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									2010 Annual Report

Our mission
To expand knowledge about marine mammals – their health and that
of their ocean environment – and inspire their global conservation.

Our work
Our core work is the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured
marine mammals, supported by state-of-the-art animal care and
research facilities, a corps of dedicated volunteers, and an engaged

We partner with leading scientists and other professionals in order
to learn from the patients in our care – patients from healthy, endan-
gered, and at-risk populations – and to expand and advance scien-
tific knowledge, thus enhancing understanding of the health of our
oceans and the implications for human health.

We disseminate knowledge to members of the scientific community
and the general public.

We ultimately inspire action and foster stewardship towards
the care of our environment.

Our values
• Respect for the innate importance of each animal in our care.
• Respect for the environment in which our patients live and that
  we share.
• A commitment to uphold the highest standards of animal care and
  animal welfare.
• A rigorous pursuit of science and a commitment to scientific integrity.
• Appreciation for the invaluable contributions of our volunteers,
  without whom we could not exist.
• Recognition that all members of our community – volunteers,
  donors, staff, and directors – are essential to the pursuit and success
  of our mission and deserve our respect.
• A pursuit of our mission that encourages innovation, collaboration,
  and teamwork.

  Notable Stories About Our Mission, Our Passion,
  and How We All Make a Difference

         If you lived in or visited the Bay Area during January and February of 2010, you’ll remember the nearly daily news reports about Abagnale,
  a California sea lion whose mouth and neck were tightly wrapped in fishing line, and rescuers’ extensive efforts to free him of his entanglement.
  After nearly a month of failed rescue attempts by our team, and a never-before-used darting technique to slow him down , this “sea lion on the
  lam” was finally rescued and in our care for the vital treatment that likely saved his life. Thus began the start of another dramatic year for The
  Marine Mammal Center.

         This year, our 35th year of operations, we saw and treated 998 animals, a remarkable number. These unique and interesting cases honed
  our clinical skills and advanced our scientific knowledge. In fact, nearly 100,000 visitors came to our Sausalito headquarters to learn about our
  work and watch us in action. Our patients made the news: Abagnale (http://bit.ly/fifIkG) started the year off in January highlighting the risk that
  marine debris poses for wildlife and the responsibility we all share in contributing to this pollution, and Silent Knight (http://bit.ly/fvy0AI) brought
  us into December, the gunshot wounds to his face and eyes putting a powerful and poignant face on the cruelty human beings can inflict on
  animals. In between these two patients were scores of harbor seals, elephant seals and California sea lions, along with many other species, all
  testing our resolve, skills, and patience as we faced each case with determination and compassion.

         Our workforce made fabulous impressions in 2010, as well. Our volunteers (http://bit.ly/ezOSYT) provided 118,737 hours to make the work
  of the Center possible. These individuals worked every day, around the clock, in good weather and bad, to present a “first response” to marine
  mammals in need of care. Volunteers rescued, treated and released patients, taught, guided, and inspired Center guests, staffed our stores and
  San Francisco’s PIER 39. They also put their smarts, muscle, and organizational skills behind our special events (http://bit.ly/eqzj7A) and release
  efforts, and in every way made the Center an organization that we can all be proud of.

          While we both marveled at our volunteer efforts, we likewise applauded the work of the Center’s staff. Perhaps most noteworthy among
  a crew that is extraordinary for its commitment, innovation and impact, was President Obama’s nomination (http://bit.ly/hmUd69) of our senior
  scientist, Dr. Frances Gulland, to the post of Commissioner on the United States Marine Mammal Commission. Our pride in Dr. Gulland’s nomina-
  tion is matched by our pride in everything that she has achieved for the Center. She has been a leader in the field of marine mammal health and
  science, and has inspired so many staff and volunteers to pursue their visions in the important fields of rehabilitation, science and education.

         What the Center accomplishes – what each individual associated with the Center accomplishes – is something you make possible. We
  were once again humbled in 2010 to receive the financial support of individuals, foundations, and corporations that made our work possible.
  From the child who donated the cash he received for his birthday, to the foundation that kept our veterinary internship training program viable,
  to the corporation that helped us achieve our goals of environmental sustainability by doubling the Center’s photovoltaic power generation,
  each and every one of you made a difference in 2010. We cannot adequately express either our appreciation for or the inspiration we take from
  your contributions to the Center, so please accept our thanks, and know that they are heartfelt.

        With appreciation,

                                Karen Johnson-McKewan                             Dr. Jeff Boehm
                                Chair, Board of Directors                         Executive Director

The Year in Numbers
Animal Admits:
   California sea lions ................................ 629
   Elephant seals ........................................ 188
   Harbor seals .............................................134
   Cetaceans ...................................................25
   Sea otters .....................................................6
   Steller sea lions ...........................................3
   Guadalupe fur seals ...................................3
   Northern fur seals .......................................2
   Sea turtles ....................................................2
   Non-TMMC accession .................................6
   Total .......................................................... 998

Rescues by county:
   Monterey and Santa Cruz .................... 463
   North of Santa Cruz to Mendocino .... 322
   San Luis Obispo.......................................213

Rescues due to human interaction:
   Harassed .....................................................53
   Oil/tar ..........................................................36
   Ocean Trash (nets, fishing line,
   hooks, other trash) ...................................25
   Gunshot ........................................................9

Patients released back to the wild .............416

Visitors and Education:
    Visitors to the Center’s
    hospital in Sausalito ......................... 95,471
    Kids and adults in school
    programs/tours/events for
    members/community fairs ............. 47,537
    Participants served by the
    Whale Bus outreach to schools ........8,843                               This California sea lion named Sgt. Nevis (inset photo)
                                                                          was treated in 2010 for two large gaping holes just above
Science Publications .......................................20            his nose as a result of having been shot (http://bit.ly/eDTzNS).
    To view publications click here:                                             Veterinarians, alongside a human plastic surgeon,
     http://bit.ly/e1SWNQ                                                   performed a unique surgery using existing skin to cover
                                                                           the largest hole. This was the first-known reconstructive
Volunteer Hours .................................... 118,737                             surgery on a sea lion gunshot wound victim.

      Public Awareness
                      Key In Conserving The Ocean and Its Inhabitants

                                     2010 literally began with a call to the rescue for Abagnale (http://bit.ly/hqwYNb) an adult male California sea lion that had
                                     become entangled in ocean trash. Abagnale was originally sighted at PIER 39 in San Francisco on the evening of January 1.
                                     After 19 attempts, with rescue options dwindling, and the animal’s life threatened, the team decided to try something
                                     never done before with wild, free-swimming marine mammals. Using darts, veterinarians injected a mild sedative into the
                                     animal to calm and slow him down in order to facilitate a successful and safe rescue. The Center’s team rescued the sea lion
                                     in Moss Landing harbor on January 24, and transported him to the Center’s Sausalito hospital headquarters.

Abagnale rests in his pen after      Almost three weeks later, on February 5, 2010, Abagnale was released back to the ocean.
veterinarians removed the
fishing line entanglement that
was wrapped tightly around his
neck and mouth. Last year, the
Center rescued 629 sea lions.

                                                                                        Abagnale’s injury, sadly, is a common one at the Center. In 2010, ap-
                                                                                        proximately five percent of the 998 marine mammals rescued were
The Center and supporters                                                               stranded as a result of entanglement in, or injuries caused by, ocean
remove 164 lb of trash from                                                             trash and other human generated hazards.
Rodeo Beach during the
2010 Coastal Cleanup Day                                                                “What’s maddening is that you look at the wide array of reasons
in the Golden Gate National                                                             why marine mammals strand, such as illness and malnourishment,
Recreation Area.                                                                        and this one – ocean trash – is something we can control if we just
                                                                                        change our behaviors and attitudes about how we discard plastics,
                                                                                        fishing line, and other rubbish that becomes ocean trash,” said Jeff
                                                                                        Boehm, executive director at The Marine Mammal Center. “We hope
                                                                                        people will learn from Abagnale’s story and make a pledge (http://bit.
                                                                                        ly/ezk6t4) to eliminate marine debris, and in turn, help marine mam-
                                                                                        mals and the ocean.”

