ACTIVITIES FOR THE WEEK
                                                                        Monday, October 3, 2011
                                                                7:00 PM MASS
               MASSES FOR THE WEEK                              7:30 PM Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
                                                                        Guatemala Mission Committee –
           Monday, Ocotber 3, 2011                                      St. Cecilia
   7:00 PM Hiralal Radia                                                Liturgy Board – Ss. Peter & Paul
           Tuesday, October 4, 2011                                     Living Faith Run-through - Hall
           St. Francis of Assisi                                8:30 PM Night Prayer
   8:00 AM Ann Ferrise                                                 Tuesday, October 4, 2011
           Wednesday, October 5, 2011                          8:00 AM MASS
   8:00 AM Ted Galayda                                         9:30 AM Bible Study – Revelation –
                                                                       Ss. Peter & Paul
           Thursday, October 6, 2011                          12:30 PM Bible Study – Timeline –
           St. Bruno                                                   Blessed John Paul II
           Blessed Marie Rose Durocher                         8:15 PM Knights of Columbus – St. Cecilia
   8:00 AM Stanley Kron
                                                                       Wednesday, October 5, 2011
           Friday, October 7, 2011                             8:00 AM MASS
           Our Lady of the Rosary                              7:00 PM Novena
   8:00 AM Evelyn Enecio                                       7:30 PM Revelation Live – Hall
           Saturday, October 8, 2011                                   Timeline – St. Cecilia
           VIGIL – 28 Sunday of Ordinary Time                          Thursday, October 6, 2011
   5:00 PM Francisco Ferreira                                  8:00 AM MASS
                                                               6:00 PM First Reconciliation Prep. – Church/Hall
           Sunday, October 9, 2011
             th                                                7:00 PM Prayer Shawl – Blessed John Paul II
           28 Sunday of Ordinary Time
   8:15 AM People of the Parish                                        Pastoral Council Review Committee –
                                                                       St. Gabriel
  10:00 AM Helen Fournier
                                                               7:30 PM Choir Practice – Church
  11:45 AM Joseph Bolam
                                                                       Friday, October 7, 2011
            VOTIVE CANDLES                                     8:00 AM MASS
Tina Benintende; Joan D’Abreu; Dias Family; Nicholas           7:30 PM Fall Fête
& Lorraine Cerrito; Fely, Gladys, Doris, Rosemarie,                     Saturday, October 8, 2011
Shirley, Catherine, John, Roni, Jeff, Mr. & Mrs. Lontier,       4:00 PM Confessions
Mama G., Dad, John; Kate Finn; For Mom; For our                 5:00 PM MASS
Family Intentions; For our Sons; For the intentions of
                                                                      Sunday, October 9, 2011
the Diegor Family; “God please help Mr. & Mrs. Suryani
                                                              8:15 AM MASS
with their music school year”; Higney Family; In loving
                                                              8:30 AM Handbell Practice – St. Francis
memory of our son, Jack Rutledge;           My children;
                                                             10:00 AM MASS
Special intentions.
                                                                      Children’s Liturgy of the Word
                                                             11:30 AM Children’s Choir Practice
WE PRAY FOR THOSE WHO ARE ILL:                      Mike     11:45 AM MASS
Agoncillo; Anne; Ellie girl; Family of Michael Cisternas;     4:00 PM Living Faith - Hall
Cornish children; Sharyn Conlon; Lisa Cowan; Pauline
Dockiewicz; Eileen Gillespie; Louise Nicolosi, Janet
Garofoli; Joanne; Joseph Garofoli; John Hartz; Phyllis                 2011 Bishop’s Annual Appeal
Hewins; Laura Kjeldgaard-Case;           Bob Krupskas;                     In Faith, With Hope
Rosemary Kurtz; Sharon; Christina Lardino; Margaret;        The Diocesan Office of Respect for Life works to restore
Kathy Lukenda; Michelle Lynch; Family of Michael            respect and legal protection of human life at every state
Cisternas; Alex McCaffrey; Margie; Annette Mulligan;        in its existence from conception to natural death.
Nicholas Nappa; Anton Navarajah; Rose Nicolasi; Pat         Beyond matters relating to the unborn, persons with
Overchalk; Miriam Padilla; Rose Palladino; Frank            disabilities, and the elderly, other topics being addressed
Pinter; Rosalie Salyards; George Samra; Sofia Scarpa;       include: reproduction technologies, cloning, stem cell
Pat Schamper; Joey Schilling; Mark Schwarz; Special         research, chastity, the death penalty, euthanasia,
Intention; Sue-Jean Lee Suettinger; Vera Temps.             assisted suicide, and end of life issues. Your gift to the
                                                            Bishop’s Annual appeal will help to sustain this important
  Social Justice…
             We are not volunteers.
              We are Vincentians.
                                                                               CROP WALK
As a member of the St. Vincent DePaul society, I go on            Sunday, October 16th ~ Mercer County Park
home visits (always with another visitor) to gather
information about client needs and listen to client's                     Have You Signed Up Yet?
situation; present case to the "board" making
                                                                Come walk with us on Sunday, October 16th at 2 PM at
recommendations for financial and other assistance.
                                                                Mercer County Park. Join your friends and neighbors as
Once a decision is made, the other visitor and myself
                                                                we raise funds to combat hunger and poverty at home
convey and explain decisions to the client and
                                                                and around the world. Sign-up after every Mass this
encourage the client to seek other assistance if needed.
                                                                weekend and at the Ministry Fair. Have you tried e-
I also help train "new" visitors.
                                                                walking? If you can't join us on the 16th, e-walking is a
When it was announced that we were going to have                great way to raise funds online to support the CROP
a St. Vincent dePaul Conference, I knew I had to give it        Walk. Simply follow the link on the parish website. You
a try. I have since become a board member and                   can set up your own webpage or sponsor someone who
participate in review of cases and decide on the support        is walking.
to be offered. As such, I also make suggestions relating
                                                                Every donation matters. Last year Queenship of Mary
to clients, I participate in deciding administrative issues,
                                                                had the second highest total donations! This year let's
and I represent the conference at diocesan council
                                                                try   for  #1!   Questions?      Email   Rosalie    at
meetings. Additionally I am a Food Pantry Volunteer
and help stock shelves at SVDP’S food pantry.
Through my participation I have learned to try to make
decisions that are based on the principles of charity and
justice, and how to better relate to a variety of people:
clients, other visitors; other board members, other
Vincentians at the Council. Perhaps the most important          ~ Every 2 seconds someone receives a unit of blood?
thing I’ve learned is the importance of prayer in a justice     ~ The average red blood cell transfusion is
ministry.                                                               approximately 3 pints?
                                                                ~ More than a million new people are diagnosed with
Feedback I received included some who have been very                    cancer each year. Many of them will need
grateful - one client sent us a card thanking us after we               blood, sometimes daily, during their
helped her move to another state. One requested that I                  chemotherapy treatment?
not be one of the ones who visited her again, prompting         ~ Blood cannot be manufactured - it can only come from
me to learn more about relating to others.                              generous donors?
Through my participation in this ministry, my prayer life       ~ The need is constant. The Red Cross blood
has improved and my television viewing has                              supply has less than a day?
decreased. It came along at the right time for me. This
is something I needed to do. I believe I still need to do it.   Please donate blood on Oct. 22nd in the Parish Hall.

