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									                                                          JULY 2010

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                                                                                                                    July 2010
                                                                                                             Volume 2 Number 7

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                                                                            Get ready for summer
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                                                                      19 The Coast
                                                                            The beauty of our wonderful coastline
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                                                                            The latest news on the A3 tunnel
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                                                                            The concert at Charterhouse
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  P U B L I S H I N G
                                                                            A summer picnic

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    The summer holidays - a chance to get away for some serious
    rest and relaxation. But sadly they’re also a busy time for
    burglars, who find easy pickings in vacated properties.
    At Absolute Security, we’ve helped local home and business owners protect
    their properties for the last 21 years. If you’re planning to go away this summer
    and are worried about the security of your property and valuables...

      Call us for a FREE SURVEY on                      FREE
      01483 791 500                                    SURVEY                          Celebrating 21 years of
                                                                                     protecting local properties
      Visit our website for more information:
    Members of

                                                     5 Langham Park, Catteshall Lane Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1NG

4 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                       July 2010
                                                                                 >> disjointed ramblings

                                                         AS I WRITE THIS INTRODUCTION, WE ARE
                                                         JUST HOURS FROM ENGLAND’S FIRST
                                                         WORLD CUP MATCH AGAINST THE USA...

                                However, by the time you read it we
                               will all know how England’s World Cup
                             run has gone. Who knows we might be
                          World Champions. I do hope that at least
        T ’S          we have a good run otherwise there is going to
       O E! be an awful lot of England paraphernalia left on the
         R supermarket shelves!
   WAS A GREAT SUCCESS. Godalming Baptist Church is
   organising another ‘Holiday at Home’ event which
   takes place on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th
   August, running from 10am to 3.30pm on each day. It’s
   designed for those of more senior years, some of
   whom might not be able to get away this summer. The
   theme this year is Bonnie Scotland so apart from lots of
   entertainment, quizzes, delicious lunches and
   homemade cakes, there will be Scottish dancing and
   bagpipes. The cost is just £12 for the two days. To
   book your place contact the Reception on 01483
   414544 (mornings only) or call into the Godalming
   Baptist Church, Queen Street, Godalming.                   Surveyors’ 2010 RICS Awards South East for their work
                                                              at Loxwood Lock (pictured above). If you would like to
   AS YOU HAVE PROBABLY NOTICED, I AM A BIT OF A              see for yourselves what they have achieved, why not
   FAN OF THE WEY & ARUN CANAL TRUST. For those               book up one of the boat trips that operate along the
   who don’t already know, the Trust was formed in the        restored stretch. You can call the Trust’s office on
   1970’s with the aim of restoring the 23 mile waterway      01483 752403 or simply go to their website by
   that ran from the River Wey at Shalford to Pallingham,     ‘googling’ Wey & Arun Canal Trust.
   near Pulborough, the head of navigation of the River
   Arun. The canal closed as long ago as 1871 and fell        HASCOMBE VILLAGE FÊTE IS A REAL TRADITIONAL
   into great disrepair. The Trust has undertaken huge        AFFAIR WITH LOTS OF SIDE SHOWS AND GAMES
   restoration works in a number of locations, most           FOR ALL THE FAMILY. Attractions include Bowling for
   notably the stretch near the Sussex/Surrey border at       a Pig, Ferret Roulette, Terrier Racing, Pony Rides, Punch
   Loxwood. Nearly 3 miles in length, this includes five      and Judy and of course Morris Dancers. On the
   working locks, two public road crossings, an aquaduct,     catering side there are traditional teas, mouth watering
   two farm bridges and numerous minor works. Anyway          barbeque and not quite so traditional but very tasty - a
   it is great to hear that they have been recognised by      paella stall. Oh and of course a bar. Music is
   gaining the runner-up award in the Community Benefit       provided by a wonderful traditional jazz band and
   category in the Royal Institution of Chartered             there is the very popular tug o’war competition       6 >>

Send your ramblings to
   Disjointed Ramblings are intended to promote events, happenings, fund-raising charity fetes,
   fairs, sponsored walks etc. and anything else that's interesting of a non commercial nature. Entry
   is free, but organizers seeking a mention should ensure that information reaches us before the
   end of the first week of each month for the following month's issue. Sadly, we cannot guarantee
   that everything received will be published.                                                         GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A       R 5
                                                         << 5
                                                              with various teams competing. There’s lots of
     AGE farmhouse in deepest
                                                              parking and entrance is free with all profits going
          end of May at the family                           to CHASE. The fete takes place on Saturday 21st
  NT T Corrèze, which is a lovely,
VA IN                                                    August from 1pm at the recreation ground. I’m
                                                         mentioning this early so that if any of you fancy getting
  PO     verdant region in central
                    France. It is a very rural area,
                                                         together a team for the tug o’war you have time to do
                                                         so. Ring 01483 208557 if you would like to enter the
                 with just 41 people per km²,            competition.
              which makes it the 20th least              I AM QUITE SURE THAT THERE ARE A NUMBER OF
  populated department in France. The house is in        TALENTED YOUNG POETS IN OUR AREA. Some of
  deep farming countryside which resembles the           you might be interested in entering The John Betjeman
  more rural parts of South West Surrey and West         Young People’s Poetry Competition. Established to
  Sussex but our population density is more than         promote the love of poetry among children, the
  three times more at around 141 people per km²!         competition is open to all 11 to 14 year olds. Entrants
                                                         are limited to one poem each about their local
  Like so many parts of rural France, the early          surroundings or any aspect thereof, whether it be a
  summer months is when towns and villages               house, a street, a garden, a park, a city or a wider
  come to life. I once went in February and was          landscape. The spirit behind the competition is to
  astonished at how many restaurants and shops           encourage young people to understand and appreciate
                                                         the importance of place. The first prize is £1,000 (£500
  were shut, opening only for the holiday season         to the winner and £500 to the English department of
  which probably runs from about Easter to late          his/her school). The first prize winner, runner up and
  September.                                             highly commended entrants will also each win £50 of
                                                         book tokens, whilst commended winners will receive
  We made a good discovery this visit, a hilltop         books. The closing date is 31st July. For full details and
  restaurant very close by with ine views and a 4        to obtain an entry form, go to
  course menu priced at just 12 Euros, with    
  drinkable red wine at €4 per litre. Given how          competition/submitentry Alternatively write to The
  expensive France is now, that’s a real bargain...      John Betjeman Young People’s Poetry Competition, c/o
                                                         Justin Gowers, 72 Vicars Hill, London, SE13 7JL. Go on
  In spite of its great heritage and buildings,          you young poets, have a go. How great for one of our
                                                         readers to win it!
  France does not have the equivalent of the
  National Trust, which I think is a pity. Last year I   AN EXHIBITION OF THE WORK OF THE ICONIC
  visited the very beautiful château de Chenonceau       PHOTOGRAPHER LORD SNOWDON IS TAKING
  in the Loire. Its setting and gardens were             PLACE AT THE LIGHTBOX IN WOKING. Entitled “In
  magni icent but the interior was a major               Camera: Snowdon and the World of British Art”, the
  disappointment, with almost no furnishings. I          exhibition is taking place between Tuesday 20th July
  suspect and hope that a French NT equivalent           and Saturday 26th September. Casting his work in a
  would not allow this.                                  new light, the award winning gallery and museum will
                                                         contrast Snowdon’s striking portraits of some of the
  This year, I found a much better example just          UK’s most celebrated visual artists with Modern British
  south east of Paris. Vaux le Vicomte pictured is       sculpture from the Ingram Collection. Around 40
                                                         photographs will be displayed in the Upper Gallery and
  one of those idyllic châteaux that could only be       will be complemented by the sculptural work of some
  French. It was built by Le Vau with gardens by Le      of the significant visual artists depicted in Snowdon’s
  Nôtre and decoration by Le Brun. This trio             portraits. Entry to the exhibition is free but donations
  were responsible for                                   would be very much appreciated. The Lightbox,
  Versailles, after Louis XIV                            situated in Chobham Road, Woking GU21 4AA is open
  had seen their work here. In                           Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30am to 5pm and on
  fact, this château was so                              Sunday from 11am to 5pm. You can find out more by
  marvellous that the man who                            visiting
  had it built, Nicolas Fouquet,
  France’s inancial secretary,                           I HAVE DETAILS OF WHAT PROMISES TO BE A
                                                         TRULY FANTASTIC EVENING ON SATURDAY 7TH
  was imprisoned by Louis XIV                            AUGUST AT 7.30PM. It’s the Eleventh Hascombe
  on suspicion of corruption. The furnishings and        Charity Concert and takes place in St Peter’s Church,
  exhibitions were irst class and the whole is well      Hascombe. The Tapestry Chamber Orchestra
  worth a visit if you happen to be passing!             organised by Levine Andrade and led by Alexandra
                                                         Wood is putting on a programme of beautiful
  Stefan Reynolds, Editor                                music including Elgar, Chopin, Bach, Strauss and    8 >>

  6 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                            July 2010
                     STOP SMOKING                                                                   LOSE WEIGHT
                    IN ONE SESSION                                                                WITHOUT DIETING
       STOP SMOKING                     David uses a system that has been                LOSE WEIGHT                      system called The 3-Step Weight
                                        proven to have a 95% success rate.                                                Reduction programme which uses
                                        The success rate of the system was                                                very effective advanced
Could one session help you to           proven in a study conducted over a       How many times have you tried to         hypnotherapy techniques.
stop smoking?                           two year period in which people          lose weight by dieting?
                                        were contacted after one month and                                                Nichola says “With this programme
Of course, nobody can make you do       again after six months to ensure that    Do you recognise the vicious cycle of    you’ll find yourself changing your
what you don’t want to do but if you    they were still non-smokers.             dieting, reducing weight for a while,    eating habits without those feelings
really want to quit you’ll be free of                                            relapsing, putting on pounds again,      of denial and deprivation that diets
that old habit – in just one session.   He is so confident of success, that he   trying another ‘miracle’ diet, and so    bring. Through hypnosis you will
                                        offers a free back-up session for the    on?                                      learn how to acquire that slimmer,
David Sansom claims he can              remaining 5%. In fact, if after the                                               healthier and more attractive you.”
transform the most ardent smokers       session any one should need an           Nichola explains, “More and more
into placid non-smokers in only one     extra session, it’s theirs, free of      experts agree – diets simply don’t       They are both practioners for the
session.                                charge.                                  work.                                    Hypno-Band Weight Loss
                                                                                                                          programme. They say, “By using the
                                        David explains, “This unique, precise,   Behaviour and lifestyle changes are      Hypno-Band system we can create a
                                        breakthrough system combines             the key to lasting weight loss.          state of mind where you will believe
                                        hypnosis with a science known as         However, making these changes can        you actually have a Gastric band
                                        Neuro Linquistic Programming. This       be extremely difficult. People often     fitted! You will eat smaller portions
                                        takes the power of hypnosis to a         need help changing behaviour             and feel full.” Gastric band surgery is
                                        new level in helping people take         patterns that have become deeply         not for everyone. It is usually carried
                                        back control of their lives without      ingrained over many years                out on people who are three stone
                                        cigarettes”.                             David and Nichola use a new unique       or more overweight.
                                        As well as helping people to stop smoking and reduce weight, David
                                        and Nichola can help you with a variety of other conditions, such as:     You can call David and Nichola now
                                        nail-biting, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, insomnia, poor self-        at Life Changes Hypnosis on 01483
                                        esteem, lack of confidence, pain control, natural child birth, and much   427161 to arrange an appointment.
                                        David and Nichola are qualified and experienced hypnotherapists and
                                        they can help you to change your life.                                         e-mail:

                                                                  The new venue for Surrey
                                                                                        Call us now on 01483 414147
                                                          Clock Barn Farm, Hambledon Road, Godalming, Surrey GU8 4AY

 Clock Barn Hall is a newly refurbished
 venue set in the heart of an 100 acre
 farm estate just outside Godalming.

 Its setting is romantic, surrounded by
 stable yards, barns, fields and horses.

 The hall itself is modern and elegant. It
 can seat 90 people comfortably for a
 formal silver service meal or buffet. It
 boasts a state of the art lighting
 system, and is fully air conditioned
 with ample parking.

 Perfect for wedding receptions,
 anniversaries, parties and Christenings,
 and also for conferences and business
 events.                                                                                            GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A                R 7
                                                         << 6
                                                              Grieg. The idea is to take along your own picnic
                                                              supper and sit around the beautiful pond in
                                                             Church Road, Hascombe from 6pm onwards
                                                        (weather permitting of course). If picnicking is not
                                                        quite your bag, then you can arrange dinner at the
                                                        nearby White Horse pub. You would need to book
                                                        beforehand by calling 01483 208258. Tickets are £25
                                                        (£12.50 to St Peter’s Church Fabric Fund and The
                                                        Neurofibromatosis Association UK) and are restricted
                                                        to just 100 tickets, so do book early as these concerts
                                                        always sell out. To book tickets, send cheques payable
                                                        to Hascombe PCC together with a s.a.e. to Roger and
                                                        Tammy Wood, High Leybourne, Hascombe, GU8 4AD
                                                        or call 01483 208559.
                                                        THE NEXT MEETING OF BUSBRIDGE EVENING W.I.

   07451 359444                                         IS ON TUESDAY 13TH JULY AND STARTS AT 8PM IN
                                                        BUSBRIDGE VILLAGE HALL. This month the speaker
                                                        is Marion Strehlow who will be recounting her
                                                        childhood memories of growing up during the
                                                        Holocaust. As always, new members and visitors will
                                                        be very welcome. For further details contact the
                                                        Secretary, Gill Staerck on 01483 416446.
                                                        I MENTIONED THIS ONE IN SOME DETAIL LAST
                                                        MONTH SO JUST A BRIEF REMINDER THAT THE
                                                        OPEN DAY AT MARSH FARM FISHERY IS ON
                                                        SATURDAY 17TH JULY. It’s a great chance to get your
                                                        kids interested in fishing, or even yourselves for that
                                                        matter. To get all the details visit

                                  EAST HILL HOUSE

   East Hill House is an attractive           • Winter Respite Care           • Personalised Care Plans
   period residence located on the            • Single En-suite Rooms         • Village Location
   outskirts of the bustling village of       • Hairdressing & Chiropody      • Staff Trained to the Highest
   Liss. It occupies a delightful             • Full & Varied Activities        Standards on 24hr Duty
   elevated position overlooking the            Programme                     • Beautiful Grounds
   picturesque gardens, village and           • Home Cooked Food
   surrounding rural countryside.
                                     Freephone 0808 166 1320
                         East Hill Drive, Hillbrow Road, Liss, Hants, GU33 7RR
   Visit our website at
   or email

8 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                            July 2010 or call Andrew
Mackenzie on 01483 424934 or 07952 429071.
                                                           MOBILE HAIRDRESSER
THEIR SUMMER FAIR ON SATURDAY 10TH JULY                      Salon Quality In-Home Service
FROM NOON TO 3PM. Go along for lots of good
family fun and entertainments including climbing
walls, bouncy castles, talent contests, market stalls,
lots of food and drink and much more. The school is
situated in Southway, Guildford (behind the Royal
Surrey Hospital). Check the school website for more
OTTERS POOL STUDIO IS PUTTING ON AN                             Saving you money and time
WAS A GUILDFORD ART SOCIETY AWARD WINNER                           at your convenience
IN 2006. She is a member of both The Guildford Art
Society and the Farnham Art Society and a small group      Colouring and Cutting for all the family
called the Batson Set. The exhibition runs from 3rd July
to 24th July and is open from Tuesday to Saturday
from 10am-5pm. Otters Pool Studio is located at 15                 • 15 years experience
College Road, Guildford, GU1 4QG. You can also visit            • NVQ Level 2 & 3 Qualified
the website
                                                            • Trained and worked at Headmaster
GUILDFORD SHAKESPEARE COMPANY’S                            • Runner-up in L’Oreal Colour Trophy
PRODUCTION OF THE TEMPEST. It runs from                           National Competition
Thursday 22nd July to Tuesday 3rd August. Fittingly
staged at the University of Surrey Lake, the
company’s infectious sense of fun and passion for 12>>         Contact Ali on 07796 932643                                                 GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A   R 9
                             Get ready for summer

