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					                                 Battleship Rules
To win:
      Find (sink) all five ships in your opponent’s fleet before they sink yours.

Game Preparation:
   Sit facing your opponent with each ocean facing away from
     each other. (You should not be able to see your opponent’s
     hidden ships).
   Each player should hide (draw) all five ships secretly
     somewhere on their ocean on a word square (not on land).
   Once all ships have been placed and each player announces
     that they are ready, the game of Battleship begins.
   Changing the position of your ships during the game is
     against the rules!

Game Play:
   Take turns for each player to call out one shot to hit another
     players ship.
   You must call out a word of where you think one of their
     ships is located.
   Once a shot is called, the opponent must immediately call out
     “hit” or “miss.”
   If one of the ships gets hit, you must read the definition exactly, otherwise the
     ship is not sunk.
   To keep track of which words you have called, write HIT or MISS on your ocean
     next to the word you called.
   If your ship is hit mark an “X” over that square.

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