                                                                                        “Marine debris is something we can control
                                                                                        if we just change our behaviors and attitudes
                                                                                        about how we discard plastics, fishing line, and
                                                                                        other rubbish that becomes ocean trash.”
                                                                                        Patients like Abagnale inspired the Center to use its unique position
                                                                                        to launch an outreach campaign to encourage people to actively
                                                                                        work to decrease and prevent trash from entering our oceans. While
                                                                                        the Center has long participated in activities such as the Ocean
                                                                                        Conservancy’s International Coastal Clean-Up Day, its new visitor
                                                                                        facility (opened in 2009) and a new website (launched in 2010)
                                                                                        made it possible to reach hundreds of thousands of online and
                                                                                        in-person visitors. In September, the “Stop Trashing Our Oceans”
                                                                                        (STOO) public awareness campaign was born. With generous grants
                                                                                        totaling $39,000 from the Hallador Legacy Fund of Incline Village,
                                                                                        Nevada, initiated by trustee Brad Hardie, and a grant of $35,000 from
                                                                                        the Oracle Corporation (supported by Chad Carlson, Center board
                                                                                        member and Oracle marketing executive), the Center was able to
                                                                                        engage more than 50,000 people in the effort to Stop Trashing Our
                                                                                        Oceans through a combination of online outreach and education,
                                                                                        special events, and a limited edition reusable canvas tote that was
                                                                                        made from plastic bottles. In addition, more than 28,000 people
                                                                                        signed the campaign’s online pledge to Stop Trashing Our Oceans!

          Left: This California sea lion patient named Sami Monkey was rescued with     The Center plans to continue the STOO campaign, and hopes to
          a thick entanglement around his neck. Right: This multifilament netting was   report one day that none of its patients were admitted because of
          removed from another sea lion patient named Tromar.                           entanglements or injuries from ocean trash.

Corporate Partners Supporting Our Work Through Generous Gifts
In 2010, the members of the Center’s annual Corporate Partners Program (http://bit.ly/f0JBN4) contributed more than $600,000; a remarkable achievement in a depressed
economy. The top 2010 corporate partner contributors, Dawn (Procter & Gamble) and PG&E, deserve special recognition for their generous support.

The Center’s new Whale Bus vehicle and “wrap” were made possible by generous grants        The Center was welcomed into PG&E’s Solar Schools Program. On March 7, 2010, students
from the DMARLOU Foundation.                                                               from Willow Creek Academy (school participant) and Oakland Tech learned about solar
                                                                                           power and marine mammals!

DAWN AND THe MARINe MAMMAL CeNTeR SAVe WILDLIfe                                            PG&e AND THe MARINe MAMMAL CeNTeR GO SOLAR
Long before the terrible oil spill of 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico (http://bit.ly/csAA1H),   PG&E has supported the Center for many years. In 2010 its total contributions to the
Dawn and the Center had worked together, thanks to a mutual “friend” – the                 Center reached more than $350,000 when it made a $150,000 grant toward an ad-
International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC). This partnership was formalized in      ditional solar array (http://bit.ly/bnDbgd) at the Center. John Simon, a member of the
2006, and Dawn became one of the largest corporate donors to the Center’s capital          Center’s board of directors and senior vice president of human resources at PG&E,
campaign. In 2008, Dawn approached the Center and IBRRC about its new effort to            knew that the solar array was generating approximately 10% of the Center’s electric-
encourage consumers to support Dawn’s wildlife conservation campaign.                      ity and wanted to help increase the efficiency of the new facility.

Launched in 2009, this campaign received a lot of recognition as a result of the news      Thanks to the efforts of John and others at PG&E, the additional 80 photovoltaic pan-
about the Gulf oil spill (Dawn has long been recognized as the product of choice           els will generate a total of 20% of the Center’s electricity at an estimated cost savings
for cleaning wildlife affected by oil spills). Both the Center and IBRRC each received     of $45,000 annually. This gift also reflects the Center’s goals to operate its facility sus-
$250,000 in contributions from Dawn’s campaign. Recognizing the circumstances              tainably. Moreover, as part of this solar grant, the Center and PG&E will work together
behind the Dawn contribution, the Center designated the proceeds of this gift to its       to incorporate renewable energy principles into the Center’s existing education
veterinary science program that gives sick and injured marine mammals a second             program utilizing the PG&E’s Solar Schools Program which teaches students about
chance at life, and to its Whale Bus program that travels to schools throughout the        renewable energy and how their everyday actions affect the environment.
Bay Area to deliver marine science education to K-12 students.
                                    Training the Next Generation
                                    of Veterinary Scientists

                                    The Koret Foundation Veterinary Science Internship at The
                                    Marine Mammal Center, which is coordinated through a part-
                                    nership between The Marine Mammal Center and the UC Davis
                                    Wildlife Health Center, is a unique opportunity for a new veteri-
                                    narian to gain significant hands-on experience in marine mam-
                                    mal medicine.

                                    In 2010, the Koret Foundation – a longtime supporter of veteri-
                                    nary science and Bay Area institutions – made a $105,000 grant
                                    to support this internship
                                    for a three-year period.
                                    The foundation also sup-
                                    ports the Koret School
                                    of Veterinary Medicine
                                    at Hebrew University in
                                    Israel and the Koret Shelter
                                    Medicine Program at the UC
                                    Davis School of Veterinary
                                    Medicine. Since 2006,
                                    Koret has granted a total
                                    of $620,000 to The Marine
                                    Mammal Center.
                                                                     from left, Dr. Vanessa fravel, Roni Levi
                                    Dr. Vanessa Fravel, a DVM         and her father, Dr. Ohad Levi, DVM.
                                    graduate of Western
This elephant seal got his vision
                                    University – The College of Health Sciences, in Pomona
back thanks to the Center’s
                                    California, currently holds the internship. Her first patient was an
veterinarians and a very
observant youth volunteer!          elephant seal named “Chai” (Hebrew for “life”). Chai was blind as
                                    a result of congenital cataracts, so the Center’s veterinary team,
                                    composed of Dr. Carmen MH Colitz, DVM, PHD, a consultant

ophthalmologist based in Florida, who spe-
cializes in marine mammals, and Dr. Kate
Freeman, an ophthalmology resident at UC
Davis and previous veterinary student extern
at the Center, removed the cataracts.

The operation was risky and complex, due
to the length of time Chai was anesthetized
(three hours), and because of the need to
temporarily paralyze the eyes to enable ac-
cess. Dr. Fravel and technicians Michelle
Blascow and Lauren Campbell did a tremen-
dous job anesthetizing “Chai”. The operation
was a success and he was released two weeks
after the surgery.

The operation was risky and
complex but it was a success
and Chai was released two
weeks after the surgery.
One of the people most critical to Chai’s “sec-
ond chance” was 17-year-old Hannah Ruben
from Lafayette, California, a Youth Volunteer
whose astute observations while working
on the animal care crew helped the Center
diagnose his blindness. The Youth Volunteer
Program (http://bit.ly/i0keE0) introduces stu-
dents aged 14 – 17 to the work of the Center                                            Veterinarians perform
and to the importance of volunteerism. By                                               cataract surgery on an
taking care of the animals, which includes                                              elephant seal named
general cleaning, laundry, washing dishes,                                              Chai.
maintaining equipment, weighing patients,
charting records, and preparing food, Youth
Animal Care Volunteers gain a deeper under-
standing of marine mammal rehabilitation.

Thanks to the Koret Foundation, Dr. Fravel and
Hannah, the future is bright for Chai and other   On the right, youth volunteer
                                                  Hannah Ruben secures Chai
marine mammal patients (http://bit.ly/geQyAJ)!
                                                  (pronounced “Hi”) for tube feeding.

    Expanding Marine Science Education
    A Unique Solution to a Difficult Challenge

    Marine science education, (http://bit.ly/dHMtSv) animal care, and
    scientific research comprise the three pillars of the Center’s mis-
    sion (http://bit.ly/i2lg1Q). The opening of the newly rebuilt hospital                                                     Nearly 44,000 students and
    in 2009 offered a wonderful opportunity to expand the Center’s                                                             adults learned about marine
    educational programs to schoolchildren and the general public.                                                             mammal health and science
    However, due to the economic recession, it was not possible to                                                             at the Center in 2010.
                                        hire additional staff to meet this
                                        goal. Instead, the Center’s leaders
                                        looked into alternative ways to
                                        expand the education programs,
                                        and in 2009, partnered with the
                                        Conservation Corps North Bay and
                                        the AmeriCorps program.

                                  Since 2009, the Center has success-
                                  fully funded two AmeriCorps posi-
                                  tions because of generous grants
                                  from the Schow Foundation and
                                  another anonymous foundation. In
                                  2010, a generous new grant from
                                  the Yahoo Employee Foundation
AmeriCorps member Courtney
Lamar explains anatomy during     enabled the Center to add a third
a Docent-Led tour at the Center.  AmeriCorps position to our team.
                                  The Center was invited to apply for
    this grant thanks to Yahoo employee Neil Walker, who is an animal
    care volunteer on the Wednesday Night Harbor Seal Crew.

