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HOTS 2008


									Method One: Presented in Different Form

        If                    2
                            = 7

   Then          ?          =   1
How many computers are in a whole?

   A.   One
   B.   Fourteen
   C.   Twenty One
   D.   Three
   E.   None of the Above

Method Two: Novel Pictorial Materials
Choose the statement that is most correct about the cells shown below:
                      A.                                               B.

   A.   Cell A is Prokaryotic because it is bigger
   B.   Cell B is Prokaryotic because it does not have membrane covered organelles
   C.   Cell A is Eukaryotic because it has a cell wall
   D.   Cell B is Eukaryotic because it is smaller

                                                Page 1
Which picture would most help Kristi put a fence around her garden?




Which of these pictures does not show heat transfer by conduction?




                                       Page 2
Match the tool with the unit of measure.

                        a. ounces

                        b. inches

                        c. pounds

                        d. degrees



                                       Page 3
Match each figure with a rectangle of equal area.


                                        Page 4
Which graph best represents the distance from the ground, in meters, as one seat
makes a complete revolution on the Ferris wheel?

A)                            B)

C)                            D)

Which correctly illustrates proper positioning of man-to-man defense?




                                       Page 5
Connect any of the following emotions to the following situations

-death of a pet
-wining the lotto
-assembling a complicated bicycle
-working late
-losing your favorite belonging
-getting a low score on a test
-missing the bus
-winning a game
-finishing the puzzle only to find that two pieces are missing

Which of the below best represents the proper use of safety equipment in the tech

                                         Page 6
Method Three: Conditions Contrary to Fact
              Cell A                        Cell B

    3 units                       3 units

                 2 units                      1 unit
Assuming the cells were otherwise identical, which cell could exchange more waste products and
nutrients across its cell membrane per unit of volume? Cell A or B?
Show your work on a note card before you click in.

   A. Cell A
   B. Cell B
   C. Both, equal amounts

Gerry crashes his car into a wall. It is designed so that the front end crumples. What
would happen if it were designed to remain rigid?

   A)     The time of impact would be increased, decreasing the force on Gerry.
   B)     The time of impact would be decreased, increasing the force on Gerry.
   C)     The change in momentum would be reduced, reducing the force on Gerry.
   D)     The change in momentum would be increased, increasing the force on

A student used the order of operations correctly on the following problem:
                                      m2· 9+5
Which answer is an incorrect use of order of operations?
   A)   23
   B)   28
   C)   16
   D) 5

                                                Page 7
Method Four: Analogies
A cell is to tissue like an organ is to a(n) __________________

   A.   population
   B.   ecosystem
   C.   organ system
   D.   piano

Granite is to gneiss as limestone is to

   A.   Schist
   B.   Phyllite
   C.   Quartzite
   D.   Marble
   E.   Slate

Even functions are to y-axis symmetry, as odd functions are to:

   A.   x-axis symmetry
   B.   y-axis symmetry
   C.   origin symmetry
   D.   y = x symmetry
   E.   all of the above
   F.   none of the above

3 is to 9 as 5 is to _________

   A.   25 only
   B.   11 only
   C.   15 only
   D.   A and C only
   E.   A, B, and C
   F.   none of the above

5 is to 10 and 4 is to 8, as 150 is to_____.
    A)     50
    B)     300
    C)     155
    D) 32

                                                Page 8
Hermia is to Demetrius as…
  A)    Titania is to Bottom
   B)    Hippolyta is to Theseus
   C)    Titania is to Oberon
   D)    Helena is to Lysander

OCD is to Anxiety Disorders as:
  A)    Stress is to mental illness
  B)    Psychosis is to Schizophrenia
  C)    Psychology is to Freud
  D) Behaviorism is to Psychology

Water is to erosion as sandpaper is to:
  A)     Ice cream
  B)     Rip cuts
  C)     Erosion
  D) Smoothing
  E)     Laminating

Midi files are to synthesizers as ASCII files are to:
          A)     A word document
          B)     A mouse
          C)     A spread sheet
          D) A monitor

                                          Page 9
Method Five: Using Examples
Which figure below best represents the diffusion of gases in the lungs?

   A                                              B.

                          Alveoli                                     Alveoli

                O2                                           CO2

         CO2                        Capillary          O2                       Capillary

    C                                             D

                           Trachea                                    Alveoli

                     O2                                      O2

          CO2                         Capillary        CO2                       Artery

Answer = A

John and Bob went to the gym four times last week. They played basketball for 45
minutes and felt like they had a good workout since they were sweaty and tired.

The above example describes:
  A)    F.I.T. principle
  B)    Training principle
   C)      F.I.T.T. principle
   D)      F.U.N.N. principle

Examine this chart:
-Direct                                                            -Representative
-Citizenship based on ancestry                                     -Citizens above 18 yrs.
-Only wealthy men                                                  -Entire Population

This chart best represents:
  A)    Greek government vs. U.S. government.
  B)    Roman government vs. Roman government.
  C)    Roman government vs. U.S. government.
  D) Greek government vs. Macedonian government.