Mark Raynsford offers some hints
and ps for summer fitness

JUDGING BY THE NUMBER OF PERSONAL TRAINING                     to drink a large glass of water, and substitute that
enquiries, and new starters at my Bootcamp sessions, I         morning caffeine stimulant with a cup of green tea.
assume a lot of people are trying on their Summer
wardrobe, and realising that things don’t quite fit as well    2. Plan your snacks. Too many people leave snacks to
as they did last year?!                                        chance. This will result in grabbing the nearest thing
                                                               (often a packet chocolate bar, pastry or biscuit) when
Well, if that’s the case, NOW is the time to do something      hunger strikes. Chop up some enzyme rich, raw
about it, before summer is fully upon us.                      vegetables the night before and store in a Tupperware
                                                               box in the fridge - carrots, cucumber, pepper, celery, and
A few changes in your daily diet and some structured           graze on these mid morning and afternoon. The
exercise will make all the difference, often in as little as   enzymes in raw vegetables with help your digestive
four weeks.                                                    system function correctly, and the fibre will keep you
                                                               fuller for longer. You also won’t get the dreaded
If you want the best results in as short a time as possible    insulin/blood sugar highs and lows.
(who doesn’t?!), then follow these five key steps for your
daily nutrition;                                               3. Lunch - Summer is perfect for salads. They don’t have
                                                               to be boring, like most things they are limited by your
1. Breakfast – as you’ve often read, it is THE most            imagination. Start with a base of rocket and watercress
important meal of the day. You wake up, and blood              and add colour! Peppers, beetroot, radish, tuna, pine
sugar levels are low. The worst thing you can eat now is       nuts, mango, sundried tomato, goat’s cheese, olives. The
a sugary bowl of cereal that will drive blood sugar levels     better it looks to the eye, the better it will taste. This is a
sky-high, resulting in an energy crash an hour or so later,    great way to get food that will digest easily, keep you
and will start the fat storing process with it. Aim for a      topped up with nutrients, but is low in calories – perfect
balanced breakfast such as 1) Pink grapefruit and a rice       for that slimmer waist!
cake with organic peanut butter, 2) some berries (now is
the time to eat these antioxidant rich foods!) and             4. Evening meals - Keep portion sizes smaller than
handful of cashew and brazil nuts, 3) scrambled egg on         normal, stay away from starchy carbohydrates like
wholemeal toast, 4) wheat-free museli with rice milk. Aim      potatoes and rice. Aim for meat and vegetables. Also

10 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                        July 2010
                                                                                                             >> health & fitness

look to cut out alcohol during the week. Alcohol is just a                 backed with walking rest periods (20 secs run + 40 secs
form of sugar to the body, which will cause bloating, will                 walk). Then move onto some step-ups on a short wall or
feed your body useless calories it cannot use, and will                    bench. Combine this with some press-ups, or dips on the
encourage your body to store weight on your ‘love-                         same equipment, some squats and lunges and you have
handles’. Also, people that drink at night tend to snack                   a complete workout! (See my YouTube channel for some
more (on junk food too) than those who don’t.                              easy to use Bodyweight only exercises and workouts
5. Aim to drink 2-3 litres of fresh, filtered water. We’re
looking to rid toxins in the body and get the body                         Alternatively join an outside Bootcamp such as
processing all of the nutrient rich foods above. Without                   BodyFitBootcamp, where we have sessions running
water (your body is made from over 65%) these jobs will                    around Surrey, both mornings and evenings. These
not be as effective, and you’re slowing your results                       sessions are a great way to get results, as you are being
down!                                                                      trained by a Personal Trainer in a highly enjoyable group
                                                                           environment, out in the fresh air and sunshine! We use
Exercise                                                                   only the exercises that work, and coupled with our
                                                                           Members only forum and nutritional plans and advice,
Look to do some structured exercise 2-3 times per week                     it’s a sure way to get results all year round!
for a minimum of 30 minutes. Exercising outside will
increase your natural levels of vitamin D, and will make                   Mark Raynsford is one of Surrey’s leading Personal Trainers, having
the exercise all the more manageable. At a park, look to                   featured on BBC Radio, GQ magazine, and other publica ons as a
                                                                           Fitness Expert. He is also Director of BodyFit Bootcamp Ltd, running
use the facilities. After a warm-up, perform some short                    bootcamps around Surrey. Feel free to visit and
sharp runs (use a football pitch or trees as markers)            

   Mole screening and assessment
   for peace of mind
   Skin cancer, the most common and rapidly
   increasing cancer worldwide is nearly 100%
   curable if detected in time.
   Body skin screening, with periodic
   side-by-side comparison, can be a very
   reliable means to monitor moles over time.
   If necessary, we can arrange removal of a
   suspicious mole or lesion, by a consultant
   surgeon, at our clinic within 24 hours.

                                                          01483 477 189
     Absolute Aesthetics is a division of The Whiteley Clinic, Stirling Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7RF                                                                                GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A         R 11
                                                                                                                              << 9
                                                                                                                                   site-specific invention, promises to make the
                                                                                                                                   second production of the 2010 season one not to
                                                                                                                                  be missed. Tickets £18.50/£16 or Saturday
                                                                                                                              matinees £14, from the Box Office 01483 304384 or
                                                                                                                              online at
                                                                                                                              I WONDER IF ANY OF YOU JOINED THE ‘CIRCLE
                                                                                                                              DANCING’ CLASSES I MENTIONED A FEW MONTHS
                                                                                                                              AGO. Circle Dancing is a great way to keep fit and also
                                                                                                                              to meet people. The dances are international folk
                                                                                                                              dances from countries as diverse as Russia, Greece,
                                                                                                                              Israel, Serbia, Bulgaria and many more. As the name
                                                                                                                              suggests, you dance in a circle and attempt to do the
                                                                                                                              same steps at the same time. It’s very calming and
                                                                                                                              great fun. Beginners are very welcome and it’s suitable
                                                                                                                              for men and women of all ages. Classes are held at
                                                                                                                              several locations which I will list as follows: Pirrie Hall
                                                                                                                              Brook on Thursdays in three 10-week terms, 7.30-
                                                                                                                              9.30pm. St Catherine’s Hall Guildford on the 3rd
                                                                                                                              Tuesday of the month 7.30-9.30pm. Lindford Village
    Designed by Luxaflex®                                                                                                     Hall on the 3rd Tuesday of the month 1.30-3.30pm.
                                                                                                                              W.I. Hall Hartley Wintney on the 2nd Wednesday of the
    inspired by you                                                                                                           month 7.30-9.30pm. For more information and how to
    Create your own individual look from a wealth of delightful window styling possibilities that will transform your home.
                                                                                                                              join etc call Lynn Frances on 01420 474881.
    You’ll find a full range of Luxaflex® Blinds together with expert advice at Cormeter.

                                                                                                                              MUSIC IN THE PARK CONTINUES ITS SUMMER
                                                                   Cornmeter House, Church Street,                            SEASON WITH SOME LIVELY CONCERTS IN JULY.
                                                                   Godalming. GU7 1EL
                                                                    TEL: 01483 415 571
                                                                                                                              On 11th July the ’Ramsac making I.T. simple’ concert
                                                                                                                              features Slinfold Concert Band, on 18th July the ‘Care
    Luxaflex® are a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative window coverings for the home.
    For more information visit
                                                                                                                              Homes of Distinction’ concert features Woking Wind
                                                                                                                              Band and on 25th July the ‘Cornmeter Concert’
                                                                                                                              features Lux D’Lux, a lively, good-time blues band.
MEGA DEALS NOW ON MEGA DEALS NOW ON MEGA DEALS NOW ON                                                                         These concerts take place at Godalming Bandstand in

                                                                                                                              the Phillips Memorial Park by the river. They run from
                                                                                                                              3pm-5pm and are free - just take your own chair/picnic
                                                                                                                              rug and a nice little picnic and have fun!
                                                                                                                              OCKFORD GODALMING W.I.’S NEXT MEETING IS
                                                                                                                              ON WEDNESDAY 7TH JULY. The talk by Faith Powell is
  DIVAN BEDS | BED FRAMES | MATTRESSES | FUTONS                                                                               about “Behind the Scenes at TV Quiz Shows” and there
                                                                                                                              will also be a Holiday Sales Table. They meet at the
                                                                                                                              Scout and Guide HQ, Seymour Road, Godalming and it
                                                                                                                              starts at 2.30pm.
                                                                                                                              GODALMING FLOWER CLUB’S NEXT MEETING IS
                                                                                                                              ON 20TH JULY. There will be a talk/demonstration
 BEDROOM FURNTURE | GUEST BEDS | HEADBOARDS                                                                                   given by Andrea Winder entitled ‘Celebrations’. The
                                                                                                                              club meets at the Baptist Church, Queen Street,
                                                                                                                              Godalming on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. If you
                                                                                                                              would like to find out more, ring Pat Freemantle on
                                                                                                                              01483 200538 and she will be able to tell you what
                                                                                                                              time the meeting starts!

 CARPET REMNANTS | CHILDRENS BEDS | OAK & PINE                                                                                MUMS MIGHT BLANCHE A LITTLE AT THIS ONE BUT
                                                                                                                              I SUSPECT THE KIDS WILL LOVE IT. During the school
                                         FIND US AT                                                                           holidays, children can take part in the Great Summer
                                                                                                                              Bug Hunt in the showrooms and gardens of Secretts
 83 Walnut Tree Close Guildford GU1 4UH                                                                                       Garden Centre in Milford. Children can collect a free
         or visit us online at                                                                              entry form from the Customer Service Desk and hunt
                                                                                                                              out an array of colourful creepy crawlies hiding at
                                                                                                                              various locations. Younger children simply have
MEGA DEALS NOW ON MEGA DEALS NOW ON MEGA DEALS NOW ON                                                                         to match and tick off the bugs on their form as     16 >>

12 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                                                                                   July 2010
  Now that the weather is getting warmer, have you
  thought about making improvements to your
  property outside, as well as inside, to make the most
  of enjoying the promised glorious summer ahead?

  We have recently completed several outdoor
  projects from summer houses to patio and decking
  to ornamental garden follies, all featuring traditional   Professional, high quality building services across Godalming,
  brick or stonework. Visit                                           Farnham and Haslemere, specialising in: to see some
                                                                     Alterations • Renovations • Extensions
  examples of our work and read what our clients say
                                                                      Roofing • Garden Walls • Log Sheds
  about us.
                                                                     Groundwork • Landscaping • Driveways
                                                                        Ornamental Garden Installations
  Brickfield Construction is a family business with over
  15 years experience in the building industry,                      Complete building and landscaping service
  specialising in traditional and sustainable building
                                                               Traditional building methods and reclaimed materials
  methods, using lime mortars and reclaimed materials
  wherever possible.                                                    Punctual, reliable, organised and tidy

  To discuss your project or book a free site visit                Call 01483 420212 for a free
  and quotation, please call Will Southon on                         site visit and quotation
  01483 420212.
                                                                                                                  GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A             R 13
          And Pigs Might Fly...
     ometimes things just strike you as too good       didn’t present a problem at all. Next was a
     to be true. If we were to tell you that when it   narrow strip of grass that ran down the end and
     comes to mowing the lawn, we can save you         far side of the tennis court. Beyond the tennis
time, money and get rid of all the grass cuttings,     court was their vegetable garden so there was no
it could be that you would struggle to believe me.     margin for error. The Stiga executed a 90 degree
   The first time I saw a                                                 turn and cut the area that
mulching tractor working was                                              previously they had only been
when customers in Peaslake had                                            able to cut with a hand mower.
asked us to demonstrate a                                                 Finally the back lawn was
machine on their lawn. The                                                sloped, but no surprise the
sales rep from Stiga bought the                                           Stiga was as happy on a slope
tractor along and proceeded to                                            as on the flat. We delivered a
cut the lawn at break-neck                                                Stiga to them the following
speed. My toes curled as he flew                                          week. All this happened six
round their front lawn.                                                   years ago, but I remember it as
   The first question was,                                                clearly as yesterday.
“Where have the grass cuttings                                               Since opening our doors as
gone?” The Rep explained they                                             Cranleigh Garden Machinery
had been mulched. He said that                                            our goal has been to sell
if we got down on our hands                                               good quality machinery at
and knees we wouldn’t be able to find them.            competitive prices. Our sales staff are more than
Dutifully we got down on our hands and knees,          happy to advise on the suitability of equipment if
parted the blades of grass and lo and behold there     you have a particular job in mind. If you would
was nothing to be seen.                                like to see a Stiga working on your lawn,
   We had overcome the first hurdle, and the           just pick up the phone and give us a ring. It could
couple seemed very impressed, but they had             be we can transform your mowing experience.
thought this one through and more challenges           No longer a chore, it could be fun.
lay to the back of the house. We started in the
orchard. The Stiga nipped in and out of the
trees, the central articulation meant it could         Mandy Halliday
mow round a telegraph pole, so a few trees             MD, Cranleigh Garden Machinery
 The Villagers Inn is set in the Surrey Hills
 surrounded by Blackheath, which is a real
 walkers paradise.
 The Villagers is a lively, traditional village pub
 which is over 100 years old, with lagstone loors
 and old oak beams. It has a large garden and a
 covered patio for warm but rainly days.
 The food is all homecooked and there is a large
 selection to choose from. The pub is well known        • Exci ng new summer menu            • Seafood a speciality
 for its Villager’s Pies and Villager’s Salads, which   • Large vegetarian menu              • Superb roasts every Sunday
 are a must to try. They also specialise in fresh ish
 dishes, with daily choices which might include         The Villagers offer delicious, home-cooked food and are specialists in
                                                         crea ng superb seafood dishes using only the freshest ingredients.
 sea bass, halibut, dorade, monk ish and shell ish.
 Roasts are available every Sunday, plus barbecues      Set among the Surrey Hills, The Villagers is an unspoilt typical english
 in the summer, and the pub offers a wide range of       village pub, and is a huge a rac on for walkers and ramblers alike
 traditional desserts.                                             with beau ful Blackheath right on its doorstep.

 If you are looking for a hidden gem, located in a                     Telephone: 01483 893152
 delightfully quiet part of Surrey, come and                        Email:
 pay us a visit. We look forward to                       Blackheath Lane, Blackheath, Guildford, Surrey GU4 8RB
 welcoming you!                                           

  Complete satisfaction with every installation
       At Grovewood we don’t use silly
        gimmicks or UNBELIEVABLE
       discounts to try and tempt you.
        What we do give you is good
      professional advice ensuring you
      always get what you ask for... and
         isn’t that what we all want!

