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					                             The Great Mind Challenge - Project Scenario Template

Note: Already filled information should not be changed

     1.         Name of the Project         Blood donor central database and web-portal

                                            Looking for an online centralised web-portal where blood banks and hospitals
                                            can look for donors in their near by area who will be available in quick time . And
     2.         Objective/ Vision
                                            also keep record of donors health report to evaluate quickly .

                                                A. Administrator (this should be a general body , could be from central blood
                                                bank agency)
                                                B. Blood Banks, Hospitals, Clinics, etc
     3.         Users of the System
                                                C. Blood Donors
                                                D. Non- Members

                                                    i.Administrator should have access to all details of blood donors
                                                   ii.While filling the personal imformation page for any donor, only Name,
                                                         Region, contact details which could be phone number / email and
                                                         blood group should be made mandatory . Other details should not be
                                                         made mandatory. The details of donors should be saved in such a
                                                         way that there should be less blank spaces like in xml.
                                                 iii. Blood Banks , hospitals etc could browse for blood donors in their near
                                                         by area and also the search result should provide only those donors
                                                         who have not donated blood in last 3 months
                                                  iv. Blood donors should be asked to give feedback of the health report of
                                                         donors (on basis of their blood taken), for future consideration after
                                                         the blood donation is being made by donor.
                                                   v. No user could access any details of donors without being a member of
                Functional Require-               vi. Only hospitals, blood banks etc should be able to see the contact details
     4.         ments                                    of donors (like phone number / email)
                (Atleast Eight)                  vii. Blood donor should be allowed to see only the name and region they live
                                                         in. Also if they need to ask another blood donor for any blood dona-
                                                         tion help it should be through admin and proper reason for which
                                                         there should be a form to be filled by donor.
                                                viii. A points should be given to every donor on basis of their blood donation
                                                         which could be used by blood donors if they need blood for any of
                                                         their relatives , friends etc. (The priority for making blood available
                                                         by member blood banks for those donors)
                                                  ix.The search for donors should be made flexible , for example a user can
                                                         give delhi in different forms like , DELHI, delhi, Delhi . So the query
                                                         to search on the basis of region should be made case sensitive by us-
                                                         ing available functions. (Extra points on using xml functions)
                                                   x.Non-members can also look for blood donors or Bloods in any particular
                                                         banks and then do quick register through their mobile phones and
                                                         raise a ticket for Blood requirements.

                                                   i. Try to link this application with any social networking website like face-
                Non-functional require-                  book using it as a marketing strategy.
                ments (Atleast Four)              ii.The system should be smart enough to choose different donors every
                                                         time, instead of selecting the same dono after every 3 months

                                                     a.   The system should be smart enough to choose different donors
                                                          every time , instead of selecting the same donor after every 3
                                                          months period
     6.         Optional features
                                                     b.    Also , try to include Rotary club, etc who organises blood donation
                                                          camps to notify the donors about .
                                     A. Professional look and feel
                                     B. Use of XFORMS atleast with all registration forms
7.    User interface priorities      C. Browser testing and support for IE, NN, Mozila, and Firefox.
                                     D. Use of Graphical tool like JASPER to show strategic data to admin
                                     E. Reports exportable in .XLS, .PDF or any other desirable format

                                     A. Country/ State/ city, Give Drill Down and Drill up option if possible
8.    Reports                        B. Also provide Drill through option for each user who gets returned by the
                                     query processed

9.    Other important issues          Website should be highly customizable and flexible enough to easily deploy
10.   Team Size                   2 – 4 members
11.   Technologies to be used     UML, J2EE, PUREXML , e-Forms, X-Forms, AJAX, Web 2.0, Web-services, SOA
                                             Eclipse/ RAD / Lotus Forms Designer / Portlet Factory
                                             WebSphere Portal/ WAS/
12.   Tools to be Used                       DB2 Express – ‘C’ or DB2 UDB
                                             Tivoli CDP/TSM / Tivoli Directory Server
                                             Linux will be the preferred OS.
                                    A. Online or offline help to above said users, Application deployment executive
                                          and developer
      Final Deliverable must        B. Application archive ( .war/.ear ) with source code
                                    C. Database backup and DDL Script
                                    D. Complete Source code
                                         Because of the use of XForms which generate XML data as input, its easy to
                                          consume (gather) all user information in a single XML document and store it as
                                          a single entity without breaking it up into pieces as done is case of relational da-

                                         Since the data will be stored in a single XML document, its easy to fetch it using
                                          a simple XQuery without any complex joins

                                         Since the data is stored as XML, it is vey easy to construct SOAP messages
                                          from this XML content as no relational to XML transformation is required.

                                         Use of XSLT to report data in multiple format is now possible because of the
                                          XML data model.

                                         XML Indexes can be used to further increase the XQUERY performance.

                                         Xml functions can be used to query the data efficiently as the data given by do-
      Advantages of using DB2
14.                                       nors will not be in a proper format , for example a person living in delhi can give ,
                                          New Delhi or Delhi
      Diagramatic Representa-

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