                                                                     Page 10
Match the examples with the terms.
  1.    Joe grows corn on the farm.
  2.    Jack workings in a factory building cars.
  3.    Jill sells clothes at The Gap.
  4.    Janice

   A)    Primary
   B)    Secondary
   C)    Tertiary
   D)    Quaternary
   E)    Polynary

Name the Geometric term marked 20”.

   A)    Radius
   B)    Diameter
   C)    Segment
   D)    Circle

                                       Page 11
Method Six: Discover Relationships
All polygons are similar in that they all are:

   A)    closed shapes
   B)    four sided
   C)    symmetrical
   D)    equal in the measurement of their angles

Method Eight: Tables and Charts
Which box-and-whisker plots data has a greater mean?

   1)    A
   2)    B
   3)    Neither

The school cafeteria currently sells 5 drinks, shown below. They are planning to sell
only two drinks. Based on the data, which two drinks should they choose?

   A)    Fruit Punch & Milk
   B)    Lemonade & Fruit Punch
   C)    Milk & Tomato Juice
   D)    Tomato Juice & Fruit Punch

                                          Page 12
Based on the data table with information from this week’s lab, which answer best describes the
relationship between cell size and cell function?

 Side length of
     cube           Surface Area (SA)   Volume        Ratio SA:Vol
                             2              3
    1cm                6cm              1 cm           6:1
    2cm                24cm2            8cm3           3:1
    3cm                54cm2            27cm3          2:1
    4cm                96cm2            64cm3          3:2 or 1.5:1

          A.      The bigger the cell, the more efficient the cell function
          B.      All cells are the same size, so they function the same
          C.      The smaller the cell, the more efficient the cell function
          D.      Size does not matter to the function of cells

Effect of pH on Enzyme activity in a cell

    A.   As pH increases, enzyme activity decreases
    B.   As pH increases, enzyme activity increases
    C.   pH does not affect enzyme activity
    D.   The pH inside the cell is most likely basic        
    E.   The pH in the cell is most likely neutral

                                                        Page 13
The Funky Chicken CD store kept track of the ages of its customers last Saturday. Use the following
data from last Saturday to determine the MODE of type of music sold:

        1   889
        2   13455
        3   02445
        5   6

   A.   Classical
   B.   Heavy Metal
   C.   Hip Hop
   D.   Raffi Sing Along
   E.   Opera
   F.   More than one
   G.   None of the above

                                               Page 14
Which graph shows a correlation of -.8?
1. O=r
2. Quadratic
3. 1=r
4. .8=r
5. -.5=r

A.                                  B.

C.                                  D.

E.                                  F.

                                          Page 15
Which pie chart matches this histogram?

                                     Page 16
Method Nine: Respond to New Situations

Fill in the blank
1. Los pupitres están _____ del escritorio.         A. al lado
2. La computadora está _____ de le mesa.            B. detrás
3. La papelera está _____ del escritorio            C. encima
4. El sacaountas está _____ de la puerta.           D. delante
5. Los libros están _____ de la papelera.           E. arriba
6. El reloj está _____ de la silla.                 F. debajo

Choose the false statements in this classroom:

   A)    El libro està entre el lapis y la regla.
   B)    El reloj está arriba de los libros.
   C)    La silla está encima de la mesa.
   D)    La papelera está detrás de la mesa.
   E)    El videojuego está debajo del cuaderno.

                                        Page 17
Method Ten: Justify Conclusions from Data
Scientists are studying the burrowing rates of mealworms in the light and in the
dark. Evaluate the following sets of data and identify the results as “inconclusive”
or “conclusive.”

     Trial                    1               2             3              4          Avg.
     Light              80s            80s         80s              80s            80s
     Dark               79s            79s         79s              79s            79s
a. Conclusive                      b. Inconclusive
     Trial                    1               2             3              4          Avg.
     Light              20s            15s         30s              25s            25s
     Dark               40s            30s         45s              60s            40s
a. Conclusive                      b. Inconclusive
     Trial                    1               2             3              4          Avg.
     Light              60s            40s         140s             6s             83s
     Dark               6s             6s          6s               400s           93s
a. Conclusive                      b. Inconclusive

HYPOTHESIS: If there is an enzyme in cells that breaks down H202 (hydrogen peroxide), and cells are
added to the H202 in a test tube, then H202 will be broken down. Which result supports this hypothesis?

     A.   The contents change color.
     B.   The amount of 02 decreases.
     C.   There will be an increase of H20.
     D.   The enzyme is used up.

