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									Tail Questions ή Tag Questions / Ερωηήζεης οσράς.

Οη tail / tag questions(ερωηεκαηηθές θράζeης) κπαίλοσλ
ζηο ηέιος κηάς πρόηαζες, όηαλ ζέιοσκε λα ρωηήζοσκε ή λα
επηβεβαηώζοσκε θάηη. Σηα Ειιεληθά κεηαθράδοληαη : έηζη
δελ είλαη; ή έ ;

Είλαη ωραία κέρα, έ ; It's a nice day, isn't it ?

Στεκαηηζκός : Βοεζεηηθό ή ειιεηπηηθό ρήκα + σποθείκελο

1. Χρεζηκοποηούκε πάληα ηολ ζύληοκο ηύπο. isn't,
doesn't, hasn’t, etc

2. Το σποθείκελο είλαη πάληα αληωλσκία. -> Ι, you, he,

Mr Brown is a good doctor, isn't he ?

3. Εάλ δελ έτοσκε βοεζεηηθό ρήκα βάδοσκε:   do, does ή did

αλάιογα κε ηο τρόλο.

Mary works in a factory, doesn't she ?

Mary worked yesterday, didn't she ?

4. Αλ ε θύρηα πρόηαζε είλαη θαηαθαηηθή ε tail question
είλαη αρλεηηθο-ερωηεκαηηθή.

Tom is a good driver, isn't he ?

5. Αλ είλαη αρλεηηθή ηόηε ε tail question είλαη

Tom isn't a good driver,   is he ?


I am strong, aren't I ?

she's been to France, hasn't she ?

He'll be there tomorrow, won't he ?

There was a dance last night, wasn't there ?
Examples / Παραδείγματα:

1. You work here, don’t you? / Εργάηεσαι εδώ, ζτσι δεν είναι;

2. The train leaves at ten o’ clock, doesn’t it?

3. She is very clever, isn’t she?

4. He can sing beautifully, can’t he?

5. It isn’t a big garden, is it?

6. It is a big garden, isn’t it?

7. It will be dark soon, won’t it?

8. They won’t come tomorrow, will they?

9. Mandy hasn’t got a car, has she?

10. Mary has got a red coat, hasn’t she?

11. They mustn’t sit here, must they?

12. He wasn’t careful, was he?

13. He was careful, wasn’t he?

14. I am good at Maths, aren’t I?

15. This skirt is lovely, isn’t it?

16. He has already left, hasn’t he?

17. You love me, don’t you?

18. They didn’t come yesterday, did they?

19. They came yesterday, didn’t they?

20. I shouldn’t eat so much, should I?

21. They turned left, didn’t they?

22. He isn’t going to visit us, is he?

23. They were with you last Friday, weren’t they?

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