                                                                          WRITTEN IN STONE
 PARISH BUS TO WASHINGTON                                       Your opportunity to add your permanent mark in Mary’s
   30th Anniversary Pilgrimage                                  Garden is just around the corner. Order forms for the
Our parish has contracted a bus for our parishioners to         Mary's Garden pavers have been inserted in your copy
join Bishop Bootkoski and the people of the Diocese of          of the bulletin this week. Additional copies are available
                      th                                        on the table in the narthex of the church, as well as on
Metuchen for the 30 Anniversary or our Diocese
Pilgrimage to the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception         the Mary’s Garden page of the parish website under the
in Washington, DC on Saturday, November 19, 2011.               “Operations” tab.
We have a coach bus departing the Church parking lot            We kindly request that you bring your order forms to the
at 6:45 AM, returning at approximately 9:00 PM. Cost is         parish hall after any of the Masses on the weekends of
$25.00 per person.      To reserve a seat on our parish         October 15/16 and October 22/23. Members of the
bus, please call the Parish Office – 609-799-7511.              sales team will be there to answer any questions and
Seats are available on a first come, first served basis.        assist you in the completion of your order form!
For information call our parish coordinators: Nancy
Wieck: 609-936-1067 or Chinky Reyes: 609-716-7254.
Living Faith:
Looks at the Revised Language of the Mass
                           Whole Community Catechesis
                          will offer us a unique framework
                          and setting in which to look at
                          the third translation of the
                          Roman Missal in October. We
                          will examining the reasons
                                                                       Sacramental Catechesis
                          behind, and expected benefits of             Queenship of Mary Parish will be preparing families to
                          the newly translated text of the             receive the gift of Reconciliation on Thursday evenings
                          Mass.                                        throughout October. All are welcome to join us for
All are welcome! If you have yet to join us for Living                 Liturgy of the Word at 6:00 PM, followed by an adult
Faith, then let this be your opportunity to take advantage             opportunity to renew our understanding of this often-
of the ongoing dialog your parish is having about faith.               misunderstood Sacrament.
Contact Regina in the Office for Faith Formation at 799-               Families will celebrate their First Reconciliation on Friday
1428, or by e-mail at reginafinn@qomchurch.org.                        November 4, 2011.

