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					The Right Foods for You
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Four Grams of Sugar or Less
Whether you’re looking to lose or maintain your weight or prevent or manage diseases, it’s always good to
be sensible about sugar. Sugar has many other forms and names, including molasses, honey, high fructose
corn syrup, sucrose, and more, so we’ve put together a list of foods that will help you reduce or monitor your
intake. Every food on this list is what we consider to be sugar sensible, with four grams or less of (natural and
added) sugar per serving.
The list of Dairy items starts below, Fresh items begin on page 4, Frozen Food items on page 13,
Grocery items on page 22, and Ethnic on page 50.

BREAD AND DOUGH                               Biscuits And Dinner Rolls (Cont’d)           Tortillas (Cont’d)
  Bagels and Muffins                             Publix                                       Tamxico
   Bays                                              Buttermenot Biscuits                         White Wheat Tortillas With
        English Muffins – Regular, Honey              Hearty Layers Buttermilk Biscuits            Calcium and Omega Three
        Wheat, or Sourdough                          Ready to Bake Crescent Rolls
    Gourmet Baker                             Breads                                     BUTTER AND MARGARINE
        Plain Muffins                                 Breadsticks – Original or Garlic
                                                     & Herb                                       Butter Sticks – Salted or Unsalted
                                                     Crusty French Loaf                           Whipped Butter – Salted or
        Premium Bagels – Egg, Onion,                                                              Unsalted
        or Plain                                     Pizza Crust – All Ready or Thin
  Biscuits And Dinner Rolls                   Desserts                                       Cabot Vermont
                                               Pillsbury                                          Natural Creamy Butter – Salted
    Pillsbury                                                                                     or Unsalted
        Buttermilk Biscuits                          Pie Crust
        Crescent Dinner Rolls – Original,
        Big ‘n Buttery, Big ‘n Flaky,                                                             Irish Butter – Herb Garlic, Pure,
                                                     Pie Crusts
        Butter Flake, or Reduced Fat, or                                                          or Unsalted
        Traditional                           Tortillas
                                                                                             Land O’Lakes
        Crescent Rounds                         Azteca
                                                                                                  Butter, Salted
        Grands! Biscuits – Buttermilk,               Flour Tortillas – Small or Large
                                                                                                  Butter With Canola Oil – Light or
        Flaky Butter Tastin’, Flaky                  Tam-X-Ico! Flour Tortillas                   Spreadable varieties
        Buttermilk, Flaky Regular, or                Tam-X-Ico! Salad Shells                      Honey Butter
        Southern Style
                                                 Tamxico                                          Roasted Garlic Butter With Oil
        Perfect Portions Biscuits
        – Buttermilk or Buttertastin’                100% Stone Ground Whole                      Salted Sweet Cream Butter, Half
                                                     Wheat Tortillas                              Sticks
                                                     Wheat Low Carb Tortillas
Shopping lists were compiled from products that are available in Publix Super Market stores. These products may not be available in
Publix GreenWise Market®, Publix Sabor® or Pix™ stores. Because the products listed were evaluated using manufacturer-provided
nutritional information, and product formulations can change at any time, Publix cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutrition
information provided. Customers are encouraged to read the product labels to obtain the most accurate nutrition information. The
information provided is intended to be nutrition and dietary guidance only and not medical advice.                                         Pg. 1 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                               Food & Nutrition Center

 Butter (Cont’d)                            Margarine (Cont’d)                      CREAM AND CREAMERS
  Land O’Lakes                               I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter         Aerosol Cream
       Sweet Cream Butter – Salted,              Spray                                Cool Whip
       Salted Half Sticks, Lightly Salted        Spread for Cooking and Baking            Whipped Topping – Regular,
       or Unsalted                                                                        Extra Creamy, or Lite
                                                 Spread, Mediterranean Blend
       Whipped Butter – Salted, Light
       Salted, or Unsalted                   Land O’Lakes                             Publix
                                                 Margarine – Quarters or Soft             Whipped Topping – Extra
   Lurpak                                                                                 Creamy, Fat Free, or Real Light
                                                 Fresh Buttery Taste Spread
       Salted or Unsalted Butter
                                             Olivio                                   Reddi Wip
   Olivio                                                                                 Whipped Cream – Original, Light,
                                                 Premium Buttery Spray with
       Spreadable Butter with Canola &                                                    Heavy Extra Creamy, or Light
                                                 Olive Oil
       Olive Oils                                                                         Chocolate
                                                 Premium Vegetable Spread with
   Organic Valley                                Olive Oil                                Whipped Topping – Extra
                                                                                          Creamy or Real
       Organic Sweet Cream Butter –          Parkay                                  Coffee Cream
       Salted or Unsalted
                                                 70% Vegetable Oil Spread
   Publix                                        Quarters
                                                                                      International Delight
       Sweet Cream Butter Quarters –                                                      Sugar-Free Coffee Creamer –
                                                 Buttery Spray
       Salted or Unsalted                                                                 French Vanilla or Hazelnut
                                                 Soft Margarine
       Whipped Butter – Salted or                Squeeze Spread                       Nestle
       Unsalted                                                                           Coffee-Mate Non-Dairy Creamer
                                             Promise                                      – Regular, Fat-Free, or Low Fat
                                                 Activ Light Spread
       European-Style Butter – Salted or                                              Publix
                                                 Buttery Spread
       Unsalted                                                                           Coffee Creamer
                                                 Heart Health Essentials Fat-Free
   Shedd’s Spread                                Spread                                   Non Dairy Creamer – Original or
       Country Crock Spreadable                                                           Fat Free
                                                 Vegetable Oil Spread
       Whipped Butter With Canola                                                     White Wave
 Margarine                                                                                Silk Creamer – Soy Milk or French
                                                 48% Vegetable Oil Homestyle
  Benecol                                                                                 Vanilla
                                                 65% Vegetable Oil Four Quarters
       Light Spread 39% Vegetable Oil                                                Half ‘N Half
                                                 Homestyle Spread Squeeze
       Spread 55% Vegetable Oil                                                       Land O’Lakes
                                                 Vegetable Oil Spread Quarters
   Blue Bonnet                                                                            Gourmet Fat Free
                                             Shedd’s                                      Traditional Rich & Creamy
       Spread Quarters
                                                 Country Crock – Original, Churn
   Brummel & Brown                               Style, Light, Plus Calcium,          Nestle
       Spread with Yogurt                        Quarters, Spread with Omega              Coffee-Mate Sugar-Free – French
                                                 Plus, or Spreadable Butter               Vanilla or Hazelnut
   Earth Balance                                 Whipped with Canola Oil              Organic Valley
       Buttery Spread
                                             Smart Balance                                Organic
   Fleischmann’s                                 50/50 Butter Blend Sticks –          Publix
       Margarine – Original Quarters,            Regular, with Extra Virgin Olive
       31% Lower Fat Canola Corn Oil,            Oil, or with Omega-3                     Fat Free Half & Half
       or 100% Corn Oil                          Buttery Burst Spray                      Half & Half
       Premium Blend with Olive Oil              Buttery Spread – Regular, Light,    Whipping Cream
       Unsalted Sweet Quarters                   Light Non-Dairy with Flax Oil,       Publix
                                                 Lightly Salted Whipped, Organic          Heavy Whipping Cream
   I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter
                                                 Whipped, with Extra Virgin Olive
       Fat Free                                                                           Whipping Cream
                                                 Oil, with Flax Oil, or with Non-
       Light                                     Hydrogenated Oil
       Soft Spread Vegetable Oil                                   Pg. 2 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                Food & Nutrition Center

CREAM CHEESE / DIPS                        Cottage Cheese (Cont’d)                    Puddings
 Cream Cheese                               Cabot Vermont                               Jell-O
   Breakstone’s                                 4% Milkfat, Vermont Style                   Sugar Free Pudding Snacks –
      Temp Tee Whipped                                                                      Chocolate, Chocolate Vanilla
                                                                                            Swirls, Cinnamon, Crème Brulee
   Friendship                                   Low-Fat 1% Milkfat                          Rice, Reduced Calorie Creamy
      All-Natural Farmer’s Cheese           Lactaid                                         Caramel, Reduced Calorie
                                                                                            Double Chocolate, Rice, Vanilla,
   Kraft                                        Non-Dairy Low-Fat
                                                                                            or Vanilla Caramel
      Philadelphia Cream Cheese –           Publix                                          Sugar Free Sundae Snacks –
      1/3 Less Fat, Fat Free, Fat Free
                                                Fat Free                                    Banana/Fudge Supreme
      Soft, Light, Soft, Light Soft, or
      Whipped                                   Large Curd                             Kozy Shack
      Philadelphia Spread Cream                 Low Fat                                     No Sugar Added Rice Pudding
      Cheese – Chive & Onion, Garden            Small Curd – Regular, Fat Free, or
                                                Low Fat                                Lakeview Farms
      Vegetable, Honey Nut Flavor,
      Light Chive & Onion, Light                                                            Sugar Free Pudding Pals
                                           Sour Cream
      Garden Vegetable, Pineapple,                                                     Swiss Miss
      Regular, Salmon, Spinach &
                                                Sour Cream – Regular, All Natural           Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding
      Artichoke, Strawberry, or Sun-
      Dried Tomatoes & Basil                    Grade A, Fat Free, or Reduced
                                                Fat                                  EGGS
   Publix                                                                             Egg Substitutes
      Cream Cheese – Fat Free, Light,
      or Pasteurized                            Pure & Natural – Regular or Light      Crystal Farms
                                                                                            All-White Egg Whites
      Neufchatel Cheese, 1/3 Less Fat       Publix
      Than Cream Cheese                                                                     Better’n Eggs
                                                Sour Cream – Regular, Fat Free,
      Soft Cream Cheese – Regular,              Light, or Reduced Fat                  Egg Beaters
      Fat Free, Light, Chive & Onion,      Yogurt                                           Egg Beaters – 100% Egg Whites,
      Garden Vegetables, or Whipped                                                         Regular, Cheese & Chives, Egg
      Spread                                 Dannon
                                                                                            Whites, Garden Vegetable, or
                                                Light ‘n Fit Strawberry Banana/             Southwestern
   Weight Watchers                              Blackberry/Vanilla
      Low-Fat Cream Cheese                      Light ‘n Fit Carb Control              Publix
 Dips                                           – Cultured Dairy Snacks,                    Eggstirs Real Egg Product , Fat,
   Dean’s                                       Blueberries ‘n Cream,                       Cholesterol & Lactose Free
                                                Strawberries ‘n Cream, or Vanilla     Fresh Eggs
      French Onion Dip
      Lite French Onion Dip                                                             4 Grain
      Guacamole Dip                                                                         Large Eggs – All Natural, Brown
                                          DESSERTS                                          Cage Free, Brown Omega 3, or
   Heluva Good!                            Gelatin                                          Brown Vegetarian
      Bacon & Horseradish Dip               Jell-O
                                                                                       Eggland’s Best
      Bodacious Onion Dip                       Sugar Free Gelatin Snacks
                                                                                            Eggs – Large, Cage-Free Brown
      French Onion Dip                          Variety Packs – Cherry/Black
                                                                                            Large, or Extra Large
                                                Cherry, Lemon/Lime/Orange,
   Publix                                       Low Calorie Peach/Watermelon,          Publix
      French Onion Dip                          Raspberry Goji with Antioxidants,           Brown
      Ranch Dip                                 Raspberry/Orange, Strawberry/
                                                                                            Extra Large
                                                Acai with Antioxidants,
                                                Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi/                Grade A – Medium, Large, or
CULTURED PRODUCTS                                                                           Jumbo
                                                Tropical Berry, or Strawberry/
 Cottage Cheese
                                                Raspberry                              Publix GreenWise Market
                                            Lakeview Farms                                  Grade A Organic Brown
      Small Curd – 2% Milkfat, 4%
      Milkfat, or Low Fat                       Sugar Free Gelatoons                                   Pg. 3 of 51                            Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                          Food & Nutrition Center

MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS                    Potatoes (Cont’d)                     Chunks (Cont’d)
 Milk Substitutes                          Simply Potatoes                       Publix
  8th Continent                                Garlic Mashed Potatoes                Asiago Cheese Wedge
      Light Plain Soy                          Homestyle Sliced                      Colby Jack
   Silk Soy                                    Mashed Potatoes                       Garden Jack
      Unsweetened, Lactose Free,               Mashed Potatoes Sour Cream &          Grated Parmesan
      Cholesterol Free, Organic Soy            Chives                                Halfmoon Colby
                                               Red Potato Wedges                     Horseradish Jack
NATURAL CHEESE                                 Shredded Hash Browns                  Medium Cheddar
 Ricotta                                       Southwest Style Hash Browns           Mild Cheddar
   Pollyo                                                                            Monterey Jack
      Ricotta Cheese – Fat Free, Part                                                Monterey Jack Jalapeño Pepper
      Skim, Skim Milk, or Whole Milk     FRESH                                       Mozzarella
   Publix                                                                            Muenster
      Ricotta Cheese – Part Skim or
                                         CHEESE NATURAL                              New York Extra Sharp Cheddar
      Whole Milk                          Chunks                                     New York Extra Sharp White
                                           Amish Country                             Cheddar
                                               Halfmoon Cheese – Colby               Parmesan Cheese Wedge
      Deli Style Ricotta Cheese – Fat
                                               Jack, Colby Longhorn, or Old-         Salsa Jack
      Free, Part Skim Milk, or Whole
                                               Fashioned Swiss                       Sharp Cheddar
                                               Havarti Cream Cheese                  Shaved Parmesan
PICKLES AND CONDIMENTS                     Cabot Vermont                             Shredded Parmesan
 Horseradish and Sauces                        Cheddar Cheese – Extra Sharp,         Swiss
                                               Extra Sharp White, or Habanero
  Seminole                                                                       Sorrento
      Horseradish                                                                    Fresh Mozzarella
                                               Pepper Jack Cheese
   Silver Spring                               Reduced Fat Cheese – Cheddar          Part Skim Mozzarella
      Horseradish – Cranberry, Creamy,         or Sharp Cheddar                      Whole Milk Mozzarella
      Fresh Ground, Pineapple Apricot,         Seriously Sharp Cheddar          Shredded
      or Prepared
                                           Frigo                                  Kraft
 Pickles                                                                             2% Milk Cheese – Cheddar or
                                               Romano Cheese Wedge
   Batampte                                                                          Mexican
      Sour Pickles                         Kraft                                     Four Cheese Mexican Blend
                                               Colby & Monterey Jack                 Mild Cheddar
                                               Cracker Barrel Sharp Cheese –         Sharp Cheddar
      Kosher Dills – Halves, Mini,             New York Aged White Cheddar
      Spears, or Whole                         or Sharp Cheddar                  Publix
      Sandwich Slices – Bread ’N               Extra Sharp Cheddar                   Colby Jack
      Butter, Hearty Garlic, or Kosher
                                               Marbled Mild White Cheddar            Fancy Sharp Cheddar
                                               Mild Cheddar                          Four Cheese Mexican Blend
      Whole Hearty Garlic
                                               Monterey Jack Jalapeño Pepper         Mild Cheddar
                                               Sharp Cheddar                         Monterey Jack & Cheddar
 Potatoes                                      Shredded Parmesan/Romano/             Mozzarella
                                               Asiago Cheeses                        Part Skim Mozzarella
                                           Polly-O                                   Sharp Cheddar
      Hard Cooked Eggs
                                               Mozzarella Cheese – Whole Milk        Six Cheese Italian Blend
   Simply Potatoes                             or Part Skim                      Sargento
      Country Mashed Potatoes
                                                                                     Authentic Mexican
      Diced Potatoes with Onion                                Pg. 4 of 51                        Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                            Food & Nutrition Center

 Shredded (Cont’d)                       Dips / Spreads                           Snacks
   Sargento                                Alouette                                 Kraft
      Chef Style Mozzarella Cheese –          Spread – Classique Light Garlic &        Cheese Cubes – 2% Milk
      Classic or Part Skim                    Herb or Sun-Dried Tomato                 Reduced Fat Cheddar, Cheddar
      Four Cheese Mexican Blend                                                        & Monterey Jack, or Colby &
                                                                                       Monterey Jack
      Mild Cheddar                            Spread – Pimiento or Light
                                                                                       Cracker Barrel Cheese – 2%
      Parmesan                                Pimiento
                                                                                       Milk Reduced Fat Extra Sharp
      Parmesan & Romano
                                          Publix                                       Cheddar Sticks, Cracker Cut
      Reduced Fat Four Cheese Blend                                                    Colby Jack, Cracker Cut Extra
                                              Pimiento Spread
      – Italian or Mexican                                                             Sharp Cheddar, Cracker Cut
      Sharp Cheddar                       Rondele                                      Vermont Cheddar, or Sharp
      Six Cheese Italian Blend                Spread – Garden Vegetable,               Cheddar Sticks
                                              Garlic & Herb, or Light Garlic &
      Swiss                                                                        Land O’Lakes
      Whole Milk Mozzarella                                                            Snack’n Cheese To-Go! – Colby
                                         Singles                                       Jack or Mild Cheddar
                                           American Heritage
   Great Lakes                                                                     Laughing Cow
                                              Imitation Cheese Food
      Natural Unsmoked Provolone                                                       Light Mini Babybel
                                          Bordens                                      Mini Babybel Gouda
                                              White American
      Cracker Barrel Natural Cheese                                                Polly-O
                                              Yellow American
      – Emmentaler, Havarti, or Sharp                                                  String-Ums String Cheese –
      Cheddar                             Horizon                                      Mozzarella or 2% Milk Reduced
      Deli Fresh 2% Milk Reduced Fat          Organic American Cheese                  Fat Mozzarella
      Cheese – Sharp Cheddar or Swiss
                                          Kraft                                    Publix
      Deli Fresh Natural Colby Jack
                                              2% Milk Reduced Fat Cheese –             Part Skim Mozzarella String
   Publix                                     American, Monterey Jack with
      Medium Cheddar                          Pepper, or Sharp Cheddar
                                                                                       Cheddar Cheese Sticksters
      Monterey Jack Cheese with               American
                                                                                       Natural Sunbursts Colby Jack/
      Jalapeño Peppers                        Deli Deluxe Cheese – 2%
                                                                                       Mild Cheddar/Monterey Jack
      Muenster                                Milk Reduced Fat American,
                                              American, or Sharp Cheddar               Reduced Fat Colby Jack Sticks
      Natural Cheese – Mild Cheddar,
                                              Extra Thick Velveeta                     String Cheese – Mozzarella or
      Mozzarella, Muenster, Provolone,
                                                                                       Light Mozzarella
      Sharp Cheddar, or Swiss                 Fat Free Cheese – American,
      Provolone                               Sharp Cheddar, or Swiss             Soft Ripened
      Swiss                                   Select American                       Alouette
                                              Swiss                                    Petit Brie
                                              Velveeta                             Athenos
      Deli Style Cheese – Aged Swiss,
      Baby Swiss, Gouda, Medium               White American                           Crumbled Feta Cheese – Basil &
      Cheddar, Mozzarella, Muenster,      Publix                                       Tomato, Garlic & Herb, Reduced
      Pepper Jack, Provolone,                                                          Fat, Reduced Fat Basil & Tomato,
      Reduced Fat Provolone, Reduced                                                   or Traditional
      Fat Swiss, or Swiss                     Deluxe American
                                                                                       Reduced Fat Feta
                                              Extra Thick American
                                                                                       Traditional Feta
CHEESE PROCESSED                              Swiss
 Cheese Cups                              Smart Beat                                   Crumbled Cheese – Blue, Feta,
  Kaukuana                                    American Sandwich                        Goat, or Gorgonzola
      Cheddar – Extra Sharp, Port             Fat & Lactose Free Sharp                 Reduced Fat Cheese – Chunk
      Wine, or Sharp                          Cheddar                                  Feta, Crumbled Blue, Crumbled
      Swiss & Almond                                                                   Feta, or Crumbled Gorgonzola.                                 Pg. 5 of 51                         Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                              Food & Nutrition Center

 Soft Ripened (Cont’d)                     DELI/MISC SELF-SERVICE                  DELI/PUBLIX DELI SALADS
   Publix                                  MEATS                                    Meat Salads
       Traditional Chunk Feta               Beef                                     Publix
   Treasure Cave                             Healthy Ones                                Deli Chicken Tarragon
       Blue Cheese Crumbles                      Presliced Roast Beef                    Deli Egg
       Blue Cheese Squares                  Cured Meats                             Side Salads
       Crumbled Gorgonzola                   Abraham                                  Publix
   Vigo                                          Sliced Prosciutto                       Deli Baked Potato
       Feta                                 Ham                                          Homestyle Red Potato
                                             Healthy Ones                                New York Style Potato
COOKED MEATS                                     Presliced Honey Turkey Breast           Southern Style Potato
   Hormel                                   Poultry
       Fully Cooked Meats – Beef
                                                                                   DELI/SELF-SERVICE MEATS
       Roast, Beef Stroganoff, Beef                                                 Beef
                                                 Presliced Chicken Breast
       Tips, Chicken with Gravy, Italian                                             Publix
                                                 Presliced Honey Turkey Breast
       Beef Roast, Pork Roast, or Turkey                                                 Deli Presliced Bottom Round
       Breast                                    Presliced Oven Roasted Turkey           Roast Beef
   Chi-Chi’s                                                                        Cured Meats
       Ground Beef                         DELI/PREMIUM SELF-SERVICE                 Publix
   Hunt’s                                                                                Deli Presliced – Pepperoni,
                                           MEATS                                         Reduced Fat Genoa Salami, or
       Manwich “Sloppy Joe” Ground          Cured Meats                                  Reduced Fat Hard Salami
       Beef with Sauce
                                             Boar’s Head                            Ham
   Milano’s                                      Bacon
       Chicken Alfredo                           Bianco D’oro Dry Salami
                                                                                         Deli Presliced – Cooked, Maple,
       Chicken Marsala                           Italian Dry Sweet Sausage               Sweet, Tavern, or Virginia
       Chicken Parmesan                          Mini Genoa Salami
   Paula Deen’s                                  Mini Hot Sopressata
       Cheese Meatloaf                           Mini Sopressata
                                                                                         Deli Presliced – Oven Roasted
       Chicken & Dumplings                       Mini Sweet Sopressata                   Turkey Breast or Smoked Turkey
                                                 Pepperoni Pouch                         Breast
                                                 Prosciutto Panino
       Chicken Tenders
       Chicken Breast Short Cuts
                                                 Ring Bologna                      DELI/SELF-SERVICE CHEESE
       – Honey Roasted, Italian, or              Salami Panino                      Miscellaneous
       Southwestern                              Stick Pepperoni                     Alpine Lace
   Publix                                   Loaves / Miscellaneous                       Presliced – Muenster or Reduced
                                              Boar’s Head                                Fat Swiss
       Fully Cooked – Beef Meatloaf
       with Seasoned Gravy, Beef Tips            Beef Knockwurst                     Kerrygold
       with Gravy, Homestyle Beef Pot            Bratwurst                               Imported Presliced Swiss
       Roast, or Marinara Meatballs
                                                 Fully Cooked Smoked Bacon           King’s Choice
   Shedd’s Country Crock                         Light Beef Franks                       Smoked Gouda Cheese Singles
       Cheddar Broccoli Rice                     Natural Casing Franks – Beef or
                                                 Beef & Pork                         Land O’Lakes
       Garlic Mashed Potatoes
                                                 Skinless Beef Franks                    Cheese Singles – Baby Swiss,
   Tyson                                                                                 Colby Jack, Havarti, Muenster,
       Grilled Chicken Strips                                                            Non-Smoked Provolone, Pepper
       Seasoned Steak Strips                                                             Jack, Swiss, Variety Pack, White
                                                                                         American, or Yellow American                                   Pg. 6 of 51                         Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                        Food & Nutrition Center

 Miscellaneous (Cont’d)                 World Cheese Program (Cont’d)           Bread & Rolls (Cont’d)
  Lorraine                               Holland Farm                             Tandoori Naan
      Cheese Slices – Original or            Dofino Domestic Gouda                    Plain Flatbread
      Reduced Fat
                                         Ille de France                          Toufayan
 Premium                                     Goat                                    Mediterranean Flatbread –
   Boar’s Head                               Imported Brie                           Wheat or White
      Cheese Crumbles – Creamy Blue                                                  Pita Bread – Oat Bran, Onion,
      or Creamy Feta                     Jarlesberg
                                                                                     Plain Low Carb, White, White
                                             Light Swiss                             Petittes, Whole Wheat, or Whole
 World Cheese Program
                                         Kaukuana                                    Wheat Petittes
                                             Sharp Cheddar Cheese Ball               Snuggles – White or Whole
      Classique Garlic & Herb Spread
   Athenos                               Kerrygold                                   Wraps – Garlic/Pesto, Tomato/
      Traditional Crumbled Feta              Reserve Black Cheddar                   Basil, or Wheat
   Belgioioso                            Locatelli                              Desserts
      Asiago                                 Romano – Grated or Pecorino         Real Desserts
      Bocconcini Mozzarella              Packer Hoop                                 Sugar Free Strawberry Gelatin
      Fontina                                Cheddar Cheese Wedges              Dips / Spreads / Sauces / Misc.
      Mascarpone                         President                                Athenos
      Mild Provolone                         Fat Free Crumbled Feta                  Hummus – Original, Eggplant,
      Parmesan                                                                       Greek Style, Roasted Garlic,
                                         Rosenborg                                   Roasted Pepper, or Spicy Three
   Boursin                                   Crumbled Blue                           Pepper
      Garlic & Herb                          Traditional Danish Blue             Avomex
   Chavrie                               Saga                                        Wholly Guacamole – Original or
      Goat                                   Blue Cheese Wedge                       Spicy
   Coeur De Lion                         Stella                                  Beano’s
      Brie                                   Crumbled Gorgonzola                     Submarine Dressing
   Corazon De Ronda                                                              Boar’s Head
      Manchego                         DELI/SELF-SERVICE                             Deli Dressing
   Denmark’s Finest                    MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS                           Delicatessen Style Mustard
      Creamy Havarti                    Bread & Rolls                                Honey Mustard
                                          Flatout Bread                              Pub Style Horseradish
                                             Healthy Grain Multi-Grain               Sauerkraut
      Fresh Grated Parmesan
                                             Light Garden Spinach                    Sweet Vidalia Onions in Sauce
      Shaved Parmesan
                                             Light Italian Herb                  Cedar’s
      Shredded Asiago
                                             Light Original                          Mediterranean Chick Pea Salad
      Shredded Parmesan
                                             Light Sun-Dried Tomato
      Shredded Romano                                                            Chachies
      Three Cheese Shredded Blend        Kangaroo                                    Fresh Salsa – Mild, Medium, or
                                             Whole Wheat Pocket Bread                Hot
                                         King’s                                      Mango with Peach Salsa
      Irish Cheddar
                                             Hawaiian Rolls – Honey Wheat or         Santa Barbara Basil Pesto
   Emmenthaler Switzerland
                                             Savory Butter Dinner                    Santa Barbara Bruschetta
      Emmi Swiss
                                         Mama Mary’s                             Chinese Kitchen
                                             Pizza Crust – 7” Crispy/Thin, 7”        Bourbon Chicken Marinade
      Red Wax – Edam or Gouda                Original, 12” Gourmet, or 12”
      Smoked Gouda                           Thin                                  Pg. 7 of 51                      Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

