsible for con-
                                        tributing to all kinds
On April 21st VSH and Punahou of world issues from
School’s Environmental Vegetarian global warming and
Club (EVC) held their first joint event water pollution to
at the school’s fifth annual Sustain- world hunger and
ability Fair, which was attended by even widespread epi-
thousands of students, teachers, fac- demics,” explained
ulty, and even parents interested in Gracie Kimura, vice                                      Photo: Lorraine Sakaguchi
learning more about sustainable living  president of the club. Students line up to get a taste of the vegan goodies at a
and the environment.                         We tried to show booth at Punahou’s Sustainability Fair.
     Together we hosted one of the      how choosing to eat
                                                                                 films, websites, and other places they
booths at the fair, where we talked vegetarian, vegan, or simply less meat
                                                                                 could go to learn more about factory
with more than a hundred fairgoers and fewer animal products can help to farming and vegetarian eating.
about things like factory farming and solve the problems that factory farm-          The booth attracted crowds of
vegetarianism and what they have to ing causes. We displayed several ve- visitors throughout the day and over-
                                                           gan cookbooks such
                                                           as Alicia Silver- all turned out to be a great success.
                                                           stone’s The Kind One of the students who attended the
                                                           D i e t a n d E r i n booth called it “extremely eye open-
                                                           McKenna’s Baby- ing” and several others commented on
                                                           cakes and provided how amazing all the vegan food
                                                           a list of vegetarian tasted. “It was really interesting to
                                                           and vegan options at learn about how much of a difference
                                                           popular family res- the little things can make toward help-
                                                           taurants like Cali- ing improve our environment,” said
                                                           fornia Pizza Kitchen Cayla Pang, a sophomore at Punahou
                                                           and The Counter, a School.
                                                           custom-burger res-        As a club we really wanted to em-
                                                           taurant in Kahala     phasize this idea that a little goes a
                                                           Mall. Club members long way. The fair was a great oppor-
                                                           recommended their tunity to show how all of us can make
                                                           favorite vegetarian better decisions about how we choose
   Photo: Jim Thompson                                     and vegan options to eat and how eating fewer or no
                                                           served at the school animal products can have an ex-
 VSH and Punahou’s Environmental Vegetarian Club cafeteria for the tremely positive effect — not only on
 teamed up to educate fairgoers about the benefits of a benefit of other stu- ourselves but also on the world
 vegan diet. Left to right: Peyton Lee (EVC), Lorraine dents.                    around us.
 Sakaguchi (VSH), Emily Jampel (EVC), Angie Pham
 (VSH), Ori Ann Li (VSH).

       Page 6                                                     The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011
Bill to fund                              Down to Earth                           mouth-watering desserts made daily,”
                                                                                  says Mark Fergusson, Chief Vegetar-
slaughterhouse                            expands to Kapolei                      ian Officer of Down to Earth.
                                                                                      “One of the nicest things about
dies — for now                            Down to Earth ALL VEGETARIAN
                                                                                  this store is that it’s going to have a
                                                                                  community room, where our Love
   by Cathy Goeggel                       Organic & Natural announced it will
                                                                                  Life! Community Outreach Team will
                                          celebrate the grand opening of its
   Animal Rights Hawaii                                                           conduct free vegetarian cooking
                                          sixth store in Hawaii at Kapolei
                                                                                  classes and nutritional seminars,” he
                                          Commons on Saturday, July 2nd. The
After sailing through both House and                                              says. “The cooking classes will be
                                          new 10,000-square-foot Kapolei loca-
Senate Agriculture Committees Fi-                                                 held weekly, and we will be making
                                          tion will be Down to Earth’s flagship
nance and Ways and Means, SB249                                                   the room available to local organiza-
                                          store, employing 50 people.
(which would provide yet another                                                  tions that need a place to meet.
                                               The doors will open at 7:30
taxpayer bailout of the Hawaii Live-                                                  “Down to Earth was founded in
                                          a.m. An all-day celebration will fea-
stock Cooperative Slaughterhouse                                                  Wailuku, Maui over 30 years ago.
                                          ture cooking classes, nutritional semi-
[HLC]) headed to Conference Com-                                                  Customers from Kapolei and Makak-
                                          nars, a rock climbing wall, and other
mittee where it was considered to be a                                            ilo have been asking us to come to
                                          fun-filled activities for keiki as well as
done deal. Instead, it died in commit-                                            their neighborhood for years. We’re
                                          lots of free food sampling. Highlights
tee!                                                                              delighted to be doing that. Today we
                                          of the day include a health talk by
     The combination of hard eco-                                                 are still guided by our mission to
                                          renowned Hawaii physician Dr. Terry
nomic times and the subsequent state                                              promote a healthy lifestyle in our is-
                                          Shintani at 10 a.m. and an Extrava-
furloughs had a strong impact. The                                                land communities by providing or-
                                          ganza Vegetarian Meal Demo by the
nine hundred people who actively op-                                              ganic and natural foods and products
                                          Down to Earth Love Life! Community
posed the bill and the many, many                                                 at down-to-earth prices.”
                                          Outreach Team at noon. Paula Fuga
people who expressed outrage at the                                                   Cardholding VSH members will
                                          will entertain the afternoon crowd
arrogance of the Agriculture Commit-                                              receive a 5% discount on all pur-
                                          from 2 to 3:30 p.m., and the Mana
tee Chairs Tsuji and Nishihara were                                               chases at the new store as they do at
                                          Maoli Collective, featuring John Cruz,
definitely a factor. Animal Rights                                                other Down to Earth locations on
                                          will take the stage in the evening from
Hawaii (ARH), Down to Earth, and                                                  Oahu, including Kailua, Pearlridge,
                                          6 to 8 p.m.
individual members of the Vegetarian                                              and Moiliili.
                                               Customers will find savings on
Society of Hawaii all worked very         popular brands, including up to 50% Source:
hard to defeat the bill. Senator Gab-     off of 100 of the company’s best-
bard was the only legislator to oppose    selling items and 30% off of Down to
SB249 from the beginning.                 Earth’s award-winning vegetarian hot
     There is, however, $750,000          table and salad bar.
tucked away in the governor’s budget           The Kapolei
for photovoltaic cells for the slaugh-    store will have its
terhouse. ARH has requested Gover-        own first-class
nor Abercrombie not to release those      kitchen for Down
funds. It appears to be merely a slyer    to Earth’s signa-
way to fund HLC.                          ture all-vegetarian
     There is also an appropriation for   deli. “It will fea-
$4,400,000 from Governor Lingle’s         ture a hot table
budget of last year to renovate the       with delicious
Pauuilo slaughterhouse and build a        entrees and ac-
rendering plant on the Big Island.        claimed salad bar,
     The state continues to throw         fresh juices and
money at the dying livestock industry     smoothies, a great
even though the taxpayers oppose it.      made-to-order
     The saga continues.                  sandwich menu,           Photo: Down to Earth
Catherine Goeggel is president of         fresh grab-and-go
                                                                 The new 10,000-square foot store at Kapolei Commons
Animal Rights Hawaii and a longtime       options, and a
                                                                 will serve as Down to Earth’s flagship store.
member of VSH.                            wide variety of