    Because of AmeriCorps, the Center is able to meet the increased
    demand for education programs from school groups, and to
    expand programs for public visitors to the Center. Since 2009,
    the members have led a combined 526 education programs and
    tours for schools, community groups and senior citizen groups,
    reaching  a total of 15,187 participants.  In addition, the members       Since 2009, three AmeriCorps positions have been funded thanks
    have led a combined 85 public guided tours, reaching a total of           to generous grants from the Schow foundation and the Yahoo
    1,002 participants.                                                       employee foundation.

Our Donors                                                              The Marine Mammal Center thanks and proudly recognizes the support of donors to its annual
                                                                        campaign during the 2010 calendar year. These gifts to the Center’s annual fund sustain its
                                                                        ongoing work in animal care, scientific research and marine science education.


CHAIRMAN’S CIRCLe             Gail Koza and Paul Meskell       $1,000 - $2,499              Dawn Kinney                      Jacqueline Brotz              Douglas and Michele             Teresa L. Mc Daniel
                              Cecily Majerus                                                Jane and Richard Peattie         Susan and James Burns, Jr.        Magowan                     Sandra and Allen Chaikin
 $50,000+                     Raymond M. Demere, Jr.          Beth Inadomi and Tim Newell   Bob and Alex Phillips            Helen and Dave Burton         Barbara and Fillmore Marks      Joanne Gilbert
                                 Family Fund                  Walter and Marie Singer       Victoria and Sam Reed            Laura and Alan Charles        Mara Melandry                   Lisa Jeffrey
Mariann Claesson & Marion     Florence and Steven Goldby         Family Fund                Julie Turner                     Evelyn and James Chumbley     Nancy Merchant                  Alice Mead
  Stillian in memory of       Beverly Spector and Kenneth     Val and Jerry Gibbons         Kathy Tyson                      Susan and Wendell Dinwiddie   Mr. and Mrs. George C. Meyer,   Stephanie Travis
  Sonya E. Whedon & David        Lipson                       Eric Joe                      Julia Winiarski                  Diane and James Ducey             III                         Lee and Bill Webber
  H. Edgar                    Carol and John Simon            Barbara Rambo                 Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin   Steve Edwards                 Elsa Mikkelsen                  Stan Jensen
Anonymous                     Linda Gibboney                  Patricia and Peter Arrigoni      Fund                          The Black Dog Private         Donna Mollenhauer               Karen Page
                              Tanya and Richard Peterson      Terri Tienken                 Barbara and David Beasley           Foundation                 Rebecca Moyle and Tyler         John R. Hill
 $10,000 - $49,999            Gina Sanfilippo and Frederick   Anonymous                     Beverly Tanner                   Charles Ferris                    Lange                       James McCurdy
                                 Roeber                       Ms. Sharon A. Beckman and     Chad Carlson and Ed              Ericka Gettman                Irene Myers                     John H. Medinger
Glen Mathison and Zoel                                           Mr. Gregory N. Brand
    Fages                     Anonymous                                                        Westerman                     Danielle and Mike Gilmore     Christine M. Nitz               Pat and Glenn Rudebusch
                              Mary Bachman and William        Kristin and Graham Charles    Anonymous                        Anonymous                     Dorothy E. Orolin               Jennifer and Sean Murray
Elena and Arthur Court                                        Helga Fuller
Faye & Sandor Straus - The       Downing                                                    A.E. & Martha Michelbacher       Kris and Peter Gordon         George Persky                   Michelle, Brian and Will Muir
                              Jeanne Bobbitt                  Bernice Hansen                   Fund                          Pamella and C. Stephen        Eleanore Plessas                Joel and Rowena Boylan
    Firedoll Foundation                                       Anne Leung-Stevens and
Cinnie and Merrill Magowan    Charles A. Clarkson                                           Joanne L. Lasnier                   Gronemeyer                 Douglas Rigg                    Patty and Geoff Chin
                              Patricia Greenhood                 Larry Stevens              Beth and Kevin Sullivan          Sophie and Robert Guarasci    Stephen Robie                   Mark Cocalis and Lisa Ann
Carole Strauss                                                Peter Magowan
Virginia and Glenn Haldan     Jeanie and Murray Kilgour                                     Kimberly Christensen and         Karen and Rick Hargrove       Pamela Roby                        Erburu
                              Kathryn Reavis and David        Joanne and Paul Maxwell          David Sielaff                 Anne Herbst and Peter Munks   Lorelei Rockwell and Wayne T.   Dr. Barbara Dittmann
Sheila Head                                                   Richard See
Ambassador and Mrs. Arthur       Strohm                                                     Pilar Bass                       Lynne Hermle and Craig            Kennedy                     Justine Frischmann
                              Karen and Stan Watt             Russell and Beth Siegelman    Joy and Dennis Casciato             Collins                    John Sainsbury                  Judith Howard
    C. Latno, Jr.                                             Bruce Uppman
Jean and Phil Warren                                                                        Charles De Guigne                Steven and Laurie Holmstrom   Michael Scharfenstein           Anonymous
                               $2,500 - $4,999                Jennifer and John Vogel       Diane Diggins                    Peter Hricak                  Miriam and Tom Schulman         Ina Robinson
Eric Roberts in memory of                                     Kristin Culp
    Leanne B. Roberts                                                                       William Hunter                   Grace A. Hughes Fund          Charlene and Bob Shaw           Peter Benson and Thomas
                              Mary Jane and Bill Brinton      Mary Maurer                   Leona Lauder                     Becky Wong-Insley and Mark    Rosanne Siino                      Savignano
Pat Callahan                  Susan Roos                      Amy Stone and Chris Stone
Jeanne and Harold Williams                                                                  Arabella and Robert Levorsen        Insley                     Jennifer Spinach                Margaretta Taylor
                              Bonnie Kay                      Julie Clarke                  Jennifer McComb                  Anne and Edward Jamieson      Elizabeth Stocks Jordan         Zee Zaballos
Susan Grau                    Jill and Richard Sideman        Robert J. Amos
Sandra Franecke                                                                             June Richard                     Gary L. Jones                 Sierra Suits                    The Winifred & Harry B. Allen
                              Kathryn and Robert Vizas        Lincoln Shaw                  Michel and Laura Conrad          Janey and Kevin Kaster        Ms. Julia W. Sze                   Foundation
Elizabeth and Arsen           Mitchell and Denise Fong        Rebecca and David Conant
    Manugian                                                                                Deborah D. Bailey                Judy Heymann Kazan &          Nancy and John Teets            Sheila Bigelow
                              I. Neel Chatterjee              Justin Ritter                 Helen D. Demes and Kevin            Steven Kazan               Richard and Christina           Pamela and Larry Nichols
Karen Johnson-McKewan and     Kern Family Fund                Douglas Andelin
    Tom McKewan                                                                                G. Sloan                      Arlene and Francis Keesling       Thalheimer                  Debra Rose
                              Liz and Mel Lyman               Constance Andronico           Harvey and Peggy Hinman          Jean Laing                    Jean S. Thomas                  Katherine H. Black
Sunny and Mark McKee          Bettina Warner                  Anonymous
Lois A. Enslow                                                                              Sarah Van Ness                   Dr. Roger Lang and Mrs. Sue   The Tissue Foundation           Diane and Richard Cassam
                              Susan Shapiro                   Lynda A. Barnes               Lisa and William Gala               Lang                       Barbara and Donald Tornberg     Judith and Zorus P. Colglazier
Fullerton Family Charitable   Beverly and Richard Kole        Darla and Richard Bastoni
    Trust                                                                                   Elsie M. Fletcher and Donald     Karen Larsen                  Valerie and Tim Tucker          William Josephs
                              Julie and Tom Atwood            Anonymous                        Rosenthal                     Meredith Lattin               Pauline and Tom Tusher          Barbara Kerr
Rachael and Marshall Levine   Jeff Boehm and Keith            Helen and Felix Charpentier
Nancy and Gregory Wilson                                                                    Arlene Peacock                   O. William Leidel             Kate and Richard Vance          Brian MacDonald
                                   Rosenthal                  Shirley Llanos-Clayton and    Karla and Gary Miller            Sandy Lerner                  Mary Ann Vasconcellos           Joyce and Tony Mavar
                              Martin F. N. Cooper                Scott G. Clayton           Lawrence Adams                   Steve Levine                  David Waitrovich                Jennifer Ng
PROTeCTeD                     David Edelsohn                  Ann Domm                      Scott Ahrendt and Liana          Marie and Barry Lipman        Stanley Yamane                  Genelle Relfe
                              Marion and Jack Euphrat         Marilyn and Bob Garibaldi
ReSOURCeS CIRCLe                                              Arlette and Nick Gerson
                                                                                               Genovesi                      Janet B. Lockard              Martin and Margaret Zankel      Marcia and Nathaniel
                              Christine and Robert Hunter                                   Anonymous                        Diane and David Logan                                            Schmelzer
 $5,000 - $9,999              Suzanne and Jerry Knecht        Mary and Clinton Gilliland    James Beckstead                  Donald Lucas                   $500 - $999                    Linda Schmidt
                              Olivia Orr                      Lesly Higgins and Joseph      Rita and Stanley Bell            Betty White Ludden                                            Patricia R. Silver
Carol and Ben Greenspan                                          Bunker                                                                                    Deborah and Bruce Wagman
                                                                                            Maria Berry                      Catherine and Richard                                         Akiko Takahashi
Catherine Kruttschnitt                                        Marianne and Paul Hoffman                                                                    Dovre Busch
                                                                                            Mary Boyce                          MacDonald                                                  Teru Taketa
Michael Kleeman                                               Ms. Kay Kennedy                                                                              Sherrill Dunning-Riley
                                                                                            Mrs. Walter F. Brissenden        Julie and Charles Magowan