 Dips / Spreads / Sauces / Misc.          FRESH PASTA                              Fresh Sausages (Cont’d)
 (Cont’d)                                  Pasta                                     Jimmy Dean
   Luisa’s                                   Buitoni                                    Italian Roll Pork Sausage
      Mild Fiesta Layer Dip                     Angel Hair                              Light Roll Pork Sausage
   Publix                                       Cheese & Roasted Garlic                 Maple Flavored Sausage – Pork
                                                Tortellini                              Links or Pork Patties
      All Natural Salsa – Mild or
      Medium                                    Cheese Ravioli                          Maple Roll Pork
      Deli Artichoke & Spinach Dip              Chicken Tortellini                      Original Pork Sausage – Links or
                                                Four Cheese Ravioli                     Patties
      Deli Hummus – Classic, Greek
      Kalamata Olive, Jalapeño                  Linguine                                Sage Roll Pork
      Cilantro, or Roasted Red Pepper           Mixed Cheese Tortellini             Johnsonville
      Deli Spinach Dip                          Three Cheese Tortellini                 Brown Sugar & Honey Links
      Hard Boiled Eggs                          Whole Wheat Four Cheese                 Original Breakfast Links
   Sabra                                        Ravioli
                                                                                    Odom’s Tennessee Pride
      Hummus – Classic, Greek Olive,            Whole Wheat Three Cheese
                                                                                        Cooked Sausage Links
      Luscious Lemon, Roasted Garlic,           Tortellini
                                                                                        Sausage Roll – Mild or Hot
      Roasted Pine Nut, Roasted Red         Monterey
      Pepper, or Supremely Spicy
                                                Atlantic Lobster Ravioli
   Stefano’s                                                                            Sausage Pork Roll – Hot, Mild, or
                                                Spinach/Ricotta Ravioli
      Pepperoni Calzone                         Whole Wheat Basil/Tomato/
                                                Mozzarella Ravioli                 Hot Dogs
   Three Dragon
                                                Whole Wheat Chicken/Sun-Dried       Ball Park
      Egg Rolls – Chicken, Pork, or
      Vegetable                                 Tomato Ravioli                          Angus Beef Franks
                                           Sauces                                       Angus Bun Size Beef Franks
 Olives / Pickles / Peppers
                                             Buitoni                                    Beef Frank Singles
  Boar’s Head
                                                Alfredo                                 Beef Franks,
      Kosher Dill Pickle Spears
                                                Light Alfredo                           Bun Size Beef Franks
                                                                                        Cheese Franks
 Snacks                                   PACKAGED MEATS                                Fat Free Beef Franks
                                           Combo’s                                      Fat Free Smoked White Turkey
   Crunchmaster                                                                         Franks
      Multi-Seed Cracker – Original,        Oscar Mayer
                                                Deli Creations – Buffalo Chicken        Grillmaster Beef Franks
      Roasted Garlic, Rosemary & Olive
      Oil, or Sweet Onion                       Flatbread, Chicken Bacon Ranch          Light Franks
                                                Flatbread, Ham & Provolone              Meat Franks
   New York Style Brand                         Focaccia Sandwich, Parmesan             Turkey Franks
      Bagel Chips – Everything, Garlic,         Basil Turkey Focaccia Sandwich,
      Plain, or Sea Salt                        or Steakhouse Beef Flatbread        Gwaltney
      Garlic Panetini                           Lunchables – Ham/Cheddar                Great Dogs – Chicken or Turkey
      Garlic Pita Chips                         Cheese/Ritz Crackers, Taco Bell         Meat Franks
                                                Nachos & Cheese, or Turkey/
   Snack Factory                                                                    Hebrew National
                                                Mozzarella Cheese/Ritz Crackers
      Pretzel Crisps – Buffalo Wing,                                                    97% Fat Free Kosher All Beef
                                           Fresh Sausages                               Franks
      Everything, Garlic, or Honey
      Mustard                                Jimmy Dean                                 Dinner Franks
                                                Fresh Taste Fast – Maple                Kosher All Beef Franks
   Stacy’s                                      Flavored Pork Sausage Patties,
      Bagel Chips – Everything or                                                       Reduced Fat Kosher All Beef
                                                Original Pork Sausage Links,
      Toasted Garlic                                                                    Franks
                                                Original Pork Sausage Patties,
      Simply Naked Chips – Bagel or             Turkey Sausage Links, or Turkey
      Pita                                      Sausage Patties                                   Pg. 8 of 51                         Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                        Food & Nutrition Center

 Hot Dogs (Cont’d)                      Lunch Meat (Cont’d)                     Lunch Meat (Cont’d)
  Nathan’s                                Hillshire Farm                          Oscar Mayer
      Beef Franks                            Deli Select 97% Fat Free – Brown        98% Fat Free – Bologna or Oven
      Bigger Than The Bun Beef Franks        Sugar Baked Ham, Corned Beef,           Roasted Turkey Breast
                                             Honey Ham, Smoked Ham, or               Beef Bologna
      Dinner Franks
                                             Smoked Turkey Breast
      Natural Casing Beef Franks                                                     Beef Cotto Salami
                                             Deli Select 98% Fat Free –              Bologna
   Oscar Mayer                               Pastrami or Roast Beef
                                                                                     Braunschweiger Chub Liverwurst
      98% Fat Free Beef & Chicken            Deli Select 99% Fat Free Turkey         Sausage
      Wieners                                Breast – Honey Roasted or
                                             Oven Roasted                            Chopped Smoked Ham
      Beef & Cheddar Cheese Franks
                                             Deli Select Hearty Sliced Honey         Cotto Salami
      Beef Franks
                                             Ham                                     Deli Fresh Shaved – Barbecue
      Bun Length Franks – Beef or
                                             Deli Select Ultra Thin – Hard           Chicken Breast, Brown Sugar
                                             Salami, Honey Ham, Honey                Ham, Honey Ham, Honey
      Bun Length Wieners                                                             Smoked Turkey Breast, Mesquite
                                             Roasted Turkey Breast, Oven
      Cheese Wieners                                                                 Turkey Breast, Oven Roasted
                                             Roasted Turkey Breast, Pastrami,
      Deli Style XXL Beef Franks             Roast Beef, Seasoned Rotisserie         Turkey Breast, Roast Beef,
      Jalapeño & Cheddar Cheese              Chicken Breast, or Smoked Ham           Rotisserie Style Chicken Breast,
      Franks                                                                         Smoked Ham, Smoked Turkey
                                             Sliced Pepperoni                        Breast, or Virginia Ham
      Light Beef Franks
                                         Hormel                                      Deli Style – 97% Fat Free
      Meat Wieners
                                             Canadian Style Bacon                    Brown Sugar Ham, Honey Ham,
      Premium Beef Franks                                                            Honey Smoked Turkey Breast,
                                             Natural Choice – Honey Ham or
      Premium Wieners                        Oven Roasted Turkey                     Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast,
                                                                                     Oven Roasted Turkey Breast,
   Publix                                    Sliced Pepperoni
                                                                                     Pepperoni, Smoked Ham, or
      Jumbo Beef Franks                      Sliced Turkey Pepperoni                 Smoked Turkey Breast
   Sabrett                               J.M. Schneider                              Grilled Chicken Breast Strips
      Beef Franks                            Sliced Canadian Bacon                   Hard Salami
      Bun Size Beef Franks               Jones Dairy Farm                            Honey Ham
 Lunch Meat                                  Braunschweiger – Chub                   Honey Roasted Chicken Breast
                                             Liverwurst Sausage, Liverwurst          Cuts
                                             Sliced with Bacon, or Sandwich          Honey Smoked White Turkey
      Lean Sliced – Beef, Honey Ham,
      Honey Turkey, or Sliced Turkey         Slices                                  Italian Chicken Breast Strips
                                             Fresh & Tender – Canadian               Light Beef Bologna
   Carson                                    Bacon, Ham Slices, or Hickory           Liver Cheese
      Air Dried Beef                         Smoked Ham Steaks
                                                                                     Meat Bologna
   Gwaltney                              Kahn’s                                      Olive Loaf
      Great Bolony – Chicken or Thick        Bavarian Brand Braunschweiger           Oven Roasted – Chicken Breast
      Sliced                                                                         Cuts, Turkey Breast, or White
                                         Land O’Frost
   Healthy Ones                                                                      Chicken
                                             Premium Sliced – Honey Smoked
      Honey Ham                              Turkey Breast, Smoked Ham, or           Pickle & Pimento Loaf
      Honey Roasted Turkey                   Turkey Breast                           Ready-To-Serve Canadian Bacon
      Oven Roasted Turkey Breast                                                     Smoked Ham
                                         Oscar Mayer
                                                                                     Smoked Turkey Breast
   Hebrew National                           95% Fat Free Turkey – Oven
                                             Roasted White or Smoked White           Southwestern Chicken Breast
      Chub Salami
                                             96% Fat Free Ham – Boiled,
                                             Honey, Smoked, or Smoked                Sub Sandwich Kit Ham & Turkey
                                             Cooked                                  Thick Cut Beef Bologna                               Pg. 9 of 51                        Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                           Food & Nutrition Center

 Lunch Meat (Cont’d)                     Dips (Cont’d)                            Dressings (Cont’d)
   Oscar Mayer                             T. Marzetti’s                           Naturally Fresh
      Turkey Bologna                           Blue Cheese                             Blue Cheese
      Turkey Cotto Salami                      Dill                                    Classic Balsamic Vinaigrette
      Turkey Ham                               Fat Free Ranch                          Classic Caesar
   Plumrose                                    Garden Veggie Hummus Dip/               Classic Ranch
                                               Spread                                  Ginger
      Sliced Baked Ham
                                               Light Ranch                             Honey Mustard
      Sliced Baked Honey Ham
                                               Ranch                                   Light Blue Cheese
      Sliced Ham
                                               Roasted Red Pepper Veggie               Light Peppercorn Ranch
   Publix                                      Hummus Dip/Spread                       Light Ranch
      Extra Thin Sliced – Cooked Ham,          Southwestern Ranch
      Honey Ham, Roasted Turkey                                                    T. Marzetti’s
      Breast, Smoked Turkey Breast, or                                                 Asian Ginger
      Smoked Honey Turkey Breast           Yucatan                                     Buttermilk Ranch
      Sliced – Cooked Ham, Honey               Authentic Guacamole                     Chunky Blue Cheese
      Ham, Roasted Turkey Breast, or           Avocado Hummus                          Gorgonzola
      Smoked Turkey Breast                     Mild Guacamole                          Light Berry Balsamic
      Thin Sliced – Cooked Ham,
                                         Dressings                                     Light Classic Ranch
      Honey Ham, Roasted Turkey
      Breast, or Smoked Honey Turkey      Bolthouse Farms                              Light Supreme Caesar
      Breast                                   Yogurt Dressing – Caesar                Supreme Caesar
                                               Parmigiano, Chunky Blue Cheese,
   Taylor                                      Classic Ranch, or Creamy Italian    Walden Farms
      Sliced Pork Roll – Thick or Thin                                                 Sugar/Calorie Free – Balsamic
                                           Makato’s                                    Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese, Honey
                                               Ginger                                  Dijon, or Ranch
 Kabobs                                    Marie’s                                Dried Spice
  Marder                                       Balsamic Vinaigrette                Spiceworld
      Large Shrimp Platters                    Blue Cheese Italian Vinaigrette         Green Pesto
 Shrimp Rings                                  Blue Cheese with Bacon              Wiley
   Aquastar                                    Caprese
                                                                                       Corn Boil Seasoning
      Shrimp Platter – Small, Medium,          Chipotle Ranch
      or Large                                 Chunky Blue Cheese
                                                                                   T. Marzetti
                                               Chunky Feta Cheese
                                                                                       Sugar Free Strawberry
PRODUCE/ACCESSORIES                            Creamy Caesar
 Dips                                          Creamy Italian & Garlic
                                               Creamy Ranch                        California Sun
   La Mexicana
                                               Creamy Yogurt & Blue Cheese             Dry Foods Tomatoes – Garlic,
      Salsa – Mild, Medium, Hot, or
                                                                                       Halves, Halves with Oil, Julienne,
      Roasted Garlic                           Creamy Yogurt & Feta Cheese
                                                                                       Julienne with Oil, Pesto, Smoked,
   Margaritaville                              Creamy Yogurt & Ranch                   or Spread
      Artichoke/Jalapeño/Garlic                Fat Free Italian Vinaigrette
                                                                                   ET TU
      Con Queso                                Greek Vinaigrette
                                                                                       Caesar Vinaigrette Box
      Mango Salsa & Cream Cheese               Parmesan Ranch
                                                                                       Salad Kit – Caesar, Italian, Light
                                               Super Blue Cheese                       Italian, or Spinach
   Marie’s Dips
                                               Thousand Island
      Homestyle Ranch                                                              Harvest
      Light Buttermilk Ranch               Marjon                                      Wonton Strips – Garlic Ginger,
      Roasted French Onion                     Café Athens                             Salt & Vinegar, or Spicey Kung
                                               Café Geneva                             Pao                                  Pg. 10 of 51                      Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                              Food & Nutrition Center

PRODUCE/JUICE                             Packaged Salads (Cont’d)                  Fresh Herbs (Cont’d)
 Juice Drink                                Fresh Express                             Gourmet Tubes
   Sunny Delight                               Baby Spinach                              Lemon Grass Herb Blend
      Tangy Style Citrus Punch                 Baby Spinach & Spring Mix                 Parsley Herb Blend
   Tropicana                                   Baby Spring Mix Salad Blend
      Light Lemonade                           Caesar Salad Kit                    PRODUCE/SNACKS
                                               Caesar Supreme Salad Kit             Dried Fruit
PRODUCE/ORGANIC                                Fancy Greens Salad Blend              Medjool
 Organic Packaged Salads                       Green & Crisp Iceberg/Romaine             Jumbo Dates
  Earthbound Farm                              Iceberg Garden                       Nuts & Seeds
      Organic Baby Greens Spring Mix           Italian Salad Blend                   Ann’s House
      Organic Baby Spinach Salad               Lettuce Shreds                            Kernel Pistachios
                                               Light Caesar Kit                          Mixed Fancy Mixed Nuts
   Publix GreenWise Market
                                               Premium Romaine
      Organic Baby Arugula                                                           David
                                               Riviera Salad Blend
      Organic Baby Spinach Blend                                                         Jumbo Sunflower Seeds
                                               Salad Blend – Sweet Butter or
      Organic Baby Spinach Salad                                                         Pumpkin Seeds in Shell
                                               Veggie Lovers
      Organic Baby Lettuce                                                               Sunflower Seeds in Shell –
                                               Salsa Ensalada Supreme
      Organic Fresh Herb Salad                                                           Regular, Barbecue, or Reduced
                                               Spinach                                   Sodium
      Organic Romaine Hearts
                                           Publix                                    Diamond
      Organic Spinach
                                               American Salad Blend                      Walnuts – Chopped or Shelled
 Organic Snacks
                                               Baby Spinach
  Publix GreenWise Market                                                            Hampton Farms
                                               Caesar Salad Kit
      Dry Roasted Cashew Nuts                                                            Peanuts – Blanched Raw, Jumbo
      Dry Roasted Pistachio Nuts                                                         Roasted, Jumbo Salted, or
                                               Cole Slaw                                 Shelled Raw Redskin
      Raw Almonds
      Raw Cashew Nuts                                                                Hoody’s
                                               Fresh & Tender Spinach
      Raw Walnuts                                                                        Cocktail Snack Mix
                                               Garden Supreme
      Reduced Sodium Sunflower                                                            Gourmet Peanuts
                                               Italian Salad Blend
      Seeds                                                                          Naturally Fresh
                                               Romaine Hearts
 Organic Soy / Vegetarian                                                                Salad Toppers – Fruit & Nut
                                               Spring Mix
  Lightlife                                                                              Mix, Roasted Glazed Pecan, or
                                          Condiments / Ingredients                       Roasted Pecan & Almonds
      Organic 3-Grain Tempeh
   Nasoya                                                                            Publix
                                               Salad Finishers – Bistro Chicken,
      Organic Tofu – Extra Firm, Soft,                                                   Peanuts – Jumbo Raw, Roasted &
                                               Chicken Caesar, or Classic Chef
      or Super Firm Cubed                                                                Salted, or Roasted Plain

                                         PRODUCE/SALAD                               South Georgia Pecan Co.
PRODUCE/PACKAGE SALADS                   VEGETABLES                                      Shelled Pecan Halves
 Packaged Salads                          Fresh Herbs                                Sunkist
   Fresh Attitude                           Gourmet Tubes                                Almonds – Blanched Whole,
      Arugula                                                                            Sliced, or Whole
                                               Basil Herb Blend
      Baby Spinach                                                                  Variety Snacks
                                               Chili Pepper Spice Blend
      Spring Mix                                                                      Jolly Time
                                               Cilantro Herb Blend
   Fresh Express                               Dill Herb Blend                           Popcorn – White or Yellow
      3-Color Deli Cole Slaw                   Garlic Blend                          Publix
      American Salad Blend                     Ginger Spice Blend                        Dried Veggie Chips
      Angel Hair Cole Slaw                     Italian Seasoning Blend                                Pg. 11 of 51                             Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                        Food & Nutrition Center

 Variety Snacks (Cont’d)                 Soy / Vegetarian (Cont’d)              Bacon (Cont’d)
   Publix                                  Yves                                  Wright Brand
       Dried Wasabi Peas                      Veggie Patch Chicken Nuggets           Hickory Smoked
       Honey Roasted Soy Nuts            Variety Vegetables                     Dinner Sausage
       Roasted & Salted Sunflower           Marjon                                 Aidells
                                              Polenta                                Chicken & Apple Sausage
       Spicy Asian Mix
                                                                                     Italian Style Meatballs
       Spicy Trail Mix                  SMOKED AND CURED MEATS                       Smoked Sausage – Cajun
   Publix GreenWise Market               Bacon                                       Andouille or Sun-Dried Tomato
       Natural Pine Nuts                  Butterball                             Al Fresco
       Natural Whole Flax Seed                Smoked Cured Turkey                    Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage
       Raw Shelled Sunflower Seeds         Gwaltney                               Butterball
       Roasted & Salted Natural               40% Less Fat Cured Virginia            Smoked Turkey Sausage
       Pumpkin Seeds                          Bacon
       Sesame Sticks with Oat Bran                                               Eckrich
                                                                                     Original Smoked Sausage
PRODUCE/VEGETABLES                        Hormel                                     Polska Kielbasa
 Soy / Vegetarian                             Black Label Bacon – Center             Smoked Beef Sausage
                                              Cut, Low Salt, Maple Flavored,
   Franklin Farms                             Original, or Thick Sliced          Gaspar
       Portabella Burgers                     Fully Cooked                           Chourico
   Galaxy                                     Microwave Ready                        Linguica
       Parmesan Veggie Topping            Jennie-O                               Hillshire Farm
       Veggie Burger                          Turkey                                 Beef Polska Kielbasa
       Veggie Cheddar Cheese Block                                                   Cheddarwurst Sausage
                                          Jimmy Dean
       Veggie Slices – American,                                                     Hot Smoked Sausage
       Cheddar, Cheddar & Jalapeño,           Hickory Smoked
                                                                                     Light Smoked Sausage
       Mozzarella, Pepper Jack,               Thick Sliced Maple Flavored
       Provolone, or Swiss                                                           Little Beef Smokies
                                          Oscar Mayer                                Little Smokies
   Lightlife                                  Center Cut
                                                                                     Polska Kielbasa
       Smart Ground                           Lower Sodium
                                                                                     Polska Kielbasa Links
       Smart Meatless Dogs                    Maple Flavored
                                                                                     Smoked Beef Sausage
       Smart Sausage                          Original
                                                                                     Smoked Sausage
   Marjon                                     Ready-To-Serve
                                                                                     Turkey Polska Kielbasa
       Shelled Edamame                        Thick – Ready-To-Serve, Sliced,
                                              or Sliced Center Cut               Johnsonville
   Nasoya                                     Turkey                                 Beddar Cheddar Sausage
       Light Silken Tofu                                                             Beer Bratwurst
   Shirataki                                                                         New Orleans Smoked Sausage
                                              Naturally Hickory Smoked –
       Tofu Noodles                                                                  Bratwurst
                                              Regular, Center Cut, Lower
                                              Sodium, Thick Sliced, or Thick         Smoked Bratwurst
                                              Sliced Lower Sodium                    Stadium Style Bratwurst
       Deli-Oven Roasted
                                              Pre-Cooked                         Oscar Mayer
       Sweet Italian Sausage              Smithfield                                  Smoked Turkey Sausage
                                              Naturally Hickory Smoked –             Turkey Polska Kielbasa
   Turtle Island Foods
                                              Regular or Thick Sliced            Shumakes
       Marinated Tempeh Strips –
       Coconut Curry or Sesame Garlic     Sunnyland                                  Southern Style Hot Sausage
                                              Hotel Brand Lower Sodium                               Pg. 12 of 51                       Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                 Food & Nutrition Center

 Dinner Sausage (Cont’d)                   Bread (Cont’d)                             BREAKFAST
   Smithfield                                 Pillsbury                                 Breakfast
      Naturally Hickory Smoked –                Oven Baked Biscuits – Butter             Aunt Jemima
      Polska Kielbasa or Sausage                Tastin’, Buttermilk, Cheddar               Scambled Eggs – Bacon and
 Specialty                                      Garlic, Flaky, or Southern Style           Hash Browns or Sausage
   Bridgford                                Publix                                      Jimmy Dean
      Beef Summer Sausage                       Biscuits – Buttermilk                      D-Lites – Croissant/Turkey
      Bertolino Pepperoni Slicing Sticks    Sister Schubert’s                              Sausage/Egg/Cheese Sandwich,
      Dry Salami                                                                           Muffin/Bacon/Egg/Cheese
                                                Dinner Rolls
                                                                                           Sandwich, Muffin/Turkey
      Italian Salami                       Garlic                                          Sausage/Egg/Cheese Sandwich,
      Sliced Pepperoni                                                                     or Turkey Sausage/Egg/Potato/
      Sliced Turkey Pepperoni                                                              Cheese Breakfast Bowl
                                                All Natural Artisans Bread –
      Teriyaki Beef Jerky                       Garlic French Baguette                     Muffins – Meal-Size Bacon, Egg
   Hebrew National                                                                         & Cheese or Sausage, Egg &
                                            Cole’s                                         Cheese
      Sauerkraut                                Bread – Garlic Butter Flavored,            Omelets – Ham & Cheese,
   Odom’s Tennessee Pride                       Garlic Mini Loaf, or Zesty Italian         Sausage & Cheese, or Three
      Sausage Gravy                             Breadsticks, Garlic                        Cheese
                                                Toast Slices, Garlic                       Sausage & Biscuits
SPECIALTY ITEMS                                 Toast Garlic Slices, with Cheese           Sausage Breakfast Bowl
 Potatoes                                       Cheese Sticks, Mozzarella                  Sausage Skillet
  Diner’s Choice                            Le Petite Francais                          Kim & Scott’s
      Mashed Potatoes – Regular,                Baguette – Original, Original              Stuffed Gourmet Soft Pretzels –
      Country, Garlic, or Sour Cream &          Mini, or Fat Free Whole Wheat              Cream Cheese, Egg & Cheese, or
      Chives                                                                               Grilled Cheese
                                            Mamma Bella
                                                Garlic Homestyle Bread                  Odom’s Tennessee Pride
                                            N.Y.                                           Sausage & Biscuits
FROZEN FOODS                                    Garlic Sticks                              Sausage & Buttermilk Biscuits