                                                  FALL FÊTE 2011
 Don’t miss your last chance to buy a 50/50 raffle ticket! Please complete the order form below and return it by October 5,
 2011. Contact Leyla Howarth at lyh419@comcast.net to purchase tickets or if you have any questions.
               The Fête Friday, October 7, 2011
                        7:30PM - 11:30PM in the PARISH HALL
                           Event Ticket –includes appetizers, wine, beer, soft drinks, coffee, dessert, dancing & several door

 A SILENT AUCTION with more than 100 items worth thousands of dollars will be part of the entertainment. It will be your
 opportunity to get some great items including some real bargains. Do your Christmas shopping early!!
         Keurig Brewer with 5 24-ct K Cup boxes
         Trenton Thunder Skybox including 10 tickets (date to be arranged)
         Dinner for four prepared and served in the donor’s residence.
         Case of 12 bottles of wine from around the world
         Tickets to Medieval Times
         Tickets to NY Skyride virtual tour of NYC at the Empire State Building
         Hotel nights: Wyndham, Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn
         More than 30 restaurant gift cards
         Theme Baskets – including an Irish Basket, A&G Italian Foods, McCaffrey’s gourmet selection, Baking Basket,
         Handmade Chocolates, and many more

 LOTS MORE AUCTION ITEMS – Invite you friends and Come, See & Bid!
                           Order your 2011 Fall Fête & 50/50 Raffle Tickets Now!
                                     2011 Fall Fête Admission Tickets:_______ @ $25.00 each = $___________
                                                   50/50 Raffle Tickets: _______ @ $100.00 each = $__________
                     CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Queenship of Mary Church                        Total enclosed = $___________
    Return Order Form                                                    Send my tickets to:
    Parish office: 16 Dey Road, Plainsboro, NJ 08536            Name
          Or                                                    Address

    Drop in event Box in the Lobby of the Church                City                      State             Zip
Dear Parishioners,
                                                                    2012 Building Repair/Renovation
In this bulletin you will see a summary of the expenses            Summary of Expenses and Income
and income from the Church Building Repair and
Renovation which took place earlier this year. I’m only       Expenses:
able to provide you the final accounting now since the
last bills were just paid and we just received the final      Fees:
notification from the insurance company on those bills.       Engineering- Harrison/Hamnett             $ 13,000.79
As you will see this cost the parish community almost         Architectural- Inter-Arc                  $ 12,162.75
$400,000! But I’m more than happy to inform you that          Testing- Craig Laboratories               $ 2,266.67
this entire cost was covered either by insurance or by
the very generous donations of several of our                 Contractor Services:
parishioners! One of my first concerns when the roof          Massimino Building Group-                 $313,777.00
broke was how we were going to pay for this. We had           Safway-                                   $ 14,130.00
just begun cutting back on our expenses, money was            Storcella and Nocera-                     $ 6,000.00
very tight and I didn’t know what we would we do…but
early on the insurance company informed us that this          Pedestals-Martini and Bodnar -            $   6,405.16
was covered by insurance, and then when we decide to
add on a few necessary improvements, a number of very         Rental and other assorted expenses:       $   7,742.45
generous parishioners came forward and offered to help.
I am extremely grateful for their generosity and              Loss of Income (estimated):               $ 20,781.41
goodness to our parish community! This was a difficult
time for our parish community, and yet at the same time       Total Expense:                            $396,266.23
so much good was evident. So many of you were willing
to come together, so many offered to help, so many rose
to the occasion and just got things done and the local        Income
community could not have been more good to us! And            Insurance Reimbursement:                  $264,216.07
so as this chapter of our parish history comes to a close,
I again express my gratitude to you, and we all               Donation by Parishioners:                 $140,500.00
recognize how wonderful God has been to us! Let us            Total Income:                             $404,716.07
look to a future filled with much hope, and the possibility
of a building that will remain standing and serve us well!    Income over expenses:                     $ 8,449.84**
                                                              **($4,500 of this was used to pay for new floor in
This weekend our parish is also celebrating a Ministry
                                                              rectory office, the remainder will go into the newly
Fair, I am hopeful that you took some time to join us in
                                                              established Parish Building Fund).
the parish hall. I am grateful to all of you who serve in
ministry within our parish community. So many of you
recognize that you are called to share your time, your
talent, your faith in countless ways and do so freely and
well, and fro this I am grateful. My hope is that all of us
will recognize this call and get involved. Not only are you
sharing the gifts that God has blessed you with, but you
receive so much satisfaction, and meet some really good
people in the process! The more you get involved with
                                                                   GOD’S PLAN FOR GIVING
our parish community, the more you will feel at home              Tithing:   September 24 & 25, 2011     $11,313.00
here and find a place where your faith can grow and               Tithing:   September 25 & 26, 2010     $12,944.00
flourish! I am grateful to Nancy Wieck and all who helped
organized this Ministry Fair on your behalf.                  From our parish:
                                                              “I am reminded regularly how much God has given my
This weekend our Church celebrates Respect Life               family and me from His infinite generosity. Tithing has
Sunday. May we always recognize that all human life is        given me the chance to return something back to God
sacred, from conception to natural death, and may we          and my faith community.”
work to insure that each person receives the respect
they are owed, knowing that their worth and dignity           From pastor:
comes from God! There is no right more sacred than            “On this weekend I am grateful for all of you who so
this, and it is our work as Christians to insure that this    freely and lovingly support our parish community in the
right is honored and respected by all!                        many ways you choose to share your time, talent and
                                                              tithe with us! Without your wonderful generosity we could
In Christ,                                                    not accomplish the great things we do!”

Fr. Bob

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