        The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011                                                      Page 7
                                                                                    Meatless Monday
                                IN THE NEWS                                         goes viral
                                         beef is replaced by beans, emissions       More than half of all Americans know
                                                                                    about Meatless Monday, and many of
Climate tax on meat,                     can be reduced by 99%. According to
                                         the calculations, a tax equivalent to      them are eating less meat because of
milk would reduce                        €60 per ton CO2 would reduce beef          it.
                                         consumption by about 15%.                       According to a representative on-
greenhouse gases                             “A tax on the emissions from food      line tracking study conducted by FGI
                                         production would normally be prefer-       Research, awareness of Meatless
A climate tax corresponding to €60 able. But as this is virtually impossi-          Monday in the U.S. reached 50.22%
(about US$85) per ton of CO2 equiva- ble in practice, . . . it can be far more      on May 23rd, up from 30% just six
lent on meat and milk could reduce effective to apply the tax directly to           months prior. This is astonishing
greenhouse gas emissions from Euro- the meat and milk consumption,” says            given that the campaign has no paid
pean agriculture by around 7%. And if researcher Stefan Wirsenius.                  media or even pro bono advertising
the land made available is used for          Under the proposal, beef, which is     typical of public service campaigns.
bioenergy production, the decrease in    responsible for the highest emissions      It’s all a result of viral dissemination
emissions could be six times greater. per kilogram among meats, would be            by committed advocates as well as
This was shown by                                           taxed at about 16%.     key influential figures and organiza-
researchers Kristina                                        Pork would be taxed     tions such as Oprah Winfrey, Mario
Mohlin, Stefan            If beef is replaced with at 6%, poultry 8%,               Batali, and Sodexo.
Wirsenius, and Fre- beans, emissions can eggs 13%, and milk                              Even more significant is that this
drik Hedenus of the                                         9%. The proposed        awareness of the campaign is translat-
University of Goth-
                          be reduced by 99%.                tax is much less        ing into behavior change. Of those
enburg, Sweden in                                           than half the current   who are aware of Meatless Monday,
an article published in the scientific gas taxes in many European countries.        27.47% said that it had influenced
journal Climatic Change.                     “Today we have taxes on petrol         their decision to cut back on meat.
     In the article the researchers show and a trading scheme for industrial        The American Meat Institute (AMI) is
that reduced meat, milk, and egg con- plants and power generation, but we           even seeing a change of behavior as a
sumption has two effects: a direct one have no policy instruments at all for        result of Meatless Monday — a No-
that would significantly lower emis- food-related greenhouse gas emis-              vember 2010 study sponsored by AMI
sions of methane and nitrous oxide sions. This means that we do not pay             and Food Marketing Institute found
and an indirect one that would make for the climate costs of our food,”             that 18% of people were “implement-
land made available that could be says coauthor Fredrik Hedenus.                    ing meatless Mondays.”
used for bioenergy cultivation.              “If the world decides on substan-           According to the FGI survey, 21%
     Food production is a source that tial reductions in global greenhouse          of people want to see Meatless Mon-
cannot be disregarded when consider- gas emissions, land will become a              day at their children’s schools, and
ing greenhouse gas emissions — scarce resource, as a lot of land may                48% would like to see it at their local
globally it accounts for 20% or more be needed for bioenergy. Land-                 supermarket.
of emissions. However, emissions efficient food production and con-                      Now that Meatless Monday has
from food are difficult to tax, as the sumption will therefore become in-           reached 50% awareness, the campaign
principal emission sources are meth- creasingly important. And beef pro-            organizers hope to reach the other half
ane from the stomachs of cows and duction requires twenty times more                of the population. They’re encourag-
nitrous oxide from land to which fer- land per kilocalorie than beans,” says        ing everyone to reach out to friends,
tilizer has been applied. Both of these Hedenus.                                    family, neighbors, classmates, gym
emission sources are technically com- S. Wirsenius, et al. Greenhouse gas           buddies, whomever and tell them
plicated and costly to measure. There taxes on animal food products: Ra-            about Meatless Monday. Facebook
is also a lack of effective technical                                               users will find it easy with this simple
                                         tionale, tax scheme and climate miti-
solutions to reduce these emissions.                                                app:
                                         gation effects. Climatic Change, 2010;     Monday
     On the other hand, a change in DOI: 10.1007/s10584-010-9971-x
food habits can have a great impact. If                                             Source:
        Page 8                                                      The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011
Teen sets out                                 A lifelong vegetarian, Koa’s inter-
                                          est in fast food was sparked three
                                                                                       with a broader scope than Fast Food
                                                                                       Free. Try a Bite “would promote
to save world                             years ago when his family hosted a           small changes in eating habits, like
                                          Korean exchange student who                  eating local, seasonal, and organic,
from fast food                            couldn’t wait to find the nearest bur-       not eating fast food, not eating GMOs,
                                          ger joint or KFC. Curious, Koa began         eating less meat, and gardening and
     by Scott Owen Snarr                  researching fast food on the Internet,       cooking at home.”
                                                              reading books, and            For Koa it’s not just about food.
Koa Halpern is thirteen.                                      watching movies          It’s about living his philosophy: “One
But don’t expect to find                                      like Food Matters        of the things that I really believe in is
him playing video                                             and Food, Inc.           that everyone out there can make a
games at the mall. The                                            His initial im-      difference. Everybody can make a
Hawaii-born Colorado                                          pulse was to join a      better world. And doing things like
homeschooler is more                                          nonprofit dedicated      eating better food is a great place to
occupied with giving                                          to abolishing fast       start.”
presentations across the                                      food. Finding that            Take the Fast Food Free pledge at
country about the bene-                                       such a group didn’t
fits of giving up fast                                        exist, he decided to
food and trying to ob-                                        fill that niche him-     To make a donation (currently not tax-
tain nonprofit status for                                     self.                    deductible), send a check to:
his organization Fast                                             But first he would
                            Koa Halpern, now 13, founded have to overcome               Fast Food Free
Food Free.
                                                                                        P.O. Box 221482
     Fast Food Free aims Fast Food Free at age 11.            some parental resis-
                                                                                        Denver, CO 80222
for “healthier people                                         tance.
and a better world” by raising aware-         Koa’s mother Marilyn was skepti-
ness about the harms of fast food — cal. She suggested that he do some-                Food choices matter
on people’s health, on animals, on the thing easier, like donating books to
environment, and even on the workers children. Koa responded, “You know,               more than food miles
in the meat production line.              Mom, it’s not like I’m 78 years old
     The group’s website www.fastfood and I’ve already spent all my life. I’m              by Scott Owen Snarr, Editor solicits pledges to give up fast eleven. I feel I have the time to do this
food for two weeks. “We’ve heard now, so I should just do it.” She                     Eating locally grown food can reduce
from a lot of people who have taken agreed on the condition that he pay                your food miles — the distance your
the pledge that they were crazy fast for all the related expenses by him-              food travels before reaching your
food eaters before but now they see self. Koa then went on to raise over               plate. But the impact this has on the
the error of their ways,” says Koa.       five hundred dollars playing violin for      overall carbon footprint of your food
     “Not eating as much fat, salt, tips in downtown Denver.                           is not as great as you might have
sugar, and chemicals can do things            “I think she was making me fight         thought.
like lower your risk of heart disease, for what I believe in,” says Koa in                 A new study from the University
diabetes, stroke, and even cancer,” he retrospect. “Now she’s a very pas-              of California, Santa Barbara found
says.                                             sionate supporter.” Koa’s            that if all food consumed in Santa
     Not content with a web-                            mom gives technical as-        Barbara County were grown locally,
site, Koa also brings his                                   sistance, advice about     the carbon reduction would be sur-
message personally to                                          running an organiza-    prisingly small. Greenhouse gas emis-
schools. He has given                                           tion, and rides to     sions from agricultural systems in the
scores of presenta-                                               his presentations.   county would shrink by less than 1%.1
tions to classes and                                                   Though Koa           Santa Barbara County ranks in the
audiences as large as                                             has already          top percentile among U.S. counties in
200. He feels encour-                                             achieved so much     terms of value of food grown, with
aged by the positive                                             at a young age,       fruits and vegetables accounting for
responses from other                                           he’s gearing up for     80% of that value. About 99% of the
children during the                                         even bigger things.        county’s crops are exported, and 95%
question-and-answer ses-                                 He conceives of an or-
sion.                                               ganization called Try a Bite                       (continued on page 10)
        The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011                                                             Page 9
(continued from page 9)                     2. C.L. Weber, H.S. Matthews. Food-miles      disease, cancer, and other diet-related
                                               and the relative climate impacts of food   diseases. Approximately 68% of
of food consumed there is grown                choices in the United States. Environ-
elsewhere.                                                                                Americans are overweight or obese.
                                               mental Science & Technology 2008 42        In 2008 the direct medical costs asso-
    A 2008 study found that 83% of             (10), 3508-3513
the carbon emissions associated with                                                      ciated with obesity added up to $147
food are tied up in its production;                                                       billion.
transportation accounted for only           Federal subsidies                                  Since the USDA’s first Food
                                                                                          Pyramid was introduced nearly two
11%, and final delivery from producer
to retailer a mere 4%. The researchers
                                            out of line with                              decades ago, obesity and diabetes
                                                                                          have become commonplace. About
found that by localizing all food           new ‘MyPlate’                                 27% of young adults are now too
sources, consumers could reduce the
carbon footprints of their diets by no                                                    overweight to qualify for military
                                            The new federal MyPlate food icon             service, and an estimated one in three
more than 5%, which most people
                                            that advises Americans to fill half           people born in 2000 will develop dia-
could easily achieve by substituting
                                            their plates with fruits and vegetables       betes.
red meat and dairy with plant sources
                                            conflicts with federal agriculture poli-           The new MyPlate icon is some-
one day a week.2
                                            cies, which subsidize production of           what similar to the Power Plate devel-
     Eating more locally grown foods
                                            high-fat, high-calorie foods.                 oped and released by PCRM more
can soften environmental impact in
                                                Both the USDA’s icon and its re-          than a year ago. In some ways the
addition to providing other benefits
                                            cently released dietary guidelines ask        new USDA plate is a step forward
such as supporting local agriculture
                                            Americans to limit their intake of            from the vague and confusing MyPy-
and maximizing food freshness. But
                                            sweeteners as well as fat- and                ramid. However, it “couldn’t be more
where curtailing climate change is
                                            cholesterol-heavy products, including         at odds with federal food subsidies,”
concerned, most of the emphasis
                                            meat and dairy, and to eat more fruits        says PCRM staff nutritionist Kathryn
should be placed on shifting away
                                            and vegetables. Yet more than 60% of          Strong, M.S., R.D. “Congress has to
from red meat and dairy toward plant
                                            agricultural subsidies for domestic           reform the Farm Bill to support
                                            food production in recent history have        healthy diets.”
References:                                 directly and indirectly supported meat
                                            and dairy, while less than 1% have            Source: Physicians Committee for
1. D.A. Cleveland, C.N. Radka, et al. Ef-                                                 Responsible Medicine
   fect of localizing fruit and vegetable   gone to fruits and vegetables.
   consumption on greenhouse gas emis-          More than 60% of the deaths in
   sions and nutrition, Santa Barbara       the United States are caused by heart
   County. Environmental Science &
   Technology 2011 45 (10), 4555-4562