BREADS                                          Texas Toast – Five Cheese, Garlic,      Rudy’s Farm
                                                Garlic Lite, or Garlic with Cheese         Sausage Biscuits
  Lender’s                                  New York Pizzeria                           Smucker’s
      New York Style – Plain or Onion           Dip’n Sticks – Original or Garlic &        Uncrustables Grilled Cheese Soft
                                                Parmesan                                   Bread Sandwiches
      Original Recipe Onion
                                            Pepperidge Farm                            Waffles
   Ray’s New York
      Bagels – Everything, Plain, Plain
                                                Bread Seasoned with Garlic &            Kashi
                                                Parsley                                    Go Lean Waffles – Regular or
      Bialy. or Sesame
                                                Cheese Bread, Five Cheese &                Blueberry
 Bread                                          Garlic
   Alexia                                                                               Kellogg’s
                                                Texas Toast – Five Cheese, Garlic,
      All Natural Artisans Breads               Mozzarella & Monterrey Jack,               Eggo Waffles – Buttermilk,
      – Buttermilk Biscuits, Classic            Parmesan, or Roasted Garlic                Homestyle, Homestyle Minis,
      French Rolls, or Italian Ciabatta                                                    Homestyle Lego Shaped, Limited
      Rolls with Rosemary & Olive Oil       Publix                                         Edition, Multi-Grain, or Low Fat
                                                3 Cheese Toast                             Multi-Grain
                                                Frozen Garlic Bread                     Publix
      Bread Dough
                                                Garlic Texas Toast                         Waffles – Buttermilk, Homestyle,
      Parkerhouse Rolls
                                                                                           or Multigrain                                   Pg. 13 of 51                            Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                           Food & Nutrition Center

CREAMER AND TOPPINGS                      Entrees (Cont’d)                        Healthy Dinners (Cont’d)
 Creamers                                   Michael Angelo’s                       Healthy Choice
   Rich’s                                      Italian Cuisine Chicken Alfredo         Cafe Steamers – Beef Merlot,
       Coffee Creamer                          With Fettuccine                         Chicken Tuscany, Grilled Basil
                                               Vegetable Lasagna                       Chicken, Grilled White Chicken,
 Toppings                                                                              or Roasted Chicken Chardonnay
   Cool Whip                               Michelina’s
                                                                                       Familiar Favorites, Chicken
       Toppings – Chocolate, Extra             Authentico – Fettuccine Alfredo,        Fettucini Alfredo
       Creamy, Free, Lite, Regular, or         Fettuccine Alfredo With Chicken
                                                                                       Simple Selections – Cheesy
       Sugar Free                              & Broccoli, or Penne With
                                                                                       Chicken & Rice or Salisbury Steak
   Publix                                                                              & Red Skin Mashed Potatoes
                                               Salisbury Steak & Gravy With
       Whipped Toppings – Original,            Mashed Potatoes                     Kashi
       Light, or Fat Free                                                              All Natural – Chicken Florentine,
                                                                                       Pesto Pasta Primavera, or
DESSERT                                     El Monterey                                Southwest Style Chicken
 Shells                                        Cheese Enchiladas
                                                                                   Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine
   Athens                                  Marie Callender’s                           Brick Oven Roasted Garlic
       Fillo Dough – Regular or Mini           Chicken Pot Pies                        Chicken Pizza
       Shells                              Michael Angelo’s                            Cafe Classics – Chicken
   Marie Callender’s                           Chicken Alfredo with Fettuccine         Carbonara, Chicken Marsala,
                                                                                       Chicken with Basil Cream Sauce,
       Deep Dish Pie Shells                    Eggplant Parmesan With Tomato           Roasted Garlic Chicken, or Steak
                                               Sauce & Mozzarella
   Mrs. Smith’s                                                                        Tips Portabello
       Deep Dish Pastry Pie                On Cor                                      Casual Eating, Deep Dish
                                               Salisbury Steak & Gravy                 Spinach & Mushroom Pizza
   Pepperidge Farm
                                               Traditional Turkey & Gravy              Comfort Classics – Baked Lemon
       Puff Pastry Bake & Fill
                                                                                       Pepper Fish, Beef Pot Roast,
       Puff Pastry Sheets                  Publix                                      Meatloaf with Gravy & Whipped
                                               Meat Lasagna                            Potatoes, Roasted Turkey &
                                           Stouffer’s                                  Vegetables, or Salisbury Steak
       Pet-Ritz Pie Crusts – Regular or
                                                                                       with Mac & Cheese
       Deep Dish                               Easy Express Rigatoni with
                                               Chicken                                 Dinnertime Selects – Chicken
   Publix                                                                              Fettucini with Broccoli or Lemon
                                               Family Size Meals – Chicken             Garlic Shrimp
       Frozen Pie
                                               Alfredo, Chicken Enchiladas
                                               & Rice, Chicken Lasagna,                One Dish Favorites – Chicken
DINNERS AND ENTREES                            Escalloped Chicken & Noodles,           Chow Mein, Linguine Carbonara,
 Chinese                                       or Macaroni & Cheese                    Roasted Chicken with Lemon
                                                                                       Pepper Fettucini, or Swedish
  Chung’s Gourmet                              Party Size Macaroni & Cheese            Meatballs
       Mini Chicken Egg Rolls              Totino’s                                    Spa Cuisine Classics, Salmon with
   Kahiki                                      Pepperoni Pizza Rolls                   Basil & Whole Grain Pasta
       Easycrisps Egg Rolls – Chicken,     White Castle                            Weight Watcher’s
       Pork & Shrimp, or Vegetables                                                    Morning Express – Breakfast
 Entrees                                                                               Quesadilla, English Muffin
                                          Healthy Dinners
   Banquet                                                                             Sandwich, English Muffin with
                                           Healthy Choice                              Canadian Bacon Sandwich, or
       Banquet Meal – Chicken
                                               All Natural – Portabella Marsala        Stuffed Breakfast Sandwich
       Nugget, Fried Chicken, Meat
                                               Pasta, Portabella Spinach
       Loaf, Salisbury Steak, Swedish
                                               Parmesan, or Pumpkin Squash
       Meatballs, or Turkey
                                               Ravioli                                 Pg. 14 of 51                       Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                               Food & Nutrition Center

 Healthy Dinners (Cont’d)                  Meatless (Cont’d)                         Pasta
  Weight Watchers                           Morningstar Farms                          Celentano
      Smart Ones – Chicken & Cheese             Veggie Grillers – Original Burgers        Cavatelli
      Quesadilla, Chicken Enchilada,            or Recipe Crumbles                        Cheese Ravioli
      Chicken Marsala, Fettucini                Veggie Patties – Asian, Breaded           Cheese Tortellini
      Alfredo, Fiesta Quesadilla,               Parmesan Ranch Chicken, Buffalo
      Rigatoni with Broccoli & Chicken,                                                   Large Beef Ravioli
                                                Wings, Chicken, or Garden
      Salisbury Steak, Sirloin Beef &                                                     Manicotti
      Vegetables in Teriyaki Sauce, or      Publix GreenWise Market                       Mini Round Cheese Ravioli
      Three Cheese Ziti Marinara                Burger Veggie Gardenstyle                 Stuffed Shells
      Smart Ones Bistro Selections              Chicken Veggie Patty
      – Beef Pot Roast, Chicken
                                                                                      Mary Hill’s
                                                Crumbles Soy Veggie Burger
      Enchilada Monterey, Chicken                                                         Dumplings
                                                Sausage Veggie Patties
      Fettucini, Meatloaf, Salisbury                                                  Mona’s
      Steak, or Slow Roasted Turkey         Quorn
                                                                                          Cheese Tortellini
      Breast                                    Chik’n Nuggets Meatless & Soy-
 Hispanic                                       Free                                  Mrs. Taylor’s
   Goya                                    Mexican                                        Chicken Dumplings
      Fried Plantains (Tostones)            El Monterey                               Reames
      Frozen Recaito                            Burritos – Bean & Cheese or Beef          Egg Noodles
      Frozen Sofrito                            & Bean
      Ham Croquettes                            Cruncheros Taquitos – Chicken &
                                                                                          Stuffed Shells
                                                Cheese, Southwest Chicken, or
                                                Taco Beef & Cheese                    Rosetto
   Publix                                       Mexican Beef Bean Chimichanga             Beef Ravioli
      Yuca                                      Tornados – Ranchero Beef &                Small Round Ravioli
 Kosher                                         Cheese or Southwest Chicken
  Golden                                    Jose Ole                                      Italian Style Hearty Beef Ravioli
      Potato Pancakes                           Burrito – Beef or Chicken                 Three Cheese Filling Ravioli
 Meatless                                       Chimichanga                               Cheese
  Boca                                          Taquitos – Corn Chicken, Flour       Pot Pies
                                                Beef & Cheese, or Flour Chicken
      Meatless Burgers – All American           & Cheese                              Banquet
      Flame Grilled, Crumbles, Original                                                   Chicken
      Chick’n Patties, or Original Vegan    Patio
                                                                                          Turkey Meat
      Veggie Patties, Mozzarella &              Burrito – Beef & Bean, Beef &
      Mushroom                                  Bean Burrito with Red Chili, or       Marie Callender’s
                                                Chicken                                   Pot Pie – Beef or Chicken
                                           Organic                                   Premium Dinners
      Original Low Fat
      Veggie Patties, Fat Free              Amy’s                                      Boston Market
      Vegetable Medley                          Mexican Casserole Bowls,                  Homestyle Meals – Beef Sirloin &
                                                Gluten-Free                               Noodles with Mushroom Gravy
   Morningstar Farms                                                                      or Turkey Breast Medallions with
                                                Organic Burrito – Beans &
      Meal Starters – Veggie Chik’n             Cheddar Cheese, Black Bean, or            Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
      Strips or Veggie Steak Strips             Non Dairy Beans & Rice
      Original Chicken Tenders
                                                                                      Marie Callender’s
                                                Organic Enchilada – Black Bean
                                                                                          Complete Dinner – Country
      Veggie Breakfast – Bacon Strips,          Vegetable or Cheese
                                                                                          Fried Chicken & Gravy, Country
      Sausage Links, or Sausage Patties
                                            Food For Life                                 Fried Pork Chop, Herb Roasted
      Veggie Burgers – Grillers Prime,                                                    Chicken, or Salisbury Steak &
      Spicy Black Bean, or Tomato/              7 Sprouted Grains Bread
      Basil Pizza                               Ezekiel 4:9 Sesame Bread
                                                                                          Creamy Chicken & Shrimp
      Veggie Chik’n Nuggets                     Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain
                                                Bread, Certified Organic                                 Pg. 15 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                              Food & Nutrition Center

 Premium Dinners (Cont’d)                    Prepackaged Clear Fillets (Cont’d)      Regular Dinners (Cont’d)
   Marie Callender’s                           SeaPak Shrimp Co.                      Boston Market
       Pasta al Dente – Creamy Basil              Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers             Homestyle Meals, Potatoes Au
       Chicken, Fettucini Balsamic                                                        Gratin
       Chicken, or Penne Garlic Chicken
                                                  Seasations Fish Fillets –           Marie Callender’s
       Shrimp Scampi
                                                  Mediterranean Tomato & Basil            One-Dish Classics, Chunky
   Stouffer’s                                     Sauce, Savory Lemon Herb                Chicken & Noodles
       Homestyle Selects Roasted                  Sauce, or Thai Sauce with Basil
                                                                                      Michael Angelo’s
       Turkey Breast                         Prepackaged Shell Fish                       Shrimp Scampi with Pasta
 Prepackaged Breaded Sticks/                   Contessa
 Fillets                                                                              Michelina’s
                                                  Shrimp – Cooked with Tails-on,
                                                  Jumbo Cooked Select Harvest,            Lean Gourmet – Buffalo-Style
                                                  On the Bar-B, Scampi, or Whiskey        Chicken Snacks, Enchilada Bake,
       Batter Dipped Fish Portions                                                        or Flatbread Chicken Club
       Crunchy Breaded Stick
                                              Gorton’s                                Skyline
       Crunchy Fish Tenders
                                                  Grilled Shrimp – Classic or             Original Recipe Chili
       Fish Fillets –Beer Battered, Crispy
       Dipped Batter, Crispy Battered,            Scampi                              Stouffer’s
       Crunchy Breaded, Crunchy                   Shrimp Temptations – Butterfly           Baked Chicken Breast
       Breaded Garlic & Herb, Potato              Jumbo, Lemon Butter, or Scampi          Beef Pot Roast
       Crunch, or Southern Fried
                                              Mrs. Paul’s                                 Corner Bistro – Chicken/Broccoli/
       Premium Tilapia Sticks                                                             Cheddar Stromboli, Chicken
                                                  Select Cuts Fried Clams
   Mrs. Paul’s                                                                            Alfredo Flatbread Melt, Italian-
                                              Publix                                      Style Supreme Stromboli,
       Battered Haddock Fillets
                                                  Breaded Shrimp – Jumbo                  Pepperoni & Provolone
       Fish Fillets – Beer Battered or            Butterfly or Popcorn                     Stromboli, or Steak/Mushroom/
       Crispy & Crunchy                                                                   Cheddar Flatbread Melt
       Fish Sticks – Crispy & Healthy or      SeaPak Shrimp Co.
                                                                                          Creamy Cheddar Welsh Rarebit
       Crunchy                                    Shrimp – Alfredo, Breaded
                                                  Butterfly, Breaded Popcorn,              Fried Chicken Breast
       Light Flounder Fillets
                                                  Popcorn, Scampi, or Tossers             Homestyle Classics Tuna Noodle
   Publix                                         Oven-Crunchy Tails-off                  Casserole
       Breaded Fish Fillets                       Tilapia Tenders                         Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese
       Breaded Fish Sticks                                                                Rigatoni with Roasted Chicken in
 Prepackaged Clear Fillets                                                                Pesto Sauce
                                                  Shrimp – Breaded Butterfly,
   Gorton’s                                       Cooked Salad, or Large Cooked           Roasted Turkey Breast
       Grilled Salmon – Classic, Fillets          Cocktail                                Salisbury Steak
       with Lemon Butter, or Premium         Regular Dinners                              Side Dish – Cheddar Potato
       Grilled Tilapia with Roasted                                                       Bake, Creamed Spinach, or
                                              Amy’s Kitchen                               Spinach Souffle
       Garlic & Butter
                                                  California Veggie Burger
                                                                                     Skillet Meals
   Oven Poppers                                   Especial Burrito
       Stuffed Flounder with Garlic
                                                  Southwest Burrito
                                                                                          Complete Skillet Dinner For Two
       Stuffed Salmon with Spinach &              Texas Veggie Burger, Bacon
                                                                                          – Chicken Florentine & Farfalle;
       Cheese                                     Flavored
                                                                                          Chicken, Rigatoni & Broccoli;
       Stuffed Sole with Crab
                                              Banquet                                     Mediterranean Steak, Rigatoni &
       Stuffed Tilapia in Lemon/Garlic/                                                   Portabello Mushrooms; Shrimp
                                                  Macaroni Cheese
       Butter Sauce                                                                       Scampi & Linguine; Shrimp,
                                                  Meatball Spaghetti
   SeaPak Shrimp Co.                                                                      Asparagus & Penne; Shrimp &
                                                  Select Recipes – Chicken                Penne Primavera; or Spinach &
       Maryland Style Crab Cakes                  Parmesan, Enchiladas, or                Ricotta Cheese Ravioli
       Salmon in Herb Butter Sauce                Homestyle Pot Roast
       Tilapia in Artichoke Pesto Sauce                                   Pg. 16 of 51                        Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                              Food & Nutrition Center

 Skillet Meals (Cont’d)                    Juice Novelties                           Water Novelties (Cont’d)
   Birds Eye                                 Edy’s                                    Publix
       Voila! Shrimp Scampi Meal                No Sugar Added Fruit Bars,                 Sugar Free Junior Pops –
                                                Strawberry Tangerine Raspberry             Assorted, Cherry, Grape, or
                                           Ice Cream – Premium                             Orange
       Restaurant-Quality Jambalaya
       Pictsweet Steam’ables Complete        Breyers
                                                Ice Cream Carb Smart – Rocky
       Meals – Chicken Pasta Primavera,
       Chicken Tuscan Penne Pasta,              Road or Vanilla                      Breakfast
       Fiesta Chicken & Rice, Garlic       Ice Cream – Reduced Fat                     Banquet
       Shrimp Fettucini, Grilled Chicken                                                   Brown ‘N Serve – Beef Sausage
       with Summer Vegetables, or
                                                                                           Links, Beef Sausage Patties,
       Oriental-Style Chicken & Rice            No Sugar Added Light Sugar Ice             Country Recipe Lite Sausage
                                                Cream – Vanilla or French Vanilla          Links, Lite Maple Sausage Links,
                                                No Sugar Added Ice Cream,                  Maple Sausage Links, Original
   Soup Man                                     Vanilla-Chocolate-Strawberry               Lite Sausage Links, Original
       Ready-to-Eat Gourmet Soup                No Sugar Added Sugar Smart                 Sausage Links, or Turkey Sausage
       – Broccoli & Cheese, Chicken             Butter Pecan                               Patties
       Vegetable, Italian Wedding, or
       Seafood Bisque                       Edy’s                                     Habbersett
                                                No Sugar Added Ice Cream                   Scrapple
FRUITS                                          – Chocolate Caramel Swirl,
                                                                                      Jimmy Dean
                                                Coffee, Mint Chocolate Chip,
 Fruits                                                                                    Heat ‘N Serve Sausage Links
                                                Neapolitan, Reduced Fat Vanilla,
   Publix                                       or Vanilla Bean                       Jones Dairy Farm
       Grade A Fancy Rhubarb                    No Sugar Added Light Fudge                 Golden Brown Sausage – Lite
                                                Tracks                                     Links, Links, Links Bacon, Links
ICE CREAM AND NOVELTIES                         Reduced Fat No Sugar Added                 Mild, Maple Patties, or Patties
 Cream Based Novelties                          Grand Ice Cream – Butter Pecan             Lite Sausage Breakfast Links
   Klondike                                     or Triple Chocolate                        Little Links
       Slim-A-Bear No Sugar Added               Slow Churned No Sugar Added                Sausage Patties
       Reduced Fat & Calorie Ice Cream          Vanilla Chocolate Swirl
                                                                                      Odom’s Tennessee Pride
                                                                                           Mild Real Country Sausage
   PhillySwirl                                  Moose Tracks Premium Ice                   Patties
       Cream Stix Sugar Free Vanilla            Cream, No Sugar Added
                                                                                     Dinner Sausages
       Swirled with Orange, Cherry &       Ice Cream – Super Premium
       Raspberry                                                                       Hebrew National
                                                                                           Franks in a Blanket
   Popsicle                                     Swiss Almond Vanilla
       Sugar Free Creamsicle               Sherbert                                   Johnsonville
   Publix                                    Publix
                                                                                           Bratwurst & Beer
       No Sugar Added Ice Cream                 Orange, No Sugar Added
                                                                                           Bratwurst Patties
       – Bars, Sandwiches, or Squares      Water Novelties
                                                                                           Hot Italian Sausage
 Fudge Based Novelties                      Luigi’s                                        Sweet Italian Sausage
   Breyers                                      Real Italian Ice Variety Pack, No
       Carb Smart Fudge Bar                     Sugar Added                           Nathan’s
                                                                                           100% All Beef Franks in a Blanket
   Healthy Choice                           Popsicle
                                                Sugar Free Ice Pops – Low
       Premium Fudge Bars
                                                Calorie Assorted Flavors or           Coleman
   Publix                                       Tropical                                   Natural 1/3 Lb. Burgers
       Fudge Pops, No Sugar Added                                 Pg. 17 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

 Patties                                  Poultry (Cont’d)                          Pre-Packaged Poultry (Cont’d)
   Bubba Burger                            Publix                                     Tyson
       Angus Burgers                           Boneless Skinless Chicken                 Chicken Breasts Diced
       Beef Burgers with Sweet Onion           Breasts                                   Country Fried Beef Steak Patties
       Mini Burgers                            Chicken Breast Tenderloins                Fajita Chicken Strips
       Original Burgers                        Chicken Wingettes                         Southwest Chicken Breast Strips
       Reduced Fat Beef Burgers            Tyson
   Jennie-O                                    Any’Tizers – Buffalo chicken        PIZZA AND SNACKS
       Turkey Burgers
                                               Wings, Buffalo Style Boneless        French Bread
                                               Chicken Wings, Homestyle               Red Baron
   Philly Gourmet                              Chicken Fries, Honey BBQ
                                                                                         French Bread Pizza, Cheese &
       Beef Patties                            Boneless Chicken Wings, Mini
                                                                                         Garlic or Pepperoni
       Thick Beef Patties                      Chicken Bites, or Ranch Chicken
                                               Fries                                 Stouffer’s
                                               Boneless Skinless Chicken                 Cheese French Bread Pizza
  Banquet                                      Breasts                              Healthy
       Chicken Breast – Strips or              Buffalo Chicken Strips
       Tenders                                                                       Amy’s Kitchen
                                               Chicken Breast – Filets, Patties,
       Chicken Nuggets                                                                   Amy’s Pizza – Mushroom & Olive,
                                               Tenderloins, or Tenders
                                                                                         Organic Margherita, Pesto,
       Chicken Patties                         Chicken Nuggets                           Tomato & Cheese, or Tomatoes
   Barber Foods                                Crispy Chicken Strips                     & Spinach
       Chicken Grillables                      Fun Shaped Chicken Nuggets            Kashi
       Stuffed Chicken Breasts –               Honey Battered Chicken Breast             All Natural Pizza – Black Bean or
       Asparagus & Cheese, Broccoli            Tenders                                   Mediterranean
       & Cheese, Cordon Bleu, Kiev,            Honey BBQ Chicken Strips                  All Natural Pizza, Thin Crust
       Parmesan, or Scallops & Lobster         Southern Fried Chicken Nuggets            – Margherita Tomato/Garlic/
   Fast Classics                               Southern Style Chicken Breast             Cheese, Mushroom/Spinach, or
       Flame Roasted Chicken Breasts           Tenderloin                                Roasted Vegetables
                                               Spicy Chicken Breast Fillets          Publix GreenWise Market
   Fast Fixin’
       Chicken Breast Nuggets
                                          Pre-Packaged Poultry                           Organic Pizza – Margherita,
                                            Armour                                       Spinach & Feta, or Vegetable
       Chicken Fries
       Popcorn Chicken                         Meatballs – Beef Spaghetti,          Premium
                                               Italian, Turkey, or Original           California Pizza Kitchen
   Jennie-O                                    Homestyle
                                                                                         Crispy Thin Crust Pizza – Garlic
       Ready-to-Cook Turkey Roast
                                           Celentano                                     Chicken, Margherita, Sicilian
   Louis Rich                                  Meatballs – Regular, Italian, or          Recipe, or White
       Ground Turkey                           Turkey                                    Flatbread Melts – Chicken &
       Turkey Breakfast Sausage                                                          Bacon Club or Chicken Santa Fe
                                                                                         Pizza for One, Sicilian Recipe
   Perdue                                      Grilled Chicken Breast Strips
       Boneless Skinless Chicken                                                     DiGiorno
                                           Philly Gourmet
       Breasts                                                                           Crispy Flatbread Pizza – Italian
                                               Sandwich Steaks                           Sausage & Onion, Pepperoni &
       Buffalo Wings
                                           Provimi                                       Fire-Roasted Bell Peppers, or
       Chicken Breast Chunks with
                                               Italian Breaded Veal Patties              Tuscan Style Chicken
       Honey Dijon
                                                                                         For One Flatbread Melts –
       Homestyle Chicken Breast Strips     Steak-umm                                     Chicken & Bacon Ranch, Chicken
   Publix                                      Sandwich Steaks                           Parmesan, or Steak & Fire-
       Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast    Tyson                                         Roasted Vegetables
       Cutlets                                 Chicken Breast Strips                                Pg. 18 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                Food & Nutrition Center

 Premium (Cont’d)                            Snacks (Cont’d)                          Hash Browns (Cont’d)
   Publix                                      Pillsbury                               McKenzie’s
       Premium Pizza Thin & Crispy                Savorings – Buffalo Style                Hush Puppies
       Crust – Margherita, Spicy Italian,         Chicken, Cheese & Spinach, or
       or White                                   Mozzarella & Pepperoni
                                                                                           Hash Browns – Country Style,
 Regular                                      Publix                                       Southern Style, or Toaster
  Kraft                                           Breaded Mozzarella Cheese                Potatoes O’Brien
       South Beach Diet Harvest Wheat             Sticks, Includes Marinara Dipping
       Crust Pizza – Four Cheese,                 Sauce                                Pacific Valley
       Grilled Chicken & Vegetable, or            Pizza Snack Rolls – Cheese,              Tater Patties
       Pepperoni                                  Pepperoni, or Sausage &              Publix
   Publix                                                                                  Hash Brown Potatoes
       Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza             Superpretzel                                 Shredded
                                                  Soft Pretzel                        Onions
   Red Baron
       Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza              T.G.I. Friday’s                          Alexia
       Singles                                    Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed                  Onion Rings with Sea Salt
                                                  Potato Skins
   Tombstone                                                                           Ore-Ida
                                                  Buffalo Popcorn Chicken
       Thin Crust Four Meat Combo                                                          Onion Rings
                                                  Buffalo Wings
   Totinos                                        Loaded! – Cheddar & Bacon            Publix
       Party Pizza Crisp Crust – Cheese,          Potato Skins, Chicken Quesadilla         Chopped Onions
       Combination Sausage &                      Rolls, or Crispy Buffalo Wings      Potatoes
       Pepperoni, Pepperoni, Sausage,
                                                  Mozzarella Buffalo Sticks            Alexia
       Supreme, The Original Classic
       Pepperoni, Three Cheese, or                Mozzarella Sticks                        All Natural Oven Fries Olive Oil,
       Three Meat                                 Quesadilla – Chicken Rolls,              Rosemary & Garlic
                                                  Mexican Style Chicken, or                All Natural Sweet Potato Fries
                                                  Mexican Style Steak
   Hot Pockets                                                                             All Natural Waffle Fries
                                                  Spinach/Artichoke/Cheese Dip
       Deli Style Ham & Cheese, Stuffed                                                    Parmesan / Garlic
       Panini Sandwich – Bruschetta
                                                                                       Cascadian Farms
       Chicken or Steak & Cheddar                 Pizza Rolls – Pepperoni &
                                                                                           Organic French Fries
                                                  Cheese, Sausage & Pepperoni,
   White Castle                                   Supreme, or Three Cheese             Ore-Ida
       Cheeseburgers                                                                       Country Style Steak Fries
       Hamburgers                           POTATOES                                       Crinkle Cut French Fries
 Snacks                                      Baked Potatoes                                Crispers
   Amy’s                                      Mrs. T’s                                     Crispy Crowns
       Cheese Pizza Organic Snacks                Pierogies – Mini Potato &                Crispy Seasoned Zesties
                                                  Cheddar; Potato & 4-Cheese               Extra Crispy Fries – Crinkle
   Bagel Bites                                    Blend; Potato & Cheddar; Potato          Cut French Fries, Crinkle Cut
       Cheese & Pepperoni                         & Onion; or Potato, Sour Cream           Seasoned, Easy , Fast Food, or
       Cheese/Sausage/Pepperoni                   & Chive                                  Tater Tots
       Three Cheese                           Ore-Ida                                      Golden Fries
   Farm Rich                                      Steam n’ Smash – Roasted Garlic          Golden Twirls
       Cheese & Chicken with Bacon                or Russet                                Mini Tater Tots
       Sandwich Melt                         Hash Browns                                   Original Roasted Potatoes
   Philly                                     Cascadian Farms                              Roasted Garlic & Parmesan
       Soft Pretzels                              Hash Browns                              Potatoes
                                                                                           Shoestring Fries
                                                                                           Steak Fries                                   Pg. 19 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