                                                              O845 470 1977
                                                        Mint Road, Liss, Petersfield, GU33 7BQ
          Windows & Doors Conservatories Garage Doors
          Patio Awnings Fascia & Soffits Glazing & Repairs                                                           GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A R 15
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                            Conservatories       Orangeries          Windows           Doors
                                  Blinds      Flooring Soffits & Fascias
                                             Trading continuously since 1989
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    Planning Applications                     Value for money                              FREE Design & Consultation
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    Call us today on        01252 719119                    Email:
        PO Box 620, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 1GY              Website:

<< 12
     they find them and older children can also match                          and best homemade compost.
     the ‘fascinating fact’ that relates to each
    particular one. When the forms have been                                   A TODDLER GROUP CALLED ‘LITTLE SAINTS’ TAKES
completed they can be handed back to the Customer                              PLACE EVERY FRIDAY MORNING FROM 9 10.30AM
Service Desk to receive a ‘prize’. The Great Summer                            IN ALL SAINTS CHURCH, WITLEY. If you have a pre-
Bug Hunt runs from Saturday 24th July to Tuesday 31st                          schooler or two, why not pop along for a little adult
August, during the normal opening hours of the                                 conversation and some tea and toast. There’s
Garden Centre. For further information call 01483                              storytime, songs, games and refreshments for all.
520500 or visit
                                                                               I’VE GOT A BIT OF A PERSONAL INTEREST IN THIS
WE HAVE ALREADY GIVEN THIS ONE A BIT OF AN                                     ONE. The Milford Pumas YFC has just celebrated its
AIRING BUT IT’S WORTH MENTIONING AGAIN IN                                      20th Anniversary. The Pumas have got to the stage
CASE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD. Jools Holland and his                                  where they run 20 football teams ranging from under
Rhythm and blues Orchestra are returning to                                    7’s through to U17’s and cater for around 300 boys and
Charterhouse School for an evening concert on                                  girls from the local area and beyond. They held their
Saturday 7th August, together with special guests,                             registration day on 26th June, however if you didn’t
Alison Moyet, Ruby Turner and Louise Marshall. It’s an                         make it and would like to join up, don’t panic. Just visit
open air concert so take along a seat/rug, a picnic and                        the club’s website at
a bottle of wine and enjoy a fantastic night out. Gates                        where all the details are available. The club will be
open at 5pm and the music starts at 6.30pm and at                              delighted to hear from you. My personal interest is
10.30pm it all finishes with a firework finale. Catering                       that my eldest grandson joined the under 8’s last year
and refreshments will be available and there will be                           and absolutely loved it. They went through the season
plenty of free parking. Tickets are £32.50 (£15 for                            unbeaten in their unofficial league - a great effort by
children) if purchased before 7th August. There’s a                            them and of course their coaches.
10% discount for groups of 10 or more. Call 01603
660444 or 01483 239600 to book your tickets or go                              THERE’S A COACH VISIT TO BORDE HILL GARDEN,
online at I’ve been to see Jools                         PARK AND WOODLAND ON SATURDAY 10TH JULY.
Holland live before - I promise you, it’s a really good                        Borde Hill is one of the country’s truly great gardens
evening.                                                                       situated in Sussex with a formal garden planted in
                                                                               distinct ‘rooms’, parkland and lakes plus woodland, all
“GODALMING IN BLOOM” WILL BE IN FULL SWING                                     with outstanding views. The trip is run by Witley
THIS MONTH WITH ALLOTMENT JUDGING ON                                           Gardening Association but non members are very
14TH JULY, PRIVATE GARDENS ON 15TH, PUBS AND                                   welcome to join the party. You need to book a.s.a.p.
PUBLIC SPACES ON 16TH AND THE PRIZEGIVING                                      by calling Anne Pearson on 01483 684353. The coach
ON WEDNESDAY 21ST. It might not be too late to                                 leaves Witley at 9am and the cost is £20 (Entrance and
enter, just telephone Steven Haines on 01483 417333 -                          Coach).
there are a number of categories including large and
small gardens, most colourful garden, best scarecrow                           A REMINDER THAT GODALMING COLLEGE’S                   22>>

16 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                                   July 2010
                                                    % LE
                                                            TEAK GARDEN FURNITURE

                                                  10 SA
                                                                 Now                   Now         Now
                                                                 £26                   £35         £62

                                                                  Now                  Now         Now
                                                                 £80                   £80         £143

                                                                              Now                  Now
                                                                             £242                  £332

                                                                              Now                  Now
                                                                             £134                  £224

                                                   ECOLENE ALL WEATHER RATTAN

                                                     Discount - only one remaining!
 We were made to know
                                                   QUALITY OUTDOOR RATTAN SOFA SETS
 God personally...                                                      (100% weather resistant)
 Here at Binscombe Church we believe that God          ECOLENE GARDEN DINING SETS
 has given us answers to our biggest questions
 in the Bible. You are very welcome to join 
 us any Sunday from 10:30 to 11:45am.
 For more information visit our website                          01483 41 41 20 – or contact:
 Pete Hitchcock, Binscombe Church, Barnes Road,
                                                                  The Barn, Eashing Lane,
 Godalming, Surrey, GU7 3RF.                                       Godalming GU7 2QA
 T: 01483 425652
 E:                                1 Mile off A3, Free Easy Parking                                                    GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A    R 17

                                            Daniel Start on the magic of our beau ful coastline

THAT FIRST SUMMER THE SUN BEAT             by bike, kayak and camper van. I have        building and converted it to the
down every day. The scent of gorse         twisted ankles, drowned camera bags           lamboyant Brighton Pavilion we
and heather illed the air, the             and suffered from hypothermia and            know today.
whiteness of the sand was almost           heatstroke. But I found solace, too, in
blinding and the ocean shimmered           the wonders of our foreshores – a            The more austere Royal Sea Bathing
like a pool.                               secret slice of beach, an archway to         In irmary in Margate was constructed
                                           swim through or a sea cave encrusted         at about the same time and opened its
I had just moved to the far west of        with pink coralline.                         doors around 1791, offering
Cornwall and was meant to be                                                            treatment for complaints such as
studying, but the heat was so sti ling I   Our island race has long been                tuberculosis, skin conditions or
ended up going swimming every day,         enchanted by the sea and tales of            jaundice. Patients were not only
looking for secret swimming coves          Cornish mermaids and Scottish                instructed to immerse themselves in
and interesting places to snorkel.         selkies are symptoms of our                  the sea but, sometimes, to drink it too.
Poring over my map in the evenings, I      fascination with its watery                  Professional ’dippers’ were employed
was amazed at the places waiting to        underworlds. But our fondness for            to thrust patients under the waves,
be discovered with just a bit of           swimming and bathing for health and          though if you were wealthy you would
scrambling and exploring off the           leisure is a relatively recent affair. Not   enter the sea from the privacy of a
beaten track: a little beach that no one   until the end of the sixteenth century       bathing machine: the ritual
knew about, a natural rock pool large      did the fashion for ’taking the waters’      immersions were always performed
enough to swim in or a deep inlet for      begin to develop. Much of this               naked.
jumping.                                   popularity was spurred on by the
                                           attendant health bene its. When Dr           Today we have a better understanding
That amazing summer was the                Richard Russell wrote about the              of the health bene its of sea bathing –
beginning of an aquatic odyssey as I       restorative qualities of bathing at the      and nakedness is de initely optional.
embarked on a journey around               tiny Sussex ishing village of                Swimming is not only an excellent all-
Britain, searching for its most wild       Brighthelmstone in 1783 the Prince           round activity for building itness and
and wonderful coves, caves, beaches        Regent was quick to visit and rented a       strength, but cold-water dipping also
and islands. Ten years on and I have       small farmhouse there. The Prince            has restorative effects. A plunge
travelled thousands of miles on foot,      enjoyed it so much that he bought the        dilates the blood vessels and expels                                                                 GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A        R 19
      >> the coast

                                                                                         Our Local Beaches
                                                                                         Chichester Harbour’s wide expanses
                                                                                         and intricate creeks are major wildlife
                                                                                         havens and here is the ancient site of
                                                                                         King Canute’s stand against the
                                                                                         incoming tide. One of the least
                                                                                         developed sites on the south coast,
                                                                                         this is a paradise of muddy tidal
                                                                                         creeks and perfect white sandbars.

West Wi ering by Ross Hugge
                                                                                         Pilsey Island is perhaps the most
                                                                                         remote of the harbour’s beaches and
      toxins from the body while at the        associations. Tintagel is the home of     Sussex’s very own answer to a desert
      same time releasing endorphins that      Arthurian legend, while from many         island. It’s actually an acre of cockle
      elevate mood, creating an urge to        small islands holy men spread the         beds, mud lats and shingle, fringed by
      dive straight back in. Regular           Christian message: communities and        white beaches on its east side and
      dipping across a season leads to         monasteries, churches and abbeys          accessible only by boat or via a very
      ’cold adaptation’, which can             were established at Bardsey Island        long walk across military land. Pilsey
      strengthen the immune and                in Wales, Iona in Scotland, Holy          Island borders the deep Thorney
      cardiovascular systems, as well as       Island on the Northumberland coast        Channel and has a steeply shelving
      increasing libido and improving our      and St Peteron-the-Wall in Essex.         beach for a refreshing plunge at any
      spirits.                                 Today these places continue to offer      state of the tide. Beachcombers will
                                               a spiritual retreat, a place to swim       ind little treasures such as pearl-
      The combination of a watery pick-        and immerse oneself in nature and         lined limpet shells, razor clams and
      me-up and some risqué excitement         reflect on our fascinating history.       whelks. The bird life is also
      meant the sea-bathing craze was set                                                outstanding.
      to spread. Soon the Victorians were      Many parts of our coast reveal clues
      coming to the beach resorts simply       to our industrial past, too. There are    Easier to access but much busier on
      to have fun and watch the bathing        old quarries breached by the sea,         hot summer days are the famous West
      spectacles. A spate of new railways –    such as the Blue Lagoon in Wales. In      Wittering beaches, probably the most
      plus the introduction of public          Portland and the Purbecks you can         spectacular of any beaches within two
      holidays – accelerated the growth of     enjoy the perfect lagoons and inlets      hours of London. If you do come
      the seaside resorts familiar to many     that were left behind after quarrying     exploring here make for East Head, a
      of us. The seaside was leading a         for the great stones of St Paul’s         long spit of white sands and dunes
      revolution in leisure, social progress   cathedral. On a hot day with calm         that, through a gradual process of
      and outdoor enjoyment.                   seas, at locations such as Dancing        erosion and deposition, is forming
                                               Ledge or Durdle Door, you could be        itself into an island within the
      The coast has long been central to       on Crete or any other Greek island as     harbour mouth. This is a paradise of
      our literary heritage as well. Daphne    you watch people skin-dive in the         silver sand dunes and green marram
      du Maurier’s Rebecca and                 perfect blue waters, leap from ledges     grass with burrows and hollows
      Frenchman’s Creek were based on          and sunbathe on the golden rocks.         where you can stretch out and listen
      her childhood haunts around Fowey                                                  to skylarks twitter overhead. The
      and Helford; Virginia Woolf’s To the     Whether you are exploring the sea         extreme tip is a popular anchorage for
      Lighthouse was inspired by holidays      caves of the Witch’s Cauldron near        dinghies and yachts on summer days
      at Godrevy; and the wild undercliffs     Cardigan or playing with seals in the     and, owing to its depth, it’s also great
      and remote beaches of the Jurassic       Isles of Scilly; collecting oysters and   for swimming. To the left of the head,
      coast were beloved by Jane Austen.       samphire in East Anglia or basking        on the seaward side, the beach is
      Arthur Ransome set his Secret Island     in the ethereal blue glow of the          shallow. As the tide lows out
      tales of the Swallows and Amazons        Outer Hebrides’ shallow lagoons,          sparkling water lows in rivulets
      at locations on the Essex shore and      wild swimming offers a spectacular        around your ankles, tugging you
      Scotland was home to the real            introduction to our island’s natural      towards the sea.
      Robinson Crusoe, its uninhabited         history.
      islands firing the imagination of                                                  To the right of the head there is a
      Robert Louis Stevenson, author of        Britain is as rich in wilderness and      wonderfully squishy mud lagoon
      Treasure Island.                         secret places as ever and, if you can     where children make ramps and mud
                                               pick a sunny day, the swimming is         slides. After a sunny day the water
      Our coastline has many ancient           out of this world!                        becomes exceptionally warm, almost

      20 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                     July 2010
    tepid, and as the tide ebbs people            Climping Beach                                  urban onslaught of the south coast
    wallow in the river channel, throwing                                                         begins in earnest. Climping is at the
    mud pies, administering mud packs                                                             end of a lane with only a pub and a
    and swimming with summer                                                                      mobile café in the tiny car park for
    abandon.                                                                                      sustenance. Here, a dedicated group
T                                                                                                 of sea-swimmers gathers every
    By far the best way to reach the                                                              morning to dive from the groynes,
f   Witterings is to take the train and                                                           swim the length of the beach and then
O   then use the brilliant new 11-mile                                                            huddle together in front of steaming
    Salterns rural cycle route from                                                               mugs of tea.
    Chichester train station (driving can
    mean long frustrating tailbacks). The                                                         The ields and woodlands around are
    route follows dedicated paths across                                                          alive with birdsong and offer a small
    wheat ields, passing lint-walled                                                              oasis to those seeking solitude. From
    cottages and waterways covered in                                                             here you can glimpse Littlehampton,
    lily pads before it arrives at the dunes.      harbour is not too busy.                       yet this surprisingly rural place
                                                                                                  provides solace for those of us who
    On the way, stop off at some of the            Pagham is a much smaller natural               yearn for land without buildings and a
    pretty villages that border the                harbour, but rich in wildlife and a            coast without concrete.
    harbour, such as beautiful medieval            place of solitude. It is best accessed
    Bosham where King Canute set down              from the south, via ancient Church
                                                                                                                      This extract is taken
    his throne and failed to hold back the         Norton. The harbour itself is now too                              from Wild Coast by
    tide. Bosham still has problems with           silted and shallow for swimming but                                Daniel Start, published
    the tide and its main road is                  the unspoilt shingle beach, with its                               by Punk Publishing,
    inundated daily. There is a beautiful          colonies of sea kale and sea-lavender,                             priced at £16.95 and
    church here, a fantastic pub and an            feels wonderfully isolated.                                        available at all good
    ancient quay from which the local                                                                                 bookshops. We have 5
    children practise their leaps and              On the far side of Bognor you can ind                              copies of Wild Coast to
    jumps at high tide and when the                Sussex’s last ‘rural’ beach before the                             win, please see p47.