John has a problem that gives him -6 + 3x.
Mary says that’s the same as 3(-2 + x).
Joey says it is the same as 3(x-2)
Who is correct?

     A.   Mary is correct
     B.   Joey is correct
     C.   They both are correct
     D.   Neither one is correct

                                                  Page 18
                              Amount of water               # Of restroom trips
                              (12oz bottles)
Pete                          10                            38
Jenny                         3                             9
Deb                           1                             3

From the table, you can conclude that:
   A)   The more water drank, the more trips are made to the restroom.
   B)   Pete has a drinking problem.
   C)   Pete has a girly bladder.

Method Eleven: Simulation-Like Questions
You have chosen to do research on the blue whale. You found a great book on Sea mammals. What is
the best way to find the information you are looking for?

1.        T     F     Open the book to the table of contents and look for the
                      chapter on blue whales
2.        T     F     Open the book to the index and locate the page number(s) for
                      the blue whale.

Method Twelve: Thoughtful Sequencing
Which is the correct order of daily computer class procedure?

     A)       Enter class, look up at screen, open keyboarding program, close
              keyboarding program.
     B)       Enter class, open keyboarding program, close program when instructed
              and look up at screen.
   C)   Enter class, close program, look up at screen, open keyboarding program.

Choose the correct bathroom sequence.
  A)    Back to class, ask for permission, use restroom, wash hands.
  B)    Use restroom, ask permission, wash hands, back to class.
  C)    Ask permission, use restroom, wash hands, back to class.
  D) Wash hands, back to class, ask permission, use restroom.

                                               Page 19
Based on location in the periodic table, rank the following elements in order of
increasing reactivity:      C, Ne, F, Na

   Feldspar scratches fluorite
   Quartz scratches feldspar
   Fluorite scratches talc

What is the order of hardness?
A. Feldspar > Fluorite > Talc > Quartz
B. Fluorite > Quartz > Talc > Feldspar
C. Quartz > Talc > Fluorite > Feldspar
D. Quartz > Feldspar > Fluorite > Talc

Match the step to the expression in the correct order using order of operations:

52 [2 + 8(3 + 4)]
1. Step 1      A. 25 (58)
2. Step 2      B. 2 + 56
3. Step 3      C. (3 + 4)
4. Step 4      D. 2 + 8
5. Step 5      E. 52
               F. 8(7)

                                                 Page 20
Give the correct sequence to solve the equation: 2x – 3 = -5

  I. x = -1
 II. 2x – 3 + 3 = -5 + 3
III. 2x = -2
      2     2
IV. 2x = -2

     A.   I, II, II, IV
     B.   II, IV, III, I
     C.   II, III, IV, I
     D.   III, IV, II, I

Select the correct sequence of steps for doing the following problem:
1                  1
--        +        --
6                  3

2. Add the numerators
3. Add the denominators
4. Simplify the answer
5. Find the common denominator
6. Make equivalent fractions

A.   Steps 1, 2, 3
B.   Steps 4, 5, 1, 3 
C.   Steps 4, 5, 1, 2, 3
D.   None of the above

                                                 Page 21
Which of the choices below is the correct sequence for solving the inequality:

                      -2(x+1) < 11
     Divide by -2 and switch the sign
      Add 2
A.   
B.                       
C.     
D. Any of the above

                                                Page 22
Method Thirteen: No Right Answer or Multiple Right Answers
After reading the story The Three Little Pigs, what do you think the wolf’s motives were in following
the three pigs?
   A.   The wolf was hungry
   B.   The wolf was evil
   C.   The wolf was jealous of what the pigs had
   D.   The wolf had poor social skills

If you wanted to compare the fractions:
                  8      6
                 17     13
to see which is larger, which method would you use?
   A.   Get common denominators and compare numerators
   B.   Get common numerators and compare denominators
   C.   Compare each to the fraction ½
   D.   Cross multiply and compare numerators
   E.   None of the above

Mammoth Mt., CA has seismic and historic evidence of volcanic activity. If scientists see an increase
in shallow seismic activity indicating magma moving nearer to the surface, what should they do?
   A. Order an evacuation, since human lives could be at risk.
   B. Wait a few weeks to see if activity increases or subsides; we don’t want to create economic
      devastation if we “cry wolf.”
   C. Present individuals with data and let them decide what to do.

Which career would utilize the most math?

   A)      Software engineer
   B)      Math teacher
   C)      Doctor
   D)      Cashier

Huck Finn is regarded as a classic because it captures the essence of the time. Do you believe
Twain was aware of the cultural implications of the novel?

   A)      Yes
   B)      No

                                                Page 23
The book has been banned repeatedly. Do you believe there is ever a situation in
which it is appropriate to ban a book?

   A)    Never appropriate
   B)    Rarely appropriate
   C)    Sometimes appropriate
   D)    Always appropriate

                                       Page 24

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