 Potatoes (Cont’d)                        Miscellaneous Frozen (Cont’d)            Broccoli (Cont’d)
  Ore-Ida                                  Publix                                    Green Giant
       Tater Tots                              Bay Scallops                             Digestive Health Yellow Carrots/
       Tater Tots with Onions             Shrimp                                        Navy Beans/Spinach in Garlic
       Waffle Fries                          Publix
                                                                                        Immunity Boost Broccoli/Carrots/
   Publix                                      Cooked White Shrimp – Medium             Peppers
       French Fried Potatoes – Crinkle         or Extra Large
                                                                                        Red Potatoes with Garlic and
       Cut, Fast Food, Seasoned,               Peeled & Deveined White Shrimp           Herbs
       Shoestring, or Straight Cut             – Medium, Large, or Jumbo
                                                                                        Select Just For One Frozen,
       Steak Fries                                                                      Broccoli & Carrots in Italian
       Tater Bites                       VEGETABLES                                     Seasoning or Broccoli & Cheese
                                          Asparagus                                     Vegetables
SEAFOOD                                    Birds Eye                                    Simply Steamed Seasoned
 Appetizers                                    Asparagus Spears                         Valley Fresh Steamers, Broccoli &
  Matlaw’s                                                                              Cheese Sauce
                                           Green Giant
       Clams Casino                                                                     Vegetable Pouch – Healthy Vision
                                               Simply Steamed Asparagus Cuts
                                                                                        or Healthy Weight
       Clams Oreganata                    Broccoli
   Original Rangoon                         Birds Eye
                                                                                        Deluxe Broccoli Florets
       Bacon Wrapped Scallops                  Baby Broccoli Florets
       Crab Rangoon                            Broccoli Cuts                        Publix
                                               Broccoli Spears                          Broccoli – Chopped, Cuts,
   Phillips                                                                             Florets, or Spears
       Crab Cakes                              Broccoli with Cheese Sauce
                                                                                        Steam in Bag Broccoli Florets
       Mini Crab Cakes                         Farm Fresh Mixtures – Broccoli/
                                               Carrots/Water Chestnuts or          Brussel Sprouts
   Shaw’s                                      Broccoli/Cauliflower/Carrots           Birds Eye
       Grouper Burgers                         Steamfresh – Baby Broccoli               Steamfresh Baby Brussel Sprouts
       Original Crab Cakes                     Blend, Broccoli Cuts, Broccoli/
                                               Carrots/Cauliflower, Broccoli/        Green Giant
       Shrimp Cakes
                                               Carrots/Sugar Snap Peas/                 Baby Brussel Sprouts in Butter
   Tiger Thai                                  Waterchestnuts, Broccoli/                Sauce
       Tempura Shrimp                          Cauliflower, Chicken-flavored          Pictsweet
 Finfish                                        Rice, Garlic Baby Peas and
                                                                                        Deluxe Baby Brussel Sprouts
                                               Mushrooms, Long Grain Rice with
                                               Vegetables, Long Grain White         Publix
       Cod Loins                               Rice, Southwestern Style Rice, or        Brussel Sprouts
       Flounder Fillets                        Wild Grain Brown Rice
       Haddock Loins                           Steamfresh Premium Selects –
       Halibut Steaks                          Broccoli Florets or Sugar Snap       Publix
       Mahi Fillets                            Peas                                     Crinkle Cut Carrots
       Orange Roughy Fillets               Cascadian Farms                              Whole Baby Carrots
       Snapper Fillets                         Organic Broccoli Florets            Cauliflower
       Tuna Steaks                                                                  Birds Eye
                                           Green Giant
 Miscellaneous Frozen                                                                   Steamfresh Cauliflower Seasoned
                                               Broccoli and 3 Cheese Sauce
                                                                                        with Garlic
  Bantry Bay                                   Broccoli and Zesty Cheese Sauce
       Mussels in Garlic Butter                Broccoli in Butter Sauce             Green Giant
       Mussels in Tomato & Garlic              Broccoli Spears                          Cauliflower & Cheese Vegetables

   Margaritaville                              Broccoli with Cheese Sauce           Publix
       Island Lime Shrimp                                                               Cauliflower
       Sunset Shrimp Scampi                                Pg. 20 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                          Food & Nutrition Center

 Corn                                   International (Cont’d)                  Pasta Vegetable Mix
  Cascadian Farms                         Publix                                  Green Giant
      Organic Sweet Corn                     Vegetable Blends – Alpine,              Create A Meal! Stir Fry
                                             Italian, or Japanese                    – Szechuan or Teriyaki
   Green Giant
                                        Lima Beans                                   Seasoned Vegetables – Broccoli
      Extra Sweet Nibblers Corn on
                                                                                     & Carrots with Garlic & Herbs or
      the Cob                             Birds Eye
                                                                                     Garden Vegetable Medley
      Shoepeg White Corn in Butter           Tender Baby Lima Beans
                                                                                     Valley Fresh Steamers, Broccoli/
                                         Green Giant                                 Carrots/Cauliflower & Cheese
      Select Whole Green Beans                                                       Sauce
                                             Baby Lima Beans in Butter Sauce
      Simply Steam No Sauce Shoepeg                                             Peas
                                             Simply Steam No Sauce Baby
      White Corn
                                         Pictsweet                                Birds Eye
 Green Beans
                                             Fordhook Lima Beans                     Baby Sweet Peas
  Birds Eye
                                                                                     Steamfresh Sweet Peas
      Cut Green Beans                    Publix
                                                                                     Sweet Garden Peas
      French Cut Green Beans                 Baby
      Green Beans with Lightly Salted        Fordhook                            Cascadian Farms
      Almonds                           Mixed Vegetables                             Organic Garden Peas
      Steamfresh – Cut Green Beans       Birds Eye                               Green Giant
      or Premium Selects Whole Green                                                 Simple Steam No Sauce – Baby
      Beans                                                                          Sweet Peas, Sugar Snap Peas, or
                                             Steamfresh – Asparagus/Corn/
   Cascadian Farms                           Carrots or Mixed                        Sweet Peas And Pearl Onions
      Organic Cut Green Beans                Vegetable Mixers, Baby Beans &      La Choy
      Organic Edamame                        Carrot Blend                            Snow Pea Pods
   Green Giant                           Cascadian Farms                         Publix
      Green Bean Casserole                   Purely Steam Organic – Broccoli         Green Peas
      Simply Steam No Sauce Green            & Carrots with Garlic & Herbs or        Peas & Carrots
      Beans and Almonds                      Garden Vegetable Medley
                                                                                     Petite Peas
   Pictsweet                             Green Giant                                 Steam in Bag Petite Green Peas
      Deluxe Whole Baby Green Beans          Simply Steamed Garden              Southern Vegetable
                                             Vegetable Medley
   Publix                                                                         Publix
                                             Vegetable Medley in Butter
      Cut Green Beans                        Sauce                                   Blackeye Peas
      French Cut Green Beans                                                         Butter Beans
      Steam in Bag Cut Green Beans                                                   Butter Peas
                                             Stew Vegetables
 International                                                                       Cut Okra
                                         Pictsweet                                   Diced Green Peppers Grade A
   Birds Eye
                                             Deluxe Mixed Vegetables                 Fancy
      Farm Fresh Mixtures – Stir Fry
      Broccoli or Stir Fry Peppers       Publix                                      Chopped Collard
      Steam & Serve Vegetables –             Casual & Light Mixed Vegetables         Chopped Turnip with Diced
      Balsamic Glazed, Italian Herb                                                  Turnip
      Harvest, Lemon Pepper, or                                                      Field Peas with Snaps
                                             Steam in Bag – Regular or
      Spring Citrus Sauce                    California Blend                        Sliced Yellow Squash
      Steamfresh, Season Asian Medley        Vegetables Blend – California,          Speckled Butter Beans
      Steamfresh Singles – Baby              Del Oro, or Roma                        Succotash
      Brussel Sprouts or Sweet Peas                                                  Vegetable Gumbo Mix
   Green Giant                                                                       Vegetable Soup with Tomatoes
      Valley Fresh Steamers, Asian                                                   Whole Baby Okra
      Style Medley                               Pg. 21 of 51                        Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                          Food & Nutrition Center

 Southern Vegetable (Cont’d)           Baking Chocolate (Cont’d)                Gelatin
   Today’s Harvest                      Nestle’s                                 Jell-O
      Baby Lima Beans                       Baking Cocoa                             Sugar Free Gelatin Dessert –
      Broccoli Florets                 Cake Decorations                              Black Cherry, Cherry, Cranberry,
                                                                                     Lemon, Lime, Mixed Fruit,
      Field Peas with Snaps             Betty Crocker                                Orange, Peach, Raspberry,
 Spinach                                    Carousel Sprinkles Mix                   Strawberry, Strawberry Banana,
   Birds Eye                                Chocolate Sprinkles Toppings             or Strawberry Kiwi
      Chopped                               Icing – Black, Blue, Green, Pink,    Hunt’s
      Creamed                               Red, or White
                                                                                     Sugar Free Cherry Gel Pack
                                            Icing, Decorating – Black, Blue,         Snacks
   Cascadian Farms
                                            Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White,
      Organic Cut Spinach                   or Yellow                            Knox
   Green Giant                                                                       Unflavored Gelatin
                                        Cake Mate
      Frozen Vegetables – Creamed                                                    Orange Nail/Gelatin
                                            Princess Decorating Jar
      Spinach, Spinach, or Cut Leaf                                              Royal
      Spinach in Butter Sauce          Flour
                                                                                     Sugar Free Gelatin Dessert –
                                         Eagle Mills
   Pictsweet                                                                         Cherry, Lime, Orange, Raspberry,
                                            Unbleached                               Strawberry, or Strawberry Banana
      Deluxe Baby Leaf Spinach
                                        General Mills                           Meal and Baking Powders
                                            All-Purpose                          Argo
      Cut Leaf                          General Mills                                Baking Powder
      Spinach Leaf                          Harvest King Better-4-Bread              Corn Starch

 Veg’n Sauce                            Gold Medal                               Arm & Hammer
   Birds Eye                                All-Purpose                              Baking Soda
      Deluxe Artichoke Hearts               Self-Rising                          Bob’s Redmill
      Small Whole Onions                    Unbleached                               Meal Flaxseed
   Green Giant                          King Arthur                              Calumet
      Broccoli Carrot Cauliflower And        100% Organic – All-Purpose or            Baking Powder
      Cheese Sauce                          Whole Wheat
      Cheesy Rice & Broccoli
                                            White Wheat                              Baking Powder
      Rice Medley
                                            Whole Wheat                              Corn Starch
      Rice Pilaf
      Roasted Potatoes Garlic &         Pillsbury                                Cream
      Vegetables                                                                     Corn Starch
                                            Plain                                House-Autry
                                            Self-Rising                              Onion Hushpuppy Mix
GROCERY                                     Unbleached                               Seafood Breader
                                            Whole Wheat                              Self-Rising Corn Meal
BAKING PRODUCTS                                                                      Yellow Corn Meal
 Baking Chocolate
                                            Unbleached All-Purpose               Martha White
                                                                                     Hushpuppy Mix
      Unsweetened Chocolate             Swansdown
                                            Cake                                     Self-Rising Corn Meal Mix
   Hershey’s                                                                         Regular, Buttermilk, or White
      Cocoa                                                                          Corn
      Special Dark Chocolate                                                     Maseca
                                                                                     Corn Instant Masa Mix                              Pg. 22 of 51                         Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                Food & Nutrition Center

 Meal and Baking Powders (Cont’d)         Puddings                                   Sugar Substitutes (Cont’d)
  Publix                                    Hunt’s                                     Sweet’n Low
       Corn Meal Mix – Plain or Self-          No Sugar Added Pudding Snack               Sugar Substitute Packets
       Rising                                  Pack – Chocolate or Vanilla
   Quaker Oats                             Jell-O                                         Sugar Substitute Packets
       Yellow Corn Meal                        Fat Free, Sugar Free White
                                               Chocolate Instant Pudding
   Rumford                                                                                Natural Sweetener
                                               Sugar Free Cook & Serve
       Baking Powder                                                                 Syrup
                                               – Chocolate or Vanilla
       Corn Starch
                                               Sugar Free Instant Pudding              Cary’s
 Misc. Desserts                                – Chocolate or Vanilla                     Sugar Free Maple Syrup
  Dream Whip                                   Sugar Free Instant Banana
                                                                                      Log Cabin
       Whipped Topping Mix                     Sugar Free Instant Pudding & Pie
                                                                                          Sugar Free Syrup
 Muffins / Breads                               Filling – Butterscotch, Chocolate,
                                               Chocolate Fudge, Fat Free              Maple Grove Farms
  Betty Crocker                                Lemon, Pistachio, or Vanilla               Sugar Free Syrup
       Bisquick Complete Biscuit Mix –         Sugar Free Singles – Chocolate
       Buttermilk or Cheese Garlic             or Vanilla
                                                                                      Mrs. Butterworth’s
   Jiffy                                                                                  Sugar Free Syrup
                                           Minute Rice
       Buttermilk Biscuit Mix                  Tapioca Quick Cooking For
   Krusteaz                                    Pudding & Pies                             Sugar Free Breakfast Syrup
       Bread Mix – Homestyle or Italian    Royal
       Herb                                                                         BEVERAGES AND ADDITIVES
                                               Sugar Free Pudding – Banana
                                                                                     Carbonated Soft Drinks
   Martha White                                Crème, Butterscotch, or Pistachio
                                               Sugar Free Pudding & Pie Filling       7-Up
       Cornbread Mix – Buttermilk or
       Cotton Country Buttermilk               – Chocolate or Vanilla                     Diet Cherry Antioxidant Soda
 Pancake Mixes                            Sugar Substitutes                               Diet Soda

   Aunt Jemima                              Equal                                     A&W
       Whole Wheat Pancake Mix                 Packets                                    Diet Root Beer
                                               Spoonful                               Barq’s
                                               Tablets                                    Diet Root Beer
       Baking & Pancake Mix with
       Buttermilk – Original or Reduced    Natra Taste                                Canada Dry
       Fat                                     Packets                                    Club Soda
       Heart Smart
                                           Publix                                         Diet Ginger Ale
   General Mills                               Aspartame Sweetener                        Diet Tonic Water
       Fiber One Complete
                                           Splenda                                    Coca Cola
   Krusteaz                                    Brown                                      Cherry Coke Zero
       Chocolate Chip                          Café Sticks                                Coke Zero
 Pie Crust                                     Fiber Packets                              Diet Cherry Coke
   Betty Crocker                               Granular                                   Diet Coke
       Pie Crust Mix                           Mini Tabs                                  Diet Coke Plus
   Keebler                                     Packets                                    Diet Coke with Lime
       Graham Cracker Crumbs                   Sugar Blend                                Diet Coke with Splenda
                                           Sweetleaf Sweetener                            Vanilla Coke Zero
       Graham Cracker Crumbs                   All Natural Stevia Plus                Crush
                                                                                          Diet Orange Soda                                 Pg. 23 of 51                            Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                      Food & Nutrition Center

 Carbonated Soft Drinks (Cont’d)   Coffee                                   Milk Flavoring (Cont’d)
  Diet Rite                         General Foods International              Swiss Miss
         Cola                           Sugar Free Cafés – Decaffeinated           Diet Cocoa Mix
                                        French Vanilla, Decaffeinated       New Age
   Dr. Pepper
                                        Suisse Chocolate, French Vanilla,
         Diet Cherry Soda               Suisse Chocolate, Vienna, or Chai    Fuze
         Diet Soda                                                                 Slenderize – Cranberry/
                                    Hills Brothers                                 Raspberry, Strawberry/Melon, or
   Fresca                               Sugar Free French Vanilla                  Tropical Punch
         Diet Peach Citrus Soda         Cappuccino
                                                                             Red Bull
         Diet Soda                 Coffee Creamers
                                                                                   Sugar Free Energy Drink
   IBC                              Carnation
         Diet Root Beer                 Coffee-mate – Original, Fat Free,
                                        Light, Singles, Sugar Free French     4C
   Minute Maid                          Vanilla, Sugar Free Hazelnut, or           Totally Light Ice Tea Mix with
         Light Lemonade                 Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel                 Lemon
   Mountain Dew                     Splenda                                  Arizona
         Diet Soda                      Flavored Blend – Caramel, French           Diet Blueberry Green
   Nestea                               Vanilla, Hazelnut, or Mocha                Diet Cranberry/Apple Green
         Diet Iced Tea              Publix                                         Decaffeinated Green
                                        Non Dairy Coffee Creamer                   Green
                                        Non Dairy Lite Coffee Creamer              Lemon
         Diet MAX Soda
                                   Milk                                            Peach Green
         Diet Soda
   Publix                           Carnation
         Club Soda                      Evaporated Milk – Regular, Fat
                                        Free, or Low Fat                     Gold Peak
         Diet Black Cherry Soda
                                    Edensoy                                        Diet
         Diet Caffeine Free Cola
         Diet Cherry Cola               Unsweetened Soy                      Lipton
         Diet Cola                  Goya                                           Diet Green Tea with Citrus
         Diet Ginger Ale                Coconut                                    Diet Iced Tea Mix – Peach or
         Diet Lemon Lime Soda       Meyenberg                                      Sugar Free Decaffeinated Iced
         Diet Orange Soda               Goat Milk                                  Tea Mix
         Diet Root Beer
                                    Nestle                                         To-Go Iced Tea Mix – Energize
         Diet Tonic Water                                                          Blueberry/Pomegranate, Green
                                        Table Cream
   Sierra Mist                                                                     Citrus, Iced Tea with Lemon, or
                                    Publix                                         Sugar Free Mandarin/Mango
         Ruby Splash Free                                                    Snapple
                                   Milk Flavoring                                  Diet Cranberry/Raspberry
                                    Hershey’s                                      Diet Green
         Diet Zero
                                        Sugar Free Syrup – Regular or              Diet Lemon
   Sunkist                              Strawberry
                                                                                   Diet Lime Green
         Diet Oange Soda            Nesquik                                        Diet Peach
   TAB                                  No Sugar Added Chocolate                   Diet Raspberry
         Diet Soda                      Powder
   Vernors                          Nestle                                         Sugar Free Iced Tea Mix
         Diet Ginger Ale                Fat Free Hot Cocoa                           Pg. 24 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                           Food & Nutrition Center

 Water                                    Buns / Rolls / Biscuits (Cont’d)         Hard Breads
  Aquafina                                  Arnold                                   Kavli
       Flavored Splash – Grape or               Potato Rolls                            Crispbread – 5 Grain, Whole
       Raspberry                                Sesame Sandwich Rolls                   Grain Crispy Thin, or Whole
                                                                                        Grain Hearty Thick
   Fruit 2’0                                    Whole Grain Sandwich Thins –
       Natural – Grape, Raspberry, or           White or Wheat                      Old London
       Strawberry                           Nature’s Own                                Garlic Rounds
       Tropical Fruit                           Honey Wheat Buns                        Rye Toast
   Glaceau Vitamin Water                        Honey Wheat Hot Dog Buns                Sesame Rounds
       10 Essentials                            Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns                Sesame Toast
       10 Multi-Vitamin                         Whole Wheat Sandwich Buns               Wheat Toast
       10 XXX                                                                           White Rounds
                                            Pepperidge Farm
                                                                                        White Toast
   Nestle                                       100% Whole Wheat Hamburger
                                                Buns                                    Whole Grain Rounds
       Purelife – Kiwi/Strawberry or
       Raspberry                                Frankfurter Sliced Rolls            Wasa
                                                Hamburger Rolls                         Hearty Rye Crackerbread
   Propel Fitness Water
                                                Sandwich Buns – Regular, Mini,          Multi Grain Hardbread
                                                Mini Wheat, or Onion                    Oats Hardbread
       Black Cherry
                                                Soft Hoagie Rolls                       Original Rye Crispbread – Fiber,
                                            Publix                                      Light, or Sourdough
                                                Brown & Serve Rolls                     Sesame Crispbread
                                                Sliced Enriched Buns, Hamburger    Loaf Bread
                                                or Hot Dog                           Arnold
                                                Sliced Enriched Hot Dog Rolls           12 Grain
   Sobe Life Water
                                          English Muffins / Bagels                       Country White
                                            Nature’s Own                                Dutch Country – 100% Whole
       Fuji Apple                                                                       Wheat Stone Ground, Double
                                                Honey Wheat English Muffins
       Yum Pomegranate                                                                  Fiber, Original Recipe Soft
                                            Pepperidge Farm                             Potato, or Original Recipe White
   TalkingRain Twist Pure Artesian
                                                Cinnamon Bread Swirl                    Butter Split Top
                                                Cinnamon Whole Grain Bread              Grains & More Active
       Natural Lemon Juice
                                                Swirl With Raisins                      Health Nut
       Organic – Mango/Acai,
                                                Plain Mini Bagels                       Italian
       Pomegranate/Blueberry, or West
       Indies Lime                          Publix                                      Natural Honey – Wheat or Whole
                                                English Muffins – Original or            Grain White
BREAD                                           Sourdough                               Plain Jewish Rye
 Bread Sticks                                   Premium Recipe English Muffins           Pumpernickel
   Alessi                                       – Original, Honey Wheat, or             Whole Grain Classics – 100%
                                                Sourdough                               Whole Wheat, Double Fiber
       Breadsticks – Garlic, Grissini
                                                                                        100% Whole Wheat, Healthy
       Torinesi Rosemary, Sesame or         Thomas’
                                                                                        Multigrain, or Oatnut
       Thin                                     English Muffins – Original Plain,
 Buns / Rolls / Biscuits                        Honey Wheat, Light Multigrain,      Nature’s Own
                                                Original Whole Grain, or Wheat          12-Grain
                                                Mini Whole Wheat Bagels                 2x Fiber
       Dutch-Style Potato Hot Dog Rolls
                                                Omega-3 English Muffins                  100% Whole Wheat
       French Rolls
                                            Weight Watchers                             Double Fiber Wheat
       Italian Sub Rolls
                                                Bagels                                  Honey Wheat
       Multi-Grain Sandwich Thins
                                                English Muffins                          Light Honey Wheat                                 Pg. 25 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                               Food & Nutrition Center

 Loaf Bread (Cont’d)                         Specialty Breads                        Cereal (Cont’d)
   Nature’s Own                                Boboli                                 Kretschmer
      Light Wheat                                 Italian Pizza Crust – Original,         Honey Crunch
      Organic 100% Whole Wheat                    Thin, or 100% Whole Wheat Thin          Wheat Germ
      Organic Honey Wheat                    Tortillas                                Post
      Sugar Free 100% Whole Grain              La Banderita                               Grape Nuts
      Wheat                                       Flat Tortillas – Plain, Corn, or        Grape Nuts Flakes
      Whitewheat                                  Wheat
                                                                                          Healthy Classics Shredded –
   Pepperidge Farm                                Flour Tortillas                         Original Wheat or Wheat ‘N Bran
      Classic Dark Pumpernickel                   Soft Taco
      Deli Swirl Rye & Pump                       Wheat Tortilla
                                                                                          Corn Flakes
      Distinctive White Sandwich              Mission                                     Crisp Rice
      Family Rye                                  Soft Taco, Carb Balance                 Crispy Corn & Rice
      Farmhouse Bread – 12 Grain,                 Tortilla – Flour Pressed or Soft        Crunchy Rice
      Harvest Grain Hearty Slices,                Taco
                                                                                          Spoon-size Shredded Wheat
      Hearty White Slices, Soft                   Tortilla Wraps – Garden Spinach
      Oatmeal with Honey, Sourdough,                                                      Toasted Oats
                                                  Herb, or Sundried Tomato Basil
      Sweet Buttermilk, or Whole                                                          Wheat & Barley Nutty Nuggets
                                            BREAKFAST FOODS                           Publix GreenWise Market
      Light Style – 7 Grain, Extra Fiber,
                                             Breakfast Bar                                All Natural Flax Flakes
      Oatmeal, or Wheat
                                               South Beach                                Organic Toasted Oats
      Natural Whole Grain – German
      Dark Wheat, Nine Grain, or                  Living 100-Calorie Chocolate        Quaker
      Whole Wheat                            Cereal                                       Puffed Cereal Essentials – Rice or
      Seedless Rye                            Bear Naked                                  Wheat
      Very Thin Sliced – Wheat or                 Vanilla Almond Crunch               Uncle Sam
                                              Cascadian Farm                              Original
      Whole Grain – 100% Whole
      Wheat, 15 Grain, Oatmeal, or                Multigrain Squares Organic          Wheatabix
      Soft Honey Whole Wheat                      Cereal                                  Wheat
   Publix                                     General Mills                          Hot Cereal
      Enriched White                              Cheerios                            Farina
      Large White                                 Chex Corn                               Wheat
      Premium Recipe – 100% Whole                 Chex Rice
                                                                                      Jim Dandy
      Wheat Stone Ground, Blended                 Fiber One
                                                                                          Quick Grits
      Grain, Butter Crust White, Giant,           Kix Crispy Corn Puffs
      Honey Wheat, Light Natural                  Wheaties                            Kretschmer
      Grain, Light Wheat, Multi-                                                          Wheat Germ – Original Toasted
      Grain, Oat Bran ‘N Honey, Old           Kashi                                       or Honey Crunch
      Fashioned White, Sourdough,                 7-Grain Puffed
      Wheat, or Whole Grain                                                           McCann
                                              Kellogg’s                                   Irish Oatmeal
   Sunbeam                                        Crispix                                 Quick Steel Cut Oatmeal
      Giant                                       Corn Flakes
      Old Fashion                                                                     Nabisco
                                                  Product 19
                                                                                          Cream of Rice
   Weight Watchers                                Rice Krispies
                                                                                          Cream of Wheat, Cook in 1
      Multi-Grain                                 Special K – Regular, Fat Free,          Minute
      Wheat                                       Low Carb, or Protein Plus
                                                                                          Original Instant Cream of Wheat
                                                  Unfrosted Bite-Size Mini Wheats
   Wonder                                                                                 Quick Cream of Wheat
      Whole Grain White                                     Pg. 26 of 51                        Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                         Food & Nutrition Center