    East Head, West Wi ering                        Bosham Quay                                   Church Norton, Pagham
    Grid ref.   SZ768994                            Grid ref.   SU803039                          Grid ref.   SZ875951
    Postcode    PO20 8AU                            Postcode    P018 8LZ                          Postcode    PO20 9DT (700m E)
    Train       Chichester, 8 miles                 Train       Bosham, 1.5 miles                 Train       Chichester, 7 miles
    Cycle       Salterns Way

    A beau ful and undeveloped beach – sand         Ancient harbour village (King Canute) with    Remote shingle beach next to Pagham
    bars, dunes, deep swimming from the p of        a quay that kids enjoy jumping from at HT.    Harbour nature reserve. From A27 follow
    East Head spit. Very busy in summer.            Good pub Anchor Bleu (01243 573956).          B2201 towards Selsey Bill. A er 9km, just
    Popular with kids for crabbing and mud                                                        before Selsey, turn L at corner for Church
    slides.                                         3m west of Chichester on A259, direc on       Norton and park by church (1.5km). Follow
                                                    Emsworth, turn le to Bosham. Head down        path to R 500m, alongside natural harbour
    Head south from Chichester bypass on A286       Shore Road to far end of quay, by black       and mud fl ats to shingle beach by sea.
    following signs to Birdham, then West           building. Do not impede boats.
    Wi ering beach. Drive to far end of beach                                                     Climping
    car park (0.6m) and walk N (0.6m), past         A On A259 con nue 2m to Southbourne,          Grid ref.   TQ006007
    crabbing pools and away from main beach,        turn right through Prinsted 800m to find       Postcode    BN17 5RL (500m S)
B   to explore East Head spit. To the le waters     high de bay (SU766051).                       Train       Li lehampton, 2.5m
    run fast over the ‘Winner’ sand flats on the
I   harbour mouth – accessible at low de . At       B Another 0.6m on A259, turn le and find       Also known as Atherington Beach, a quiet
    the spithead deeply shelving beach creates      Emsworth Yacht Harbour on right (PO10         rural shingle and sand beach between urban
C   a popular anchorage for boats and the best      8BP). Follow harbour wall south 500m for      sprawls of Bognor and Li lehampton. 2m
F   swimming. To the right the lagoon can be        steps, good at high de(SU752048).             from Li lehampton on A259, turnle down
    warm and the ebb de drains via a warm                                                         Climping Street, signed Climping Beach.
Y   muddy channel, good for swimming and            C Con nue on road taking next le (300m)
    mud slides.                                     to Thornam Marina (PO10 8DD). Park and        Palm-decked former smuggler’s pub, Black
O                                                   follow coast path 3m south. Cross sand flats   Horse Inn (01903 715175). Also beau ful
    An excellent new rural cycle route – the        to remote Pilsey Island to find east beach.    Baliffscourt Hotel (01903 723511).
G   Salterns Way – links to Chichester sta on       Pilsey interior is a nature reserve. Strong           currents as the de flows.                                                                       GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A            R 21
                                                                           ANNUAL ARTS FESTIVAL TAKES PLACE AT THE
                  TILES                                                    TUESLEY LANE CAMPUS ON MONDAY 12TH
                                                                          JULY. Between 6pm and 9pm visitors can enjoy
                                                                    live performances of music, drama and dance
                               &                                    alongside exhibitions of art and design and film and
                                                                    media. Entry is free and everyone is welcome. The
 BATHROOMS                                                          student exhibitions are open to the public between
                                                                    9am and 4pm until Friday 16th July. For more details
           Cranleigh Tiles                                          A BIT OF ADVANCE NOTICE ON THIS ONE.
                               Exclusive range of tiles             “Farncombe Village Show 2010”will be held at St John’s
                                 and natural stone.                 Church Room, St John’s Street, Farncombe, on
                                                                    Saturday 21st August at 2pm. All entries can be
                                   Select range of                  accepted from 8am to 10.45am and judging will take
                                bathroom suites and                 place from 11am until 2pm (the church room will be
                                                                    closed during the judging period). All flowers, fruit and
                                 bespoke showers.                   vegetables must be grown in the exhibitor’s garden or
                                  Helpful advice in a               allotment. Free entry to all exhibitors, otherwise
                                                                    Admission 50p (children free). For further information
                                   relaxed friendly                 telephone Jenny on 01483 414507 or Ivy on 01483
                                     atmosphere.                    429270.
              01483 27 27 27                                        GUESS WHAT! Someone can remember what
                                    happened at the wine bluffers quiz held at the Clock
                                                                    House on Friday, 14th May. Mandy very kindly wrote
   MON - FRI 8.30 – 5.30 SAT - 9.30 – 5.00                          in to let us know that the evening raised a clear profit
 246 High Street, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8RL                         of £1,200. That's brilliant and goes to show that quite
    TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME                                         often the sniff of a drink brings out the generous
  Adhesives, grouts, trims, cutters in stock                        nature in people!
                                                                    THERE IS AN EVENT COMING UP IN GODALMING
   SW Surrey Farmers’ Market Co-operative Ltd                       THAT AS YET IS STILL RATHER UN KNOWN. It is the
                                                                    Charterhouse International Music Festival and this
 National Winner Farmers’ Market of the Year 2010                   year, its fourth, it runs from Sunday the 11th to Sunday,
                                                                    18th July. Around 80 outstanding young musicians
                                                                    from around the world come together at Charterhouse
                                                                    for a week of master classes. The tutors are all
                                                                    professors from the Royal College of Music, the Royal
                                                                    Academy of Music, Trinity College and the Guildhall
                                                                    College. The director is Susan Milan, former principal
                                                                    flute in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and now a
               Milford                                              popular international performer in a number of
                                                                    ensembles. Each day the young musicians put on
       Secretts, Chapel Lane                                        concerts of the works that they have been studying
                                                                    through the day and part of the experience is to play to
 3rd Sunday monthly 10am - 1.30pm                                   an audience. As you can imagine the quality of the
                                                                    playing is quite incredible, these youngsters being
                                                                    extremely talented. Last year over 120 works were
       Haslemere,High Street                                        performed in both informal (Baroque and Duo) and
   (behind Collingwood Batchellor)                                  formal (Chamber) concerts. The informal being at 1:30
                                                                    pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm and the formal ones at 8 pm. The
 1st Sunday monthly 10am - 1.30pm                                   concerts are held in Charterhouse Hall and are
                                                                    absolutely free with one exception when on
                                                                    Wednesday 24th of July the professors themselves
                                                                    perform a Gala Concert. For this the ticket price is £15.
                                                                    If you like classical music this is a fantastic chance to
                                                                    attend some of these wonderful concerts. Everyone is
  For further information visit   welcome and all you have to do is turn up on the day.
                                                                    There is a website where you will be able
 Brings you fresh, seasonal, local produce direct from              to find out more about the works to be performed. Do
    your award winning Farmers’ Market producers                    go along I'm sure you won't be disappointed.            26 >>

22 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                           July 2010
Summer                                        NARBONNE

                                              EXT TABLE
                                              & 4 CHAIRS

                                              WAS £1105
                                              NOW £899

          SHACKLETON                          COLLINS
          GRAND                               & HAYES
          SOFA                                REMUS

          WAS £1739                           SAVE UPTO
          NOW £1389                           30% OFF

          WILLIS &                            BEDLINEN
          GAMBIER                             SAVE UPTO
          WINCHESTER                          75% OFF
          SAVE UPTO                           DUVET SETS
          30% OFF                             FROM £9.99

 Collingwood Batchellor                40 High Street
                                       Haslemere       01428 641947
                        N EL VISI


AT 1.8                                                                                                         taken to
kilometres                                                                                                     conserve
(1.1 miles)                                                                                                   this
the twin                                                                                                     protected
bore tunnel                                                                                                 species.
being built                                                                                                During the
under the                                                                                                winter tree
Devil’s Punch                                                                                           stumps were
Bowl Site of                                                                                          left in the
Special Scientific                                                                                  ground as dormice
Interest will be the                                                                              are likely to be
longest “under land”                                                                           hibernating in the
road tunnel in the UK.                                                                       roots, and in the summer
Part of a £371m scheme to                                                                the area was cleared in
complete the dual carriageway                                                        strips so as not to exceed their
link between London and                                                         natural foraging distance and
Portsmouth the new 6.5km (4 mile)                                               encourage them into areas of similar
road will deliver quicker, more         an internationally prized area by       habitat nearby.
reliable journeys on a safer road.      removing A3 traffic from the
                                        sensitive area of outstanding natural   With the site prepared tunnelling
The project will bring benefits to      beauty around the Devil’s Punch         began on 1 February 2008 using the
both road users and local residents     Bowl.                                   Sprayed Concrete Lining method.
by removing a major source of                                                   This involved excavating
congestion around the Hindhead          Given the green light in 2006 after     approximately 2 metres at a time
crossroads and alleviating much of      years of consultation the project       using a strengthened excavator with
the present peak time “rat-running”     began in January 2007 with              ripping teeth and then spraying steel
traffic from unsuitable country roads   extensive tree and vegetation           fibre reinforced concrete on the
around Hindhead. In turn, the           clearance to prepare the site. The      exposed ground.
centre of Hindhead will be freed        Surrey and Hampshire countryside is
from the daily gridlock that blights    home to an abundance of wildlife so     On 26 February 2009 an excited
the area.                               careful consideration of the native     audience of dignitaries, media and
                                        species in the plan and programme       workers witnessed a significant
As well as removing a notorious         was a top priority.                     milestone in the project’s history; the
traffic bottleneck, the scheme offers   Working in prime dormouse habitat       meeting up of the two ends of the
significant environmental benefits to   meant that huge care had to be          tunnel some 40m below Hindhead

24 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                 July 2010
                                                                                           >> tunnel vision

Common. The “breakthrough” was           the southbound
the culmination of over a year of        carriageway whilst
24/7 tunnelling, in which 330,000        the northbound
cubic metres of sandstone were           carriageway is

excavated. The excavated material        being built. This is
was carried from the tunnel face by      due to be opened
conveyor belt and used for               in July of this year.
embankments, landscaping and fill        Once the old A3
at the north end of the scheme.          south of Hazel
Meanwhile the structures on the          Grove has been
scheme are progressing well.             reduced in width
Canadian Memorial Underpass and          and a cycleway
Greensands Way Underpass were            constructed - also
opened to the public in late 2008,       due for completion

Hammer Lane Underpass and                in July 2010 - the
Boundless Road Underpass followed        southern end of
in 2009, and High Pitfold Underpass      the scheme will be
and Hindhead Hill Underpass will be      complete.
opened this year.
                                         Outside the tunnel, all four of the cut
A number of the underpasses have         and cover structures at the portals
been built expressly with walkers and    have been completed and the two
horse riders in mind; groups that        tunnel service buildings have been
have never before been able to cross     built. Visitors to the viewing

the A3 in complete safety and enjoy      platforms may have noticed that the
the surrounding countryside in its       approaches to the tunnels are
entirety. Hindhead Common and            starting to resemble the finished
Bramshott Common, previously             article with extensive landscaping,
severed by the A3, have been made        particularly at the north end, already
far more accessible to the many          taking place.
nature lovers in the area.
                                         Inside the tunnel, the concrete
The iconic Miss James’ Bridge is         secondary lining is complete and the
another structure designed with          ducts to carry all the wiring for the
walkers and equestrians in mind.         tunnel equipment were installed by

This unique bridge linking National      Christmas 2009. The tunnel will
Trust land will be “living” or “green”   remain a hive of activity throughout
with grass, trees and shrubs planted.    2010 with a real emphasis on
In March 2010 the impressive pre-        installing the complex, state-of-the-
cast legs or supports for the bridge     art Mechanical and Electrical
were lifted into place by two 500        equipment needed to operate the
tonne cranes. Equestrians may also       tunnel.
have noticed the opening of the
Pegasus horse crossing on the A287,      Three years into the scheme so much
which provides a safe crossing           has been accomplished, yet there is                                                 29

between Tyndalls Wood and                much to do before the tunnel opens
Hindhead Common.                         next year in summer 2011!

2010 began slowly with most of the       Attention can then turn to reuniting
country lying under a blanket of         the two severed halves of The Devil’s
snow but a number of key milestones      Punch Bowl by closing the old A3
                                                                                                       Images from top:
have already been reached this year.     around the Punch Bowl and re-                        Greensands Way Underpass
                                         profiling the ground. The traffic                           Hazel Grove Junc on
By the middle of February all A3         lights at Hindhead will be replaced
traffic had been diverted onto the       by two mini roundabouts, and a                   South Portal with Tunnel Service

                                                                                      Building and Miss James’ Footbridge
new stretch of road between Hazel        further roundabout will be added at                             in the foreground
Grove and Liphook. Traffic is            the Headley Road junction.                                        Previous page:
currently running in contraflow on                                                                       The North Portal                                                         GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A         R 25
                                                                                        << 22
                                                                                               THE MICHAEL VARAH MEMORIAL FUND
                                                                                                MMF WAS FOUNDED BY KATE AND JAMES
                                                                                              VARAH AFTER THE UNTIMELY DEATH OF THEIR
                                                                                        FATHER MICHAEL. Michael was Surrey’s Chief
                                                                                        Probation Officer and they wanted to help continue his
                                                                                        life’s work by supporting vulnerable and marginalised
                                                                                        people. In the three years since its foundation, the
                                                                                        charity has raised just under £200,000. Their next
                                                                                        major fundraiser is a Charity Cricket Match to be held
                                                                                        at Sendholme Cricket Club, Send, Surrey GU23 7JH on
                                                                                        Sunday 25th July in the afternoon. Places are still
                                                                                        available for individual players or team entries and
                                                                                        cricket enthusiasts are invited to sign-up now. At least
                                                                                        four teams of six players will be playing short 8-over
                                                                                        matches, with the winning two teams competing in the
                                                                                        final. The afternoon should be great fun with plenty of
                                                                                        cricketing action and there will be lots of refreshments
        Bourne Buildings                                                                available in the form of teas, Pimm’s tent and a BBQ.
                                                                                        Everyone attending whether to play or watch will be
        The largest showsite in The South                                               asked for £5 entry/£15 per family. If you are interested
          Complete Service Available; Delivery, Erection, Base
                                                                                        in playing or would just like to go along and watch, do
                                                                                        call Kate on 07876 444719 or email
                                                                               It should be a fun
                                                                                        afternoon and it is for a very worthy cause.

                                                                                        I HAVE TO HOLD MY HANDS UP AND ADMIT THAT I
                GREENHOUSES • LEAN-TO’S • STONE ORNAMENTS                               HAVEN’T HEARD OF “THE KING BLUES”, A BAND
                                                                                        DESCRIBED BY KERRANG MAGAZINE AS “THE
 Open 5 days
   a week
                              01252 718481
                                                                                        MOST EXCITING LIVE BAND IN BRITAIN”. I gather
   (Closed Tues & Wed)         39 – 43 Guildford Road, Farnham, Surrey GU9 9PY
                                                                                        their music is much influenced by punk rock, folk rock
                                                                                        and hardcore punk - touches of The Clash and The
                                                                                        Pogues. The NME pick of the week article came up
                                                                                        with “Riotous sizzled punk with more than just a pinch
                                                                   Up To                of salt”. I think that about says it all! Anyway, the
                                                                  50% Off               concert is on Thursday 22nd July at the Aldershot West
                                                                  Selected              End Centre. I am afraid I don’t know the time but no
                                                                  Fabrics               doubt they will tell you when you book your tickets by
                                                                                        calling 01252 330040 or going to
                                                                               Tickets are £12 [ standing ].
    Roman – Pleated – Wooden – Velux – Pinoleum - Skylight– Plus many more!!!!

                                                                                        DID YOU KNOW THAT GODALMING HAD A
                                                                                        CINEMA EVERY SUNDAY AT THE WILFRID NOYCE
                                                                                        CENTRE, JUST OFF CROWN COURT? Like Cinema
                                                                                        offer films working in partnership with Godalming
                                                                                        Town Council, with films being shown at 1.30pm,
 Conservatory Blinds - Awnings –Curtains - Shutters - Verticals – Rollers – Venetians   5.00pm and 7.30pm. Audiences of all ages are catered
                                                                                        for with up-to-date films and classic cinema being
                                                                                        complemented by opera, ballet, concerts and sports.
                                             Personal Trainer                           With tickets starting at just £5 for children and £6 for
                                                                                        adults, why not give this local cinema a chance next
                                            & Nutrition Advisor                         time you plan on going into Guildford to see a film? All
                                         Welcome to a fitter and healthier YOU!         films are offered in Digital quality on a 5m screen for a
                     Achieving substantial weight loss
                                                                                        fantastic cinema experience. More information at
                     Pre and post natal exercise support
                     Neck and back problems eased if not eradicated
                     Gym bunnies wanting to push to the next level                     HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THE SPIKE IN
                     Lowering of high blood pressure                                   GUILDFORD? It was a workhouse that was built in
                     Wanting to build muscle – hypertrophy                             1838 as a result of the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act
                     You may have never picked up a weight in your life?               and housed the poor, the infirm, the ill and the
             For your FREE consultation call 07967 683353
                                                                                        destitute. By 1906, a Casual Ward had been built to
                                                                                        house the ‘undesirable’ vagrants and their
 20% OFF your first month’s FrankieFit Personal Training. Offer ends 30th June 2010
                                                                                        disruptive influence from the structured routine    32>>

26 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                                            July 2010
                                                                      The situation concerned the Court which has expressed the view
                                                                      that this decision should serve as a “cautionary tale” to couples who
                                                                      own, or are about to buy, property together as well as those who
                                                                      have separated.
                                                                      Few if any couples make such a commitment as buying a property
                                                                      together with the intention of separating. However, couples should
The dangers of cohabitation                                           consider carefully what their intentions are when they buy a property
                                                                      together. If problems do arise, they should seek to resolve any
The case of Patricia Jones and Leonard Kernott should serve as a      outstanding issues as soon as they have separated. Couples
warning to any couple who are either co-habiting or have separated.   cannot assume, simply because one party has contributed more
The warning goes out to all unmarried couples who have purchased      financially, that they will automatically be entitled to a larger share of
property together; even if they are in a happy relationship with no   property.
intention of separating. We would encourage all couples to seek       At Hart Brown, our expert family team
legal advice particularly in the light of this case.                  are able to advise in order to avoid the
At Hart Brown, we always suggest to our clients that they plan for    fate that befell Miss Jones. Couples
the future and unmarried couples are no exception. They can enter     can enter into co-habitation
into either a co-habitation or a separation agreement, depending on   agreements in order to protect their
the circumstances.                                                    interests in a property. They can also
Miss Jones and Mr Kernott were in a happy relationship and bought     enter into a separation agreement
a property together. They had two children and lived together until   which, if one party does remain in the
                                                                      property, reflects the change in
                                                                                                                      Sharon Powell
the relationship broke down in 1993 when Mr Kernott left the family                                                      Partner
home. Miss Jones remained in the property, raised the couple’s two    circumstances and how the couple
                                                                      intend the property to be owned.              Family Department
children and continued to pay the mortgage. Mr Kernott made no
contribution towards the mortgage after the separation.               Planning for the worst appears                   Hart Brown
The Court of Appeal recently ruled that the property is owned         negative; however, planning for the 
equally and that, despite his lack of contribution, Mr Kernott is     future is very sensible. None of us are
entitled to a 50% share of the property. The Court went on to say     lucky enough to know what the future has in store for us and so it is
that, when the couple separated there was no evidence from either     wise to make provision for all eventualities.
party to show that they intended to change the way that they owned    If you require advice or assistance in relation to the content of this
the property. Therefore, the Court had to presume that the couples    article or any other Family matter please call our Family team on
intention was that they continued to own the property equally.        01483-887766.