        Page 10                                                          The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011
                          Calendar of Events July-September 2011
                                                                   WILLIAM HARRIS, M.D.

                                                                  “Be Your Own Nutritionist”
                                                Tuesday, July 12th, 7 p.m., Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse*

                                  In this presentation Dr. Harris cuts through the maze of contradictory diet recommendations to
                              show how a few simple food rules and a little exercise will ensure your best chances for good health.
     A vegetarian since 1950 and vegan since 1964, William Harris, M.D. is a founding and current director of the Vegetarian Soci-
ety of Hawaii. Prior to his retirement he was an emergency physician and director of the Kaiser Permanente Vegetarian Lifestyle
Clinic. He received his medical degree from the University of California, San Francisco in 1963. He is author of The Scientific
Basis of Vegetarianism, now on line free at Last December Dr. Harris marked his
80th birthday with an 8-way parachute dive, his 1180th jump, at Pacific Sky Diving on Oahu.
                             Dr. Harris will also be speaking on Maui Thursday, July 14th, 7 p.m.
                                       Kaunoa Senior Center, 401 Alakapa Place, Paia
                              He will also be presenting on Kauai Sunday August 7th, 12:30 p.m.
                                   Kapaa Neighborhood Center, 4491 Kou Street, Kapaa

                            SCOTT OWEN SNARR                                                         JOSEPH KEON

                        “You Are What You Eat:                                                “Dairy: Essential Nutrition
                   Food & Identity in the 21st Century”                                         or Health Saboteur?”
                         Tuesday, August 9th, 7 p.m.                                        Tuesday, September 13th, 7 p.m.
                       Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse*                                       Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse*

                       In a fast-changing world our archaic                                North Americans are some of the least
notions about eating are leading us to make food choices that       healthy people on Earth today, and much of the problem stems
have disastrous consequences. In this entertaining and eye-         from poor dietary choices inspired by nutritional myths. Per-
opening presentation Scott Owen Snarr topples our common            haps the biggest myth of all is that humans need the milk of a
assumptions about food and explores the surprising reasons          cow to be healthy. Joseph Keon, author of Whitewash: The Dis-
why people eat meat. Drawing on findings in social science, he      turbing Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health, will show
explains how one’s food choices are closely tied with one’s         how North Americans unwittingly sabotage their health every
identity, gender, values, and cultural environment. Scott pro-      day by drinking milk, how our obsession with calcium is un-
poses that by understanding and meeting the social, psycho-         warranted, and how the inclusion of dairy products in the diet
logical, and cultural needs of meat eaters — rather than by de-     may increase the risk of serious diseases, including prostate,
nying them — we can offer not only alternative foods, but new       breast, and ovarian cancers, Crohn’s disease, and osteoporosis.
ways of thinking about food that will satisfy everyone.
                                                                         A wellness consultant for more than 25 years, Joseph Keon
Whether you’re a committed carnist, an inveterate vegan, or
                                                                    holds fitness expert certifications by both the Cooper Institute
anything in between, after hearing this presentation, you’ll
                                                                    for Aerobics Research in Dallas and the American Council on
never look at food in the same way again.
                                                                    Exercise. He is a member of the American College of Lifestyle
    Scott Owen Snarr is editor of The Island Vegetarian. He         Medicine, past chairman of the board of directors for Dr. Helen
holds a Bachelor of Science in Family Resources from the Uni-       Caldicott’s Nuclear Policy Research Institute, and past member
versity of Hawaii at Manoa, where he founded the Vegetarian         of the Marin Health Councils. He has been featured in numer-
Club. He currently lives and teaches English in Taichung, Tai-      ous magazines and newspapers internationally and has also
wan. He is also a freelance writer and editor.                      appeared on local and national broadcasts.
        Mr. Snarr will also be presenting on Maui:                          Mr. Keon will also be speaking on Maui:
              Thursday, August 11th, 7 p.m.                                    Thursday, September 15th, 7 p.m.
      Kaunoa Senior Center, 401 Alakapa Place, Paia                       Kaunoa Senior Center, 401 Alakapa Place, Paia

                            *Ala Wai Golf Course Clubhouse is located at 404 Kapahulu Avenue,
                      0.2 miles behind the Waikiki-Kapahulu Library across from the Chevron Station.

       The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011                                                                 Page 11
                        VSH Events on Oahu & Maui
                        April                        May                                                June

    Animal scientist Jonathan Bal-         Animal lover and Star
    combe, Ph.D. offered fascinat-         McDougaller Mike Teehan                 With facts, science, and a lot of
    ing insights about the cognitive       spoke eloquently about the              sense, Janice Stanger, Ph.D. set
    abilities and emotional lives of       simple principles he used to            the record straight when it
    animals and what bearing that          help him shed 176 pounds and            came to oft-repeated nutritional
    should have on our diets.              keep them off.                          myths and fallacies.

                                   See these and other talks online at

               Donate, join, or renew today!
     Vegetarian Society of Hawaii Membership Application/Renewal Form

                                             Yes, please enroll me as a member. My dues
Please Print                                 are enclosed (add $4 per year for a foreign
                                             address):                                               SAVE
                                             1 yr.    2 yrs.    3 yrs.    4 yrs.   5 yrs.        on multi-year
                                                                  Regular                        memberships/
Street:_____________________________            $20      $38        $54      $68      $80
                                                             Full-time student
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                                                 Vegan (no animal products at all)
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                                                                                               health food stores.
                                                 Associate (not yet a vegetarian)

       Page 12                                                    The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011
                                 VSH Events
                                  on Kauai

                                                        Marilyn Summ
                                                                           er presented "Qui
                                                        Recipes" at the M                     ck and Easy Ve
                                                                          ay potluck and lec                       gan
                                                                                             ture. See recipes be

     April speakers Nina Monasevitch
     Tom Eisendrath explored    “The Role of
     Vegetarianism in Spiritual Teachin

  Kale salad
      by Marilyn Summer
                                                Kelly Ball explained “Starting a
                                                                                   Garden” at the June Potluck.
  • 1 head kale
  • ¼ cup parsley or cilantro
  • olive oil, to taste
  • balsamic vinegar, to taste            Purple potato dessert
  • nuts (optional)
        Wash kale and parsley. Chop
                                             by Marilyn Summer
   and place into salad bowl. Add a      • 3 purple potatoes, boiled
   little olive oil and balsamic vine-
   gar. Toss and serve as a side dish.
                                         • 2 bananas                         Kabocha pumpkin
                                         • natural sweetener (optional)
   Add nuts to create a lunch salad.                                             by Marilyn Summer
                                              Mash purple potatoes. Add
                                         bananas and mash together.
                                                                             • one large pumpkin
                                         Sweeten only as needed, as                                        e)
                                                                             • Bragg liquid aminos (to tast
                                         both are naturally sweet. Place
                                         in dessert bowl and serve.               Slice pumpkin into chunks.
                                                                             Remove seeds (which can be
                                                                              pan -sau teed and eate n sep a-
Monthly vegan potluck luncheons and lectures                                  rately). Steam or boil in small
are held at 12:30 p.m. on the first Sunday of each                            amount of water for 20 minutes.
month at the Kapaa Neighborhood Center on                                     Season with Bragg liquid ami-
Kauai. Admission is free for those who bring a                                nos.
dish. All others are welcome with a $5 donation.