 Hot Cereal (Cont’d)                     Bagged Candy / Non-Chocolate            Chewing Gum (Cont’d)
  Publix                                 (Cont’d)                                 Wrigley’s
      Low Sugar Maple & Brown Sugar        Twizzler                                   5 Cobalt
      Oatmeal                                 Licorice Bites                          5 Elixer
      Regular Instant Oatmeal                                                         5 Rain
      Oats – Quick or Old Fashioned                                                   Doublemint
                                              Sugar Free – Original or Coffee
   Publix GreenWise Market               Breath Fresheners                            Juicy Fruit
      Organic Old Fashioned Oats           Breath Savers
      Organic Regular Instant Oatmeal         Peppermint
                                                                                CANNED AND DRIED FRUITS
                                                                                 Citrus Specialty / Miscellaneous
   Quaker                                 Tic Tac                                Fruit
      Instant Grits – Original, Cheese        Big Freshmint
      Lovers, or Real Butter                                                       Publix
                                         Chewing Gum                                  Maraschino Cherries
      Instant Oatmeal, Regular
      Oat Bran
                                          Dentyne                                     Maraschino Cherries with Stems
      Maple Brown Sugar Instant
      Oatmeal – Low Sugar or Weight           Ice Arctic Chill                  CANNED VEGETABLES
      Control                                 Ice Peppermint                     Asparagus
      Multi-Grain Oatmeal                 Eclipse                                 Del Monte
      Oatmeal – Old Fashioned,                Peppermint                              Cuts & Tips, Fresh Cut
      Instant, or Quick 1 Minute                                                      Extra Long Fresh Cut Spears
                                              Polar Ice
      Quick Grits                                                                     Salad Tips
      Quick Hominy Grits                                                              Specialties Spears Slender Whole
      Steel Cut Oatmeal
                                          Extra                                   Green Giant
      Weight Management Instant
                                              Peppermint                              Le Sueur Spears Extra Large
      Oatmeal – Banana Bread or
      Cinnamon                                Polar Ice                               Spears, 50% Less Sodium
                                              Spearmint                               Tender Green Cut
      Classic Cereal                          Sweet Watermelon Gum                Vigo
                                          Orbit                                       Marinated Asparagus
CANDY                                         Bubblemint                         Baked Beans
 Bagged Candy / Chocolate                     Peppermint                          B&M
  Dove                                        Spearmint                               No Sugar Added Bold & Zesty
      Sugar Free Double Dark                  Sweetmint                          Beets
      Chocolate                               White Bubblemint                    Aunt Nellie’s
   Hershey’s                                  White Peppermint                        Red Cabbage
      Sugar Free – Caramel, Dark              Wintermint                              Sliced Harvard Ruby Red Sweet
      Chocolate, Reese’s Chocolate, or                                                & Sour
      York Peppermint Patties                                                         Whole Ruby Red Pickled
   Russel Stover’s                                                               Canned Pasta
      Sugar Free – Coconut Patties,                                               Chef Boyardee
      Mint Patties, or Pecan Delights         Original
                                                                                      Beef Ravioli
 Bagged Candy / Non-Chocolate                                                         Cheesy Burger Macaroni
                                              Tropical Twist
  Lifesavers                                                                          Mac & Cheese
                                              White Mango Berry
      Sugar Free - Five Flavors or                                                    Mac & Cheese, Big Bowl
      Wintergreen                             White Peppermint
                                                                                      Microwave Macaroni & Cheese
                                              White Spearmint
   Sweet’n Low                                                                        Microwave Rice with Chicken and
      Candies – Butterscotch or Coffee                                                Vegetables                                 Pg. 27 of 51                      Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                            Food & Nutrition Center

 Canned Pasta (Cont’d)                   Corn (Cont’d)                            Dried Beans (Cont’d)
  Dinty Moore                             Green Giant                              Margaret Holmes
      Beef Stew                               Whole Kernel Sweet – 50% Less            Peas with Snaps
      Big Bowl Meals – Beef Stew or           Sodium, Niblets, or Niblets No           White Acre Peas
      Chicken & Dumplings                     Salt Added
                                              Yellow & White Corn
   Healthy Choice                                                                      Black
      Fresh Mixers – Chicken              Margaret Holmes                              Chick Peas
      Cacciatore, Southwest Chicken,          Hoppin’ Johns with Onion &
      or Tuscan Chicken                       Seasonings                           Publix
                                                                                       Black Beans
   Hormel                                 Publix
                                                                                       Black (Frijoles Negros)
      Compleats – Beef Pot Roast with         Whole Kernel Sweet, 50% Less
      Potatoes, Carrots, & Gravy; Beef        Salt                                     Blackeye Peas
      Steak & Peppers; Beef Steak                                                      Chick Peas
                                         Dried Beans
      Tips; Chicken Alfredo; Chicken                                                   Chili Spicy
      Breast with Dressing & Gravy,       Bush
      Chicken Breast with Mashed              Bush’s Best Beans – Black, Black
                                              in Seasoned Sauce, Butter Large,         Great Northern
      Potatoes & Gravy; Homestyle
      Beef, Meatloaf with Potatoes &          Chili, Great Northern, Navy,             Green Lima Beans
      Gravy; or Salisbury Steak with          Pinto, Red, Red Dark Kidney,             Green Lima Beans, Small
      Sliced Potatoes & Gravy                 Red Light Kidney, Fresh Blackeye         Red Kidney Grade A Fancy
      Micro Bowl Chili No Beans               Peas, Cannellini Beans, Chick            – Light or Dark
                                              Peas (Garbanzos), or Light Red
      Microwavable Bowls – Chicken                                                     Pinto
                                              Kidney Beans
      & Noodles, Roast Beef & Gravy                                                    Red
      with Mashed Potatoes, Chicken           Seasoned – Dark Red Kidney
      & Dumplings, Chicken & Rice, or         Beans, or Pinto Beans                Ranch Style
      Turkey & Dressing with Gravy            Traditional Chili Magic                  Beans
      Pot Roast with Potatoes and         Del Monte                                Publix GreenWise Market
      Carrots Gravy                           Green Lima                               Organic – Black, Garbanzo,
   Marie Callender’s                                                                   Kidney, Pinto, or Soy
      Homestyle Creations – Creamy            Garbanzo
                                                                                  Green Beans
      Parmesan Chicken, Garlic & Herb                                              Allen’s
                                              Organic Fat Free – Black, Kidney,
      Chicken, or Traditional Turkey &
                                              or Pinto                                 Italian Cut
                                              Organic Rice And – Cajun Red,            Seasoned
                                              Caribbean Black, Kidney, or Pinto    Del Monte
                                          Glory Foods                                  Blue Lake – Cut, French Style,
      Sweet Sliced
                                              Seasoned Southern Style Field            or Whole
 Corn                                         Peas with Snaps                          Fresh Cut Blue Lake French Style
  Bush West                                                                            – Regular or No Salt Added
      White Hominy                                                                     Fresh Cut Green Beans &
                                              Goya Beans – Black, Pink, Pinto,
   Del Monte                                                                           Potatoes with Ham Style Flavor
                                              Red Kidney, or Small Red
      Summer Crisp, No Salt Added                                                      Golden Cut Wax Beans
                                              Chick Peas
      Summer Crisp Fresh Cut Whole                                                     Golden Wax
                                              Green Pigeon Peas
      Kernel                                                                           Green Beans & Potatoes
                                          Hanover                                      Italian Cut
      Whole Kernel Corn
                                              Chick Peas
                                                                                       Quality Specialties – Fresh Cut
   Green Giant
                                          Joan of Arc                                  Green & Wax Beans or Dill Green
      Mexicorn Corn, Red & Green Bell                                                  Beans Lightly Seasoned
                                              Spicy Chili
                                              Kidney Red – Light or Dark               Seasoned Beans
      Southwestern Corn                                Pg. 28 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

 Green Beans (Cont’d)                      Mushrooms / Artichoke                   Salad & Mixed Vegetables
  Green Giant                               Dawn Fresh                               Del Monte
      Cut                                       Mushroom Ready to Serve Steak           Mixed Vegetables
      French Style                              Sauce by Giorgio
      Kitchen Sliced                        Giorgio                                     Real Onions, Fried
   Publix                                       Organic Mushrooms, Pieces &
                                                                                    Margaret Holmes
      Green Beans – Cut, French Cut,                                                    Squash with Onions
      French Style, Italian Cut, or No      Green Giant
      Salt                                                                          Publix
                                                Mushroom Pieces & Stems –
      Veggigreen – Cut, French, or              Sliced or Whole                         Mixed Vegetables
      Whole                                                                         Veg-All
                                            Penn Dutch
   Publix GreenWise Market                      No Salt Stems & Pieces                  Mixed Vegetables, No Salt
      Organic Cut                               Mushrooms                               Added
 Greens                                         Mushroom Pieces & Stems                 Mixed Vegetables, Original
  Allen’s                                       Portabella Mushrooms, Chunky       Tomato / Sauce / Pasta / Puree
      Collard Greens, Seasoned                  Style                                Contadina
      Turnip Greens, Diced & Seasoned       Progresso                                   Tomato Paste
                                                Artichoke Hearts                        Italian Seasonings Tomato Paste
   Del Monte
                                                                                        Tomato Sauce
      No Salt Added Spinach Leaf            Publix
      Whole Leaf Fresh Cut Spinach              Sliced Mushrooms                    Dei Fratelli
      Whole Leaf Spinach                        Stems & Pieces Mushrooms                Tomato Puree
      Zucchini with Italian Style Tomato        Whole Mushrooms                     Del Monte
      Sauce                                                                             Tomato Sauce
   Glory Foods                                  Marinated Artichokes                Goya
      Collard Greens                            Quartered Artichoke Hearts              Spanish Style Tomato Sauce
      Country Cabbage                                                                   (Salsa de Tomate)
      Mixed Greens Southern Style,
                                                Artichoke Hearts                    Hunt’s
                                                Artichoke Hearts, Marinated             Tomato Paste – All Natural,
      Sensibly Seasoned – Collard
                                                Artichoke Hearts, Quartered             Italian Style, or No Salt Added
      Greens, Mixed Greens, or Turnip
      Greens                                    Hearts of Palm                          Tomato Puree
                                                Hearts of Palm, Salad Cut               Tomato Sauce – Regular, All
   Margaret Holmes                                                                      Natural, Italian Style Herbs, No
      Tomatoes & Okra                           Mushrooms, Marinated
                                                                                        Salt Added, or Roasted Garlic
      Tomatoes, Okra & Corn                Peas
                                                                                    Muir Glen
                                             Del Monte
   Publix                                                                               Organic Diced Premium Fire
                                                Peas & Carrots
      Leaf Spinach                                                                      Roasted Tomatoes
 Kraut                                      Le Sueur                                Progresso
   Eden                                         50% Less Sodium Early Peas
                                                                                        Tomato Puree
      Organic Barrel Sauerkraut                 Early Peas
                                                Peas with Mushrooms & Onions
   Gundelsheim                                                                          Tomato Paste
                                           Potatoes, Canned
      Barrel Sauerkraut                                                                 Tomato Puree
                                            Del Monte
   Silver Fox                                                                           Tomato Sauce
                                                Fresh Cut Potatoes – Diced or
      Bavarian                                                                          Tomato Sauce, No Salt Added
                                                White Potatoes – Sliced or Whole                                 Pg. 29 of 51                         Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

 Tomato / Sauce / Pasta / Puree            Tomatoes (Cont’d)                      Cooking Wine (Con’td)
 (Cont’d)                                    Publix                                Pompeian
   Publix GreenWise Market                      Peeled – Diced or Whole                Sherry
       Organic Crushed Tomatoes in              Grade A Fancy Petite Diced             White
       Organic Tomato Puree
                                            Rotel                                  Publix
       Organic Diced Tomatoes in
       Organic Tomato Juice                     Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies         Cooking Wine (Vino Seco Para
                                                Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies,        Cocinar)
       Organic Tomato Paste
                                                Milder                                 White
                                                Diced Tomatoes Mexican Festival   Mustards
   Cento                                        With Lime Juice & Cilantro
                                            Tuttorosso                                 Wasabi Mustard
       Whole Italian Style
   Dei Fratelli                                 Plum Shaped Italian Style
                                                                                       Hot English
       Whole                                    Tomatoes with Basil
   Del Monte
       Diced – Fresh Cut, No Salt         CONDIMENTS                                   Honey
       Added Fresh Cut, Petite Cut, or     BBQ                                         Honey Dijon
       Zesty Seasoned with Mild Green       Budweiser                                  Horseradish
       Chilies                                  Wing Sauce                             Original
       Petite Cut Tomatoes, No Salt                                                    Spicy Brown
       Added                                Colgin
                                                                                       Yellow Squeeze
       Petite Cut Tomatoes with                 Hickory Liquid Smoke
                                                                                   Grey Poupon
       Jalapeño Peppers                     Kraft
                                                                                       Coarse Ground
   Hunt’s                                       Original Barbecue Sauce, Light
                                                                                       Country Dijon
       All Natural Whole Peeled             Stubb’s                                    Dijon Mustard
       Crush Tomatoes with Basil                Bar-B-Q Sauce – Original, Mild,        Savory Honey
       Diced                                    Moppin’, or Spicy
                                                                                       Squeeze Mustard – Deli, Made
       Diced in Sun-Rich Tomato Juice      Catsups                                     with Wine, or Mild & Creamy
       Petite                               Heinz                                      Dijon
       Diced, Fire Roasted                      Ketchup                            Gulden
       Diced, Fire Roasted with Garlic      Hunts                                      Spicy Brown, Spicy Brown
       Whole                                    Ketchup – No Salt, Tomato,             Squeeze
       Whole Tomatoes with Basil                Perfect Squeeze, or Squeezable     Hellman’s
   Muir Glen                                Publix                                     Honey
       Fire Roasted Tomatoes, No Salt           All Natural Tomato Ketchup             Dijonnaise Squeezable
                                            Publix GreenWise Market                Inglehoffer
   Pomi                                         Organic Tomato Ketchup                 Creamy Horseradish
       Pomi Chopped                                                                    Dijon
                                           Cooking Wine
   Progresso                                Holland House                              Wasabi Horseradish
       Crushed Recipe Ready                     Marsala                            Ploch’s
       Diced                                    Red                                    Original
       Whole                                    Sherry                             Publix
   Publix                                       White                                  Classic Yellow Recipe
       Crushed                              Pompeian                                   Dijon Squeeze
       Diced, Diced with Green Chilies,         Burgundy                               Honey Squeeze
       Diced No Salt Added, or Diced
       with Roasted Garlic & Onion                                  Pg. 30 of 51                        Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                               Food & Nutrition Center

 Mustards (Cont’d)                         Olives (Cont’d)                           Pickles (Cont’d)
  Publix                                    Publix                                     Mt. Olive
       Spicy Squeeze Brown Bold Flavor          Spanish Olives Stuffed with               Roasted Red Peppers
       Mustard With Horseradish, Deli           Minced Pimiento – Queen Placed            Salad Sweet Cubes
       Style                                    or Queen Thrown                           Sandwich Stuffers – Bread &
                                                Spanish Salad With Minced                 Butter, Kosher Dill, or No Sugar
   Publix GreenWise Market
                                                Pimiento                                  Added Bread & Butter
       Organic Dijon
                                            Vigo                                          Snack Crunchers Petite Kosher
       Organic Spicy Brown
                                                Calamata – Greek, Pitted, or              Dills – Regular or Hot Sauce
       Organic Yellow                                                                     Flavored Fresh
   Woeber                                       Greek Black                               Sweet Relish – Regular, No Sugar
       Horseradish Sauce                                                                  Added, or Squeeze Bottle
 Olives                                                                                   Texas Pete Baby Dills
                                             B&G                                          Vitamin Enhanced Kosher Dill
  Casa Italica                                  Roasted Peppers                           Hamburger Chips
       Hot Olive Mix                            Sliced Hot Jalapeño Peppers               Zesty Spears
   Italica                                  Fragata                                   Publix
       Sliced Hot! Jalapenos                    Capers                                    Bread & Butter Sandwich Slices
       Organics Olives – Giant Green or
       Green Manzanilla                     Heinz                                         Hamburger Dill Chips
                                                Genuine Dills                             Kosher Dills – Regular, Baby,
       Spanish Olives, Sliced Manzanilla
                                                                                          Sandwich Slices, or Spears
       or Queen Olives Minced               Lindsay
       Pimiento Stuffed                                                                   Sweet Relish
                                                Cocktail Onions
   Lindsay                                      Non-Parelle Capers                    Sabrett’s
       Almond Stuffed Queen                                                               Onions in Sauce
       California – Chopped Ripe, Large         Fried Peppers & Onions                Talk of Texas
       Pitted, Lower Sodium Medium,                                                       Okra – Mild or Hot
                                                Roasted Peppers
       Small Pitted, or X-Large Pitted
       Diced Pimientos
                                                Sweet Roasted Peppers                 Vigo
                                            Mt. Olive                                     Greek Peppers
       Garlic Stuffed Queen
       Jalapeño Stuffed Queen                   Banana Pepper Rings – Mild or         Vlasic
       Medium Green Ripe                        Hot                                       Baby Kosher Dills
       Natural Buffet Sliced                    Bread & Butter Spears                     Kosher Crunchy Dills
       Sicilian Pitted                          Dill Relish                               Kosher Dill Sandwich Stackers
       Sliced Ripe                              Fresh Kosher Dills                        Kosher Dill Spears
       Sliced Ripe with Jalapeño                Fresh Kosher Dill Spears                  Kosher Gherkins
       Sliced Salad                             Hamburger Dill Chips                      Mild Pepper Ring Stackers
       Stuffed Manzanilla                       Hot Dog Squeeze Relish                    No Sugar Added Bread & Butter
       Stuffed Spanish Queen                    Imported Pepperoncini                     Spears
       Whole Kalamata                           Jalapeño Peppers, Diced                   Original Whole Dill
                                                Jalapeño Slices                           Snack’mms Kosher Dills
                                                Kosher Dills – Baby, Fresh,               Sweet Relish
       Stuffed Manzanilla                       Halves, Mini, Hot N Spicy, Petite,        Zesty Crunchy Dills
   Publix                                       Strips, or Whole
                                                                                          Zesty Dill Sandwich Stackers
       Manzanilla Thrown Spanish,               Kosher Spears
                                                                                     Specialty Condiments
       Stuffed With Minced Pimiento             No Sugar Added Bread & Butter
                                                Chips                                  Allego
       Ripe Pitted – Small, Large, or
       Colossal                                 No Sugar Added Sweet Gherkins             Original Marinade
                                                Polish Dill Spears                                 Pg. 31 of 51                            Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                           Food & Nutrition Center

 Specialty Sauces                      Specialty Sauces (Cont’d)                Specialty Sauces (Cont’d)
   A.1.                                  Kitchen Bouquet                          Tabasco
      Steakhouse Marinade – Classic,        Browning & Seasoning Sauce               Pepper Sauce – Original or
      Garlic & Herb, Jamaican Jerk,                                                  Green
      New York, or Teriyaki
                                            Horseradish                          Texas Pete
   Bennett’s                                Tartar                                   Chicken Wing Barbecue Sauce
      Tartar Sauce                                                                   Garlic Hot Sauce
   Bookbinders                                                                       Hot Sauce
                                            30 Minute Marinade – Baja
      Creamy Horseradish Sauce              Chipotle With Lime Juice,            Tryme
   Cholula                                  Caribbean Jerk, Herb & Garlic,           Tiger Sauce
                                            Italian Garlic Steak With Roasted
      Chili/Garlic Sauce                                                        Steak Sauce
                                            Garlic & Olive Oil, Mesquite With
      Mexican Hot Sauce                     Lime Juice, Steak & Chop With         A.1.
   Crosse & Black                           Garlic & Cracked Black Pepper,           Bold
                                            Tequila Lime With Lime Juice, or         Cracked Peppercorn
      Mint Sauce
                                            Teriyaki With Pineapple Juice
                                                                                     Kobe Sesame Teriyaki
   Crystal                                  Buffalo Barbecue Marinade
      Louisiana’s Pure Hot Sauce            Signature Steakhouse Marinade
                                                                                     Roasted Garlic
      Original Wing Sauce
                                        Lea & Perkins                                Sweet Hickory
      Del Monte
                                            Chicken Marinade
      Chili Sauce                                                                Dale’s
                                        Louisiana                                    Steak Seasoning, Reduced
                                            Original Hot                             Sodium
      Famous Sauce
                                            Wing Sauce                               Steak Seasoning
                                        McIlhenny                                French’s
      Buffalo Wing Sauce
                                            Tabasco Chipotle Pepper Sauce            Worcestershire Sauce, Reduced
      Red Hot Sauce                                                                  Sodium
                                            Tabasco Sauce
   Goya                                                                              Worcestershire Sauce
                                        Mrs. Dash
      Mojo Criollo Marinade                                                      Heinz
                                            Marinade – Garlic Lime, Lemon
   Heinz                                    Herb Pepper, Mesquite Grill,             Heinz 57 Sauce
      Chili Sauce                           Spicy Teriyaki, or Zesty Garlic          Heinz 57 Sauce with Lea &
                                            Herb                                     Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
                                        Nance’s                                      Heinz 57 Steak Sauce
                                            Chicken Wing Sauce – Mild or         Lea & Perrins
   K.C. Masterpiece                         Hot                                      Worcestershire Sauce
      Chipotle Lime Marinade
                                        Pick A Peppa                             Publix
      Marinade – Garlic & Herb or
                                            Hot                                      Steak Sauce
      Lemon Pepper
   Ken’s                                Newman’s Own                                 Steak Seasoning
                                            Marinade – Garlic Herb,                  Marinade Mojo
      Balsamic & Roasted Onion
                                            Mesquite Lime, or Teriyaki               Worcestershire Sauce
      Steak House Buffalo Wing Sauce    Publix                                   Shula’s
      Steak House Marinade – Herb           Cayenne Pepper Sauce                     Steak Sauce Special
      & Garlic, Lemon & Pepper, or
                                        Stubb’s                                 Vinegar
                                            Marinade – Beef, Chicken, Pork,       Alessi
   Kikkoman                                 or Steakhouse                            Balsamic
      Soy Sauce Dispenser Lite              Original Wicked Chicken Wing             Raspberry White Balsamic
                                                                                     White Balsamic                             Pg. 32 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                          Food & Nutrition Center