                      • construction         • restoration                                          Enjoy the peace and tranquility
                      • design               • planting                                                of your local River Wey
                      • fencing              • lawn care
                      • decking              • maintenance               Narrowboats for holiday and day hire. Rowing boats,
                                                                              punts and canoes hire by the hour or day.
                        To make an appointment for free
                        advice on options and estimates                 Open everyday March until the
                          please call Nick (NCH, Dist).                       end of October.
 “Never before has
so much been done
                         07985 035224 • 01483 410188                         Tel 01483 421306
  by so few for so

            ANGANO                                                                           ICE CREAM VANS
                                                                                                FOR SHOWS & OUTSIDE EVENTS,
      Doggie Day Care                                                                     BANK HOLIDAYS & THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER

       and Holidays
  Where dogs spend their day in play with others,
  so tired and ready for bed at night, sleeping in
         the house. Puppies very welcome.

                     Call Pat on                                               TONY FRESKO ICE CREAM
                                                                                   Warren Farm, White Lane, Ash Green, Surrey GU12 6HW
            01276 857935 or 07803 941880                                                  Tel: (01252) 315528 Fax: (01252) 334537
                                                                         email:                                                                          GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A              R 27

    >> local news

    Best ever season for Godalming Town FC!
    Godalming Town FC have just               have also welcomed numerous youth            accompanied by an adult are
    enjoyed the best season in the club’s     sides and schools for training               admitted for free. Matches on
    history. The team reached the             sessions before matches and will             Saturday afternoons kick off at 3pm

    Ryman League South Playoff Final          continue to do so next season.               and midweek games at 7.45pm. A
    before narrowly succumbing to                                                          warm welcome awaits you at Wey
    Folkestone Invicta. However the Gs        The club are delighted that Town             Court.
    secured an incredible cup triumph         Mayor Jane Thomson has endorsed
    three days later by beating Sutton        the “Support Your Local” Campaign            Pre-Season friendlies:
    Utd 2-1 in the Final of the Surrey        and proclaimed her support for
    Senior Cup. Recent winners of the         Godalming Town. She has also urged           Tuesday 27 July
    tournament include Crystal Palace,        all local businesses to buy a ticket in      Farnborough
    Woking and AFC Wimbledon! These           the Sponsorship Raffle. Full details         Saturday 31 July

    fantastic achievements rounded off a      can be found at                              Horsham
    remarkable year for Godalming both                    Tuesday 3 August
    on and off the pitch.                                                                  Guildford City
                                              With Premiership football becoming           Saturday 7 August
    Crowds have been rising at Wey            so expensive there is no better time         Kingstonian
    Court and hopes are high that they        to support your hometown club.               Tuesday 10 August
    will get even better. The Junior Gs       Ticket prices for league matches are         AFC Wimbledon
    supporters club for younger fans has      only £8 for adults and £4 for
    played a big part in this. The club       OAPs/students whilst children                Come on you Gs!!

    Service, Support, Help, Advice for Cranleigh and villages
    Residents of Cranleigh and its local      such as Planning and Housing.                how to make appointments, is
    villages have been enjoying the                                                        available on Waverley’s website at
    bene its of receiving Waverley's          Cllr Stefan Reynolds, Waverley’s    ices
    services locally, following changes to    Portfolio Holder for Customer                and in the summer issue of Making
    the way in which their locality of ices   Services, says: “We made these               Waves. For those without internet
    operate.                                  changes because we want to make              access, please call numbers below:
                                              sure we deliver key services to our

    Since the beginning of May, staff from    residents who might ind it dif icult to      For Bene its and Council Tax Advice,
    Waverley’s Godalming of ice have          get over to Godalming. We felt the           please call 01483 523596. For Planning
    been attending the locality of ices       best way to do this was to bring our         Advice call 01483 523853, for Council
    located in the refurbsihed Cranleigh      specialist staff to our locality of ices.”   Tenants’ Housing Advice call 01483
    Leisure Centre at speci ic times.                                                      523520 and for Waste, Recycling and
    Appointments and drop-in surgeries        A timetable of the services offered at       other Environmental Services Advice
    are available for specialist services     these locality of ices, and details of       please call 01483 523467.

    28 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                       July 2010
    Jools goes back

       to school!
The piano maestro Jools Holland heads back to Charterhouse School on Saturday 7 August
for another night of boogie-woogie and fun, along with his 17-piece Rhythm & Blues
Orchestra and special guests, Alison Moyet and Ruby Turner.

                                               R & A: So you’re on the road        Obviously we will have
                                               again this summer with the          communicated what we’re
                                               Big band in concert?                feeling, and people are feeling
                                               Jools: I really love doing them.    the same thing, which is such
                                               We get out to different parts of    a great sensation, especially

                                               the country on a really hot         when it’s in the open air - it’s
                                               summer’s evening… getting
                                               the spirits lifted up, which is
                                               what we want to do. Getting
                                               this “steamroller of joy”
                                               happening! I think the warm

                                               air lights everything up and
                                               creates an atmosphere of
                                               vibrant swingingness. So I          like we’ve all joined a gang of
                                               hope people will come and           naughty trolls or something!
                                               swing with us throughout the        Join my gang of naughty trolls
                                               summer.                             in the park beneath the trees!

                                                         Pack aND                  And you can pick what you
                                                       PicnicTY!                   eat. Though I might come and
             Alison Moyet        Ruby Turner
                                                         PAR                       have your picnic if you’re not

Box Offices                                                                         looking.

IML Concerts 01603 660444                      R&A: You clearly love playing
Charterhouse 01483 239600                      the variety of outdoor shows?

Farnham Maltings 01252 745444                  Jools: When we play, I look
Yvonne Arnaud Theatre 01483 440000
                                               out to see the effect it’s having
Online at
                                               on the people and that’s the                        ok
                                                                                              Fireware !
Gates 5pm : Music from 6.30pm                  thing that makes me more                         Fin l
                                               happy than anything.
>> cooking with clare

 RECIPES        A super summer picnic
  Years ago I was invited to a concert at Leeds Castle in        Despite this early set back I’ve persevered with
  Kent. The classical setting and music bought a new             picnics simply because they are so much fun. Some
  meaning to picnics. We had table and chairs, linen             moan about the effort involved and the thought of
  tablecloth and napkins, a vast candelabra and a fruit          lugging your lunch around. The positives are that a
  display that would put Carmen Miranda to shame. It             little bit of humping will work up an appetite and the
  was fantastic and ridiculous at the same time. At the          more you nosh, the lighter your load on the way
  end of the concert, after we had listened to the 1812          home. Picnics are always memorable and they tend
  overture complete with live artillery fire, we had to          to bring out the child in all of us. So dig out your cool
  pack it all up into the old pram that it had arrived on        bag, dust off that tartan rug and get picnicking!
  and stagger back, slightly unsteadily, across a field.
                                                                 So, if you are going to an outdoor concert this
  This new take on picnics meant that a sandwich, a              summer, do it in style with a cracking feast…. oh, and
  bag of crisps and slice of fruit cake no longer seemed         don’t forget your mobile.
  adequate. Later that summer, I went to another
  concert at Knebworth and, inspired by my Leeds                 This picnic is rather sophisticated but so simple to
  Castle experience, I prepared a fantastic picnic for the       prepare and easily transportable.
  six of us attending. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as
  planned. We were heading up the motorway in two                                Picnic for six guests
  cars and got separated from each other. No problem                Smoked salmon with lemon, dill and black pepper
  these days but in the time before mobile phones this                Roasted red pepper and goats cheese tarts
  was a disaster. Worst of all, the picnic was in the                                Fillet of beef
  other car! We didn’t see our friends again that day                        Creamy mustard potato salad
  and had to make do with soggy chips out of a                                Green salad with Parmesan
  polystyrene tray – not quite the feast I’d planned.                     Berries with meringues and cream

Smoked Salmon with lemon, dill             to the picnic, arrange the smoked         Ingredients:
and black pepper                           salmon on a platter, squeeze over the     1 packet of puff pastry
                                           lemon juice, a few twists of black        3 red peppers
Ingredients:                               pepper and pull off sprigs of dill to     300g of goats cheese log or 3 crottin de
6 slices of good brown bread               scatter over the top – hand round with    chavignol
butter                                     your drinks to get the party started.     6 sprigs of thyme
approx 500g smoked salmon                                                            garlic
lemon                                      Red Pepper and Goats Cheese Tarts         olive oil
dill                                                                                 seasoning
black pepper
                                                                                     Heat the oven to 180 C, put the red
Butter the bread. Lay slices of smoked                                               peppers onto a baking sheet, drizzle
salmon over the bread up to the edges.                                               over a little olive oil and add three
Cut the crusts off. Either cut the bread                                             cloves of garlic still in their skins. Put
into 8 triangles or use a round pastry                                               into the oven for 25 - 30 minutes until
cutter to make bite sized rounds. Put                                                the peppers are a slightly blackened and
the smoked salmon into a plastic                                                     soft. Roll out the pastry into a
container layered up with greaseproof                                                rectangle. Cut it into 6 squares and
paper. Take a cut lemon and a pepper                                                 score a smaller square with a knife.
mill in the picnic basket. When you get

30 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                        July 2010
When the red peppers are cooked,              1 tablespoon of grain mustard              meringues. If they should break up in
place them into a deep bowl and cover         300ml sour cream                           transport, simply mash them up and
with cling film until they are cool           bunch of chives                            make an Eton Mess with the fruit and
enough to handle. Slip the skins off the                                                 cream.
peppers and cut into fat finger sized         Boil the potatoes in salted water. Cool.
slices. Put the peppers into a bowl and       Snip or finely cut the chives and make a
squeeze out the cloves of garlic onto a       dressing with the sour cream, mustard      LIKE MOST OF US, I NEVER HAVE PICNIC
chopping board and mash them with             and chives. Stir this into the potatoes    food to hand at home and I love
the back of a knife. Add to the peppers       and put into a bowl and scatter over       nothing more than all piling in the car
and season. Put the peppers into the          more chives.                               and making a pit stop on the way to the
smaller square and place the goats                                                       beach. We buy ham and fresh bread
cheese on top. Place a sprig of thyme         Green salad with parmesan                  rolls and sometimes even cheese slices
onto of the cheese and drizzle over a                                                    (eek!), a punnet of cherry tomatoes,
little olive oil. Brush the edges of the      Ingredients:                               kettle crisps, strawberries and a bar of
pastry with some beaten egg or milk.          Baby mixed salad leaves                    Green and Blacks caramel chocolate.
                                              Vinaigrette                                That's all we need for a perfect
Put into the oven for 20 minutes and          Parmesan shavings                          impromptu picnic. However, here are
cook until golden brown. Allow to cool                                                   some ideas for something other than
before carefully packing for your picnic.     A large bag of ready prepared leaves or    the jam sandwiches of our youth, or a
As goats cheese is a bit of marmite in        your own home grown of course! Make        last minute dash and grab.
terms of loving or hating it, you could       just enough dressing and take it in a
substitute it for feta or brie.               separate jar. Take a piece of Parmesan
                                              and a potato peeler (or do it before and           Alternative Sandwiches
Fillet of Beef                                take the shavings in a little plastic
                                              container). When you are ready to eat        Chicken mayonnaise, avocado and
Ingredients:                                  the beef, toss the dressing into the                   crispy bacon wrap
1 kg fillet of beef                           leaves, place it on top of the beef and
olive oil                                     scatter with the shavings.                  Grilled halloumi with finely chopped
salt & pepper                                                                                    greek salad in pitta bread
thyme                                         Berries with Meringues and Cream            Ciabatta with proscuitto, caramelised
                                                                                               red onion and cream cheese
Preheat the oven to 190C. Heat a frying       Ingredients:
pan until it is really good and hot. Take     1 kg of berries of your choice               Smoked salmon and cream cheese
your piece of meat and lay it on the          300ml double cream or clotted cream               bagels with snipped chives,
chopping board. Rub in olive oil and          Meringues, ready made or use this                    lemon & black pepper
season it with salt and pepper and            recipe – I have finally cracked
thyme if you like it. Sear it in the pan      meringues after many years of trying!               Alternative Savouries
until it is nicely browned all over. Put it   4 egg whites
into a roasting tray and cook for approx      200g caster sugar                                   Homemade sausage rolls
30 minutes. This should give you              one and a half teaspoons of white wine
medium beef you don't want it too rare        vinegar mixed with 1 1/2 teaspoons of         Little fritattas with chorizo, potato
as you are eating it cold (unless of          cornflour                                                 and red pepper
course you like a lovely carpaccio!).                                                            Chicken tikka kebabs with
                                              Preheat the oven to 150C. Whisk the                      yoghurt mint dip
Allow it to cool and put it in the fridge.    egg whites with a hand whisk or in a
It will be easier to slice once it has        mixer on high until it is holding soft                     Savoury tarts
chilled. Slice and put into a container or    peaks. Add the sugar, a dessert spoon
straight on to a dish that you are going      at a time. Add the mix of vinegar and                Transportable salads
to serve from as long as you can fit it       cornflour at the end. Spoon dessert
into your cool bag/box.                       spoons of meringue onto large baking        Chicken pesto pasta salad with rocket
                                              sheets covered in baking paper. Put                     Greek salad
Creamy mustard potato salad                   into the oven and cook for about 30                   Thai beef salad
                                              minutes, then turn the oven off and
Ingredients:                                  leave in the oven to cool or overnight.      Cherry tomato, torn mozzarella and
1 kg new potatoes                             This makes lovely crisp but mallowy                      basil salad

   Clare Crosbie runs Crosbie Foods, her own catering company based in Wormley which caters
   for all manner of events such as weddings, parties, anniversaries and business functions,
   and is also a supplier to retailers such as Secretts and Riverford.