   The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011                                                          Page 13
                                                                                      ship, and care of animals.
                                                                                          An eye-opening must-read, The

                            Book Reviews                                              Bond reminds us that animals are at
                                                                                      the center of our lives; they are not
                                                                                      just a backdrop. How we treat them is
                                          spread and systematic cruelty to ani-       one of the great themes of the human
                                          mals.                                       story.
The Bond:                                      Pacelle begins by exploring the        During his seventeen years with The
Our kinship with animals,                 biological and historical underpin-         HSUS, including seven years as
our call to defend them                   nings of the human-animal bond and          president and CEO, Wayne Pacelle
                                          reveals our newfound understanding          has played a leading role in making
    by Wayne Pacelle                      of animals, including their remarkable      the nation’s largest animal protection
                                          emotional and cognitive capacities.         charity into a dynamic public force
$16.25 (Hardcover)                             In the book’s second section           and voice for animals. He has become
$12.99 (Kindle)                           Pacelle shows how the bond has been         the voice and face of the humane
448 pages                                 disastrously broken. He takes readers       movement in this country.
Publisher: William Morrow                 to a slaughter plant shuttered for in-
April 5, 2011                             humane practices and to the enormous
                                          egg factory farms of California. He
                                                                                      The Ultimate
ISBN-10: 0061969788
ISBN-13: 978-0061969782                   visits Leavenworth Federal Peniten-         Vegan Guide
                                          tiary in Kansas to speak with NFL star
Product Description:                      Michael Vick, then serving his sen-            by Erik Marcus
    A landmark work, The Bond is the      tence for dogfighting. He paints a por-
passionate, insightful, and compre-       trait of New Orleans in the aftermath       Publisher: Create Space, 2nd Edition
hensive examination of our special        of Hurricane Katrina and highlights         ISBN-10: 1461088011
connection to all creatures, written by   the heroic actions of residents and         ISBN-13: 978-1461088011
one of America’s most eminent cham-       volunteers to reunite pets with their
pions of animal welfare. Wayne            owners.                                     The Ultimate Vegan Guide by Erik
Pacelle, president of the Humane So-           Pacelle’s narrative also leads the     Marcus is now available in the Kin-
ciety of the United States, elucidates    reader to remote locations in which         dle edition for only $0.99, and the
the deep connections and bond be-         conflicts over the killing of wildlife      price of the paperback edition has
tween humans and animals as well as       continue to play out — from the fields      been slashed from $14.95 to $8.95.
the conflicting impulses that have led    outside Yellowstone National Park,              “With this new pricing I have cut
us to violate this bond through wide-     where bison are slaughtered with the        away nearly all of my royalties in an
                                          encouragement of federal authorities,       effort to make
                                          to the ice floes of Atlantic Canada,        this book an
                                          where seal nurseries turn into killing      impulse buy
                                          fields.                                     and to get its
                                               In its final section The Bond takes    life-saving
                                          on the arguments of opponents and           information
                                          critics of animal protection and spot-      into as many
                                          lights the groups and industries stand-     hands as pos-
                                          ing in the way of progress — from the       sible,” says
                                          National Rifle Association and agri-        author Erik
                                          business organizations like the Ameri-      Marcus. The
                                          can Farm Bureau to surprising adver-        new second
                                          saries like the American Veterinary         edition has been “updated, improved,
                                          Medical Association and the Ameri-          and cleaned up in a hundred different
                                          can Kennel Club.                            ways. It teaches the reader in just a
                                               Ultimately, Pacelle points the way     couple of hours all the most valuable
                                          to a new, humane economy — one not          things I’ve learned in over 20 years
                                          built on extraction, suffering, and kill-   as a vegan.”
                                          ing, but on the celebration, steward-

        Page 14                                                      The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011
Black-eyed                                                beans when the onions
                                                          are marinated. Mix with
pea salad                                                 the oil and juice from               Television
                                                          lemon or lime (or vine-
       by Leslie Ashburn                                  gar) along with salt and        “Vegetarian” VSH lectures
       VSH member                                         pepper. Let sit for about
                                                          20 minutes. Adjust sea-       Oahu—Oceanic Cable Ch. 52
                                                          sonings to taste and              Wednesday 11 a.m.
•   1 cup black-eyed peas,                                                                  First and third Thursdays 6 p.m.
                                                          serve.                            Go to and click on
    soaked for 6 to 8 hours
                                                          Leslie Ashburn is a               “Oahu Channel 52.”
•   1 to 2 tomatoes, diced
•   ¼ red onion, diced                                    Kushi-certified personal          The shows are also on line at
    1 Japanese cucumber, diced                           chef and cooking teacher.          6 p.m. on Thursdays.
•   1 to 2 Tbs. umeboshi vinegar             She offers a range of vegan whole          Maui—Calabash Cable Ch. 52
•   ½ cup cilantro, chopped                  foods that change stereotypes about            Wednesday 9:30 p.m.
    1 lemon or lime (or 2 to 3 Tbs.          eating healthfully. Visit her website at       Thursday 5:30 a.m.
    brown rice vinegar)                                 Maui schedule is at
•   1 to 2 Tbs. olive oil (optional)                                                    Big Island—Na Leo O Hawaii
•   salt and pepper to taste                 Potato eggplant curry                          Cable Ch. 54, Saturday 2 p.m.
Directions:                                                                             Kauai—Ho‘ike Cable Ch. 52
    Combine the black-eyed peas and              by Scott Owen Snarr                        Kauai schedule is at
3 cups water. Cover and bring to a                                                      Online—
boil and then reduce to a simmer.            This simple and easily adaptable rec-
With lid cracked, simmer 30 to 45            ipe has won me lots of praise from
                                             several nonvegetarian friends for its           “Cook Healthy Fast”
minutes or until tender but not mushy.
                                             amazing flavor and ability to satisfy.            with Dick Allgire
Drain and set aside to cool.                                                               Short, quick, vegan recipes
    In a small bowl combine the red          • 4 medium or large potatoes, cubed                 Tuesdays: 5 p.m.
onion with the umeboshi vinegar and          • 2-3 Japanese eggplants, sliced into                   KITV-4
allow it to marinate for approximately         thin strips
20 minutes. In the meantime combine
the cucumber, tomato, and cilantro.
                                             • 2 12-oz. cans chickpeas (1 drained,      Radio & Internet
                                               1 with liquid)
Add them to the bowl along with              • 1 large tomato, diced                           “Healing & You”
                                             • 2 Tbs. tomato paste or hot bean                Terry Shintani, M.D.
                                               paste                                           Dr. Diane Nomura
     SUBMISSIONS                             • 2 Tbs. curry powder                            Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D.
        The Island Vegetarian wel-           • 1 Tbs. oil
                                             • pinch of salt (optional)                         Sundays: 8-9 p.m.
    comes letters to the editor. We also                                                        K108 — AM 1080
    welcome book, movie, and restau-              Boil potatoes to desired softness.           Call-in line: 524-1080
    rant reviews and articles about          Drain and set aside.
    various aspects of vegetarianism of           Heat oil and stir-fry eggplant in          “Vegan World Radio”
    up to 500 words.                         large wok. Mix in tomato paste, curry        Telling the story of the vegan
        All submissions must be ac-          powder, and salt and continue stir-        revolution that’s saving animals,
                                                                                           the planet, and our health.
    companied by a full name and             frying for another minute. Then add
    phone number. We reserve the right       potatoes, tomatoes, chickpeas, and
    to edit for accuracy, clarity, length,   liquid from one can. Stir over low
    and relevance to the mission of our      heat for several minutes. For a                 Community
    organization.                            smoother texture you can mash in
        The submission deadline for the      some of the potatoes and chickpeas as       Vegetarian Cooking Classes
    next newsletter is September 1,          you cook.                                   First Saturday of every month.
                                                                                                 Down to Earth
    2011. Please send submissions                 Serve over chapatis, whole wheat
                                                                                          2515 King Street, Honolulu
    (electronically only) to:                tortillas, or rice. Satisfies four large   Call 947-3249 to register for free.