 Vinegar (Cont’d)                      COOKIES / CRACKERS                        Crackers (Cont’d)
   Alma’s                               Cookies                                    Carr’s
      Balsamic Modena                    Kebbler                                      Baked Table Water Crackers
                                             100-Calorie Right Bites –                – Roasted Garlic & Herbs or
                                             Grasshopper or Variety Packs             Toasted Sesame Seeds
                                                                                      Cheese Melt
   Gia Russa                                                                          Rosemary
                                             Sugar Free Cookies – Chocolate
      Balsamic                                                                        Table Water
                                             Bites, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate
      Balsamic Glaze                         Chip & Pecan, Double Fudge,              Table Water Crackers with
      White Wine                             Fudge Dipped Grahams, Fudge              Cracked Pepper
   Holland                                   Dipped Mint, Fudge Dipped                Whole Wheat
                                             Shortbread, Gingersnap,
      House Malt                             Oatmeal, Peanut Butter, Pecan
   Monari                                    Shortbread, Shortbread, or               Vinta
      Balsamic                               Shortbread Bites                     Kashi
                                             Sugar Free Sandwich Cookies –            Honey Sesame
   Nakano                                    Chocolate, Cremes, or Lemon
      Natural Rice                                                                    Ranch
                                             Sugar Free Wafers – Fudge
                                                                                      TLC Tasty Little Crackers –
   Pompeian                                  Dipped, Vanilla, or Vanilla Sugar
                                                                                      Country Cheddar, Fire Roasted
      Balsamic                           Publix                                       Vegetables, Mediterranean
      Balsamic with Pomegranates             Vanilla Sugar Wafers, Sugar Free         Bruschetta, Original 7-Grain, or
      Pomegranate Red Wine – Acai or                                                  Roasted Garlic
      Blueberry                                                                   Keebler
                                             Peanut Butter Sugar Wafers,
      Pomegranate Blush Balsamic                                                      Club Crackers – Original, Garlic,
                                             Sugar Free
      Red Wine                                                                        Reduced Fat, Snack Sticks,
                                             Shortbread Cookies
      Red Wine with Garlic                                                            Honey Wheat Snack Sticks, or
                                             Sugar Free Cookies – Chocolate           The Light Crispy Snack! Butter
      Red Wine with Pomegranates             Chip, Oatmeal, or Shortbread             Snack Sticks
   Progresso                                 Swirl
                                                                                      Right Bites 100-Calorie Party Mix
      Balsamic                               Sugar Free Fudge Chocolate
                                                                                      Ritz Honey Butter
   Publix                                    Sugar Free Iced Almonette
                                                                                      Toasteds – Buttercrisp, Sesame,
      Apple Cider                                                                     Wheat, or Organic Harvest
                                             Sugar Free Vanilla Wafers                Wheat
                                         Walkers                                      Town House Crackers – Original,
      Red Wine
                                             Shortbread Fingers                       Bistro Corn Bread, Bistro
      White                                                                           Multigrain, Flipside, House
   Publix GreenWise Market                                                            Wheat, Reduced Fat, Toppers,
                                          Back to Nature                              Toppers Multigrain, or Wheat
      Organic Balsamic
                                             Classic Rounds                           Light Buttery Flavor
      Organic Red Wine
                                             Crispy Wheat                             Garlic & Herb Toppers
   Regina                                    Multigrain Flaxseed Flatbread            Wheatables – 7-Grain, Honey
      Red Wine                               Sesame/Tarragon                          Wheat, Original Wheat, or
      White Wine                                                                      Original Wheat Reduced Fat
                                                                                      Zesta Original Saltine
   White House                               White Cheddar Flax Flatbread
      Apple Cider                            White Cheddar Rice Thin              Kellogg’s
      White                                                                           All-Bran – Garlic Herb or
      White Distilled                                                                 Multigrain
                                             Crackers – Regular, Low Salt,
                                             Multigrain, or Sesame Snack
                                             Cabaret                              Pg. 33 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                               Food & Nutrition Center

 Crackers (Cont’d)                         Crackers (Cont’d)                        Crackers (Cont’d)
   Kraft                                     Nabisco                                  Sunshine
      Handi-Snacks – Cheese &                   Wheat Thins – 100-Calorie                Cheez-its – Big, Cheddar Jack,
      Breadsticks, Cheese & Crackers,           Multigrain Packs, Cream                  Duoz Cheddar/Parmesan, Duoz
      or Cheese & Pretzels                      Cheese & Chives, Fiber Selects           Queso, Gripz, Parmesan/Garlic,
      Mac & Cheese – Cheddar or Mild            5-Grain, Fiber Selects Garden            Party Mix, Pepperjack, Scrabble,
      Cheddar                                   Vegetable, Low Salt, Multigrain,         or Spongebob
                                                Parmesan/Basil, Ranch, Reduced           Right Bites 100-Calorie Cheez-its
   Lance                                        Fat, Reduced Fat Garlic/Herb,            Right Bites Baked Snack
      Captain Wafers                            Tomato/Basil, or Whole Grain
                                                                                         Single Serve Cheezit Snack Pack
      Crackers – Malt, NipChee,                 Wheatworth                               Tray
      ToastChee, or Toasty
                                            Pepperidge Farm                              Snack Crackers – Regular, Baked,
   Nabisco                                      Distinctive Crackers – Butter            Hot & Spicy, Reduced Fat, or
      100-Calorie Ritz Snack Mix                Thins, Hearty Wheat, or Quartet          White Cheddar
      Better Cheddars                           Assortment
      Big Wheat Thins                           Baked Natural Pretzel Thins        DRY PASTA
      Cheese Nips                               Goldfish 100 Calorie Pouches –       Macaroni
      Cheese Nips, Reduced Fat                  Cheddar or Xtra Flavor Blasted       Alma’s
      Chicken-in-a-Biskit                       Goldfish Crackers – Original,             Bowties
                                                Cheddar Cheese, 30% Less
      Deli Style Rye Triscuit                                                            Cut Ziti
                                                Sodium, Baby Cheddar, Colors
      Easy Cheese Spread – American,            Cheddar, Flavor Blasted                  Fusilli
      Cheddar, or Sharp Cheddar                 Nothin’ But, Flavor Blasted              Penne Rigate
      Premium – Fat Free, Low Salt,             Xplosive Pizza, Flavor Blasted           Rigatoni
      Mini Saltines, Multigrain, Oyster         Xtra Cheddar, Individual Snack
      Cracker, Saltines, or Unsalted            Pouches, Mix-Up, Parmesan,           Barilla
      Ritz Bits Sandwich – Cheese or            Pizza, Pretzels, or Whole Grain          Ditalini
      Peanut Butter                             Goldfish Flavor Blasted Racing            Elbows
      Ritz Crackers – Regular, Low Salt,        Ranch                                    Farfalle Bowties
      Reduced Fat, Roasted Vegetable,           Snack Sticks Sesame                      Gemelli
      or Whole Wheat                            On The Go Goldfish                        Mezze Penne
      Simply Social Crackers – Regular                                                   Mostaccioli
      or Wheat
                                                Cheddar Cheesy’s Baked                   Penne
                                                Cuban                                    Piccolini Mini Farfalle
      Toasted Chips – Original,
                                                Party Rounds                             Piccolini Mini Wheels
      Cheddar, or Sour Cream & Onion
                                                Rich & Crisp                             Plus Elbows
      Toasted Chips Wheat Thins –
      Regular, Parmesan/Herb, or                Saltines                                 Plus Penne
      Veggie                                    Soup & Oyster                            Plus Rotini
      Triscuit – Garden Herb, Hint              Unsalted Tops                            Tortellini – Cheese & Spinach,
      of Salt, Parmesan/Garlic Thins,                                                    Three Cheese, or Ricotta &
                                                Wheat Original
      Pepper & Olive Oil, Reduced Fat,                                                   Spinach
      Reduced Fat Wafers, Roasted               Woven Wheats Whole Wheat
                                                                                         Whole Grain – Penne, Rotini, or
      Tomato, Rosemary, Thin Crisp,             Crackers – Original, Baked, or
                                                                                         Thin Spaghetti
      Wafers, or Whole Wheat                    Reduced Fat
      Vegetable Thins                       R/Oval
                                                Wheat Thins – Mini or Stone
                                            Special K                                    Penne Rigate
                                                                                         Multi Grain Penne Rigate, Made
                                                                                         With Whole Grains                                 Pg. 34 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

 Macaroni (Cont’d)                        Noodles (Cont’d)                         Noodles (Cont’d)
  Mueller’s                                No Yolks                                 Knorr
      Multi Grain Rotini, Made With            Broad Noodles                            Pasta Sides – Alfredo, Broccoli
      Whole Grains                             Dumplings                                Alfredo, Butter & Herb, Chicken
      Pasta – Bowties, Corkscrews,                                                      & Broccoli, Chicken Flavored,
                                               Extra Broad Noodles
      Elbow Macaroni, Jumbo Shells,                                                     Creamy Chicken, Parmesan,
      Penne Rigate, Ready Cut, Sea         Publix                                       Stroganoff, Thai Sesame, or
      Shells, Tri Color Twists, or Ziti        Lasagne                                  Tomato/Parmesan

   Publix                                      Egg Noodles – Medium, Fine,          Kraft
                                               or Wide                                  Classic Ranch Pasta Salad with
      Alphabets Pasta
                                               Extra Wide Pasta Ribbons                 Bacon
      Bowties Pasta
      Elbow Macaroni                       Ronzoni                                  Pasta Roni
      Fettuccini                               Curly Edge Lasagna                       Angel Hair Pasta – Butter And
      Mostacciolli Rigate                      Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat              Garlic Sauce, Herbs, or Parmesan
                                               Blend – Wide or Extra Wide               Cheese
                                               Oven Ready Lasagna                       Fettuccine Alfredo
                                           Spaetzle                                     Garlic & Olive Oil with Vermicelli
      Pasta Shells – Small or Medium
                                               Panni Spaetzle Dumpling Mix              Nature’s Way Creamy Parmesano
      Tricolor Rotini
      Ziti                                Noodle Entrees
                                                                                        Shells & White Cheddar
      Orzo Pasta                           Betty Crocker                                Sour Cream & Chive
   Ronzoni                                     Chicken Helper – Chicken Fried           World Flavors Butter Herb
                                               Rice, Creamy Chicken & Noodles,          Italiano
      Bow Ties
                                               or Fettuccine Alfredo
      Elbows                                                                        Publix
                                               Hamburger Helper – Bacon
      Extra Fancy Jumbo Shells                 Cheeseburger, Beef Pasta,                Creamy Garlic Shell Pasta &
      Extra Fancy Manicotti                    Cheddar Cheese Melt,                     Sauce
      Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat              Cheeseburger Macaroni, Cheesy            Fettuccine Pasta & Sauce –
      Blend – Penne Rigate or Rotini           Enchilada, Crunchy Taco,                 Alfredo, Alfredo Broccoli, or
      Mostaccioli Rigati                       Double Cheese Quesadilla,                Butter & Herb
                                               Double Cheeseburger Mac,                 Stroganoff Pasta Sides
                                               Philly Cheesesteak, Potato
      Pastina                                  Stroganoff, Salisbury, Sloppy        Quaker
      Penne Rigati                             Joe, Stroganoff, Supreme                 Pasta Roni Nature’s Way Olive Oil
      Rigatoni                                 Four Cheese Lasagna, Three               & Italian Herbs
      Rotelle                                  Cheese, Wholesome Classics
                                                                                   Packaged Pasta
                                               Beef Stroganoff, or Wholesome
      Rotini                                                                         Gia Russa
                                               Classics Cheeseburger Mac
      Ziti Rigati                                                                       Mini Gnocchi
                                               Suddenly Salad – Classic Pasta or
      Ziti                                     Ranch                               Pasta Dry Dinners
 Noodles                                       Tuna Helper – Creamy Broccoli,        Kraft
  Barilla                                      Creamy Noodles, Creamy                   Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese
      Lasagna                                  Parmesan, Fettuccine Alfredo, or         Dinner – Original or Four Cheese
                                               Tuna Melt
      Lasagna, Oven-Ready                                                               Velveeta Shells & Cheese Dinner
   Light N Fluffy                                                                   Publix
                                               Pasta Italian Sides – Creamy
      Egg Noodles – Wide or Extra                                                       Cheesy Deluxe Macaroni Dinner,
                                               Garlic Shells or Four Cheese
      Wide                                                                              Made with Real Cheddar Cheese
      Egg Noodles – Fine, Medium,
      Wide, or Extra Wide
      Pasta Lasagne                                Pg. 35 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                              Food & Nutrition Center

 Spaghetti                                 Spaghetti (Cont’d)                       Powdered Drinks
   Alma’s                                    Ronzoni                                 Arizona
       Angel Hair Pasta                          Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat             Sugar Free Tea Mix – Peach,
       Elbow Macaroni                            Blend Pasta – Spaghetti Style or        Pomegranate Green Tea, or Tea
                                                 Thin Spaghetti                          with Lemon
                                                 Linguine                            Crystal Light
       Organic Angel Hair
                                                 Smart Taste – Penne Rigate,             Decaffeinated Ice Tea Mix with
       Organic Fusilli
                                                 Rotini, or Spaghetti                    Lemon
                                                 Spaghetti                               On-The-Go Mix – Citrus Splash,
                                                 Thin Spaghetti                          Energy Wild Strawberry, Fruit
       Tri-Color Fusilli
                                                                                         Fusion, Green Mix Tea with
       Whole Wheat Pasta – Angel                                                         Honey & Lemon, Hydrating Berry
       Hair, Linguine, Penne Rigate,
                                           Aseptics                                      Splash, Hydrating Lightly Lemon,
       Spaghetti, or Fusilli                                                             Immunity Cherry/Pomegranate,
                                            Minute Maid                                  Natural Blueberry White Tea,
                                                 Fruit-Flavored Tropical Water           Peach, Peach/Mango Green
       Angel Hair
                                           Blends                                        Tea, Raspberry Green Tea, Red
       Fettuccine                                                                        Mandarin Tea, Sunrise Orange, or
       Linguine                              Crystal Light                               White Grape
       Plus – Angel Hair, Spaghetti, or          Sugar Free – Lemon Tea,
                                                                                         Raspberry Green Tea
       Thin Spaghetti                            Lemonade, Orange Sunrise
                                                 Classic, Pink Lemonade, or              Sunrise Vitamin C Drink Mix –
       Spaghetti                                                                         Sugar Free Ruby Red Grapefruit
                                                 Raspberry Ice
       Thin Spaghetti                                                                    Sugar Free Iced Tea Mix On The
       Whole Grain Spaghetti
                                            Ocean Spray                                  Go – Regular or Peach
                                                 Cranberry Spray Diet Juice              Sugar Free Iced Tea Mix –
                                            V8                                           Raspberry
                                                 Juice Blend Diet Berry Splash           Soft Drink Mix, Fruit Punch
                                           Boxed Juices / Juice Drinks                   Sugar Free Soft Drink Mix On
   Mueller’s                                                                             The Go – Lemonade, Raspberry
                                            Minute Maid                                  Ice, or Raspberry Lemonade
       Angel Hair
                                                 Just 10 Flavored Fruit Drink            Soft Drink Mix Sugar Free
       Linguine                            Citrus                                        – Lemonade, Pineapple Orange,
                                             Nellie & Joe                                Pink Lemonade, Raspberry Ice,
       Multi Grain Spaghetti, Made
                                                                                         Raspberry Lemonade, Strawberry
       With Whole Grains                         Juice Lime
                                                                                         Kiwi, Strawberry Orange Banana,
       Spaghetti                            Publix                                       or Sunrise Vitamin C Classic
       Thin Spaghetti                            Lemon Juice                             Orange
       Vermicelli                                                                    Kool-Aid
   Publix                                        E-Z Squeeze                             Unsweetened Kool-Aid – Cherry,
       Angel Hair                                Lemon Juice                             Grape, Lemonade, or Tropical
       Linguine                                                                          Punch
                                                 Lime Juice
       Spaghetti – Regular or Thin         Freezer Pops                              Propel
       Vermicelli                                                                        Packets – Berry, Grape, Lemon,
                                                                                         or Kiwi/Strawberry
   Ronzoni                                       100-Count Popsicle Bars
       Angel Hair                                                                    Wyler’s
       Fettuccine Florentine                                                             Sugar Free Lite – Cool Raspberry,
                                            Kern’s                                       Lemonade, or Pink Lemonade
       Healthy Harvest Multigrain                Apricot
       Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat –
       Fusilli, Lasagna, or Linguine                                    Pg. 36 of 51                       Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                           Food & Nutrition Center

MEAT AND SEAFOOD                        Poultry (Cont’d)                         Sardines (Cont’d)
 Hash / Chili / Stew                     Sweet Sue                                 Connors Brunswick
  Castleberry                                98% Fat Free Premium Chicken             Kippered Snack Kippered Herring
      Beef Stew                              Breast                                   Filets
      Chili with Beans                       Chicken & Dumplings                  King Oscar
      Hot Dog Chili                          Premium Chicken Breast in                Brisling Sardines – In Spring
                                             Water, No Drain Package                  Water or Mediterranean Style
                                         Tyson                                        Finest Norway Brisling Sardines
      Chili No Beans
                                             Canned Chunk Chicken                     in Olive Oil, Lightly Smoked
      Preservative-Free Dinty Moore
                                             Canned Chunk Chicken Breast              Cross Pack Sardines
      Beef Stew
                                             Premium Chunk Chicken Pouch              Skinless & Boneless Sardines
      Mary Kitchen Homestyle Hash
      – Corned Beef or Roast Beef        Valley Fresh                            Shrimp / Clams / Oysters / Caviar /
      Mary Kitchen Corned Beef Hash,                                             Anchovies
                                             Chunk Chicken
      Reduced Fat
                                             Organic Chicken                       Bar Harbor
   Libby                                     White Chicken                            Chopped Clams
      Corned Beef Hash                  Salmon                                    Bumble Bee
 Meat                                     Bumble Bee                                  Orleans Tiny Cocktail Shrimp
  Hormel                                                                              Select
                                             Atlantic Premium Salmon Fillet
      Corned Beef                                                                     Orleans Crab Fancy Meat – Lump
                                             Red Salmon Alaska Sockeye
                                                                                      or White
   Libby                                     Pink Alaska Salmon
                                                                                      Smoked Oysters
      Corned Beef                            Skinless & Boneless Pink Salmon
                                             Smoked Salmon Fillets In Oil         Chicken Of The Sea
 Pate / Spreads
                                                                                      Smoked Oysters
   Armour                                Chicken Of The Sea
                                             Jack Mackerel In Water               Daufuski
      Potted Meat
                                             Pink Salmon in Spring Water              Boiled Oysters
                                             Skinless & Boneless                  Geisha
      Chunk Lean Ham, Water Added
                                             Pink Salmon Traditional Style            Crab Meat
   Underwood                                 Premium Skinless & Boneless              Smoked Oysters in Oil
      Chicken Spread                         Pink Salmon Pouch                        Whole Baby Clams
      Deviled Ham                            Smoked Salmon Pouch
                                                                                  King Oscar
 Poultry                                 Royal                                        Filets of Anchovies in Olive Oil –
  Hormel                                     Pink                                     Flat or Rolled
      95% Fat Free Chunk Turkey              Red
      Chunk Breast of Chicken – 98%          Red Sockeye
      Fat Free or No Salt                                                             Ocean Clams – Chopped or
                                         Starkist                                     Minced
      Premium Chunk 98% Fat Free
      Breast of Chicken in Water With        Mango/Chipotle                       Sea Fare
      Rib Meat                          Sardines                                      Crab Meat – Claw, Jumbo Lump,
      Preservative-Free Dinty Moore       Brunswick                                   or White
      Chicken & Dumplings                    Easy Open Sardines – In Oil or In    Snow’s
   Publix                                    Spring Water                             Clams – Chopped or Minced
      Chunk Chicken Breast                   Sardines in Mustard                      Doxsee Clam Juice
      Chunk White Chicken                    Sardines in Soybean Oil With Hot
                                             Tabasco Peppers                      Vigo
   Swanson                                                                            Flat Anchovies
      Chicken A La King Main Dish        Bumble Bee
      Premium Chunk White Chicken            King Oscar Kipper Snacks
      in Water                               Pg. 37 of 51                         Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                  Food & Nutrition Center

 Tuna                                       Tuna (Cont’d)                             Cooking Spray (Cont’d)
   Bumble Bee                                 StarKist                                 Pam
      Chunk White Tuna In Water                  Lunch Kits                                For Baking Spray
      – Diet Low Salt or Dolphin Safe            Premium Solid White                       For The Grill Cooking Spray
      Chunk Light Tuna – Regular,                Solid White in Oil, Solid White in        No Stick Cooking Spray –
      In Vegetable Oil, In Water, or             Water,                                    Original, Butter Flavor, No
      Dolphin Safe In Water                                                                Cholesterol, or Olive Oil
                                                 Sweet & Spicy
      Chunk White Albacore in Water                                                        Organic – Canola or Olive Oil
                                                 White Albacore in Water
      Prime Fillet – Regular or Garlic &                                                   Professional
                                                 Zesty Lemon Pepper
                                            Vienna Sausage / Lunch Meat                Smart Balance
      Prime Fillet Albacore Steak –
      Lightly Marinated, With Lemon           Armour                                       Cooking Spray
      & Cracked Pepper, or With                  Chicken Vienna Sausage                Publix
      Mesquite Grilled Flavor                    Dried Beef                                Cooking Spray – Original Canola,
      Prime Fillet Pink Salmon Steak,            Light Vienna Sausage                      Butter Flavored, or Olive Oil
      Lemon & Dill
                                             Libby                                    Corn Oil
      Sensations Tuna Medley With
      Crackers – Lemon & Pepper                  Vienna Sausage in Chicken Broth       Mazola
      Seasoned or Sundried Tomato &              Vienna Sausage Chicken in                 Corn Oil
      Basil                                      Chicken Broth                             Corn Oil Plus
      Solid Light in Olive Oil               Spam                                      Publix
      Solid White Albacore Gourmet               Classic Singles                           Corn Oil
      Wild Tuna in Water Prime Fillet
                                                 Luncheon Meat
      – Prime Fillet in Water or Tuna In                                               Wesson
      Water                                      25% Less Sodium Luncheon Meat
                                                                                           Pure Wesson Oil Corn
      Solid White Tuna – In Vegetable            Lite Luncheon Meat
                                                                                      Olive Oil
      Oil or In Water                            Oven Roasted Turkey Luncheon
                                                 Meat                                  Alma’s
   Chicken of the Sea                                                                      Extra Virgin
      Chunk Light
                                           OILS AND SHORTENINGS                        Bella
      Chunk Light Tuna in Water
                                            Canola Oil                                     Extra Virgin
      Chunk Light White in Water
                                             Crisco                                    Berio
      Healthy Select – Albacore in
      Water or Light                             Pure Canola Oil                           Extra Light
      Solid White Tuna – In Water or In      Mazola                                        Extra Virgin
      Fancy Albacore In Spring Water             Canola Oil                                Pure
   Genova                                    Publix                                    Bertolli
      Solid White                                Canola Oil                                Classico
      White in Oil                                                                         Extra Light
      White in Water                                                                       Extra Virgin
                                                 Pure Canola Oil
   StarKist                                                                                Olive Oil
                                            Cooking Spray
      Albacore in Tomato Pesto               Baker’s Joy                               Carapelli
      Chunk – Light in Oil, Light in             Baking Spray                              Extra Virgin Premium
      Water, White Albacore in Water,
      or White in Water                      Crisco                                    Carbonell
      Fresh Pack Albacore in Water               100% Extra Virgin Oil No Stick            Extra Virgin
      Gourmet Choice – Albacore in               Spray, Alcohol Free                       Olive Oil
      Water, Chunk Light in Water,               Butter Flavor                         Crisco
      Solid White in Olive Oil, or Solid         Regular                                   100% Extra Virgin
      White in Water
      Hickory Smoked
                                                                                           Pure                                   Pg. 38 of 51                            Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                               Food & Nutrition Center

 Olive Oil (Cont’d)                         Specialty Oils (Cont’d)                  Pasta Sauce (Cont’d)
  Filippo Berio                               Smart Balance                            L.E. Roselli
       Extra Virgin                              Oil                                      Spaghetti
       Olive Oil                                 Omega Oil                                Tomato
   Gia Russa                                 Spectrum                                 LaFamiglia DelGrosso
       Extra Virgin                              Coconut Oil                              Late Night Puttanesca
   Goya                                      Wesson                                   Ragu
       Extra Virgin                              Best Blend                               Cheese Creations! – Double
                                            Vegetable                                     Cheddar or Roasted Garlic
       Extra Virgin, Plus Vitamins            Crisco
       Extra Virgin, with Omega-3                Canola Oil with Omega-3              Timpone’s
                                                 Pure Vegetable                           Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce
   Newman’s Own
                                                                                     Pizza / Clam Sauces
       Organic Extra Virgin                  Publix
                                                 100% Pure Vegetable
                                                                                          Tomato Pizza Sauce
   Pompeian                                  Wesson
                                                 Pure Vegetable                       Centro
       Classic Pure
                                                 Pure 100% Natural Vegetable              Pizza Sauce
       Extra Light
       Extra Virgin                              Vegetable                            Dei Fratelli
                                                 100% Pure Vegetable                      Pizza Sauce
       Extra Light                                                                    L.E. Roselli
       Extra Virgin
                                           PASTA SAUCE                                    Pizza
                                            Pasta Sauce
       Pure                                                                           Progresso
   Tera                                                                                   Clam Spaghetti Sauce – Red or
                                                 Basil Pesto                              White
       Extra Virgin
                                                 Sun Dried Tomato                         White Clam Sauce
   Vigo                                      Barilla
       100% Pure                                                                      Ragu
                                                 Sweet Pepper & Garlic                    Traditional Pizza Quick Sauce
       Extra Virgin
 Shortening / Lard
                                                 Creamy Alfredo                     PICKLES AND CONDIMENTS
   Crisco                                                                            Pickles
                                                 Mushroom Alfredo
       All Vegetable Shortening
       – Regular or Butter Flavor            Classico                                  Claussen
                                                 Bruschetta Topping – Basil &             Sauerkraut
       Shortening Sticks – All Vegetable
       or Butter Flavor                          Tomato or Extra Garlic
                                                 Creations Basil Pesto              RICE / STUFFING / BREADING
                                                 Signature Recipes – Creamy          Crumbs / Breadings
                                                 Alfredo, Fire Roasted Tomatoes        4C
 Specialty Oils                                  & Garlic                                 Bread Crumbs – Plain or
   Crisco                                        Roasted Garlic Alfredo                   Seasoned
       Natural Blend                             Sun-Dried Toasted Red Pepper         Golden Dipt
                                                 Alfredo, or Sun-Dried Tomato
   Hollywood                                                                              Batter Mix Breadings – Beer, Fish
       100% Pure Safflower                                                                 & Chip, Fish Fry, or Tempura
                                             Gia Russa                                    Cracker Meal
   Lou Ana
                                                 Select Pasta Sauce – Alla Vodka,
       Peanut Oil                                Cherry Tomato, Hot Sicilian,         House-Autry
   Publix                                        Marinara, or Tomato & Basil              Breader – Chicken, Pork, or
       Peanut Oil                                  Pg. 39 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                            Food & Nutrition Center