   Clare can be contacted on 01428 681888 or by email to                                                                  GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A           R 31

                                                            << 26
                                                                  of the Workhouse, and is now one of the few
                                                                  remaining Casual Wards open in the country. You
          What the Dickens?                                      can discover a working cell, see what a vagrant
                                                            had to do to earn his keep, explore the lives of The
          A monthly glossary of English terms and phrases   Spike inmates and the types of people that would have
                                                            stayed there. It is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from
                                                            10am to 4pm and you can just drop in for a guided
      Ace up one’s sleeve                                   tour. Adults £3.50 and children over 5 are £2.50. On
                                                            the 10th July they are offering costume tours and re-
                                                            enactments from 1.30pm to 4pm, with refreshments
      An ace was originally the side of a dice that

                                                            provided. Cost £5 per person, and you will need to
      was marked with a single pip, counting one.           book on the number below. The Spike is situated in
      The term was later extended to a playing card         Warren Road, near the old St Luke’s hospital for those
      similarly marked, and has long been used              with longer memories! For more details, visit
       iguratively to denote any very small amount: or call 01483 569944.
      a person who comes within an ace of doing             WHILE STILL IN GUILDFORD, YOU MAY HAVE
      something fails to do it by only a very narrow        HEARD ABOUT THEIR SUMMER FESTIVAL, WHICH
      margin.                                               RUNS FROM THE MIDDLE OF JUNE TO THE 1ST
                                                            AUGUST. There is a lot going on, so I will just touch on
      As well as signifying something insigni icant,        some of the July events that I think could be of

                                                            interest. A full programme is available at
      ace can - rather confusingly - stand for    
      something important, because in some card
      games an ace is a powerful card. A person             ON THE 26TH JULY THERE IS A GUIDED HIDDEN
      who succeeds by a masterstroke may be said            GUILDFORD WALK. It starts at 7pm and visits the
      to have played his or her ace, i.e. produced,         upper part of the town to view timber framed
      perhaps unexpectedly, a winning tactic. If he         buildings, Edmund Russell’s sculpture to the woolen
                                                            trade and returns via Chertsey Street and Martyr Road
      has an ace up his sleeve, his advantage is not        to view the Victorian buildings and learn of their
      only powerful by also hidden, as a conjurer           contribution to the town. The walk is free and you
      may conceal a playing card.                           should meet under Tunsgate Arch. Many more walks

                                                            are offered, see or call
      This meaning of the word accounts for the             01483 444333.
      development in First World War slang of ace           THERE IS A LOT GOING ON TO CELEBRATE LEWIS
      to denote a person, usually an airman, who            CARROLL, WHO LIVED IN GUILDFORD AND
      was expert or showy. The word is still in use,        CREATED ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Tuesday 27th July
      rather informally, with the irst of these             sees a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party to include storytelling
      meanings.                                             and mask making at Waterstones in the High Street at
                                                            3.30pm. On Wednesday 28th July there is Mad Hatters
                                                            - family fun craft activities at The Brew House,
      The use of ace as a slang exclamation or              Guildford House Gallery from 10.20am to 12.30pm,

      adjective expressing pleasure, usually by             and then again from 2pm to 4pm. There are also Lewis
      young people, is a more modern and                    Carroll family fun trails from Sat 17th July to Sunday 1st
      obviously related development of this.                August running in various locations in Guildford, as well
                                                            as some themed walks. Visit
                                                   for more details.
                                                            FOR THE YOUNGSTERS, THERE IS A FREE YOUTH
                                                            FESTIVAL CALLED STREETCLASH. Go along on Sunday
                                                            25th July and try new activities including sport, art,
                                                            dance and music. No booking required and all ages
                                                            welcome. It takes place at the Portsmouth Road Car

                                                            Park GU2 4AM outside the George Abbott pub, where
                   Home From Home                           the adults can go for peace, quiet and a well deserved
           Providing daycare from 8am - 6pm                 drink!

                     GODALMING                              NOW HERE’S AN EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! On
                                                            Saturday 17th July, Guildford Cathedral is offering tour
                     01483 860273                           tours. Climb the 249 steps to the top (there is a
                            seat at 100 steps if needed!) and enjoy panoramic 36>>

     32 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                            July 2010
 The Godalming Tandoori Restaurant
 was a inalist in the prestigious House of
 Commons Veetee Tif in Awards in 2009,
 as recommended by Rt. Hon. Jeremy
 Hunt MP, and has been serving a
                                             GODALMING TANDOORI
 fantastic variety of curries from all           World Cup Wonder!
 regions of the Indian Subcontinent for      Free Onion Bhaji or Samosa
 over 23 years.                                with each main course ordered,
                                                eat in or take away, Mon-Wed
 Owner Anwar says ‘We are honoured to
                                                   Please present this voucher to redeem
 be recognised for our quality food in a              Valid until 30th September 2010
 prestigious competition held at an event                     OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK
                                               Sunday to Thursday:12.00 - 2.30pm & 5.30pm - 11.30pm
 at the Houses of Parliament. When                      Friday & Saturday: 5.30pm - MIDNIGHT
 you’ve got a craving for curry, come to                            (Including Bank Holidays)

 us, and we will proudly tailor make any      143 HIGH STREET, GODALMING, SURREY
 curry to your individual
 speci ication, just as you like it!’          Tel: 01483 428008 / 426084

               Iosis Dental Clinic
    Registering new NHS patients
     Register at
          or call 01483 429 435                                              GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A      R 33

    >> in the garden

                                                                                    How to prepare your garden before
                                                                                    you go on holiday as advised by
                                                                                    Secretts Garden Centre, Milford.

     GARDENING      Holiday care for your garden
    THE LAST THING YOU WANT TO                                                    is not as complicated as it may
    do on your summer holidays is                                                 sound. Your local garden centre
    worry about everything at home,                                               will be able to advise you on the
    including whether your garden is                                              best system for your needs and

    surviving without you.                                                        the starter kits are usually around
                                                                                  £75.00. The system will need to
    There are several things that you                                             be fitted to an outside tap and
    can do before packing your bags                                               will come with a timing device
    to prepare your garden and help                                               and varying attachments for
    prevent your plants from drying                                               watering different parts of the
    out while you are away.                                                       garden. There are also systems
                                                                                  that can be attached to your

    Cover your flower beds in bark                                                garden water butt.
    mulch or compost to keep plant
    roots cool, retain moisture and                                               Houseplants need some
    prevent evaporation.                                                          consideration too. Remove them
                                                                                  from sunny window sills, place
    Mix a water retaining gel with the                                            them on a surface out of direct
    compost when planting hanging                                                 sunlight and water well. If you
    baskets or containers. The gel                                                have a lot of indoor plants, soak a

    will absorb 100 times its own                                                 towel and lay it in the bottom of
    weight in water, helping to keep                                              the bath. Stand your plants on
    the compost moist for longer.                                                 the towel and they will absorb the
    Move containers and hanging                                                   water as they need it.
    baskets into a shady place where
    they will dry out less quickly.                                               Just a small amount of
    After watering them well it is a                                              preparation will ensure that you
    good idea to cover them with a                                                don’t return home to a sea of
    sheet of shade netting material to      Another good idea is to fill a few    dead plants. Alternatively, you can

    further reduce evaporation.             water bottles, pierce the lids and    always revert to the old fashioned
                                            place them upside down in the         method of just asking a friendly
    Pots will remain moist for longer if    soil to gradually release the water   neighbour. Don’t forget to bring
    they are plunged into the soil. Find    into your beds and vegetable          them back a bottle of local vino or
    a gap in your border, dig out a hole,   patch.                                a stick of rock!
    and then sink the pot so that the lip
    of the container is flush with the      One of the most efficient ways to
                                                                                  If you need any help or advice, the team at
    soil. As the compost in the pot dries   keep your plants well watered in
                                                                                  Secretts Garden Centre will be delighted to

    out the plants will start to take       your absence is to install an         help. Please call 01483 520500.
    moisture from the soil.                 automatic irrigation system. This

    34 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                    July 2010
     MAKE A

   Save up to 70% on hot water bills
       Energy and price security
        Add value to your home
      Virtually maintenance free
         Works in all weather
              Carbon zero
 Swift Solar Ltd, PO Box 479, Godalming, GU7 1NE

      T: 01483 429076 M: 07740 8610709
        E: Mail:

                     SW IFT
                     S O L A R
                SUSTAINABLE E NERGY


               As manufacturers we offer quality & value for money

 Car Ports Stables Garages Garden Studios Changing Rooms Summer Houses Sports Pavilions
                                                For All Heritage Type Structures
              Visit our web site for more info: or call: (01428) 723777 office only
                                                    Free brochure available
                                     Constructed by craftsmen from hand selected timber
                                                             Est 1970

                                                                                                                   R 35

                                                                                        GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A
                                                                                  views across Guildford. The bell ringers will be
                                                                             << 32
 SUMMER COURSES WITH                                                              escorting groups of 15 people at a time, but sadly
                                                                                 no children under 8. Tickets are free (donations
 KIP MCGRATH                                                                 welcome) but booking is required on 01483 547860.

 Kip McGrath offers professional tuition in Maths                            HOW DOES THE ALBURY FREE FESTIVAL SOUND? It
                                                                             takes place on Sunday 18th July and is a fantastic finale
 and English for children aged 6 – 16+.                                      to the Albury Weekend, offering live music – rock,
                                                                             blues, jazz – a BBQ (or bring a picnic), Surrey Hills Bar
 Experience shows that many pupils need support                              for the grown-ups, face painting and a prize aution.
 during the long holiday to ensure that they                                 Entry and car parking free, and it runs from 2pm to
                                                                             8.30pm. Albury Heath is on the A248 Dorking Road. It’s
 maintain the levels they achieved at the end of                             not exactly on our doorstep but sounds like a good day
 the summer term. We offer courses during the                                out…
 holidays which help students return to school in                            A COUPLE OF EVENTS AT THE RURAL LIFE CENTRE
 September con ident in their ability to succeed.                            IN TILFORD. Rustic Sunday is on the 25th July from
                                                                             10am to 5pm - go along and enjoy watching country
 FREE ASSESSMENT. Fully quali ied teachers and                               crafts, listening to country musicians and soaking up
                                                                             the ambience of a vanished way of life at this unique
 individual programmes are an integral part of the                           event. Steam powered rides on the light railway and
 specialised approach to learning. The new                                   refreshments available including lunches and teas.
                                                                             Adults £9.00, over 60s/Concessions £8.00, children
 ‘Intelligence Development Programme’ improves                               £6.00, family ticket £28.00. Free parking and picnic
 focus and thinking skills.                                                  areas. It sounds like a real family day out, and this year
                                                                             the day will also feature a special Farmers' Market.
 Give your child the opportunity to                                          More at or call 01252 795571.
                                                                             Also, don’t forget the Car Boot Sale on the 1st August,
 experience the joy of learning by calling                                   from 8am to 12noon. Entrance to the car boot sale is
 Jane now on 01483 26 82 82                                                  free to buyers. If you are interesting in having a stall or
                                                                             demonstrating a craft that day, please contact the
                                                                             museum as above.
                                                                             THE 64TH CRANLEIGH SHOW TAKES PLACE ON
                                                                             SUNDAY AUGUST 1ST 2010. Main ring attractions for
                                                                             2010 will include the welcome return of the Bolddog
                 Book Summer Courses Now                                     Lings freestyle motorcycle team, and away from the
               Tuition for children aged 6 –16+                              main arena, the Sheep Show- both of which were very
                       Maths            English                              popular features of the 2008 show. It is one of the
                      Reading            Spelling                            oldest one day agricultural shows and in addition to
           • Exam preparation • Qualified Teachers
                                                                             the attractions, there will be a wide range of trade
                    • All staff CRB checked                                  stands offering the best of regional food, drink and
                     • OFSTED Registered                                     crafts as well as a large selection of other commercial
        (Child Care Vouchers and Working Tax Credit)                         stands and displays. More details at
                    FOR A FREE ASSESSMENT                          
                 Call Jane Johnson 01483 26 82 82
                                           IRISH DANCING CLASSES ARE STARTING IN
                                                                             GODALMING. Kelalou Academy of Irish Dancing will
                                                                             be kicking up those heels and holding classes for
     NEED MARKETING ?                                                        children aged from 3 years old and upwards. Classes
                                                                             start in September, venue and times tbc. For more
                                                                             information please email Kelly at
   Tired of paying agencies & getting precious little for your investment? or phone 07934
                                                                             952414. More at
                Patrick Butler, MA (Oxon)                                    GUILFEST 2010 IS ON THE 16TH TO 18TH JULY 2010.
                             Marketing Consultant.                           The line up includes Orbital, The Human League, Status
 Strategy     Advertising           Copywriting        Online         PR
                                                                             Quo, Hadouken!, N-Dubz, Tinie Tempah, Hawkwind,
                                                                             Level 42, The Wonder Stuff, The Twang, The King
                                                                             Blues,10cc, Seth Lakeman & much, much, more
       Experienced Professional Effective Results Value for Money            featured across 7 stages for the award winning 3
                                                                             day festival set in the idyllic grounds of Stoke Park,
             07887592722                                                                             40>>

36 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                                   July 2010

• Professional Advice
• National Marketing Exposure
• Property Management
• Rent Collection
• Inventory & Lease Production
     The Ever Changing Forest

     Part One: From Stone Age Hunters to a ship that launched a Civil War
     Patrick Butler, editor of local website guides us through the fascina ng
     history of this ancient Royal Forest

     ONE OF THE COMMONEST QUESTIONS            it’s clear that Alice Holt Forest, with    Woolmer Forest. The original
     asked about Alice Holt is “where does     its steep slopes, heavy clays and stony    meaning of a Forest had little to do
     the name come from?”. The name of         soils on the tops of the ridges, was not   with trees, signifying rather an area

     this ancient forest, straddling the       an attractive environment for early        preserved for hunting by the King or
     border of Hampshire and Surrey, on        farmers and settlers.                      one of his Norman magnates, who
     the Farnham-Bordon road derives                                                      expected land as a reward for joining
     from Aefsige’s Holt. Aelfsige was an      Yet the wet, sticky “Gault” clay that      William in his risky adventure to
     Anglo-Saxon Bishop of Winchester in       underlies the area was the key to the      invade England. The peasants clung to
     the 10th Century, and the Holt ( “a       Forest’s sudden importance in Roman        certain legal rights, many of which
     wood or thicket where animals hide”)      times. The Romans began to settle          had quaint Anglo-French names, such
     was his private hunting preserve.         Britannia in earnest after the invasion    as pannage (the right to graze pigs in
                                               of Claudius in AD43. Soon afterwards,      the Forest) or common of estovers (the
     Aelfsige would have been one of the       attracted by the quality of the clay and   right to gather irewood by hook or by
     most important men in England.            the ready supply of wood for fuel,         crook) But the Forest Law was

     Indeed, King Eadwig the All-Fair          pottery kilns were dotted all over the     draconian in its protection of the
     elevated him to Archbishop of             Forest, and the area was soon              King’s rights. Poaching was a capital
     Canterbury in AD958, although he          supplying some 60% of all the              offence enforced by the Court of the
     didn’t live to enjoy that achievement     domestic ceramics in the Romans’           Verderers, or King’s Forest of icials. So
     as, en route to Rome to be blessed by     booming new capital of Londinium.          much as disturbing a deer could
     Pope John XII, poor Aelfsige became       Production of what is now called           render the unfortunate peasant liable
     stranded in a snowy Alpine pass and       “Alice Holt ware”, a greyish pottery of    to maiming and even dogs had to be
     died of cold.                             moderate quality was on a truly vast       presented to the Verderers for
                                               scale. In places there are still patches   expeditating, or amputation of three
     So the recorded, written history of the   of sooty, burnt earth where the Forest
     Forest dates back nearly 1100 years.                                                 toes from a forepaw to prevent them
                                                loor is littered with the broken          chasing the King’s game. A peasant
     Yet when Aelfsige hunted deer and

                                               fragments of rejected pots, discarded      found keeping a dog with its feet
     wild boar under its broad oaks, Alice     by the thousand. The potteries of
     Holt Forest was already ancient. Its                                                 uncut would have his ox seized by
                                               Alice Holt began to specialise in          way of a ine.
     origins lie in the warm, wet Atlantic     producing storage jars used for
     period which followed the end of the      transporting locally grown wine from       Needless to say the Forest Law was
     last Ice Age, when the cold, dry tundra   the little Roman town of Vindomis          desperately unpopular with the rank
     which covered Southern Britain gave       (near Holybourne) and the industry         and ile of medieval England. As the
     way gradually to trees: dwarf willows     lasted nearly four hundred years           population rose again following the
     birches and pines at irst, before the     before succumbing to the general           ravages of William’s violent conquest,
     mature “climax” forest of oak, ash and    collapse of the economy, following the     Alice Holt became an ever more
     yew took over, some 7,000 years ago.      departure of the Roman army from

     A few inds of lint tools show that        Britain in AD420.
     Mesolithic hunter-gatherers occupied      Once the pottery industry had fallen
     the area, as even older Palaeolithic      into decline, it would not have taken
     people had done since pre-glacial         long for the slopes of Alice Holt to
     times. Little too survives from the       once again revert to peaceful
     Neolithic (the “New Stone Age” when       woodland. The early Saxon tribes,
     farming was irst practised in Britain)    moving in from Germany, Denmark
     or the Bronze Age. There are a few        and Holland as the Roman Empire
     tumuli (burial mounds) which are          collapsed, chose to site their little
     probably Celtic (Iron Age), from          farming villages on less inclement
     around 500 BC up until the time of

                                               sites such as Binsted (“bean farm”) or
     Christ. The name Willey Mill too          Bentley (“grassy clearing”).
     preserves the memory of a Celtic
     woodland temple or “sacred grove”         After Aelfsige and the Anglo-Saxons
     hereabouts. However, if we compare        came “1066 And All That”. William the
     the amount of archaeological remains      Conqueror placed vast tracts of his
     with the dense prehistoric settlement     new kingdom under Forest Law,
                                                                                             Above: An ancient yew tree. Unfortunately very few trees
     patterns of the nearby chalk downs,       including Alice Holt and nearby                 remain from the heyday of Alice Holt as a Royal Forest.

