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					Big Spring Park Field Trip Permission
    All Kindergarten and First grade students will be going to Big Springs
    Park for the end of the year field trip. This is such a fun and relaxing
    time for the kids to play and all parents are welcome. Younger
    brothers and sisters are welcome too! We will be going to Big
    Spring Park on May 21, 2007. We will be at the park from about
    9:30ish-2:30ish. The buses will be leaving for the park at about 9:15.

        Students will need:
                   1. A brown bag lunch from home or school. Please
                       let us know if they will need a school lunch.
                   2. At least 2-3 drinks because they will be hot.
                   3. Sunscreen
                   4. Sunglasses and a hat if they would like.
                   5. Dress in shorts and tennis shoes.
                   6. If you would like a blanket to sit on your
                       welcome to bring one.
               Please sign and return by Wednesday, May 18, 2005.

I                                     give my child                       permission to

go to Big Spring Park Friday, May 21, 2007. There will be           parents or guardians

attending the field trip.

Lunch (Please check one)

        My child will bring their own bag lunch and drinks from home.

        My child will need to get their lunch from the cafeteria.

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