           The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011                                                         Page 15
Effortless weight loss                        Another example is the typical           loric deficit that would cause the
                                                                                       weight to come off. This high-fiber,
                                         salad. Most people assume that salads
                                                      are healthy and condu-           low-calorie meal would also keep you
Simple math equals                                    cive to weight loss. They        full longer, reducing the probability
simple weight loss                                    would be correct if it           that hunger would cause you to eat
                                                      weren’t for the type and         again before your next meal.
    by Mike Teehan                                                                          Fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and
                                                      amount of salad dressings
                                                      used on them.                    whole grains can satisfy your appetite
Losing weight comes                                                                    with fewer than half the calories of
                                                           The typical salad of
down to one simple                                                                     high-fat foods. By choosing these
                                                      mixed green vegetables,
truth: expend more calo-                                                               foods, you can fill your stomach and
                                                      carrots, and tomatoes
ries than you consume.                                comes in at about 15             feel satisfied before exceeding your
Almost all of the popu-                               calories per 2-cup serv-         caloric needs. When you take in less
lar diet plans are nothing                                                             than you burn, you’ll feel satisfied
                                                      ing. Adding 2 table-
more than variations of                                                                and still lose weight. This is the sim-
                                                     spoons of the typical high-
that simple principle. If you analyze                                                  ple math behind simple weight loss.
                                         fat salad dressing adds 150 calories,
the caloric breakdown of any popular     or ten times the calories of the salad
diet plan, you will undoubtedly find                                                   Mike Teehan is a longtime animal ad-
                                         alone. Replacing these 150 empty fat          vocate and a Cornell University-
that they are all based on calorie re-
                                         calories with ½ cup of beans (112             certified plant-based nutritionist. Us-
striction of some sort.
                                         calories), an additional cup of greens        ing a low-fat vegan diet, he won his
     Many of these diets don’t change
                                         (8 calories), and a zero-fat salad            lifelong battle against obesity by los-
the composition of the foods eaten;      dressing made from lemon juice and
they merely reduce portions and leave                                                  ing 176 pounds and maintaining his
                                         garlic salt would fill you to satiety,        weight loss for over two years.
dieters hungry. Hungry people usually
                                         eliminate the artery-clogging proper-
focus on eating until they give in to
                                         ties of the fat, and keep you in a ca-
their hunger. More often than not
when they do give in, they overeat                                     More food or more fat?
high-fat, high-calorie foods, and as a        Compare the foods on each side of the table, which are equivalent in calories.
result they gain weight.
     All foods are composed of three     One baked potato with 1½ tablespoons of Two baked potatoes:
                                         butter or margarine:
macronutrients: carbohydrates, pro-                 17g fat; 320 Calories                 0g fat; 320 Calories
teins, and fats. Carbohydrates and
proteins contain 4 calories per gram.    Small salad with 2 cups of mixed greens, Large salad with 3 cups greens, carrots,
Fats have more than twice the calories   carrots, tomatoes, and onions with 2 table- and tomatoes, ½ cup beans, and 2 table-
of proteins and carbohydrates by         spoons high-fat salad dressing:             spoons zero-fat dressing made from lemon
                                                                                     juice and garlic salt:
weight at 9 calories per gram. It
                                                    31g fat; 170 Calories                       3g fat; 170 Calories
stands to reason that for the same
number of calories you can consume       6” personal pan cheese pizza from Pizza Four vegan pizzas, each made from one
more than twice the amount of carbo-     Hut:                                    side of a whole wheat pita with oil-free
hydrates and proteins than fats with-                                            pizza sauce, 1 tablespoon vegan parmesan,
out gaining weight.                                                              and ½ cup veggie toppings:
                                                  26g fat; 620 Calories                     4g fat; 620 Calories
     For example, take the average-
sized baked potato. It has about 160     ½ pint chocolate peanut butter Haagen 1½ pints chocolate sorbet:
calories and about 36 grams of carbo-    Dazs ice cream:
                                                   48g fat; 720 Calories                  0g fat; 720 Calories
hydrates, 4 grams of protein, and vir-
tually no fat. If you were to add 1½     1 large order of fast food french fries:    Home-baked, seasoned potato wedges
tablespoons of butter or margarine,                                                  made from 4 small potatoes on a nonstick
you would be adding an additional                                                    cookie sheet:
160 calories and 17 grams of fat. So                25g fat; 500 Calories                      0g fat; 500 Calories
for the same number of calories you      1 serving of potato chips (about 27 chips): 1 bowl of fat-free chips made from 2½
could eat one baked potato with butter                                               whole wheat tortillas cut into triangles and
or two without butter. Which would                                                   microwaved on parchment paper:
fill your stomach more?                             19g fat; 275 Calories                     0g fat; 275 Calories

        Page 16                                                        The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011
                                                                                       including open sores, swollen joints,