     38 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                                      July 2010
valuable source of grazing and fuel,        regenerating. The larger oaks were           Top le : King John hun ng in one of his Royal Forests, from a
                                                                                          manuscript in the Bri sh Library. By signing Magna Carta, he
bringing the local inhabitants into         lopped for irewood above the height                began the process of relaxing the draconian Forest Law
constant con lict with the King’s           at which deer could nibble the new
                                                                                          Top middle: HMS The Sovereign Of The Seas. Begun in 1633
precious deer. Bribery among the            shoots. Oak trees thus pollarded live        on the personal orders of Charles I, she was the most lavishly
Forest of icials was rife, with             to a very great age, becoming gnarled,       embellished and expensive warship of her day. She proved in
                                                                                                   fact to be slow and cumbersome in ac on, and was
squatters encouraging the King’s men        twisted and “stag-headed”. Most of          eventually destroyed in an accident at Chatham: an ironic end
to turn a blind eye as they carved little   these ancient medieval trees are now          for a ship which consumed 1500 Alice Holt oaks and helped
chunks out of the edge of Alice Holt,       gone, including the famous Buck’s             plunge England into Civil War. From an oil pain ng by Peter

                                                                                                                Lely in the Na onal Mari me Museum.
creating new hamlets on the margins         Horn Oak from which the hamlet
of the Forest such as Blacknest and         takes its name. One magni icent trunk,     Top right: The tranquil Kennels Pond in the Lodge Enclosure of
                                                                                       Alice Holt. As the name suggests this was once the loca on of
Frith End (from an Old English word         some 700 years old, remains standing        the kennels where the hounds were kept for the Royal Hunt.
 irhpe meaning wood). One Alan              at Alice Holt Lodge. Although sadly
Plugenot, one of the King’s wardeners,      dead, a healthy young sapling, grown
took bribes in return for allowing          from an acorn of the mighty old tree is
poachers to make off with no less           preparing to take its place.               one of the disputes between King and
than 150 deer. Magna Carta, signed                                                     Parliament that eventually led to Civil
reluctantly by King John marked the         Alice Holt in the Middle Ages              War breaking out, perhaps not an
key turning point in the absolute           consequently took on a rather              event one would conventionally
rights of the Monarch in England, and       “hollow” appearance, quite different       associate with this sleepy corner of

his son, the young Henry III granted        from how it looks today. There was a       England!
further concessions in his Charter of       large area of open, grassy land, called
                                            a plain around the central Great Lodge     As Britain came into the Age of
The Forest in 1217. This rolled back                                                   Empire and the Industrial revolution,
many of the more oppressive laws,           (Now the Alice Holt Research Station)
                                            from where aristocratic spectators         the future of Alice Holt looked bleak
above all the death penalty for                                                        indeed. Next month, we’ll follow the
poaching deer : “No one shall               could watch the hunt ride out. To this
                                            day the ields near Birdworld are           story of Alice Holt in more modern
henceforth lose life or limb because of                                                times as the Forest emerged from its
our venison, but if anyone has been         called Plain Piece.
                                                                                       Royal past, through the tasteful
arrested and convicted of taking            As Britain rose to be the World’s pre-     landscape embellishments of the 18th
venison he shall be ined heavily if he      eminent sea power, timber for the          century, to the era of the modern
has the means; and if he has not the                                                   Forestry Commission. We’ll see how

                                            Navy became more and more crucial,
means, he shall lie in our prison for a     and by the 17th Century, Forests such      there was even scandal and
year and a day; and if after a year and     as Alice Holt were too much of a drain     corruption along the way and how the
a day he can ind pledges he may leave       on the Royal Purse to preserve for         forest today is set to enter a new and
prison; but if not, he shall abjure the     hunting alone. In 1635 the Forest was      more positive era.
realm of England”.                          managed by a Lieutenant, a Ranger,
England had experienced more                two Verderers, a Steward, a
                                            Woodward and ive Foresters,       is a community website
clearance of its tree cover than any                                                   full of news about the Forest, its wildlife,
other European country, and                 collectively charged to “preserve vert
                                            and venison”, i.e. the trees themselves,   history and events and ac vi es in the area,
increasingly it was timber, rather than                                                edited by Patrick Butler, a freelance writer
a joint of venison, which motivated         as well as the deer. In 1607 King          who can be contacted on 07887592722 or                             29
the King to preserve his Forests as         James I had 500 oaks felled from the       via Patrick also offers
best he could. King Richard II in the       Holt for the building of his warship       guided walks around the forest by
late 14th Century ordered up great          the Prince Royal which cost a colossal     arrangement.
oak beams from Alice Holt to be used        £20,000. Because the trees were
                                            affected by deer grazing and by            The Alice Holt Visitor Centre is situated
for the roof of Westminster Hall.                                                      between Bucks Horn Oak and Dockenfield,
                                            lopping for fuel, the timber produced
                                                                                       just off the A325. Forest Enterprise, who
But timber was increasingly scarce          was of an inferior quality and it cost a   operate the Visitor Centre can be contacted
even within Alice Holt. The constant        further £6000 to rebuild the ship.         on 01420 23666 or at the official Forestry
browsing by both deer and peasants’                                                    Commission website
cattle (allowed into the Forest from        Charles I had the Sovereign of the They
their large circular pen or pound,          Seas built in 1633 using 1500 oaks         produce a twice yearly newsle er Holt

which later became the oval                 from Alice Holt. The cost of this was      Happenings which includes details of all
recreation ground at Holt Pound)            £40,000, forcing the King to introduce     events and ac vi es for adults and children
prevented young trees from                  a ‘Ship Levy’ to pay for it, which was     at the Visitor Centre.                                                                 GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A                            R 39
                                                                << 36
                                                                      Guildford. Also, Comedy Lounge, Theatre Tent,
                  A concert series not to                             Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Cafe,
                                                                     Ceroc Dance Tent, brilliant Kidzone, food from
                  be missed!                                    around the world, late licensed bars, and a fantastic,
                                                                friendly atmosphere! Tickets & Info: 0871 230 1106 or
 Now in its fourth year, the Charterhouse International
 Music Festival is the brain child of Susan Milan, former       THE GODALMING STAYCATION 7 15 AUGUST IS
 Principal Flute in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra,           NOW GAINING MOMENTUM AND FROM JULY
 and a popular international performer in a number of           DETAILS OF THE EVENTS WILL START TO APPEAR ON
 ensembles. Running from the 11th to 18th July, the             THE GODALMING TOWN WEB SITE
 event brings together around 80 outstanding young,              WWW.GODALMING TC.GOV.UK . Attractions during
 classical musicians from all corners of the globe, in a        the week in Godalming will include the Jools Holland
 series of master classes and concerts tutored by some          Concert at Charterhouse, a week long family film festival
 of the country’s leading professors from colleges such         at the Wilfrid Noyce Centre and the Borough Hall (look
 as the Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of                out for some real favourites like Grease and Casablanca
 Music, Trinity College and The Guildhall College,              combined with some modern classics); Godalming Town
                                                                FC will be playing Wimbledon as well as putting on a
 The Festival Concert Series runs each day of the eight         couple of special football training sessions for
 day course except one, and offers the students an
                                                                youngsters. The Godalming Angling Society is offering a
                                                                fish for fun morning whilst Ladywell Convent will be
 opportunity to perform in either an informal or formal         doing a Teas and Tours afternoon. Ghost walks, camping
 concert environment, playing works that they have              and even something called a Messy Church are also on
 been studying through the day. A fundamental                   the cards as are opportunities for taking part in
 element of the course for the students is the                  Staycation golfing, kayaking, dancing and craft events.
 opportunity to experience and develop their                    The Staycation will culminate in a series of activities
 confidence of performing in front of a live audience.          around the Bandstand, including a Teddy Bears’ picnic
 Last year over 120 works were performed in both                on the Friday, A Picnic in the Park day on Saturday with
 informal (Baroque and Duo), and formal (Chamber)               an eclectic programme of acoustic music (think Jazz and
 concerts.                                                      Folk with Pimms, cream teas and deck chairs) on the
                                                                Saturday and a special Music in the Park with a hog
 Informal concerts are held at 5.00 and 6.00pm and the          roast on the final Sunday. Shops, restaurants and pubs
 formal ones at 8.00 pm in the splendour of                     are now being invited to make the best of the week by
 Charterhouse Hall. These concerts are FREE to all              offering some Staycation delights (could there possibly
 members of the public and NO BOOKING is required.              be a Staycation Sausage, a Godalming Gourmet’s menu
 Just turn up.                                                  or a Farncombe Fritter?) And look out for beer festivals,
                                                                quiz nights and some rather exclusive dining and
                                                                shopping possibilities during this unique week.
 In addition to the student concerts, the Festival
 Professors also perform a Gala Concert, this year on                                       - NC -
 Wednesday 14th July. There is a charge of £15.00 for
 the Gala Concert.

 Further details of the course can be found on the
 Festival website at The Festival
 Concert Series programme will be posted nearer the
 time so please do bookmark the site and keep an eye

       B.C. Bathrooms
              Family run business est.1991

          Full bathroom installations
        and special needs undertaken
  incl. carpentry, electrics, plumbing, tiling and decoration

                      Council approved
             For advice and a free quote call
                   01483 424707
                     References available

40 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                    July 2010
                                                                                   KNOWLE PARK

                                              OFFERING RESIDENTIAL & NURSING CARE

         Knowle Park is a highly regarded                                       • Single En-suite Rooms                            • Beautiful Period Property
         and well established home.
                                                                                • Hairdressing & Chiropody                         • Personalised Care Plans
         Knowle Park offers commanding                                          • Full & Varied Activities Programme               • Nurses Trained to the Highest
         views across beautiful rural
                                                                                                                                     Standards on 24hr Duty
         countryside and parkland, and                                          • Home Cooked Food
         exceptional accommodation.

                                                                      Freephone 0808 155 2442

                                                              Knowle Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8JL
      Visit our website at
      or email

                                                                                   16th 17th & 18th July 2010 in Stoke Park, Guildford
                                                                                    Nominated twice as Best Medium-Sized Festival in the UK – UK Festival Awards

  MAIN STAGE                     FRIDAY                                                         SATURDAY                                                   SUNDAY

                HADOUKEN! (FORMERLY THE
                                                                                THE HUMAN LEAGUE
                                                                                             N-DUBZ                                                      LEVEL 42
                THE WONDER STUFF                                                            HAWKWIND                                                   THE TWANG
                   F***ED UP                                                               THE BLACKOUT                                               THE KING BLUES

                DANCE TENT
                       SUB FOCUS (DJ SET)                                                    TINIE TEMPAH                                        CHASE & STATUS (DJ SET)
                              MILTON JONES                                      IVAN BRACKENBURY’S HOSPITAL ROADSHOW                                  JOHN MOLONEY

A Scotty Events Ltd Production. Subject to License. Line-up subject to change                                                                                                               GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A                R 41
>> out & about

R&A              Tilford, Elstead and Fullbrook

  Tilford can jus fy the descrip on ‘idyllic’. Three small roads converge on the triangular green and two arrive over medieval
bridges, for here is the confluence of streams draining the Hampshire hills and forming this upper stretch of the river Wey. The
wide, shallow river runs along one side of the sloping green while the Barley Mow and other a rac ve 17th and 18th-century
 houses and co ages are se led along another border. I stood one summer and watched the harves ng, whilst a rider waited
    as her horse drank from the river and a child paddled. On many summer weekends the pub is part of the cricket scene as
batsmen, locals and visitors bring their drinks outside to watch the game, perhaps from the shade of one of Tilford’s oaks. The
  famous one is the King’s Oak, also referred to as Novell’s or Cobbe ’s oak. Novell was a local resident who apparently liked
this spot to ‘hold forth’ while William Cobbe , who was brought up at Farnham, men ons it in his Rural Rides. He recalls as a
  boy seeing a young tree which by 1822 was ‘by far the finest tree I ever saw’. A charter of King John refers to the King’s Oak
  here, giving rise to the alterna ve name. Clearly notable oaks have been on this green for many centuries as they are today.
                    It’s a fer le area, farmed since Saxon mes, and earlier last century had many hop gardens.
   This easy going walk follows the river at the edge of Hankley Common and con nues to the larger village of Elstead along a
  quiet and pre y lane. Elstead has an ac ve village life and many old buildings. It was once part of a thriving wool trade but
 also noted for growing large quan es of carrots. Leaving Elstead, the route crosses the third of five medieval bridges on this
   part of the Wey, thought to have been built by Cistercian monks from nearby Waverley Abbey, probably around 1233 a er
notorious floods. All along the route are pillboxes, part of ‘the last line of defence’ against invasion in World War II, stretching
 from Kent to Bristol. The final stretches are through varied countryside of fields and woodland. If you find yourself humming
  hymns it may be the influence of Isaac Wa s who lived at Tilford and wrote many hymns including Oh God, our help in ages
           past, or A M Toplady who lived at Farnham and, it is said, wrote Rock of Ages while staying at Tilford House.