Peter and Peggy Trethewey       Linda Rude                      Kelly Chessen                 Doreen Judson                  Michelle Peacock               CORPORATIONS,                   The San Francisco Foundation
Bruce and Grace Valentine       Katherine Smith                 Bridget Clarke                Anita and Mark Karier          Eileen and Phillips Perkins    fOUNDATIONS AND                    Donor Advised Funds
Islon Woolf and Eva             M. A. Stone                     Margaret Lopata and Don       Stan Keiser                    Mary and Tom Piller                                            Bank of America
    Melnikova                   Christopher Burner                  Cleveland                 Consuelo Kellogg               Susan and Alan Preston
                                                                                                                                                            ORGANIzATIONS                   County of Marin and
Victoria W. Walsh               Joanna Cassese                  Rebecca and John Colligan     Cynthia Kendall                Mr. Mark Pritzen                $100,000+                         Supervisor Charles
Tina and David Saling           Mr. and Mrs. George W.          Suzy and Stone Coxhead        Joel R. Kessler                Ronald E. Rasmussen                                               McGlashan
Julie Simons                        Coleman                     Ingrid Woods and Steven       Margaret E. Kiley              Karen and Guy Reynolds         NOAA Fisheries Protected        George Frederick Jewett
Betsy, David and John DeRuff    John R. Krug                        Cummings                  William and Gretchen Kimball   Sylvia L. Reynolds               Resources Program                Foundation
Laurie Ashley                   Nancy Quintrell                 Virginia Czarnecki                Fund                       John Rhodes                    Dawn (Procter & Gamble)         Lasky Charitable Lead Trust
Shelly and Rocky Barbanica      Leah Shadowens                  Christina Davignon            Jessamyn Kirkwood              Jean Rieke and Patrick         Koret Foundation                The Bernard Osher
Amy Brown                       Veronica Soto                   Adele C. Davis                Nancy Kling                         Maguire                   Marin Community                    Foundation
Linda and Tim Curtis            Merry Lake                      Susan Davis                   Sonoko Konishi and Ewan        Teresa and Carmen Roberts        Foundation Donor Advised      The Heritage Company
Shirley Dawson                  Sharon Liu                      Chris and Dorian De Maio          Johnson                    Sarah and Jeff Robinson          Funds                         The Schow Foundation
Truth Wirthman and Britt        Ruth West                       Sue Dekalb                    Christine Koski                Heather Rock                   Geoffrey C. Hughes              Thelma Doelger Charitable
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Elizabeth Orser-Cataldi and     Winifred Case                   Elizabeth and Paul Denison    Shyam Kuttikkad                Molly Schar
    Richard Orser               Karen Holme                     Pamela Derby                  Amy Lange                      Katharina Scharruhn             $50,000 - $99,9999              $5,000 - $9,999
Christine Shields               Roberta Kaplan                  Connie and Mike Dowler        Craig Latker and Rich          Peter Schick
                                                                                                                                                            NOAA Prescott Grant             The Parasol Community
The Gustafson Family            Benjamin Last and Julia Buck    Glenna Dowling                    Denatale                   Kathleen Schneider
                                                                                                                                                               Program                         Foundation
James Vestal                    Yvonne Rojas                    Christopher Downing           Charles and Jennifer Laue      Judith Schultz
                                                                                                                                                            PIER 39 Limited Partnership     Stuart Foundation
Suzanne and J. Robert Garrett   Diane E. Straus                 Dennis Ertsman                Marta Lawrence                 Carol A. Frate and Lawrence
                                                                                                                                                            Jewish Community                Community Thrift Store
Douglas Barnes                  Patricia and Brian Wilson       Tom Evans                     Belina Lazzar                       Schwantkl
                                                                                                                                                               Endowment Fund Donor         Charles Henry Leach II
Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Bond          Lisa Young and Karl Cox         Susan and Brian Fargo         Cynthia Lee                    Phyllis Schwartz
                                                                                                                                                               Advised Funds                   Foundation
Carlyn Clement and              Wendy Khoshnevis                Rosemary Fei and Gary         Ethel and Allan Lerche         Merrill Scoppetto
                                                                                                                                                            Bernice Barbour Foundation,     Genentech Foundation for
    Christopher Kaufman         Laura Cogan                         Harrington                Ruth Levitan                   Christine Scott
                                                                                                                                                               Inc.                            Biomedical Sciences
Krystal and John Konrad         Michelle Driscoll               Richard Ferris                Paul Lindstrom                 Charles Seim
                                                                                                                                                            Anonymous Foundation            Hayward Family Foundation
Patricia Montgomery             Jonathan and Carole             Waltraud Finch                The Locke Simon Family         Anne and Edwin Seipp
Anna and William Van Bonn           Rosenberg                   Cheryl Finley                 Gale and Jon Love              Dr. William Shapiro                                            Anonymous Foundation
Alan C. Mathewson               Viki Adam                       Myrna and Henry Fourcade      Shih-Lin and Chung-Hsu Lue     Scott Shepherd                  $25,000 - $49,999              The Dirk and Charlene
Susan Colborn and Mike          Barbara Adams                   Michelle and Robert Friend    Francesca Luna                 Karen and John Silvey                                             Kabcenell Foundation
                                                                                                                                                            Silicon Valley Community
    Shanahan                    Janet Allen                     Teri Fruchtman                Noreen Mahoney                 Fran and Robert Smith                                          The Redducs Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                Foundation Donor Advised
Gertrude Musey                  Beverly Allison                 Joan and Launce Gamble        Roberta Marchand               Jill Spicer                        Funds
Marilee Brooks                  John and Linda Alspaugh         Denise Garner                 June and James McCarthy        Carolyn Stark                                                   $2,500 - $4,999
                                                                                                                                                            HEDCO Foundation
Shirley and Jeff Causey         Warren Anderson                 Al Garren                     Maureen McClain                Henry Stauffer                 Hallador Legacy Fund            Schwab Charitable Fund
Christine Clark                 Michael Anthenien               Mrs. William D. Geiger, Jr.   Vernon McFarland-Brown         Frances Stevenson              Oracle C                        Dynegy, Inc
Margaret Doyle                  Naomi and Bruce Appleton        Cigdem Gencer                 Victoria Mercer                Karen L. Strand                Wallace Genetic Foundation,     Community Foundation
Dean A. Grubb                   Victoria and Donald Archibald   Linda and Robert Gilbert      Linda Millard                  R. Peter Sullivan, III             Inc.                           Sonoma County
Andree Hest                     Ann Griffith Ash                Anonymous                     Frank Miller                   Jamaica and Keith R. Szeliga   Wilmington Trust Company        Horizons Restaurant
Todd Kelting and Melissa        Jane and Douglas Ashe           Elisabeth Giovine             Saurabh Mittra and Priyanka    Patricia and Scott Teaford     The Sato Foundation             Shirley Ann Spencer Fund
    Neiman-Kelting              Helga Baer                      Kimball Gottschall                Joseph                     Molly and Harry Thorpe, Jr.    DMARLOU Foundation                 for The Marine Mammal
Nancy Kirita                    James Baer                      Anthony and Caroline Grant    Ian M. Morris and Kathryn L.   Marissa and Daniel Timm        Glenn A. Haldan Charitable         Center
Dick Levine                     Ethan Balogh                    Tina and John Greig               St. John                   Karen Trudeau and Kevin L.         Foundation                  Los Altos Community
Irene and William Lincks        Paul Bartlett and Yumi          Kimberly Griffin              Edwina and Michael Mule             Delaney                   Cinco Hermanos Fund                Foundation
Vicki Lohr                          Nakagawa                    Darcy and William Gulland     Kathy Mulvany                  Barth J. Vogel                 Helen Brach Foundation          EARTH
Bill and Edy Loorz              Jeannette and Frank             Jane A. Hansen                Judith Nadai                   Anne-Marie and David Walker    Anonymous Foundation            Walter & Elise Haas Fund
Diane Luders                        Baumgardner                 Tracy Harcourt and Ed         Susan and Paul Nagata          Angeli Wang and John Green                                     The Overbrook Foundation
Margaret Maw                    Timothy Bause and Martin            Chejlava                  Yukiko and Robert Nakano       Elaine Weihman                  $10,000 - $24,999              Insignia Environmental
Lily McCleary                       Checov                      Hope Hardison                 Brian and Shafia Neece         Joseph Wender                                                  McCormick & Kuleto’s
Martha McClellan                Lorraine Bazan and Chris        Gina and Steve Harris         Linda Nelson and Bob Kaliski   Patricia Zuch and William      Yahoo! Employee Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                            The George M. Van Cleave
Ellen and Robert Niemitalo          Stover                      Jeanne Harvey                 Kathy Newton                        Werner                    eBay Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                               Family Foundation
Pamela M. Pearson               Cindy Beckett                   Susan Hoeschler               Margery and Iain Nicolson      Jennifer Whitley               Eric Roberts Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                            The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
Nancy Pettengill                Mildred and Paul Berg           Sandra and Howard Hoffen      Anonymous                      Diane B. Wilsey                   in memory of Leanne B.
                                                                                                                                                                                            Union Bank of California
Ms. Carol Reinhardt and Mr.     Barb Berman                     Kris Hoffman                  Elizabeth B. Fannon and        Bob Wilson                        Roberts
                                                                                                                                                                                            Vanguard Charitable
    David Redfearn              Donna F. Borden                 Peter Holbrook                    William F. O’Leary         Jane and Dean Woodman          Donate for Charity, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Endowment Program
Craig M. Ring                   Marguerite Bordwell             Joe B. Hudgens                Dave Olson                     Jeri L. Young and Derrick      Anonymous Foundation
Carmen Selfridge                Doris E. Bouwensch              Donna and Charles Huggins     Scott and Una Olsson                Jensen                    Dr. Scholl Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                             $500 - $2,499
Mary Severson                   Robert Braddock                 Judith A. Hunt                Dr. Carol A. O’Neil            Kay Yun and Andre              The Atmos Foundation
Amy Shepard                     Carol Brookman                  Susan Hunt                    Pat and Mauricio Pages              Neumann-Loreck            The Robison Family              Charles See Foundation
William Shewry                  Lynne and George Brown          Geoffrey James                Barbara Parkening              James Andrew Zurn                 Foundation                   Sidney E. Frank Foundation
Sloan and Priscilla Upton       Kelli and G. Steven Burrill     Cynthia S. Jamplis            Kirsten and David Parker                                      Margaret A. Cargill             Sisters of Perpetual
Robert Weisblatt                Elisa Camahort                  Wini and Lee Jebian           Anonymous                                                        Foundation                      Indulgence, Inc.
Richard and Laurie Ling         Gordon Chamberlain              Robin and Robert Johansen     Marian and Al Pawlick                                         Morgan Stanley Smith Barney     The E.D. Foundation
                                                                                                                                                            Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