                                Animal Rights Arena                                    and severed hooves
                                                                                     • ill, injured, and dying calves denied
                                                                                       medical care
                                                                                     • the budding horns of calves burned
                                           tour has made me very optimistic            out of their skulls without painkill-
Road Show from page 1                      about the future. After speaking with       ers
                                           people all over the country, I have
eat meat again. Some passersby broke       come to realize that almost everyone           “It is obvious that both the man-
down in tears upon seeing images of        cares about animals and does not want     agement and the employees have no
abused animals. Kids in Eugene, Ore-                                                 regard for animal welfare,” declared
                                           to cause them suffering. People really
gon showed support for the MFA ac-                                                   Temple Grandin, Ph.D., animal wel-
                                           are going vegan in droves.”
tivists by jumping up and down and                                                   fare advisor to the USDA.
giving a thumbs up. And a Portland         Read the full blog: www.farmtofridge           The owner of E6 Cattle required
police officer watched silently and                                  his employees to bash in the calves’
then, apparently feeling moved, asked      Watch Farm to Fridge: www.meat            heads with a claw hammer, condemn-
for a Vegetarian Starter Kit.                                     ing the calves to prolonged, horrific
     However, not all reactions were                                                 deaths. As Debra Teachout, DVM as-
positive. “I eat meat, and I don’t care    Order a free copy of Farm to Fridge:
                                                                                     serted, “They feel every blow until
how they kill it,” a man in Fort Myers
                                                                                     they become unconscious.”
Beach, Florida told a Fox affiliate.       -to-fridge-dvd.aspx
                                                                                          Following the undercover investi-
     The tour garnered local media                                                   gation MFA alerted law enforcement
coverage wherever it went, more posi-      Calf cruelty exposed                      authorities to violations of Texas anti-
tive than not. Reporters from as far as                                              cruelty law at E6 Cattle and presented
France, Germany, and South Korea               by Mercy For Animals                  a detailed legal complaint along with
came to learn the story firsthand. Let-                                              meticulously compiled evidence of
ten gave interviews to countless           A new Mercy For Animals undercover        such violations to the Castro County
newspapers, magazines, and radio           investigation provides a horrifying       District Attorney and sheriff. Five
shows and appeared on dozens of lo-        look into E6 Cattle Co. in Hart, Texas.   former employees of E6 Cattle are
cal TV newscasts, many of whose                E6 Cattle rears calves for use on     facing charges of cruelty to livestock/
editors decided that the film footage      dairy farms, confining approximately      animals, a state jail felony. The owner
itself was too graphic to broadcast.       10,000 calves and subjecting them to      and foreman are both facing Class A
     In addition to reaching out to the    lives of prolonged neglect and misery.    Misdemeanor charges for cruelty to
public and the media, Letten joined a      For over two weeks in March an MFA        livestock, punishable by a fine of up
panel discussion on animal agriculture     undercover investigator documented        to $4,000 or one year in jail.
in two classes at the University of        the operation’s deplorable conditions          “Let this case be a wakeup call to
South Florida. “I screened Farm to         and brutal mistreatment of animals.       the dairy industry that cruelty to ani-
Fridge in both classes; the students           MFA’s hidden camera revealed:         mals will not be tolerated,” said Na-
were highly attentive and participated                                               than Runkle, Executive Director of
in the discussion following the film.      • workers bludgeoning calves’ skulls
One of the classes lasted fifteen min-       with pickaxes and hammers
                                                                                          As MFA continues to expose the
utes longer than scheduled because         • beaten calves, still alive and con-
                                             scious, thrown onto piles of dead       unconscionable cruelties of animal
students had so many questions they                                                  agriculture and to diligently pursue
wanted to ask!”                              animals
                                                                                     justice by aiding prosecutions of ani-
     The Farm to Fridge Tour ended on      • workers kicking downed calves in
                                                                                     mal abusers, consumers still hold the
June 14th in Salt Lake City, where it        the head and standing on their necks
                                                                                     greatest power of all to end the need-
got a warm response from adults and          and ribs
                                                                                     less suffering and death of calves and
children and a friendly writeup in the     • calves confined to squalid hutches
                                             thick with manure and urine buildup     all farmed animals — adopting a ve-
Salt Lake Tribune.                                                                   gan diet.
     “While I am rather sad to see the       and barely large enough for the
Farm to Fridge Tour come to an end,          calves to turn around or extend their   The video can be viewed at www.
I am more than happy with how suc-           legs                          
cessful it was,” reflected Letten. “This   • gruesome injuries and afflictions,

        The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011                                                         Page 17
Interactive map                           Farm Sanctuary                                They met with the founders of
                                                                                    two vegan restaurants in Chicago, a
pinpoints cruelty                         tours vegan America                       veganic farmer in Iowa, and cookbook
                                                                                    author Isa Chandra Moskowitz in
investigations                                 by Scott Owen Snarr, Editor          Omaha. In Dallas they were hosted by
                                                                                    Jamey Scott, organizer of the annual
     by Mercy For Animals                  Farm Sanctuary cofounder and presi- Texas State Veggie Fair. In Austin
                                           dent Gene Baur and friends hit the they conversed with author and fire-
From the creative mind of Mark Mid- road last May to explore the “food, fighter Rip Esselstyn, food scholar
dleton of comes a people, and places sparking a national and ultramarathoner Professor James
new interactive map that locates fac- awakening toward conscious con- McWilliams, and Whole Foods co-
tory farm facilities that various animal sumption and respect for farm ani- founder and CEO John Mackey.
protection groups have exposed mals.” The “Just Eats Tour” marked                       And all along the way they got to
through undercover investigations the 25th anniversary of the Watkins experience the tastiest vegan food
with links to the investigative videos Glen, New York animal shelter.               America had to offer. They munched
themselves. Middleton points out that          The 5013-mile                        meatlessball subs in Erie, feasted on
the sheer number and distribution of trek began May                                                    gnocchi bolognese,
cruelty investigations reveal “a pattern 14th at the Veggie                                            polenta lasagna pis-
of disregard for animal welfare and Pride Parade in They dined on breaded tachio pepperjack,
routine cruelty to animals throughout Manhattan, after faux chicken legs, blue and passion fruit par-
animal agriculture.”                       which Baur led his corn tamales, spicy fait in Columbus and
     The map also highlights states crew on nostalgic                                                  chowed down swiss
that have proposed “Ag-Gag” laws visits to Wilming- spare “ribs,” and car- chard with coconut
and indicates the current status of ton, Delaware and rot cake in Tulsa.                               c u r r y, m a c a n d
those laws. The proposed laws would Avondale, Penn-                                                    “cheese,” BBQ tofu,
keep cruelty to farmed animals hidden sylvania, the sites                                              quiche, pecan pie,
from public view by outlawing on- of the sanctuary’s humble beginnings.             and cinnamon buns in the Windy City.
the-farm photography and video re-             Then it was on to the Buckeye            In Iowa they gormandized grilled
cordings.                                  State, where they visited Pam Pop-       panini cheeseburgers, “chicken” salad
     The new map is one of a series of per’s Wellness Forum. In the famed wraps, red velvet cake, caramel apple
informative graphs, eye-opening ani- VegiTerranean restaurant in Akron cake, and silky chocolate pie.
mated graphics, and visual aids to they were given an exclusive kitchen                 In Omaha they were treated to
“empower animal advocates, educate tour, and Congressman Dennis scrambled tofu, greens, and potatoes
the public, and expose the injustices Kucinich spoke on the virtues of a for breakfast, french toast and home-
of animal exploitation.” One graphic compassionate lifestyle.                       made “sausage” for brunch, barbe-
displays the rate of                                                                    cued seitan, creamy avocado po-
c o w, p i g , a n d                                                                     tato salad, and “Sanctuary Ranch
chicken slaughter                                                                        Dip” for dinner with strawberry
in the United                                                                            rhubarb crumb pie and soy va-
States, and another                                                                      nilla ice cream for dessert.
gives a virtual                                                                              They dined on breaded faux
view of a battery                                                                        chicken legs, blue corn tamales,
cage through the                                                                         spicy spare “ribs,” and carrot
eyes of a hen.                                                                           cake in Tulsa. In Dallas they
     You can help                                                                        gorged on breakfast quesadillas,
spread these com-                                                                        pancakes, and biscuits with gravy
pelling visuals                                                                          followed by pineapple cornbread
through Facebook,                                                                        muffins for brunch. Later they
Twitter, and other                                             Photo: Farm Sanctuary     chomped chimichangas and en-
social media out-
                       Gene Baur (center right) and the Just Eats Crew say good-bye chiladas.
lets.                  to friends before leaving Chicago. To make the cross-country          In Austin they noshed nut
                       voyage, Baur fired up the same Volkswagen he sold veggie hot      burgers and grazed on a vast ar-
                      dogs out of 25 years ago to raise funds for Farm Sanctuary.
                                                                                                   (continued on next page)