1. Walk up over the grass to the apex of the village               parking beyond the drive to Hankley Farm, until the
green with the Barley Mow behind you and follow a                  track eventually joins a metalled lane. Turn left
horse ride on the left, ‘Mollie’s Ride’, alongside the             along this quiet lane, passing attractive cottages and
road. Pass the church which has a memorial to a                    farm buildings. Note the stone cladding on a barn
local heroine, Diana Hope Rowden, a captured WAAF                  near Westbrook Farm. As the road bends around
executed in a Nazi concentration camp. At the end                  you glimpse the spire of Elstead church ahead. Pass
turn left along a broad track with a parking area on               houses and an interesting row of cottages built of
your right.                                                        the local ironstone, and come to the church of St
                                                                   James on the right with a beautifully carved wooden
2. Follow this leafy walk for about ⅓ mile and reach               porch.
the end of Stockbridge Pond, also called Abbotts
Pond, on your right. A pretty spot and a favourite                 3. From the church take the left fork out to Thursley
with anglers. Ice was cut here for the two ice houses              Road. (To make a short cut turn left along the main
in the village. Keep ahead on the broad track and at               road to Hope Street on the left.) Cross and walk up
a fork go left and shortly after still keep left at the            West Hill opposite to the end of the cul-de-sac. Take
clearing. Keep forward on this sandy bridleway                     the footpath which climbs the short way to the top
through woodland of birch and pine, ignoring all                   and a stile on the left, just before a path junction
side tracks and following bridleway signs. The river               from where there are good views. Go left over the
has undercut the sandstone forming minor cliffs and                stile and cross a ield beside a bank. Cross another
the water meadows are seen below on the left                       stile onto a path leading down between fences and
through the trees. Yagden Hill is over to the right                gardens to the road opposite the old tile-hung Apple
and is army training ground. Cross under power                     Tree Cottage and cross to Hope Street. Turn right
lines and continue some way, passing Upper                         past the shops to the Old Forge. Note the gun
Hankley Cottage and later a clearing used for                      placements in the garden wall of the house across

42 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                             July 2010
                                                        5. Cross over and turn right down the drive to the
                                                        Donkey public house. Walk past the pub and the
                                                        drive to Pound House and at a junction of driveways
                                                        turn left past the entrance to Ravenswing. Keep
                                                        ahead on the track and after about ½ mile reach
                                                        Whitmead and the elbow of a small road. Turn right,
                                                        going quite steeply uphill to reach a letterbox and
                                                        Highmead on the right and Pooh Corner on the left.
                                                        Turn left down the footpath beside Pooh Corner,
                                                        going through woodland and continuing on a
                                                        smaller path between fences with ields either side.
                                                        Reach the entrance to Archers Hill and keep ahead
                                                        down the drive past Tile House. At a T-junction turn
                                                        right out to the main road opposite a house called
                                                        Ceaser’s Corner, named after the builder who
                                                        extended the cottage, formerly a bakery. The date
                                                        1867 is prominently displayed in bottle bottoms on
                                                        the front of the house.
the road. Turn left passing the Golden Fleece and
cross the old bridge over the river Wey. The Old Mill   6. Turn right. Continue past Hazelbank Nursery, and
produced worsted and later gold braid for army          turn left along Squire’s Hill Lane with extensive
uniforms and Cromwell’s troops were billeted in an      views from here over the wooded countryside. Go
earlier building.                                       past houses and then dip down past the very pretty
                                                        Wey Cottage which has a splendid display of
4. Turn right immediately over the bridge along a       delphiniums in the summer. Soon after this turn left
path beside the river and follow this across ields to   down a surfaced footpath. However, it is worth
where it goes between a garden and barns with a         walking on a little to admire the elegant Tilhill
path joining from the left. Cross another stile and     House on the right. Return to follow the footpath
continue to a road. Turn right and walk with care       down-hill alongside ields and the river to the post
along the road and after a left-hand bend come irst     of ice. Opposite is Bridge Farm, an early 17th-
to the gates of Fulbrook House, designed by Lutyens     century central smoke bay house; the chimneys
with a garden laid out by Gertrude Jekyll, and just     were added later. Turn right over the bridge to the
beyond to the entrance of Fulbrook Farm. Turn onto      Barley Mow and the start of the walk. Don’t miss
a bridleway beside the entrance to the farm and         Cobbett’s oak at the corner of the green past the pub
follow this old track which makes a delightfully        and near the second river bridge.
shady walk with views across the ields on either
side. Watch out for another pillbox disguised as a
cattle shed. Reach a road and cross straight over up                 This walk is extracted from Surrey Nature Walks,
the drive of Three Barrows Place to a set of imposing                published by Countryside Books.
gates. Here turn right up a driveway and where this
turns left keep ahead on a sandy track leading down                  For more informa on on the books published by
                                                                     Countryside Books, please visit their website at
beside small power lines. At the bottom turn left to       
the road.

   Distance: 6¼ miles                                    Footwear: Mostly dry, so walking boots are
   Starting point: Tilford village green                 advisable.
   Grid reference: GR 874434                             Refeshments: The Barley Mow, Tilford; The
   OS Map: Landranger 186 Aldershot & Guildford          Donkey, Charles Hill; The Golden Fleece,
                                                         Elstead                                                     GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A            R 43
     >> sports spotlight

                                                                 Milford Cricket Club and Milford Pumas Youth Football
                                                                 Team and various user groups who undertake Ballet and
                                                                 Pilates and use the pavilion for other community
                                                                 activities for the people of Milford and the local
                Milford Green                                    community and surrounding area and towns.

                Football Club                                    Milford Green Football Club throughout its history has
                                                                 participated in the Surrey & Hants Border league and
                                                                 currently plays in Division 3 of the league. The football

                                                                 club plays against teams from within the county of
                                                                 Surrey but most opposition teams are based within a 15
                                                                 mile radius of Guildford centre.

     Milford Green Football Club was founded in 1969 and         The football club is always looking for volunteers and
     proudly celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2009 and in      supporters to help run the club and keep it in existence
     the process became one of the oldest Sunday adult           and naturally are always looking for new players and
     men’s footballs teams still in existence in the county of   would warmly welcome any help and support people

     Surrey.                                                     may be able to give. The football club would love to see
                                                                 any new players and would encourage anyone aged 17
     The football club plays all its home matches on Sunday      and above who wants to play football and is interested
     mornings at Milford Heath, Milford and uses as its base     in joining a friendly local football club with a long history
     the wonderful facilities provided by the new Burton         to give us a call.
     pavilion which was rebuilt in 2000 -2001 and opened in
     2001 by the former Prime Minister John Major. The club      Anyone interested in joining or helping Milford Green
     shares the Burton Pavilion with Milford & Witley Football   Football Club should contact the Chairman Alister
     Club who use the facility on Saturday afternoons and        Johnson on mobile no. 07810 842455.

     Calling all Bowlers or
     would be Bowlers
     Have you ever thought ‘I’d like to have a go at that
     game?’ Well, now is your chance!

     Godalming & Farncombe Bowling Club started its new
     season in April and is embarking on a recruitment drive
     for new members.

     Based in the picturesque setting of the Phillips Memorial
     Park in the centre of Godalming, the Club offers a
     friendly welcome to all ‘would be Bowlers’ of all ages,
     and provides expert tuition in the art of playing Bowls.
     The club recently participated in the Sport Godalming

     ‘Sport for All’ event held at Broadwater.

     Why not call all in and see us on any Wednesday
     evening from 6pm?

     Further information from Eileen Horne on 01483 275529
     or Roger Humphrey on 01483 429476.

     44 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                   July 2010
                                                                                                                                              >> classified

                                                                                                     An indispensable
                                                                                                     guide to essential
                                                                                                  services in your area

                                                                                                                                       To advertise,
                                                                                               call Marcus on 01483 420173
                                                              or visit

TUITION                                     CATERING                                     8am to 8pm. Call 07976                      children’s bedroom or
                                                                                         675437 / 01252 782584                       playroom. £10 each, buyer
 G BOOST ENGLISH AND                        G CROSBIE’S caters for all
                                                                                         FOR SALE                                    collects from Godalming.
 MATHS. All ages, all                       manner of events such as
                                                                                                                                     Please call
 abilities enjoy achieving                  weddings, parties,                           G TWO TELEVISIONS FOR                       07702 132157
 at MagiKats Workshops.                     anniversaries and business                   SALE One 14 inch, one                       for more
 Tutor supported.                           functions, and are also a                    slightly larger. Ideal for the              information.
 Revision programmes                        supplier to retailers such
                                            as Secretts Farmshop and

 available too. 01252
 713073                                     Riverford. They can be
                                            contacted on 01428
HEALTH &                                    681888 or by email to
G THERAPEUTIC                               WINDOW                                     
                                                                                                        Specialist in the Care & Development
MASSAGE. Tension, stress,                   CLEANER                                                          of Fine Gardens & Estates
aches & pains eased.                        G MICHAEL WINDOW
Appointments available                                                                      Design ● Construction ● Maintenance ● Tree Surgery
                                            CLEANER PLUS Commercial

Milford Surgery/Farncombe                   and domestic, regular and                                            Bethwins Farm
                                                                                             Petworth Road ● Chiddingfold ● Surrey GU8 4SL
Day Centre. 01483 414461                    one-off cleans. Reach wash                                  Te l e p h o n e : 0 1 4 2 8 6 8 3 8 8 0
or 01483 426685.                            systems. 6 days a week,
                             K. P. Oddy                                                         CEDAR PLUMBING & CONSTRUCTION
                      Property Maintenance
                                                                                                               DESIGN AND FIT OF
              Carpentry, Plastering over Artex,                                                      CONTEMPORARY & TRADITIONAL BATHROOMS
                                                                                                           SUPPLIED & FULLY FITTED OR JUST FITTED
                   Floor & Wall Tiling
                    Domestic Plumbing                                                               EN-SUITES, WET ROOMS, WALL & FLOOR TILING

         All General Building & Maintenance Work                                                           ELECTRICS & UNDERFLOOR HEATING
                      Free Estimates                                                                    ALL CONSTRUCTION WORK UNDERTAKEN
                    25 years Experience                                                                            FROM SMALL TO LARGE JOBS
                                                                                                      KITCHENS FITTED AND ROOM CONVERSIONS
                       Tel: 01483 861940
                      Mob: 07870 893515                                                                              ESTABLISHED SINCE 1976
                   Email:                                                            Call: 01483 422353 or 07952 122175

Every effort is made to ensure the information within these pages is correct, the text printed is as supplied by the advertiser. As such readers are advised to take
appropriate professional advice before using any business or financial opportunity offered herein.

                                                                                                                                                                       R 45
                                                                                                                                                                              16                                                                                                 GODALMING & VILLAGES R&A
>> classified

                                                                               • Design • Construct
                                                                                • Plant consultation
                                                                            • Renovation • Garden care

                                                                           • Beautiful cared for gardens
                                                                               • 18 years experience
           Tel: 01428 608153 Mob: 07876 230634                                                      Please call for initial
                                                                                           free visit to discuss
 Expert Tree Surgeon with 10 years experience
                                                                                            your requirements
            All Aspects of Tree Surgery undertaken:
         Thinning, Reducing, Felling and Dead Wooding
         Merrist Wood Qualified, Fast & Friendly Service                                     01483 428835
                          Fully Insured                                            

      Summer photo competition
    Round&About magazine is running a summer photo competition
    for our readers to celebrate our local countryside. This is your
    chance to capture the beauty of the Surrey Hills with your camera
    and have your winning countryside landscape featured in the
    October issue of the magazine.
    The winner will also have their photo mounted on canvas to A2
    size (worth £99.99), with thanks to Snappy Snaps in Godalming,
    and there will also be 4 runner up prizes of a copy of A Portrait of the Surrey
    Hills by Jane Garrett, a new illustrated history of our beautiful area, published by Robert Hale at
    The competition is open to all amateurs and you may submit up to 3 photographs. All entries must be high
    resolution digital iles (including scans) and should be sent by email to by the
    27th August 2010, together with your full contact details.
    All photographers will retain copyright in photographs submitted but in submitting the photos you grant
    Round&About the right to publish these in the magazine and on our website for no fee or payment.
    The judges will be Chris Foley from Snappy Snaps; Phil Kemp, the Editor of the Wey Valley Community
    site (; and your Editor, and their decision will be inal.
    Full competition rules are detailed on our website at
    Good luck to all!

                  Our indispensable guide to essential services in your area
                       BUSINESS CLASSIFIEDS (20 words; £2 per additional line of 4 words)                           G BOX HIGHLIGHTS
                       Farnham, Godalming and Haslemere £20 + VAT each                                              Just £5 extra per area
                       PERSONAL CLASSIFIEDS (20 words; £2 per additional line of 4 words)                           per month
                       Farnham £10 + VAT Godalming £10 + VAT Haslemere £10 + VAT
                                                                                                                    All prices are per month and
                       CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ADVERTS FROM JUST £40 + VAT                                               are exclusive of VAT
                       Discounts available for bookings across more than one area - please call for details
       Book a business classified advert for 12 months for just £220
          Please send copy and payment to Vantage Publishing Ltd, Lynam House, 49 Peperharow Road, Godalming,Surrey GU7 2PL
         Make cheques payable to Vantage Publishing Ltd. For credit card payments or more information, call 01483 420173 or 861287
                     Cut off date: 8th of preceding month.    A copy of our Standard Terms and Conditions is available

46 R R&A GODALMING & VILLAGES                                                                                                               July 2010
                                                                                                                     >> competitions

                                                                    A colourful day that offers something for everyone, with a combina on of
                                                                    spectacular racing ac on and free entertainment for the children.

                                                                    Off the track turn an ordinary Summer’s a ernoon into a magical adventure as
                                                                    we relive Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Start the day with a
                                                                    ride on the fairground rides following the white rabbit down the rabbit hole
                                                                    helter-skelter, between races take tea with the Mad Ha er and solver the
                                                                    Cheshire Cat's riddles. Have your face painted and meet the Queen of Hearts.
                                                                    This is all rounded off by the Sound of the Musicals sing-a-long around the
                                                                    Bandstand a er racing with everything from Greece to Mama Mia.

                                                                    All ac vi es will be free of charge. Free entry for all under 18s on all racedays
                                                                    when accompanied by an adult

  To enter, simply answer the following question and send us the answer, together with your name and contact details, by
            the 16th July. Please email or write to us at the address given below.
                                                  Q: Who owns Ascot racecourse?

                             Cool Camping Kids has been tailored to suit the needs of parents and kids, revealing Britain's 60
                             family campsites in all their full-colour glory. Each review contains crucial prac cal details
                             including fun things for the kids to enjoy both on and off site, wet weather op ons, and even a
                             'nanny-state alert' to keep children busy, happy and safe during their holidays.

                               To enter, simply answer the following question and send us the answer, together with your name
                                and contact details, by the 25th June. Please email or write to
                                                                 us at the address given below.
                                                            Q: Who publishes the Cool Camping books?

  As with the hugely successful Concert last year, the organisers have arranged a special programme with the Tapestry Chamber Orchestra.
  This is organised by Levine Andrade (one of Yehudi Menuhin’s original 12 proteges), and led by Alexandra Wood. Levine has a racted
  leading interna onal players to play, providing a concert which will compete with the very best at concert-halls in London. The concert takes
  place at 7.30pm in St. Peter’s Church, Hascombe. Bring your own PICNIC SUPPER around the pond in Church Road, Hascombe from 6.00pm
  onwards (weather permi ng). To enter, simply email your contact details to or write to us at the address
  below. Closing date will be the 23rd July 2010.

                                         3 REUNION WITH TONY LEACH CDS TO BE WON
                                         Local singer-songwriter Tony Leach has released a new solo album to celebrate his thirty-
                                         year career of wri ng memorable songs for a variety of bands. Many readers will
                                         remember Tony as the keyboard player for The Rondinis, Headwaiter, Jackie Lynton Band
                                         and Lux de Lux, but his song-wri ng encompassed a much larger audience especially during
                                         his s nt wri ng for Mickey Most’s RAK Records label. Reunion provides a reflec ve look at
                                         life many of us will easily iden fy with. More at
                                            To enter, simply answer the following question and send us the answer, together with
                                                         your name and contact details, by the 30th July. Please email
                                        or write to us at the address given below.
                                                      Q: At what age did Tony Leach start to play the piano?

Please send entries to Vantage Publishing Ltd, Lynam House, 49 Peperharow Road, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2PL or by email to
                                               Please note that all prizes will be delivered to GU postcodes only.


                   SATURDAY 7TH AUGUST
                       Featuring in concert after racing:
      • Boy George • The Christians • Belinda Carlisle • Johnny Hates Jazz

               • Midge Ure • Captain Sensible • Cutting Crew
               Plus free family entertainment throughout the day.

    Tickets from £25 per person. Fine dining packages from £106 per person.
                  To book, call 0870 727 1234 or visit

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