The Traverse Foundation         MPMM                             Aleta Bloch                   Zorus P. Colglazier             Tenney Ford                   Ronald Hausmann                Michelle Kristufek
Sacramento Zoological           Northern California              Ethan Bodle                   Lara and Steve Compton          Marilyn Foster                Hugh A. Havlik                 Ute Krukenkamp
   Society                          Paddlesports                 Steven G. Boehm               Jane Cook                       Richard Frank                 Belle Clegg Hays               Richard Larson
Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge      Oppenheimer Funds Legacy         Suzanne L. Bonamarte          Marion Cope                     William Fraser                Wendy Hayward                  Claire Lash
Albert’s Organics                   Programs                     George Bono                   Cindy Corrigan                  Bruce Fredrickson             June Heilman                   Catherine Latham
Dandelion Foundation            RBC Dain Rauscher                Gerry Boss                    Gail Costa                      Jeff Freedman                 Donald and Nanette             Cathy Laubscher
The Jones-Smith Foundation      Tiffany & Co. Carmel, CA Store   Ronald Boyd                   Irene M. Cote                   David Freiberg                   Henneuse                    Rick Laufersky
United Natural Foods, Inc       United Way Of The Bay Area       Michel Boynton                Barbara Cox                     Carolyn Fremgen               Michael Hensley                Don R. Lawless
Econscious                      ZNA Communications               Charlene Boysen               Russell Cox                     Helen Frevel                  Deborah E. Hernandez           Katherine A. Lazzaro
Simco Restaurants, Inc          17 Reasons LLC                   Sarah C. Bradley              Ruth Craig                      Robert Friedman               Bruce and Joan Herriges        Patricia A. Leighfield
Bishop Pine Fund                Trilogy Architecture             Norman Brand and\ Nancy       Diana D. Crook                  Lisa Scheff and Theresa       Larry Herron                   Lamar Leland
Wells Fargo                                                         E. Spero                   Michael Culbert                      Friend                   Jane Hindman                   Diane Levy
Anonymous Foundation                                             Ruth H. Brandt                Katie Cullen                    Teri Fruchtman                Jan Hintermeister              Larry Lewis
Berglund Family Foundation      KeLLAN CIRCLe                    Lois L. Brewer                Peter Daly                      Yue Fu                        Kenneth Hirsch                 Anne E. Libbin
Cynthia and Merrill Magowan                                      Janice Bridgham               Robert Danford                  Jacqueline Gaffney            Robert Hitchcock               Pamela C. Lillquist and\ Tadd
                                 $250 - $499
   Family Foundation                                             Sharon M. Briggs              Peter and Melinda Darbee        Hope Gamble                   Christie Hochschild                Bryan
Entertainment Industry          Donna Abbott                     Louis M. Brock                Denise and Gary David           Gayle and Keith Garrett       Mary A. Hogan                  Ms. Patricia Litton and Dr.
   Foundation                   Rachel Abbott                    Wanda Bronson                 Deirdre Dawson                  Eugene Gavenman               Pamela A. Hokanson                 Peter Ralston
John G. Shedd Aquarium          Carolyn Abrams                   Gregg Brown                   David and Ellen De Simone       Roxane Geggie                 Gary R. Holm                   Peter G. Llerena
Kazan, McClain, Abrams,         Lile Adams                       Jeff Brown                    Suzanne Dee                     Amy Geissinger                Mary and Gus Hontalas          John Lovejoy
   Fernandez                    Susan Adamson                    Cheryl Bruno                  Jacqueline Deely                Deborah W. Gentner            David C. Hooper                Teri A. Lown
Machiah Foundation of           Janis Allard                     Amanda Bryan                  Nicholas G. Deffterios          Margo George                  Sandra Hope                    Lisa and Gareth Loy
   the Jewish Community         Diane Allen                      Randall Brynsvold             Wynn R. DeMartini               Derlin German                 Steve Horowitz                 Francesca Luna
   Endowment Fund               Mark Altvater                    Keith Buckingham              Sheila Desmond                  Arlette and Nick Gerson       Daniel Houlihan                Christian D. MacDonald
Nasaw Family Foundation         Kurt Anderson                    Mary E. Bullard               Roxanne Deurloo                 Roy Gilbert                   Judith Howard                  Robert S. MacIntosh
Roll Giving                     Anonymous Donors                 Terri Bumgardner              Mary A. Deutsche                Michelle Gimbal               Linda H. Huber                 Robert T. Mack
Simon Edison Foundation,        Nancy Aspaturian and Laurie      Lolly and Jay Burke           Barbara Ditman                  Pamela J. Goans               Mary Martha Hudson             Dawn M. Macris
   Inc.                             Aronoff                      Lisa Burkett                  Dorothy Dodge                   Natalie P. Goldberg           William Hudson                 Shana Mahaffey
Texas Pacific Group             Marilyn Aspesi                   Peggy Burks                   Jack L. Dodson                  Shirley Goldenberg            Donna and Charles Huggins      Siobhan Maize
Walter and Marie Singer         Joyce Atherton                   Barbara Busch                 Denise Doetsch                  Sharon Goodman                Sylvia H. Hughes               Luz Malan
   Family Fund                  Elise M. Balcom                  Beverly Cabrera               Robert Dollar and Family        Charles Goodwyn               Susan Hunt                     Shawn Mallan
The Black Dog Private           Robert R. Baltzer                Caldwell-Greenwood Family     Phyllis and Del Domezio         Patrice Gouveia               Melissa Hurley                 Elizabeth Manning
   Foundation Inc.              Terry L. Bamberger               Mr. and Mrs. Michael G.       Meghan H. Doody                 Emily Graham                  Karen Husher                   Kristen Mansel
The Community Foundation        Jerome Barakos                      Callahan                   Anthony Dresden                 Charles Grant                 Cathy Igou                     Marin Mapstead
   for Greater New Haven        Julie Barney                     Marjorie Callow               Nancy Duffy                     The Graves Family             Mary Irwin                     Donna Marietta
The Dun Foundation              Susan and Sean Barrett           Sammy Campbell                Glenda M. Dugan                 Mignon Gravitch               Sharron and Robert Jackman     Dennis Martino
The Fred Gellert Family         Gregory W. Bartha                Jane Capobianco               Deborah Duncan                  Gary Gray                     Marlen Jani                    April Mason
   Foundation                   Lisa Bartlett                    Norm Capper                   Phillip Dunkelberger            Mairin M. Griffith            Marcine Johnson                Henrietta Matuszewski
The Griffith Family             Annette Bator                    Chris and Karen Carpenter     Janet Dupuy                     Douglas C. Grijalva           Cristina L. Jones              Pamela Mazza
   Foundation                   Wilhelm and Kimiko Baum          Kathleen Carrai               Richard Dym                     Nannette Griswold             Mary Lou Joyner                Pam Mazzoline
The James Irvine Foundation     Ann Baumann                      Sandra Carroll                Martha and Anthony Eason        Nancy Grosfeld                M. Graham Jue                  John McArthur
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day       Honorable and Mr. John           Steve Cartt                   Dr. Sharon Eaton                Moire and Steve Grumer        Victoria Julian                Anne and Doug McBride
   School                           Baxter                       Peter Cartwright              Lydia and William Edison        Keith S. Grundy               Kathleen A. Justice            George and Patricia
Kirkpatrick’s School of Dance   Janet Beatty                     Veronica Castro               Elizabeth and Paul Eisenhardt   Elana Gulbransen              Patricia Kaku-Bueb                 McCammon
   Education                    Jeanne Beauchel-Bodiford         David and Karin Chamberlain   Jonathan B. Ellman              Darrell Gullion               Eunice Kamimura                Peggy McCormick
Tamalpais Bank                  Jim Beede                        Alice K. Chewning             Christina Emmons                Judith and Suresh Gurbaxani   Edward Kane                    Cynthia McCullagh
Evim Foundation                 Gary Bell                        Peggy Childers                June R. England                 Kathy Simons and Jeff         Christine Kasman and Michael   Sharon and Tom McCullough
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP      Joan Benjamin                    Jonathan Childs               Mark Enos                            Gustafik                    A. Kasman                   Beverly J. McGraw
Run100s.com                     Beverly Benson                   Delia Chilgren                Linda Espinoza                  Kathy M. Gustafson            James T. Keenan                Dorothy McIlvaine
The Active Network, Inc.        Joanne Bergen                    Patty and Geoff Chin          Sharon and Samuel Esterkyn      Charles Guthrie               William Keener and\ Nance      Donald and Nancy McKay
American Endowment              Cornellia Bergmann               Matthew Chotin                Heather Evans                   Mary Haack                       Becker                      Edana McKenzie
   Foundation                   Wendy L. Berk                    Suzanne Chun                  Jane M. Evans                   Harry Haines                  Susan Keiser                   Harry and Sharlene McKenzie
Andrew R. Demar Family          Jean M. Biancalana               Kathleen A. Cicairos          Lia Fernandez                   John M Haines                 Susan Keller                   Susan E. McKenzie
   Foundation, Inc.             Alice F. Bickers                 Linda and Thomas Ciotti       Daniel Ferrick                  Jill M. Haley                 Ellen F. Kelly                 Christina McKinley
Bernard Lewis Charitable        Cliff Bickford                   Dale Clark                    Linda Ferris                    Deborah and Donald Halliday   Carol and Gary Kerbel          Doug McLean
   Foundation                   Mandi Billinge                   Edd Clark                     Janice Fischler                 Jill Hamilton                 Kevin and Genevieve Kerr       June Mellish
California Canoe & Kayak        Karen M. Birks                   Jan E. Clayton                Geraldine K. Flanagan-Weir      M. Hanamura                   Gaynel O’Neil Kew, E.A.        Eileen L. Metzger
Horizons Foundation             Michael Saroyan and Barbara      Annelle Clute                 Owen Flannery                   Eugene Hanes                  Tariq Khan                     Marilyn Meyers
Independent Charities of            Bishop                       Cindy J. Cobb                 Alice Mead and Richard          Jan Hansen                    Nancy J. Klokner and David     Amy Miles
   America                      Lauren and John Black            Gerald Codde                      Flaster                     Paula J. Hansen                  M. Wiseblood                Joyce Milligan
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney     Tamara Black                     Thomas and June Colby         Anne Flemming                   Kathy Haranzo                 Julie Ann Knauer               Gayle and John Minkler
   Global Impact Funding        Lynne Blair                      Mr. and Mrs. George W.        Marilyn Flynn                   Roger Harrington              Frances Kohler                 Antoinette Mitchell
   Trust, Inc                   Bob and Sissy Blanchard             Coleman                    Kevin Fobes                     Ruth Hartmann                 Gregory Korelich               James R. Mitchell