        Page 18                                                      The Island Vegetarian ◆ July-September 2011
(continued from previous page)             try’s malnourished rather than having organizations is skyrocketing.
ray of potluck dishes, including the       it exported. There were just two prob-         Meat consumption in the the PRC
prize-winning raw apple crumble with       lems: First, soy doesn’t appeal much has increased fivefold alongside rising
sweet cashew-cheese topping.               to Indian taste buds. Second, the re- incomes over the past forty years. We
     In Phoenix they were presented        searchers didn’t know beans about can only hope that the new interest in
with blueberry-filled cupcakes made        what does.                                vegetarianism can spread fast enough
in honor of the Just Eats Tour. And             So they put together two teams of to reverse this trend.
they devoured Daiya-cheese pizzas in       Indian taste-testers to help them per-
Los Angeles.                               fect a palate-pleasing product. The
     Where vegan options were lack-        resulting recipe uses chickpea flour as
ing, the entourage spoke with recep-       a binder and is spiced with cumin
tive restaurant owners who promised        and red chili pepper.
to make their menus more veggie                 The nonprofit group Akshaya             More locations
friendly.                                  Patra Foundation is helping to get
     The crew also took opportunities      the snack to over a million under-        offer VSH discounts
to pass out literature to the public.      fed children in Bangalore as part
And Baur delivered a compassionate         of a school lunch. The free meal is Support these merchants, who currently
Sunday sermon at a church in Hins-         an added incentive to attend offer discounts to cardholding VSH
dale, Illinois.                            school.                               members. New entries are marked with
     Throughout the Farm Belt the          Source:      an asterisk (*).
crew “managed to film some of the
                                                                                  5% Discounts
consequences of the livestock busi-        Chinese edge toward veg                • Celestial Natural Foods:*
ness, including the use of town dumps           Concern for the wellbeing of        66-443 Kam. Hwy, Haleiwa
for the disposal of animals who die at     animals is growing in the world’s      • Down to Earth:
stockyards.” And standing outside a        most populous country. Partici-          Moiliili, Kailua, Pearlridge, Kapolei*
pig factory in Iowa, Baur narrated,        pants in the Asia for Animals Con-     • Legend Vegetarian Restaurant:*
“This is a windowless, faceless shed,      ference 2011 met in the city of          100 North Beretania Street
and the animals are commodities. . . .     Chengdu recently to push for the       • Loving Hut: 1102 Pensacola Street &
And that’s not how most people see         passage of the China Animal Pro-         1614 South King Street
animals. Most people want to recog-        tection Law, which has been on         • Paradise Found Cafe:
nize animals and treat them with re-       the back burner since 2009.              66-443 Kam. Hwy, Haleiwa
spect, see them as feeling creatures.”          “I am happy to see more and       • Peace Cafe: 2239 South King Street
    A festive country hoedown at           more people in China joining us to     • Simple Joy Vegetarian Cuisine:
Farm Sanctuary’s second location in        end animal suffering and to pro-         1145 South King Street
Orland, California was the perfect         mote animal welfare,” says Zhou        • Thai Mixed Plate:
climax to conclude the 21-day jour-        Zunguo, executive of the China            1000 Kam. Hwy, Pearl City
ney.                                       branch of Compassion in World
     Read the full blog with pictures      Farming.                               10% Discounts
and videos:                The suffering of animals          • Downbeat Diner & Lounge:
                                           raised for food in the People’s Re-      42 North Hotel Street
                                                                                  • Govinda’s: 51 Coelho Way, Nuuanu
Vegan Tidbits                              public is “beyond imagination,”
                                                                                  • Himalayan Kitchen: 1137 11th Avenue
                                           says Mang Ping, a professor at the
    by Scott Owen Snarr                    Central Institute of Socialist Stud-   • Mocha Java Cafe: Ward Center
                                           ies in Beijing.                        • Mekong II* (on vegetarian dishes
                                                Mang argued that animal             only): 1726 South King Street
Formulating a free lunch
                                           rights advocates should support        • Pyramids (buffet not included):
     India is one of the world’s leading
                                           animal welfare until vegetarianism       758-B Kapahulu Avenue
soy bean producers. But all that soy
                                           has had time to catch on. But Ac-      • Thai Kitchen:
isn’t worth a hill of beans if nobody                                               94-300 Farrington Hwy, Waipahu
will eat it.                               cording to an article in The Na-
    A group of food scientists at the      tional, it is already on the rise.     The complete VSH dining guide is avail-
University of Illinois hatched a plan to   Vegetarian restaurants in China’s      able at
get more of the inexpensive protein        urban centers are proliferating,       Businesses.htm. Send comments or sug-
source into the mouths of the coun-        and interest in animal protection      gestions to

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