 Crumbs / Breadings (Cont’d)             Dry Beans (Cont’d)                       Instant Potatoes (Cont’d)
   House-Autry                            Publix                                    Idahoan
      Seasoned Fry – Chicken or Fish          Pinto Beans                              Golden Selects
      Southern Baked Coating –                Small Red Beans                          Mashed Potatoes – Instant, Baby
      Chicken or Pork                                                                  Reds, Butter & Herb, Buttery
                                                                                       Homestyle, Four Cheese, Loaded
   Kraft                                      Scotch Brand Quick Barley                Baked, Premium, or Roasted
      Shake ‘N Bake Seasoned Coating     Gravy                                         Garlic
      Mix – Boneless Skinless Chicken
      Herb & Garlic, Chicken Nuggets,     Boston Market                            Pillsbury
      Hot & Spicy Chicken or Pork,            Beef                                     Hungry Jack
      Italian Herb, Original Chicken,         Chicken                                  Idaho Spuds
      Original Pork, Parmesan Crusted,        Turkey
      or Ranch & Herb                                                              Publix
                                          Campbell’s                                   Au Gratin Potatoes
   Oven Fry
                                              Beef                                     Mashed Potatoes – Garlic or
      Extra Crispy for Pork                                                            Homestyle
      Fish Fry Seasoned Coating                                                        Scalloped Potatoes
                                              Country Style – Cream or
   Progresso                                  Sausage                             Rice
      Bread Crumbs – Plain or Italian         Mushroom                              Gourmet House
                                          Franco-American                              Arborio
      Planko Italian Bread Crumbs
                                              Slow Roast Gravy – Beef,                 Organic Brown
   Publix                                     Chicken, or Turkey
      Italian Bread Crumbs                Heinz                                        Basmati
   Vigo                                       Classic Chicken                          Extra Long
      Bread Crumbs – Plain, Golden            Fat Free – Roasted Turkey or             Gold Parboiled
      Toasted, or Italian                     Savory Beef                              Jasmine Long Grain
 Dry Beans                                    Homestyle Pork                           Jasmine
  Goya                                        Roasted Turkey                           Long Grain
      Black Beans                             Savory Brown                             Valencia
   Hurst                                 Instant Potatoes                              White
      15-Bean Soup                         Betty Crocker                           Minute Rice
      Cajun 15-Bean Soup                      100% Real Potatoes – Au Gratin
                                                                                       Instant Rice – Premium Long
                                              or Scalloped
      Chicken 15-Bean Soup                                                             Grain, White, or Whole Grain
                                              Au Gratin Potatoes                       Brown
      Garlic & Herb Lentils
                                              Cheddar Classics, Three Cheese
      Great Northern Beans with Ham                                                Publix
      Green Split Peas with Ham                                                        Boil In Bag Rice
                                              Hash Brown Potatoes
   Publix                                                                              Instant Rice – Brown or White
                                              Julienne Potatoes
      Baby Lima Beans                                                                  Long Grain – Brown or Enriched
                                              Mashed Potatoes – 100% Russet,
      Black (Frijoles Negros)                 Butter & Herb, Homestyle             Rice Select
      Blackeye Peas                           Creamy Butter, Roasted Garlic, or        Jasmati
                                              Roasted Garlic & Cheddar
      Garbanzo Beans                                                                   Rice Sushi
                                              Potato Buds
      Great Northern Beans                                                             Risotto
                                              Specialty with Sour Cream and
      Green Split Beans                                                                Texmati – Brown or White
      Large Lima Beans
      Light Red Kidney Beans
                                                                                       Long Grain
      Navy Beans
      Pearl Barley                               Pg. 40 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                              Food & Nutrition Center

 Rice (Cont’d)                           Rice Side Dishes (Cont’d)                  Rice Side Dishes (Cont’d)
   Sello Rojo                              Near East                                  Zatarain’s
      Rice                                    Rice Pilaf – Original Mix, Garlic &        Dirty Rice Mix
                                              Herb, Roasted Chicken & Garlic,            Jambalaya Mix
                                              or Toasted Almond
      Boil-in-Bag Rice – Regular,                                                        New Orleans Style Rice – Beef,
                                              Taboule Wheat Salad Mix                    Cheddar Broccoli, Chicken
      Brown, or Jasmine
                                          Publix                                         Flavored, Rice Pilaf, Spanish, or
   Uncle Ben’s                                                                           Yellow
                                              Flavored Rice – Beef, Broccoli &
      Boil In Bag                                                                        New Orleans Style Rice Mix –
                                              Cheese, Chicken, or Spanish
      Brown                                                                              Black Beans And Rice, Caribbean,
      Brown Fast Cooking Whole Grain      Rice-A-Roni                                    Jambalaya With Cheese, or Red
                                              1/3 Less Salt                              Beans And Rice
      Converted Long Grain
                                              Cheese Pleasers Creamy 4                   Reduced Sodium – Dirty or
      Enriched Parboiled Long Grain
                                              Cheese                                     Jambalaya Mix
      Converted Original
      Instant                                 Nature’s Way – Long Grain Wild        Specialty Rice
                                              or Parmesan & Romano                    Canoe
   Vigo                                       Rice – Beef Flavored, Broccoli             Pure Wild Rice
      Basmati                                 Au Gratin, Chicken Flavored,
      Jasmine                                 Chicken & Broccoli, Chicken            Mahatma
                                              Teriyaki, Fried, Herb & Butter,            Brown Rice
 Rice Side Dishes
                                              Long Grain & Wild Rice, Pilaf, or          Spicy Yellow Rice Mix
   Knorr                                      Spanish
                                                                                         Water Maid Rice
      Asian Sides – Chicken Fried             Savory Whole Grains – Chicken &
                                                                                         Yellow Rice Dinner
      Cajun Sides – Dirty or Garlic &         Herb or Roasted Garlic
      Butter                                                                         Near East
      Fiesta Sides – Mexican, Spanish,                                                   Brown Rice Pilaf
      or Taco                                                                            Whole Grain Blends, Roasted
      Rice Sides – Beef, Cheddar &        Uncle Ben’s                                    Pecan & Garlic
      Broccoli, Chicken, Chicken &            Country Inn Rice – Broccoli Au
      Broccoli, Creamy Chicken, Herb                                                 Publix
                                              Gratin, Homestyle Chicken &
      & Butter, Mushroom, or Pilaf            Vegetables, Mexican Fiesta, or             Long Grain And Wild Rice
      Sides – Alfredo Veggie, Cajun           Wild Rice & Chicken                        Yellow Rice
      Red Beans & Rice, or Plus Garden        Long Grain & Wild Rice – Herb          Uncle Ben’s
      Herb Rice with Vegetables               Chicken or Sun-Dried Tomato
                                                                                         Brown & Wild Rice, Mushroom
   Mahatma                                    Ready Rice – Cajun Style, Creamy           Recipe
                                              Four Cheeses, or Whole Grain
      Long & Wild                                                                        Long Grain & Wild Rice – Butter
                                              Medley Santa Fe
      Red Beans & Rice                                                                   & Herb, Fast Cook Recipe,
                                              Ready Rice Microwaveable –                 Original Recipe with 23 Herbs &
      Spanish                                 Buttery, Chicken Whole Grain               Seasonings, Roasted Garlic, or
      Yellow Rice Mix                         Brown, Garden Vegetable With               Vegetable & Herb varieties
                                              Real Vegetables, Long Grain &
   Minute Rice                                                                       Vigo
                                              Wild, Original Long Grain, Rice
      Ready-to-Serve – Brown, White,          Pilaf, Roasted Chicken, Spanish            Yellow Rice Dinner
      or Yellow                               Style, Teriyaki Flavored, or Whole    Stuffing Mix
   Near East                                  Grain Brown
                                                                                      Kraft Stove Top
      Couscous – Herbed Chicken,              Rice Pilaf
                                                                                         Cornbread Mix
      Original, Parmesan Mix, Roasted     Vigo
      Garlic & Olive Oil, Toasted Pine                                                   Herb Stuffing Mix
      Nut Mix, Whole Wheat Whole              Dinners – Black Beans & Rice,              Lower Sodium Stuffing Mix For
      Grain Roasted Blends, or Wild           Mexican Rice, Red Beans & Rice,            Chicken
      Mushroom & Herb                         or White & Wild Rice
                                                                                         Stuffing Mix For Chicken
                                                                                         Stuffing Mix For Turkey
                                                                                         Stuffing Mix, Pork Flavor                                Pg. 41 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                               Food & Nutrition Center

 Stuffing Mix (Cont’d)                       Dry Toppings (Cont’d)                    Pourable (Cont’d)
   Kraft Stove Top                           Texas Toast                              Cardini
       Chicken Stuffing Flexible                  Croutons – Caesar, Salt & Pepper,        Original Caesar Salad Dressing
       Servings                                  or Seasoned
                                                                                      Farmer’s Boy
       Homestyle Herb Stuffing               Non-Pourable                                  Greek Dressing
   Pepperidge Farm                           Duke’s
       Corn Bread Stuffing                        Sugar Free Mayonnaise
                                                                                          Caesar Salad Dressing
       Herb Seasoned Cubed Stuffing               Whipped Salad Dressing
                                                                                          Champagne Dressing
SALAD DRESSING                                                                        Hidden Valley Ranch
                                                 Easy Out! Mayonnaise – Light or
 Dry Mix                                         Real                                     Light Ranch
  Good Seasons                                   Light Mayonnaise                         Organic Ranch Dressing
       Cruet Kits                                Low Fat, Cholesterol Free                The Original Ranch – Original,
                                                 Mayonnaise                               Bacon, Buttermilk Light, Caesar,
       Salad Dressing Mix – Italian, Herb
                                                                                          Fat Free, Light, Old Fashioned
       & Garlic, or Zesty Italian                Mayonnaise with Olive Oil
                                                                                          Buttermilk, Organic, Ranch with
   Hidden Valley Ranch                           Real Mayonnaise                          Bacon, or Spicy Ranch
       Original Dressing                         Reduced Calorie Light                    Topping & Dressing Easy
                                                 Mayonnaise                               Squeeze – Ranch or Light Ranch
       Party Dip Mix
                                                 Real Canola Oil Mayonnaise               Sour Cream
       Ranch Dressing
 Dry Toppings                                Kraft                                    Ken’s
  Chatham Village                                Dressing Fat Free, Non Fat               Chef’s Reserve Dressing – Blue
                                                 Light Mayonnaise                         Cheese, Greek, or Italian
       Croutons – Cheese & Garlic, Fat
       Free Garlic & Onion, or Garden            Mayonnaise with Olive Oil                Lite Dressing – Caesar, Northern
       Herb                                                                               Italian, Northern Italian with Basil,
                                                 Miracle Whip Dressing, Dressing
                                                                                          Olive Oil Vinaigrette, or Sun-
                                                 Light, Salad Dressing
   Fresh Gourmet                                                                          Dried Tomato
                                                 Miracle Whip Free
       Onions – Crispy or Crispy Garlic                                                   Lite Accents Vinaigrette Spray
                                                 Miracle Whip Light                       – Balsamic, Honey Mustard, or
       Strips – Santa Fe or Tortilla
                                                 Miracle Whip Squeeze                     Raspberry Walnut
   Hormel                                        Mayonnaise                               Ranch Dressing
       Real Bacon – Bits, Pieces, or             Real Mayonnaise                          Steak House Dressing – Balsamic
       Pouch                                     Squeeze Mayonnaise                       and Basil Vinaigrette, Buttermilk
       Real Crumbled Bacon – Maple or            Super Easy Squeeze, Miracle              Ranch, Chunky Blue Cheese,
       Peppered                                  Whip Salad Dressing                      Creamy Caesar, Greek with
   Marie Callender’s                                                                      Imported Oil, Italian Marinade,
                                             Publix                                       Red Wine Vinegar & Olive Oil,
       Croutons – Cheese & Garlic, Fat           Real Mayonnaise
       Free Caesar, Garlic Butter, or                                                     Thousand Island, Three Cheese
       Whole Grain Caesar                        Squeeze Mayonnaise                       Italian, or Zesty Italian
                                             Smart Balance                                Steak House Dressing Lite –
   Mrs. Cubbison’s                                                                        Caesar, Chunky Blue Cheese,
       Croutons – Caesar, Cheese &               Mayonnaise with Omega Plus
                                                                                          Creamy Caesar, Northern Italian,
       Garlic, Fat Free Herb, Garlic         Smart Beat                                   Ranch, or Vinaigrette Balsamic &
       Butter, or Seasoned                       Mayonnaise Non-Fat                       Basil
   Rothbury Farms                           Pourable                                      Super Chunky Blue Cheese
       Croutons – Cheese & Garlic or         Annie’s Naturals
       Seasoned                                                                       Kraft
                                                 Goddess Dressing
   T. Marzetti’s                                                                          Balsamic Vinaigrette
       Large Croutons – Caesar, Cheese                                                    Buttermilk Ranch
                                                 French Vinaigrette Salad Dressing
       & Garlic, or Garlic Butter                                                         Italian Caesar                                  Pg. 42 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                  Food & Nutrition Center

 Pourable (Cont’d)                            Pourable (Cont’d)                         Pourable (Cont’d)
  Kraft                                        Newman’s Own                              Wishbone
      Caesar with Bacon                            Southwest Dressing                        Restaurant Style Blue Cheese
      Creamy Italian                               Vinaigrette Say Cheese Three              with Gorgonzola
      Free – Caesar Italian, Classic               Cheese Balsamic                           Salad Spritzers – Vinaigrette
      Caesar, Ranch, or Zesty Italian                                                        Balsamic Breeze or Vinaigrette
      Garlic Ranch                                 Caesar
      Greek Vinaigrette                            Chunky Blue Cheese
      Greek Vinaigrette with Feta
                                                                                       SHELF-STABLE CHEESE
                                                   Classic Italian                      Grated Cheese
      Cheese & Extra Virgin Oil
                                                   Creamy Parmesan
      Honey Dijon Vinaigrette                                                            4C
                                                   Fat Free Italian
      Italian Pesto                                                                          All Natural Homestyle No
                                                   Lite Caesar                               Preservatives 100% Imported
      Italian Vinaigrette with Extra
                                                   Premium Dressing – Caesar                 Grated Cheese – Parmesan or
      Virgin Olive Oil
                                                   Garlic, Champagne, or Parmesan            Parmesan/Romano
      Light Balsamic Vinaigrette                   & Roasted Garlic                          Parmesan/Romano
      Light Done Right! – House Italian,           Ranch                                     Parmesan
      Ranch, Reduced Fat Zesty Italian,
                                                   Vinaigrette Tangy Balsamic                Romano
      or Three Cheese Ranch
                                                   Zesty Italian
      Parmesan Vinaigrette Caesar                                                        Colonna
      Ranch Bacon                              Seven Seas                                    Parmesan
      Reduced Calorie Low Cholesterol              Red Wine Vinegar & Oil                    Parmesan/Romano
      Creamy Ranchers Choice                       Viva Italian
      Roka Blue Cheese                         South Beach                                   Macaroni & Cheese Topping
      South Beach Diet Dressing                    Living Ranch Dressing
      – Balsamic Vinaigrette with Extra                                                      Parmesan
      Virgin Oil, Italian with Extra Virgin    Wishbone                                      Parmesan & Romano
      Oil, or Ranch                                Asian Silk Vinaigrette Spritzer           Reduced-Fat Parmesan
      Special Collection Roasted Red               Balsamic & Basil Vinaigrette with         Romano
      Pepper Italian with Parmesan                 Extra Virgin Olive Oil                    Three Cheese Blend
      Three Cheese Ranch                           Balsamic Italian Vinaigrette
      Tuscan House Italian                         Balsamic Vinaigrette
                                                                                             100% Parmesan
      Zesty Italian                                Blue Cheese Dressing
                                                                                             100% Romano Parmesan
   Newman’s Own                                    Caesar Delight Vinaigrette
                                                                                        Shelf Stable Cheese
      Balsamic Vinegar
                                                   Creamy Caesar                          Kraft
                                                   Fat Free! Italian                         Cheez Whiz – Original
      Creamy Caesar
                                                   Fat Free Ranch Dressing                   Old English
      Family Recipe Italian
                                                   House Italian                             Pimento
      Italian Lighten Up! Light Sun
                                                   Italian                                   Roka Blue
      Dried Tomato
                                                   Just 2 Good! – Blue Cheese,               Velveeta Cheese – Cheese
      Light Balsamic Vinaigrette
                                                   Country Italian, Creamy Caesar,           Product, Product Made With
      Light Italian                                                                          2% Milk, Spread Mild Mexican,
                                                   Italian, or Low Fat Parmesan
      Light Lime Vinaigrette                       Peppercorn Ranch                          Spread Plain, or Pepper Jack Loaf
      Light Red Wine Vinaigrette                   Olive Oil Vinaigrette                 Publix
      Lighten Up! Low Fat Sesame                   Ranch                                     Processed Cheese Spread
                                                   Ranch Vinaigrette Spritzer
      Olive Oil & Vinegar
                                                   Raspberry Bliss Vinaigrette
      Organic Low Fat Asian Dressing               Spritzer
      Organic Tuscan Italian
      Parmesan & Roasted Garlic                                    Pg. 43 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                         Food & Nutrition Center

SNACKS                                    Dips (Cont’d)                           Nuts (Cont’d)
 Corn                                       Zapata                                 Blue Diamond
  Chester’s                                    Fire Roasted Red Salsa – Mild,         Almonds – Bold Jalapeño
       Cheese Puffcorn                         Medium, or Hot                         Smokehouse, Bold Wasabi & Soy
                                          Miscellaneous Snacks                        Sauce, Natural Whole, Roast Salt,
   Frito Lay                                                                          or Smokehouse
       Chili Cheese Flavored Corn Chips    Alexia
                                                                                      Oven Roasted Almonds –
       Corn Chips Scoops                       Onion Strips – Jalapeño or Onion       Cinnamon/Brown Sugar, No Salt,
                                           Eat Smart                                  Sea Salt, or Vanilla Bean
       Barbecue Corn Chips                     Veggie Crisps – Original or Sun-    Diamond
                                               Dried Tomato                           Chopped Walnuts
       Regular Corn Chips
                                           Flat Earth                                 Chopped Baking Walnuts
   General Mills
                                               Veggie Crisps – Cheddar or             Pine Nuts
       Original Flavor Bugles
                                               Tomato                                 Shelled Walnuts
   CornNuts                                Funyuns                                 Emerald
       Regular Medium Corn
                                               Onion Rings                            Almonds – Cocoa Roasted, Dry
 Dips                                                                                 Roasted, or Smoked
   Eatsmart                                                                           Deluxe Mixed Nuts
                                               Original Snack Mix
       All Natural Snacks – Salsa Con                                                 Dry Roasted Almonds
       Queso Flame Roasted                 General Mills
                                               Chex Mix – Barbecue, Cheddar,       MacFarms
   Frito Lay’s                                                                        Roasted Macadamias
                                               Hot & Spicy, Peanut Lovers, Sour
       Cheddar & Jalapeño                      Cream & Onion, or Traditional
       French Onion
                                                                                   Mauna Loa
                                           Munchies                                   Macadamias
       Original Bean
                                               Cheese Snack Mix                       Macadamias And Cashews
                                           SunChips                                Planters
       Creamy Ranch
                                               Snacks – Original, 100-Calorie         Almonds – Sliced or Slivered
       French Onion
                                               Cheddar, Cheddar, French Onion,        Cashews – Halves & Pieces,
   Publix                                      Garden Salsa, Harvest Cheddar,         Halves Lightly Salted, Whole, or
       Dips – Black Bean Medium,               or Peppercorn Ranch                    Lightly Salted Whole
       Cheddar con Queso, or               Terra                                      Dry Roasted Sunflower Kernel
       Southwestern Black Bean & Corn
                                               Vegetable Chips – Regular or           Gonuts Nutrition Almonds Lightly
       Thick & Chunky Salsa – Mild,            Mediterranean                          Salted
       Medium, or Hot
                                           True North                                 Go-Paks – Salted Almonds or
   Publix GreenWise Market                                                            South Beach Mix
                                               Pistachio Crisps
       Organic Salsa – Medium or Mild                                                 Mix Cashew Lovers, 50%
                                          Nuts                                        Cashews with Macadamias And
   Tostitos                                Anacon                                     Pecans
       Natural Mild Salsa                      Wheat                                  Mix Macadamia Lovers, 50%
       Con Queso                                                                      Macadamias with Almonds and
                                           Back to Nature
       Creamy Ranch                                                                   Pecans
                                               Almonds with Sea Salt
       Medium Salsa                                                                   Mix Pecan Lovers, 50% Pecans
                                               Jumbo Cashews                          with Cashews and Pistachios
       Medium Salsa Con Queso
                                               Tuscan Herb Roasted Mix                Mix Pistachio Lovers, 50%
       Mild Salsa
                                           Beer Nuts Brand                            Pistachios with Cashews and
       Natural Medium Salsa
                                               Original Peanuts                       Almonds
       Restaurant Style Salsa
                                                                                      Mixed Nuts – Regular, Cashews
   Zapata                                                                             with Almonds & Peanuts, Deluxe,
       Fire Roasted Green Salsa – Mild                                                Deluxe Lightly Salted, Lightly
       or Medium                                                                      Salted, or Unsalted                                 Pg. 44 of 51                        Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

 Nut’s (Cont’d)                           Popcorn (Cont’d)                          Popcorn (Cont’d)
  Planters                                 Jolly Time                                Publix
      Natural Harvest – California             Healthy Pop 94% Fat Free Pop              Butter
      Almonds or Jumbo Cashews                 Popcorn, Butter Flavor                    Light Butter
      Nutrition Lightly Salted Almonds         Microwave Singles Popcorn –               Microwave Kettle Corn
      Nutrition Lightly Salted Cashews,        Servebags Blast O Butter, Blast           Movie Theater Butter
      Almonds & Macadamias                     O Butter Minis, or Healthy 94%
                                               Fat Free                                  Natural
      Peanuts – Cocktail, Dry Roasted,
      Dry Roasted Lightly Salted,          Newman’s Own                              Smart Balance
      Honey Roasted, Lightly Salted, or        Natural Microwave Popcorn                 Lite Butter
      Redskin Spanish                                                                    Movie Butter
                                               Old Style Picture Show Popcorn,
      Pecans – Chips, Halves, or Pieces        Light Butter Flavor                       Smart & Healthy
                                           Orville Redenbacher’s                     Smartfood
      Select Mix Cashews/Almonds/
                                               Butter Popcorn Oil                        100-Calorie White Cheddar
                                               Gourmet Popping Corn – Butter,            White Cheddar Cheese
      Shelled Walnuts
                                               Kettle Korn, Light Butter, Light      Wise
      Unsalted Dry Roasted Peanuts
                                               Movie Theater Butter, Movie
      Walnut Pieces                                                                      White Cheddar
                                               Theater, Pour Over Movie
   Publix                                      Theater, Sweet ‘N Buttery, or        Potato Chips
                                               Ultimate Butter                       Alexia
      Almonds – Natural Whole,
      Salted, Sliced, or Smoked                Microwave Gourmet Popping                 Waffle Fries – Barbecue, Cheddar
                                               Corn – Butter, Light Butter, Movie        Cheese, Hot Pepper, or Ranch
      Cashews – Halves & Pieces
                                               Theater, Natural, Smart Pop!
      Lightly Salted, Halves & Pieces                                                Baked Ruffles
                                               Kettle, Smart Pop! 94% Fat Free,
      Salted, or Whole Salted
                                               or Tender White                           Cheddar/Sour Cream
      Dry Roasted Peanuts – Lightly
                                               Gourmet Popping Corn Mini                 Original
      Salted, Salted, Salted Honey
                                               Bags – Kettle Korn, Movie
      Roasted, or Unsalted                                                           Cape Cod
                                               Theater, or Microwave Butter
      Dry Roasted Pistachios                                                             Buttermilk Ranch
                                               Natural – Regular, Butter, Butter/
      Macadamia Salted                         Garlic, Butter/Salt/Pepper, Light,        Cheddar/Jack/Sour Cream
      Mixed Nuts – Lightly Salted,             or Lower Fat Butter                       Old Fashioned Hand-cooked
      Salted with 50% Peanuts, Salted          Old Fashioned                             Potato Chips, Jalapeño & Aged
      with Less than 50% Peanuts, or                                                     Cheddar
      Salted Contains No Peanuts                                                         Old Fashioned Kettle-Cooked
                                               Smart Pop – 100-Calorie Kettle
      Pecan Halves for Baking &                                                          Potato Chips – Robust Russet
                                               Bags, Kettle, or Mini Butter
      Cooking                                                                            Parmesan & Roasted Garlic
                                               White Gourmet
      Premium Deluxe Mixed Nuts                                                          Reduced Fat
      Premium Salted Peanuts Virginia      Pop Secret                                    Salt & Pepper
      Salted Peanuts – Honey Roasted           Premium Popcorn 100 Calorie               Salt & Vinegar
      or Party                                 Snack Size – Butter or Kettle
                                                                                         Sweet Mesquite Barbecue
      Sunflower Seeds Roasted &                 Corn
      Salted                                   Premium Popcorn 94% Fat Free          Kettle Chips
      Walnuts Shelled Come Out Of              – Butter, Old Fashioned Kettle            Hand Cooked, Lightly Salted
      Your Shell                               Corn, or Snack Size                       Potato Chips
                                               Premium Popcorn – Butter, Extra           Salt & Pepper Krinkle
   Roddenbery’s                                Butter, Homestyle, Jumbo Butter,
      Boiled Peanuts                           Light Butter, or Movie Theater        Lay’s
                                               Butter                                    Baked – Original, Barbecue, or
                                                                                         Sour Cream & Onion
  Cape Cod                                 Poppycock
      Premium White Cheddar Cheese             Butter Cashew
                                                                                         Cheddar & Sour Cream                                Pg. 45 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                              Food & Nutrition Center