Myrna E. Mitchner            Mary and Romaine Repair       Linda Stephens                  Leilani M. Wilson                  Estate of Cynthia Jane Baird     Loretta M. Giorgi       Barbara Tornberg
Evan Mizrachy                Laura Reynolds                Nancy Stephens                  Darlene Windisch                   The Gale Henning Trust           Lawrence Goldyn         Richard M. Vance
Gloria and Gary Modrell      Neil Reynolds                 Rebecca Burgess and Michael     Jennifer Winship                   Estate of Mildred Lillis         Barbara J. Goodwin      Jackson Vandebross
Teresa Molina                Linda T. Richardson               Stoddard                    Rhoda and Sheldon Wolfe            Estate of Antone Vinelli         Gitta Grabowski         Linda Vetter
Steve and Cynthia Molino     Ms. Laurose Richter           Rhom F. Stone                   Doug and Nancy Street              Estate of Eugenia Maynard        Jean R. Grandfield      Shirley Victor
Patricia Montgomery          Saul Rico                     Joyce Stripe                    James Wong                         Estate of Alice Armstrong        Susan Gray              Carollee Webber
Jonathan Morris              Jane Rigg                     Joan Stroudley                  Julie Wong                            Lomas                         Lynn Griffin            Donald H. West
M. A. Mortonsen              Kurtis Rintala                Robert Strouse                  Catherine S. Woods                 Claiborne W. Gooch, III          Harry C. Haines         Jan Widdowson
Marilyn J. Moschetti         Julie Risenhoover             Kaethe Sullivan                 Sally Woolsey                         Charitable Remainder          Hildegard H. Harris     Kim Wigton
Kellie Muckleroy             Claudia and Lee Rismiller     Albert Susor                    Deborah Wyatt                                                       George A. Harter        Jane L. Williamson
Laurel N. Murphy             Elizabeth M. Rizzi            Gail K. Swarbrick               May L. Yee                                                          Eugene A. Haunch        Bob J. Wilson
Dorothy W. Murphy and        Diane H. Roberts              Barbara and Cyrus Sweet         Cyrus H. Young                     STeLLeR CIRCLe                   Virginia Hawley         Barbara J. Woodhill
    Barbara N. Kopp          Teresa and Carmen Roberts     Patricia L. Tai                 Joanna Young                                                        Therese I. Holland
                                                                                                                              Steller Circle members have
Patricia Nakano              Debra Rogers                  Anne Takahashi-Kelso            William E. Younis                                                   Sally A. Holt
Wilma Nathanson              Scot and Anne Rohrer          Kent Takano                     Barbara Zarembinski                notified the Center of their     Mary L. Huzar           MeMORIAL GIfTS
Gloria Nelson                Larry E. Rosenberger          Robin Taylor and\ Sacha         Margo Zaugg                        plans to make a legacy gift to   Jamie B. Jaffee
                                                                                                                              the Center.                                              We respectfully recognize gifts
Patsy and Paul Nelson        Janet Rosenburg                   Holland                     Howard Zee                                                          Robert C. Jenkin
Richard Nelson               Susan Ross                    Dorothy E. Tchelistcheff        Jean Zukin                                                          Stan Jensen             received in memory of these
Sheila Nielsen               William and Mia Rossiter      Donald and Traci Terluin        Audrey Zwerle                      Anonymous (3)                    Anna-Kajs Johnson       departed loved ones:
Cynthia and James Nourse     Carol Rowberg                 James M. Thomas                                                    Dale Anania                      Mary Jope
Donald Nunemaker             Sherrie L. Rozman             Gretchen Thompson                                                  Helga Ashkenaze                  Pauline E. Kayes        Veronica Basker
Nancy Ober                   Linda Rude                    James and Andrea Tittle         BeQUeSTS                           Mary Bachman                     Lloyd Kendall           Ruth Blum
Elizabeth Obershaw           Sharon and Don Rudger         Will Toft                                                          Diane L. Baldwin                 Antoinette Krajcar      James Boyce
                                                                                            $100,000+                         Doreen Baleria                                           Stewart Clark
James E. Oliver              Katheryn Salter               Deborah A. Tostenson                                                                                Ilona Kratz
Linda Olson                  Josephine Sambado             Sally Tracy                                                        Juliana Barr                     Ann Kugel               Joan St. Denny
                                                                                           Emily H. Bour Trust
Scott and Una Olsson         David Sargent                 Peter and Amy Traugot                                              Sheri Bell                       Carmen M. Lasar         Nina Eddington
                                                                                           Estate of Carolyn E. and
Susan Opp                    John and Betsy Scarborough    Elfriede A. Tucker                                                 Cynthia Benner                   Catherine L. Lau        Fritz Grau
                                                                                              Donald C. Meaney
Joan A. Oppen                Margaret D. Schadt            Barbara and Donald Turnbull                                        Florie Berger                    Sandra K. Legan         Audie Lee Jones
                                                                                           Muriel Cameron Lving Trust
Erwin Ordeman                Werner Schaefer               Janet and Peter Turnbull                                           Jeanne Bobbitt                   Douglas Levison          John Leipelt
                                                                                              U/A 1/22/02
Carol O’Reilly               David Schellhase              Mary Turner                                                        Lois L. Brewer                   Ruth Levitan             Daniel Mezzacapo
Margaret Otto                Diana P. Scholle              Pamela Turtle                                                      Vi Brown                         Charles Lindner          Nancy Mobley
Angela Ovalle                Marian D. Schravesande        Thomas C. Twist                                                    Michael K. Buckland              Teri Loveland            Marcus Murdock
Ingrid M. Overgard           Helen Schulberg               Jonathan Ungar                  Estate of Jean Evelyn              Richard Burke                    Jeanne Lucenti          Ethyl Myers
