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									                                                                                                Thirty-five years of excellence: 1972 to 2007

Steamatic of Sacramento (S.O.S.) has                                                                                     Steamatic of Sacramento (S.O.S.)
helped area residents and businesses                                                                                     is an IICRC-certified firm* and
with property losses since 1972.                                                                                         incorporates the most current
If water, fire or mold has damaged                                                                                        industry standards in the provision
your property, contact S.O.S. for                                                                                        of our services.
professional and prompt assistance.                                  S.O.S. now offers Healthy Home
                                                                     Services.                                           S.O.S. has the personnel and affiliations to handle
S.O.S. responds 24/7.                                                S.O.S. provides an array of services                your SOS or to improve indoor air quality in your
• Emergency water extraction                                         to improve indoor air quality. Our                  home. The principle employees at S.O.S. have
• Complete structural dry downs                                                                                          more than 80 years of combined experience in
                                                                     trained personnel can assess
• Fire and smoke damage clean-up                                                                                         the restoration field. Our trained technicians are
                                                                     individual needs.                                   IICRC-certified. Partnerships with Steamatic Inc.
• Document freeze drying
• Digital, bar-coded and video                                                                                           and other restoration companies help S.O.S.
  documentation of losses                                            • Crawl space drying and remediation. Damp,         handle large-scale losses.
• Full pack-out services                                               contaminated crawl spaces can severely
• 24/7 call center                                                     degrade air quality in a home. S.O.S. is now      S.O.S. professional trade group affiliations include
                                                                       the regional provider for CleanSpace crawl        the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and
S.O.S. provides commercial and                                         space encapsulation systems.                      Restoration (ASCR); the National Institute of
residential restoration services                                                                                         Disaster Restoration (NIDR); the Water Loss
for structures and contents.                                         • Professional cleaning of all surfaces in a home   Institute (WLI); the Institute of Cleaning and
• Mold remediation                                                     including carpets, upholstery and walls.          Restoration Certification (IICRC); and the
• Water damage restoration                                                                                               National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).
• Black water (sewage) remediation                                   • NADCA-certified air duct cleaning **
• Fire and smoke damage restoration                                                                                      Steamatic of Sacramento has a California general
• In plant contents cleaning with our                                • Attic remediation - pigeon/rodent                 building contactor’s license No. 697339 and a
  high-tech decontamination chamber,                                   problems                                          speciality license for cleaning air ducts.
   ultrasonic tanks, and electronic
  cleaning stations                                                  • Moisture intrusion investigations utilizing an    Steamatic of Sacramento’s senior staff includes
• IICRC-certified technicians*                                          infrared camera and other high-tech equipment     two certified restorers who are qualified in
                                                                                                                         Superior and Federal Court as experts in cleaning
*   Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification   • Concrete slab moisture measurement                and restoration.
** National Aid Ducts Cleaner Association (NADCA)
Indoor Air Quality &
Contaminant Reduction                                  Emergency Tips

Mold grows on surfaces like drywall and baseboard      Water Damage
dampened by a direct water source or from humid air.   • Turn off water source and contact plumber,
• Moisture control is the key to mold control. When       if repairs are needed.
  water leaks or spills occur indoors, act quickly     • If there is no risk of electrical shock,
  to dry wet materials or areas of the building.         turn off circuit breaker supplying electricity     Celebrating 35 years of
• Keep indoor humidity below 60 percent. Use air         to affected areas.
  conditioners and/or dehumidifiers when needed.        • Elevate wood and metal furniture to               excellence in Sacramento!
• Open windows or use exhaust fans when using            prevent contact with wet floor, using                    1972 to 2007
  the bathroom and kitchen.                              aluminum foil or non-staining
• If wet surfaces are dried within 24 to 48 hours        wooden blocks.
  after a leak, mold won’t grow in most cases.         • Elevate the bottom of draperies and
                                                         furniture skirts to prevent contact with wet
Dust Mites are tiny bugs you can’t see. They             floor coverings.
live in sheets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, soft    • Remove shoes, clay pots and printed
furniture, carpets and stuffed toys.                     materials from carpet to prevent color
• Wash bed sheets, stuffed toys and blankets             bleed through.
   once a week. Dry completely.                        • Contact S.O.S. to perform the water
• Vacuum carpets, rugs and furniture often.              extraction and structural dry down.
• Clean carpets and air ducts regularly.
                                                       Fire and Smoke
Secondhand Smoke can trigger asthma                    • Turn off air conditioner, fan or heater
and other serious health problems for children and       system immediately.
adults.                                                • Change the filter before use if you must
• Don’t smoke in your home or car.                       use the air conditioning, fan or heating
• Keep family or visitors from smoking in your home.     system.
                                                       • Do not touch or sit on upholstered
Cockroach body parts and droppings may                   furniture.                                       Steamatic of Sacramento, Inc.
trigger asthma attacks.                                • Empty refrigerator/freezer of all food if you       8200 Berry Avenue, Suite 160
• Clean dishes, crumbs and spills.                       are without electrical power.                          Sacramento, CA 95828
• Store food in air tight containers.                  • Secure household from weather, vandals
                                                                                                             Business:  916.386.8191
                                                         and looters.
Dogs and Cats A warm-blooded animal’s                  • Call S.O.S. to provide structure and                  Fax: 916.386.0501
urine and saliva may trigger asthma attacks.             content restoration.                                Toll Free: 800.564.1846
• Keep pets outside if possible.
• If you have indoor pets, keep them out of the
   bedroom and off the furniture.                      For more information and tips, go to:              www.steamaticofsacramento.com
• Bathe and groom pets regularly.                      www.steamaticofsacrameno.com

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