 Potato Chips (Cont’d)                     Potato Chips (Cont’d)                    Pretzels (Cont’d)
  Lay’s                                     Publix                                    Snyder’s
      Classic                                   Potato Chips – Original Thins,           Sourdough Pretzel Pieces –
      Kettle – Original, Jalapeño,              Barbecue Flavored, Dip Style, or         Honey Mustard & Onion, Hot
      Mesquite, Reduced Fat, Salt &             Sour Cream & Onion                       Buffalo Wing, or Jalapeño
      Vinegar, or Sharp Cheddar                 Salt & Vinegar Potato Crisps             Sticks – 12 Multi Grain or
      Light Fat Free Original                   Wavy                                     Pumpernickel & Onion
      Lightly Salted                                                                     The Pounder Low Fat Olde Tyme
      Natural Sea Salt Thick Cut                Cheddar Sour Cream                  Puffed Cheese
      Salt & Vinegar                            Light Fat Free Original               Cheetos
      Sour Cream & Onion                        Natural Reduced Fat Salted               100-Calorie
      STAX – Original, Barbecue, or             Original                                 100-Calorie, Baked
      Cheddar Cheese                                                                     Cheetos Cheese Flavored
                                                Reduced Fat
      Wavy – Original, Hickory, or                                                       Snacks – Crunchy, or Crunchy
                                                Regular XXL
      Ranch                                                                              Flamin’ Hot
                                                Sour Cream & Onion
   Munchos                                                                               Natural White Cheddar Cheese
                                            Wise                                         Puffed Cheese
      Potato Crisps
                                                Potato Chips – All Natural, BBQ
   Pix-Nik                                                                           Publix
                                                Flavor, Honey BBQ Flavored,
      Shoestring Potatoes                       Lightly Salted, or Onion & Garlic        Made with Real Cheese Crunchy
                                                                                         Cheese Curls or Puffs
   Pringles                                Pretzels
                                             Combo’s                                 Robert’s
      100-Calorie Original
                                                                                         American Gourmet Pirate’s Booty
      Bacon Ranch                               Pizzeria
                                                                                         White Cheddar
      Barbecue                              Publix
      Cheddar Cheese                                                                 Wise
                                                Pretzel Sticks – Regular or Big
      Extreme – Blazin’ Buffalo Wings,                                                   Cheez Doodles – Crunchy or
      Screamin’ Dill Pickle, or Smokin’                                                  Puffed
                                                Pretzel Twists – Large or Mini
      Hot Ranch                                 Baked                               Rice Cakes
      Fat Free Potato Crisps – Original,                                              Publix
      Barbecue, or Sour Cream &
                                            Rold Gold
                                                                                         Cheddar Cheese
      Onion                                     Braided Honey Wheat
                                                                                         Low Fat White Cheddar
      Honey Butter Snack Stix                   Classic Style Thins
                                                                                         Low Sodium Fat Free
      Honey Mustard                             Fat Free Tiny Sticks
      Loaded Bake Potato                        Rods
                                                                                         Unsalted Fat Free
      Original                                  Tiny Twists
      Potato Crisps – Original, Salt &
                                                                                     Quaker Oats
      Vinegar, or Sour Cream & Onion                                                     Apple/Cinnamon
                                                Hard Fat Free Sourdough
      Pizza                                                                              Butter Popcorn
      Pizza Snack Stix                                                                   Caramel Corn
                                                Honey Mustard & Onion
      Ranch                                     Sourdough Nibblers                       Chocolate Crunch
      Reduced Fat Original                      Mini Unsalted Pretzels                   Lightly Salted
      Restaurant Cravers – Mexican              Old Fashioned Dipping Pretzel            Quakes – Apple/Cinnamon,
      Layer Dip, Mozzarella & Marinara,         Sticks                                   Barbecue, Caramel, Cheddar
      or Onion Blossom                                                                   Cheese, Creamy Ranch, Kettle
                                                Organic Honey Wheat With
                                                                                         Corn, Nacho Cheese, or Sour
      Snack Stacks Potato Crisps –              Sesame Seed Pretzel Sticks
                                                                                         Cream & Onion
      Original, or Sour Cream & Onion           Pretzel Rods
                                                Pretzel Sandwiches – Cheddar
                                                                                         Tortillaz – Cheesy Nacho or
                                                Cheese or Peanut Butter
                                                Snaps Butter Pretzels
                                                                                         Unsalted                                  Pg. 46 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                          Food & Nutrition Center

 Rice Cakes (Cont’d)                     Bouillon (Cont’d)                        Broth (Cont’d)
   Quaker Oats                            Glory Foods                               Swanson
       White Cheddar                          Seasoned Cooking Base – Beef             Beef – Clear, Fat Free Lower
 Tortilla Chips                               or Chicken                               Sodium, or Lower Sodium
                                          Goya                                         Certified Organic – Beef,
                                                                                       Chicken, or Vegetable
       100-Calorie Nachos                     Bouillon – Beef or Powdered
                                              Chicken                                  Chicken, Clear
       Baked Nacho Cheese
                                                                                       Natural Goodness Lower Sodium
       Collision Pizza Cravers Ranch      Herb Ox                                      Chicken Broth
       Cool Ranch                             Low Sodium – Beef or Chicken
                                                                                   Wolfgang Puck
       Late Night – Last Call Jalapeño    Knorr
       Poppers or Tacos at Midnight                                                    Free Range Chicken Stock
                                              Vegetable                                Organic Broth – Beef or Chicken
       Nacho Cheese
                                              Soup Mix – Beef or Chicken
       Nacho Cheesier                                                             Condensed
       Spicier Nacho                      Maggi                                    Campbell’s
       Spicy Sweet Chili                      Instant Bouillon – Beef, Chicken,        25% Less Sodium – Chicken
                                              or Reduced Sodium Chicken                Noodle or Cream of Mushroom
   Garden of Eatin’
                                          MBT                                          98% Fat Free – Cream of Celery
       Organic – Blue or Red Hot Blue                                                  or Cream of Mushroom
                                              Broth – Beef or Chicken
   Publix                                                                              Bean with Bacon
       Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips                                                 Beef – Broth, Consomme, or
       – Regular or 100% White corn           Chicken                                  Vegetables and Barley
       Round Style Tortilla Chips             Cubes – Beef or Chicken Flavors          Broccoli & Cheese
       – Yellow or 100% White Corn            Instant Bouillon – Beef or               Cheddar Cheese
   Publix GreenWise Market                                                             Chicken – Broth, Chicken & Stars,
                                              Instant Bouillon Granules, Beef          Chicken & Vegetables, Gumbo,
       Tortilla Chips – Blue or Yellow        Flavor
       Corn                                                                            Noodle, Noodle O’s, White &
                                         Broth                                         Wild Rice, or Won Ton
   Snyder’s of Hanover                     College Inn                                 Cool Shapes
       The Pounder Tortilla Chips –                                                    Cream – Asparagus, Broccoli,
                                              Beef Broth
       Multigrain, Restaurant Style,                                                   Celery, Chicken, Chicken &
       White Corn, or Yellow Corn             Beef Stock
                                                                                       Mushroom, Chicken with Herbs,
                                              Chicken Broth
   Tostitos                                                                            Cream of Onion, Mushroom,
                                              Chicken Stock                            Mushroom with Roasted Garlic,
       Baked Scoops
                                              Fat Free Chicken Broth                   Potato, or Shrimp
                                              Low Sodium Chicken                       Creamy Chicken Noodle
       Jalapeño Scoops
                                              Thai Coconut Curry Broth                 Double Noodle
                                              White Wine Broth                         Family Size – Chicken Noodle,
       Natural Restaurant Style Corn –
                                          Kitchen Basics                               Chicken with Rice, Cream of
       Blue or Yellow
                                                                                       Chicken, or Cream of Mushroom
       Restaurant Style                       Beef Stock
                                                                                       French Onion
       Restaurant Style with Lime             Chicken Stock
                                                                                       Fun Shapes
       Scoops                                 Vegetable Stock
                                                                                       Golden Mushroom
                                          Progresso                                    Goldfish in Chicken Broth
SOUP                                          Beef Broth                               Healthy Request – Chicken
 Bouillon                                     Chicken Broth                            Noodle, Chicken with Rice,
  Better Than Bouillon                        Reduced Sodium Chicken Broth             Cream of Celery, Cream of
       Base Bouillon – Beef, Chicken,                                                  Chicken, Cream of Mushroom,
                                          Publix                                       Homestyle Chicken Noodle,
       Ham, or Vegetable
                                              Beef or Chicken                          Minestrone, or Vegetable Beef
                                                                                       Homestyle Chicken Noodle                                Pg. 47 of 51                        Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                            Food & Nutrition Center

 Condensed (Cont’d)                        Dry Soup Mix (Cont’d)                    Ready-To-Serve (Cont’d)
  Campbell’s                                Maruchan                                 Campbell’s
      Kids Shapes                               Instant Lunch – Beef, Chicken,           Chunky Soup Bowl – Chicken
      Lentil                                    Ramen Noodles Cheddar                    Corn Chowder, Chicken Noodle,
                                                Cheese, Roasted Chicken, or              Chicken with Dumplings, Healthy
      Light – Chicken & Mushroom
                                                Shrimp                                   Request Chicken Noodle,
      Barley, Chicken Gumbo, Chicken
                                                Ramen Chicken                            Healthy Request Grilled Chicken,
      with Wild Rice, or Italian
                                                                                         New England Clam Chowder,
      Wedding                                   Ramen Noodle Soup – Beef,
                                                                                         Old-Fashioned Vegetable Beef,
      Low Sodium – Chicken Broth or             Chicken, Creamy Chicken,
                                                                                         Sirloin Burger, or Vegetable Beef
      Chicken with Noodles                      Oriental, Roast Beef, Roast
                                                Chicken, or Shrimp                       Select Harvest Light – Southwest
      Manhattan Clam Chowder                                                             Vegetable or Vegetable & Pasta
                                                Yakisoba Homestyle Japanese
      Mega Noodle                                                                        Select Harvest Soup Bowl
                                                Noodles – Cheddar Cheese,
      Minestrone                                Chicken, or Roasted Chicken              – Healthy Request Mexican
      New England Clam Chowder                                                           Chicken Tortilla, Italian Wedding,
                                                Yakisoba Savory Soy Noodles
      Old Fashioned Vegetable with                                                       Light Italian Wedding, Light
      Beef Stock                            Mrs. Grass                                   Southwest Vegetable, Light
                                                Chicken Noodle Soup                      Vegetable & Pasta, or New
      Oyster Soup Stew
                                                Chicken Homestyle                        England Clam Chowder
      Souper Shapes
                                                                                         Select Soup – Beef With Roasted
      Split Pea Soup with Ham & Bacon       Nissin                                       Barley, Chicken With Egg
      Vegetable Beef                            Cup Noodles Soup Mix – Beef,             Noodles, New England Clam
                                                Chicken, Chicken Vegetables, or          Chowder, or Traditional Italian
                                                Spicy Chicken                            Style Wedding
      Condensed – Cream of Chicken
                                                Top Ramen Soup Mix – Beef or             Select Soup 98% Fat Free New
      or Cream of Mushroom
                                                Chicken                                  England Clam Chowder
      Chicken Noodle
                                            Publix                                       Select Soup Healthy Request
 Dry Soup Mix                                                                            – Chicken Noodle Italian Style
                                                Onion Soup Mix
  Bear Creek                                                                             Wedding, Mexican Style Chicken
                                           Ready-To-Serve                                Tortilla, or Savory Chicken And
      Chicken Noodle
      Country Kitchens Soup Mix             Campbell’s                                   Long Grain Rice
      – Chili, Potato, or Vegetable Beef        Bowl – Chicken Noodle or                 Soup At Hand – Chicken & Stars,
                                                Homestyle Chicken Noodle                 Chicken With Mini Noodles,
      Minestrone Soup Mix
                                                Chunky – Baked Potato With               Cream of Broccoli, or Less
   Knorr                                        Cheddar & Bacon Bits, Beef               Sodium Chicken Noodle
      Soup Mix – French Onion, Leek,            With Country Vegetables,             Healthy Choice
      Spinach, or Vegetable                     Chicken & Dumplings, Chicken
                                                                                         Beef Pot Roast
      Spring Vegetable                          Broccoli Cheese & Potato,
                                                Chicken Corn Chowder, Classic            Soup – Chicken With Rice,
   Lipton                                       Chicken Noodle, Grilled Chicken          Country Vegetable, Old
      Chicken Noodle with Diced                 & Sausage Gumbo, Grilled                 Fashioned Chicken Noodle,
      White Chicken Meat                        Chicken With Vegetables &                or Zesty Gumbo With Chicken
      Cup A Soup Mix – Chicken                  Pasta, Grilled Sirloin Steak With        Sausage
      Noodle, Cream of Chicken,                 Hearty Vegetables, New England           Soup Bowl – Chicken Noodle,
      Hearty Chicken, or Hearty                 Clam Chowder, Savory Chicken             Chicken Tortilla, Chicken with
      Chicken Noodle Mix                        With White & Wild Rice, Steak &          Rice, Country Vegetable, or
      Noodle with Real Chicken Broth            Potato, or Vegetable Beef                Minestrone
      Recipe Secrets – Beefy Onion,             Chunky Fully Loaded Soup –           Muir Glen
      Extra Noodle, Golden Onion,               Chicken Alfredo or Turkey Pot Pie
                                                                                         Beef & Vegetable
      Onion Mushroom, Savory Herb               Chunky Healthy Request –
                                                                                         Chicken Noodle
      with Garlic, Onion, or Vegetable          Chicken Noodle, Grilled Chicken
                                                & Sausage, or New England                Chicken Tortilla
      Soup Secrets Mix – Noodle or
                                                Clam Chowder                             Chicken with Wild Rice
      Extra Noodle                                 Pg. 48 of 51                         Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                               Food & Nutrition Center

 Ready-To-Serve (Cont’d)                 SPICES                                      Gravy (Cont’d)
  Muir Glen                               Dry Seasoning                               Publix
      Organic – Minestrone, Savory         French’s                                       Gravy Mix – Au Jus, Brown,
      Lentil, or Split Pea                     Chili-O Sauce Mix                          Brown Gravy with Onion,
      Southwest Black Bean                                                                Chicken, Country, Mushroom,
                                               Chili-O with Onion Mix
                                                                                          Onion, Pork, or Turkey
   Progresso                               Knorr
      50% Less Sodium – Chicken                                                       Williams
                                               Sauce Mix – Alfredo, Bernaise,
      Gumbo, Chicken Noodle, Garden                                                       Country Gravy
                                               Hollandaise, Parmarosa, or Pesto
      Vegetable, or Minestrone                                                            Country Gravy with Sausage
      Light – Beef Pot Roast, Chicken      Lawry’s
                                                                                     Salt and Substitutes
      Noodle, Chicken Vegetable &              Chili Seasoning Mix
      Rotini, Homestyle Vegetable with     McCormick
      Rice, Italian Vegetable, Reduced                                                    Popcorn Salt
                                               Bag ‘n Seasoning – Beef Stew,
      Sodium Chicken & Vegetable,                                                    Spice/Seasoning
                                               Country Chicken, Herb Roast
      Reduced Sodium Vegetable,                                                        Fleishman’s
                                               Pork, Meatloaf, Original Chicken,
      Santa Fe Chicken, Savory
                                               Pork Chops, or Pot Roast                   Dry Yeast
      Vegetable Barley, Southwest
      Vegetable, or Vegetable &                Seasoning Mix – Beef Stew,                 Rapid Rise Yeast
      Noodles                                  Beef Stroganoff, Buffalo Wings
                                               Garlic & Herb, Buffalo Wings
      Rich & Hearty – Beef Pot Roast                                                      Flavoring & Coloring Seasoning
                                               Original, Chili Hot, Chili Mild,
      with Country Vegetables,
      Chicken & Homestyle Noodles,
                                               Chili Regular, Italian Spaghetti,     Tenderizer
                                               Meatloaf, Sloppy Joe, Tex Mex           McCormick
      Chicken Pot Pie Style, Creamy
                                               Chili, Thick & Zesty Spaghetti, or
      Chicken Wild Rice, New England                                                      Grill Mates Marinade – Baja
                                               White Chicken Chili
      Clam Chowder, Savory Beef                                                           Citrus, Mesquite, Montreal Steak,
      Barley Vegetable, or Steak &             Potato Seasoning Mix – Four                or Zesty Herb
      Homestyle Noodles                        Cheese, Roasted Garlic &
                                                                                          Meat Marinade
                                               Rosemary Steamers, or Toasted
      Soup – Beef & Vegetable,
                                               Onion & Garlic
      Chicken & Wild Rice, or Italian
      Style Wedding                            Slow Cooker Seasoning Mix –          SPREADS AND SYRUP
                                               Beef Stroganoff, Beef Stew, Chili,    Cones
      Soup Bowl Light – Italian
                                               or Pot Roast                           Joy
      Vegetable, Vegetable & Noodles,
      or Vegetable & Rice                  Publix                                         Cone Cups – Regular or Colored
      Traditional – 99% Fat Free               Seasoning Mix – Beef Stew, Chili,          Kid’s Vanilla Cones
      Chicken Noodle, 99% Fat Free             Meatloaf, Mild Chili, or Sloppy            Sugar Cones
      New England Clam Chowder,                Joe
      Carb Monitor Chicken Cheese                                                     Keebler
                                          Gravy                                           Waffle Bowl
      Enchilada, Chickarina Chicken
      With Meatballs, or Chicken &         Knorr                                          Sugar, Vanilla, or Waffle Cones
      Herb Dumpling                            Au Jus Sauce Mix                           Fudge Dipped Cups
      Vegetable Classics – 99%                 Roasted Turkey Gravy Mix
      Fat Free Lentil, 99% Fat Free
                                           Lawry’s                                        Ice Cream – Cake Cones, Jumbo
      Minestrone, Creamy Mushroom,
      Green Split Pea With Bacon,              Brown Gravy Mix                            Cake, or Sugar
      Lentil, Minestrone Authentic         McCormick                                 Dessert Topping
      Recipe, or Vegetable                     Gravy Mix – Au Jus, Brown,             Hershey’s
   Wolfgang Puck                               Chicken, Country Gravy with                Reese’s Peanut Butter Topping
      Organic – Chicken & Dumplings,           Sausage, Herb Flavored,
                                               Mushroom, Onion, Original              Publix
      Chicken with Egg Noodles,
      Chicken with Wild Rice, Thick            Country, Pork, Reduced Sodium              Maraschino Cherries Topping
      & Hearty Lentil & Vegetable, or          Brown, or Turkey
      Vegetable Medley                                                                    Sugar Free Caramel Flavored                                 Pg. 49 of 51                           Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                            Food & Nutrition Center

 Dessert Topping (Cont’d)                 Peanut Butter (Cont’d)                   Beans (Cont’d)
  Smucker’s                                 Skippy                                  Taco Bell
      Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup               Chunky                                   Fat Free Refried Beans
      Sugar Free Hot Fudge                     Reduced Fat Creamy or Natural            Refried Beans
      Sugar Free Strawberry Topping            Creamy                              Chilies
 Jams and Jellies                          Smart Balance                            Old El Paso
   Braswell’s                                  Chunky                                   Chopped Green Chilies
      Green Pepper Jelly                       Creamy                              Water Chestnuts
      Polaner                              Smucker’s                                La Choy
      Sugar Free – Blackberry                  Chunky, Creamy, Creamy &                 Sliced Water Chestnuts
      Preserves, Grape Jelly, Orange           Honey, Natural Chunky, Natural
      Marmalade, or Strawberry                 Crunchy, or Naturally Smooth
      Spread                                                                            Sliced Water Chestnuts
                                               Organic – Chunky or Creamy
      Sugar Free Light Jam – Concord                                              CONDIMENTS
                                                                                   Specialty Sauces
      Grape or Seedless Blackberry
      Sugar Free Light Orange
                                         ETHNIC                                      Badia
      Marmalade                                                                         Mojo Criollo Marinade
                                         BAKING PRODUCTS
      Sugar Free Light Preserves                                                    Hokan
                                          Meal & Baking Powders
      – Apricot, Red Raspberry, or
                                           Manischewitz                                 Patis Fish Sauce
      Sugar Free Preserves – Cherry or         Matzo Ball Mix                       House of Tsang
      Seedless Strawberry                  Streit                                       Stir Fry Sauce – Classic or Spicy
 Peanut Butter                                 Matza Ball Mix                       Joyva
   Jif                                         Potato Pancake Mix                       Sesame Tahini
      Regular, Creamy, Crunchy, Extra
      Crunchy, Natural, Reduced Fat,     BEVERAGES AND ADDITIVES                        Hot Mustard Sauce
      or Simply Creamy Low Salt           Milk
                                                                                        Oyster Sauce
   Maranatha                               Hokan
                                                                                        Szechuan Sauce
      Organic Creamy No-Stir                   Grade A Coconut Milk
                                               Light Coconut Milk                   Kikkoman
   Naturally More
                                                                                        Black Bean Sauce
                                         CANNED VEGETABLES                              Light Soy Sauce
   Peter Pan                                                                            Light Teriyaki Sauce
                                          Bean Sprouts
      Creamy or Crunchy                                                                 Ponzu Sauce
                                           La Choy
      Plus Creamy                                                                       Roasted Garlic & Herb Teriyaki
                                               Bean Sprouts
      Smart Choice Reduced Fat –                                                        Sauce
      Creamy or Crunchy                   Beans
                                                                                        Roasted Garlic Teriyaki Sauce
      Whipped Creamy                       Old El Paso
                                                                                    La Choy
                                               Fat Free Refried Beans
   Publix                                                                               Soy Sauce
                                               Refried Beans
      Creamy or Crunchy
                                               Refried Beans with Green Chilies     Old El Paso
      Natural – Creamy or Crunchy
                                               Spicy Refried Beans                      Mild Enchilada Sauce
      Reduced Fat Spread Peanut
      Butter – Creamy or Crunchy               Vegetarian Refried Beans                 Mild Taco Sauce

   Reese’s                                 Ortega                                   Ortega
      Creamy                                   Diced Chilies                            Taco Sauce – Mild or Medium                                Pg. 50 of 51                         Revised: 11/10/2010
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                Food & Nutrition Center

 Specialty Sauces (Cont’d)                  Noodle Entrees (Cont’d)                  SOUP
   Pace                                      La Choy                                  Dry Soup Mix
      Picante Sauce – Mild or Medium              Chow Main Noodles                    Streit
      Salsa Verde                             Thai Kitchen                                  Matza Ball Soup Mix
      Specialty Sauce – Black Bean &              Garlic & Vegetable Noodles          Ready-To-Serve
      Corn, Four Cheese Con Queso,
                                                  Ginger Noodles                       Manischewitz
      or Pineapple/Mango/Chipotle
                                                                                            Matzo Ball & Soup
   Publix                                  MEAT AND SEAFOOD
      Soy Sauce                             Hash / Chili / Stew                      SPICES
      Teriyaki Sauce                         Hormel                                   Dry Seasonings
   Taco Bell                                      Beef Tamales                         Carrol Shelby
      Taco Sauce – Mild or Hot                                                              Texas Chili Mix
   Thai Kitchen                            OILS AND SHORTENINGS                        McCormick
      Curry Paste – Green or Red            Specialty Oils                                  Cheesy Taco Seasoning Mix
                                              Kame                                          Fajita Mix
COOKIES / CRACKERS                                Pure Sesame Oil                           Taco Seasoning Mix
 Cookies                                      Ty Ling                                  Old El Paso
  Kedem                                           Sesame Oil                                40% Less Sodium Taco Mix
      Tea Biscuits – Plain or Cocoa                                                         Mild Taco Seasoning
 Crackers                                  SALTY SNACKS                                     Taco Seasoning Mix
   Kame                                     Dips
      Sesame Rice Crunch                      Chi-Chi’s
                                                                                            Taco Seasoning
                                                  Salsa – Mild, Medium, or Hot
DINNER AND ENTREES                                Nacho Cheeze Snackers                Sunbird
 Family                                                                                     Seasoning Mix – Beef Broccoli,
                                              Lawry                                         Egg Drop Soup, Fried Rice, or
   Old El Paso                                    Guacamole Mix                             Stir Fry
      Dinner Kit – Burrito, Enchilada,
                                              Newman’s Own                             Taco Bell
      Fajita, Gordita, Soft Taco, Soft
      Taco Bake, Stand ‘n Stuff, or Taco          Salsa – Black Bean & Corn,                Mild Taco Seasoning
                                                  Farmers Garden Medium,
   Ortega                                                                                   Taco Seasoning
                                                  Mango Medium, Medium, Mild,
      Taco Shells                                 Pineapple, or Tequila/Lime Mild     Spice / Seasoning
                                              Old El Paso                               Goya
   Taco Bell
                                                                                            Adobo with Pepper
      Cheesy Double Decker Kit                    Mild Cheese & Salsa Dip
                                                                                            Adobo without Pepper
      Dinner Kit – Taco, Soft Taco, or            Thick & Chunky Salsa – Mild,
      Tostada                                     Medium, or Hot                            Seasoning Packets – Sazon or
                                                                                            Sazon & Azafran
      Taco Shells                             Pace
                                                  Salsa – Mild or Medium
DRY PASTA                                         Thick & Chunky Salsa – Mild or
 Noodle Entrees                                   Medium
  China Boy                                   Publix
      Noodle Chow Mein                            All Natural Salsa – Medium or
      Rice Noodles                                Hot
      Wide Noodle Chow Mein
                                              Taco Bell
   Kame                                           Salsa – Mild, Mild Con Queso, or
      Chinese Noodle Chow Mein                    Medium                                    Pg. 51 of 51                          Revised: 11/10/2010

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