Donna Panico                 Carol A. Frate and Lawrence   Ann Ure                            Letsinger                       Lou Ella Burmeister              Carma Luskin            Alcena Leigh Doane Norling
Jennifer Paquette                Schwantkl                 Clifford Vaughan                Jacqueline J. Stevenson Trust      Susan Burns                      Andre Malouf            Leanne B. Roberts
Peggy Parks                  Susan and Michael Schwartz    Karyn and Eber Verhovsek        John R. Boyer Living Trust         Barbara A. Busch                 Greg Martin             Marilyn Rudolph
Geoffrey F. Peters           James Schwarz                 Seeske D. Versluys              Nancy Faires Legler 2002           A. C. Buschman                   Jorie McCarthy          Valerie Schmutz
Pam Petrie                   Elisa Schwasnick              Johanna Vertullo                   Revocable Trust                 Susan Camusi                     Celeste McConnach       John Schwartz
Shaun Philippart             Seadrift Association          Marina E. Viale                 Estate of Carol Diane Ranken       Mariateresa Canosa               Joseph McCrane          Barbara Smith
Damon Phillips               Carmen Selfridge              Barth J. Vogel                  The Medwin Family Trust            Robert Caradien                  Loraine V. Meyer        Marianna Sutherland
Rudy and Patricia Phillips   Leah Shadowens                Nancy Ruth Wainwright           Patricia E. R. Eschen Individual   Joan Christenberry               Agnes M. Miller         Sally Vandierdonck
Susan Pilcher                Dr. William Shapiro           Marshall L. Walden                 Retirement Account              Charles Condy                    Patricia L. Minnick     Sonya E. Whedon & David H.
Gloria Plummer               Fay M. Sharer                 Mark and Joyce Walker           Estate of Bella Stoll              Gale Connolly                    Max A. Money               Edgar
Iris Polos                   Stephen Sherwin               Irene and George Wallace        The Cain Family Trust              Shelly Crain                     Sharon Neiman           Michael Wolford
Susan Porter                 Adam Silver                   Anne Warburton                                                     Sharon L. Culp                   Gloria Nelson           Clemetine
Doug Post                    Patricia R. Silver            Roxanne Warren                   UP TO $9,999                      Grace L. Davis                   Mohsen Noori
Richard J. Prem              Tracey Simpson                Arlene Wasserman                                                   John A. De Crell                 Priscilla M. Palomino
                                                                                           Jean A. Stuckey Revocable          Lee Desta                                                TRIBUTe GIfTS
Presentation High School     Lyn Sinko                     Madeline Weaver                    Trust                                                            Jeanne E. Pauley
    Seas Club                Tara L. Skeen                 Edward Weingold                                                    Elizabeth O. Dohrmann            Rita Peters
                                                                                           Marian C. Stetson Trust                                                                     We gratefully recognize these
Jeffrey Price                Donna M. Smith                Elizabeth Weinhold                                                 George Dora                      Jayne C. Phelps
                                                                                           Barbara L. Johnson Trust                                                                    special gifts received in honor
Susan L. Pridmore            Katherine Smith               Daniel H. Weinstein                                                Margaret F. Downing              Donald E. Pringle
                                                                                           Samuel and Adelaide                Lyn C. Dunn                                              of these family members,
Allison E. Prince            William Snell                 Norman Weintraub                   Rockwood Revocable                                               Kevin Rabe              friends and patients of The
Ingrid Probst                Archie Soden                  Ginny and Richard Welsh                                            Constance Edwards                Marilyn J. Rajokovich
                                                                                              Living Trust                    Veronica Espada                                          Marine Mammal Center!
Alyce Proctor                Magda Soley                   Diana Wessell                   Estate of Iris G. Mumford                                           Robert H. Rawlings
Nancy Quintrell              Diana Soto                    Helene and Alan White                                              Frances L. Ezer                  Laurence Rhodes
                                                                                           Estate of Dorothy H. Murray        Margaret L. Falk                                         Diane & Kathleen Allen
Harry Rasmussen              Mark A. Soulard               Connie Whitmarsh                Patricia E. R. Eschen Trust                                         Steven J. Russ          Karen & Eric Anderson
Ronald E. Rasmussen          Mary G. Souza                 Ceil Whitney                                                       Judy Feil                        Ruth Schlossberg
                                                                                           Estate of June T. Roberts          Deborah R. Gabris                                        Shelley Anixter
Mr. Michael J. Rauch         Dianne and Bruce Spaulding    Barbara Whittle                 The Gertrude L. Kluss Living                                        James K. Schollard      Linda Ashworth
Gordon R. Ray                James E. Spencer              Christina Wilder                                                   Carol A. Gamble                  Susan E. Shapiro
                                                                                              Trust                           Andrew J. Geiser                                         Grace Bardwick
Abigail Reagan               Jacqueline and David          Joan M. Wildermann              Barbara Joan Raskin                                                 R. J. Stockhus          Barbara Beasley
Thomas S. Reavely                Spielberg                 S. Grace and Bernice Williams                                      Liana Genovesi                   Eric A. Strand
                                                                                              Revocable Trust                 Derlin German                                            Daniel Becker
Alex Reid                    Clark and Michele Spink       Stephen Williams                Estate of Joan Ann Trainer                                          Scott Teaford           Ellery Bloom
Vickie Renbarger             Gary R. Spratling             Glen Wilson                                                        Andrew N. Gerson                 Deborah Tencza

Anne & Aaron Boynterakis        Tim & Lisa Maher               Entertainment Industry          Global Impact - Hewlett         Wells Fargo Community            San Francisco Magazine           NORTHeRN fUR SeAL
Bill Bromann & Family           Jorie McCarthy                    Foundation for Justin           Packard                        Support Campaign               San Francisco SPCA
Jon Brummond                    Cameron McDonald                  Ritter                       Global Impact - Tellabs         Willis Lease Finance             Sandor H. Straus                Insignia Environmental
Lolly & John Burke              Sunny McKee                    Gap Inc. Giving/Matching        Global Impact- Yahoo              Corporation                    Saylors Restaurant and Bar      McCormick & Kuletos
Luke Butler & Eli Biernoff      Rosemary Miller                   Campaign for Sarah Van       Goldman Sachs & Co                                               Shabbir I. Safdar               Hanger One
Barbara Calfee                  Mr. & Mrs. Shecky Miluso          Ness                            Matching Gift Program                                         Simco Restaurants, Inc          Dibble & Dibble
Terry Campbell                  Matthew Noel                   McKesson Foundation, Inc.       Google                          DONATIONS Of IN-                 Sports Basement                 Chris and Bailey Meyer
Dexter Harris Newton Carlson    Amy O’Brien                       for Barbara Beasley          Hewlett Packard Foundation      KIND PRODUCTS AND                St. Jude Medical S.C., Inc.     Jill and Richard Sideman
Ingrid Carp                     Samuel Orta                    Sara Lee Foundation for Kathy   IBM Employee Services           SeRVICeS                         Stan Jensen                     Chris Stone
Robert Carroll                  Rhona Ory                         Newton                          Center                                                        Swirl                           Beth and Kevin Sullivan
Jeffrey Charron                 Tami Pearson                                                   Indiana State Employees         Amy Allis                        Takashi Yogi                    Lee and Sophie Harle
John & Isa Cochrane             Darius Pool                                                       Community Campaign           Autodesk, Inc.
Pam & Jeff Cook                 George & Chris Pruitt          MATCHING GIfT AND               Intuit Foundation - Matching    Bacchus and Venus
                                                                                                                                                                GALA SPONSORS                   GALA fUND-A-NeeD
Daniel Deniz                    Julie Robertson                WORKPLACe GIVING                   Gift Program                 Bayer Health Care
Mike & Gail Dennis              Betty & Bob Rossen             ORGANIzATIONS                   Johnson & Johnson Matching      Bernice Ito
                                                                                                                                                                 CALIfORNIA SeA LION
Marie DeSantis                  Linda Sanguinetti                                                 Gifts Program                Betty and William Hasler                                         Eric Ashworth
Channing Egeberg                Phil & Annette Saroyan         A & B Foundation                The JP Morgan Chase & Co        Bill Ryan                        Willis Lease Finance            Elizabeth Avakian
Chris & Jennifer Faye           Emily Sarrazin                 Adobe Matching Gift             Kaiser Permanente               Cibo                                Corporation                  Ethan Balogh
Kendra Ferguson                 Trevor Schmidt                    Program                         Community Giving             Dallas Willard                   Dawn                            Jeff Boehm and Keith
Erica Fielder & Larry Knowles   Courtney Schreiner             AIG Matching Grants Program        Campaign                     Deborah R. Gabris                Bank of America                     Rosenthal
Cheryl Flango                   Jim, Rose, & James Seay        Allstate Giving Campaign        KMPG                            Department of Navy, SSC          Pacific Gas & Electric          DeeAnn Budney
Elizabeth Forbes                Treg Silkwood & Candance       Altria Group, Inc.              Lawrence Livermore Lab - UC         Pacific                      Oracle                          Pat Callahan
Jane Anne Franklin                 Martin                      America’s Charities             Levi Strauss Foundation         Double Forte                     PIER 39                         Chad Carlson and Ed
Howie Fry                       Gregory Simon                  American Express Company        Local Independent Charities     Econscious                       Heitz Cellars                       Westerman
Theodor Geertsen                John Simon                        Employee Giving                 of America                   Emily Andrews                    Cinnie and Merrill Magowan      Michael A. Carriere
Sarah Gilbert                   Nikhil Singhal                 Amgen Foundation                Macy’s West GIFT                Erika Kahl                       Sandor & Faye Straus/The        Kenneth A. Coren
Mike and Patt Gillen            Steven Sneddon                 The Arthur J. Gallagher         McDonald’s Corporation          Fetch! Pet Care - Marin and         Firedoll Foundation          Linda and Tim Curtis
Florence & Steven Goldby        Julie Stevens                     Foundation                   Merrill Lynch & Co                  Petaluma                                                     Jennifer Da Cunha
Florence Goldby                 Beat Stocker                   AT&T United Way Employee           Foundation Inc               Gary Hutton Design                HARBOR SeAL                    Marco de Leeuw
Felix Goldstein                 Faye & Sandor Straus              Giving Campaign              Microsoft Giving Campaign       Gary Karalius                                                    Barbara Delaney
Ellie Gustafson                 Marcia & John Sullivan         Avon Products Foundation           Program                      Heitz Wine Cellars               Wells Fargo
                                                                                                                                                                                                Christopher Downing
Crawford Hemmis                 Reef Sweeney                      Inc.                         Morgan Stanley                  Jane Mack                        Prime Group
                                                                                                                                                                                                Sue Easley
Connie Hiatt                    Bev Tanner & Jerry Herman      AXA Foundation                  Motorola Foundation             Jerry Kay                        Dynegy, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Steve Edwards
 Chuck & Donna Huggins          Peter Taylor                   BAE Systems                     National Semiconductor          Jo Ann Potts                     Autodesk 
                                                                                                                                                                                                Cheryl Finley
Peggy Hilden                    Jeri & David                   Bank of America Matching        Oracle Corporation Matching     John Baulch                      Charles Schwab
                                                                                                                                                                                                Elsie M. Fletcher
Drew Homza                         Taylor-Moessinger              Gifts Program                   Gifts                        Kate’s Blossoms                  Union Bank
                                                                                                                                                                                                Meredith Gall
Doug Huneke                     Sarah Van Ness                 Bank of America United Way      Pfizer Foundation               Leilani M. Wilson                Genentech
                                                                                                                                                                                                Lisa Goldman
Bob Jackman                     Cole, Addie, & Keenan Vernon      Campaign                     PG&E Corporation Campaign       Linda K. Curtis                  The Heritage Company
                                                                                                                                                                                                Heather Groninger
Sharon Jacobs                   Tim Vogel                      Bank of The West                   for the Community            Lynn Buck                        Susan Grau
                                                                                                                                                                                                Sophie and Robert Guarasci
Robert Jeffrey                  Kathy Walker                   Barclay’s Global Investors      Quadra Foundation               Marcia Schmelzer                 Catherine Kruttschnitt
                                                                                                                                                                                                Jeff Hamaoui
Duffy Jeffries                  Jeff Watts                     Barclays Global Investors       Qualcomm Inc.                   Marina Nichols                   Glen Mathison and Zoel
                                                                                                                                                                                                Jane A. Hansen
Rosalyn Jeffries                Kevin West                        Matching Gift Program        Regence                         Mary Belden                         Fages
                                                                                                                                                                                                Lynne Hermle and Craig
Denise & Jeff Jenkins           Truth Wirthman                 The Boeing Company              SAP Matching Gifts Program      Mary Meredith                                                        Collins
Stan Jensen                     Merle & Rochelle Wolf-Kmetz    BP Foundation, Inc.             Sun Microsystems                Merilee Colton                    NORTHeRN eLePHANT
                                                                                                                                                                                                John R. Hill
 Isabella Johnson               “Gateway”                      CA, Inc.                        Synopsys Foundation             Michael J. Kleeman                                               Jeanette Hurwitz
                                                               Charles Schwab                                                  Michael Toschi                   Lotus Bakeries
Linda Johnson                   “Sally Seashore”                                               Tellabs Grants for Giving                                        Safeway                         Dave Jessup
Steve & Anita Kaplan            “Sizzling”                     Chevron Humankind                  Program                      Michael W. Sharrar                                               Catherine Kruttschnitt
                                                                  Employee Funds                                               Michele Amendola                 San Francisco Zoo
Robert “Bob” Kelly                                                                             Truist                                                           Betty and William Hasler        Joanne L. Lasnier
Lisa Kelly                                                     City of San Mateo               Tyco Matching Gifts Program     Minou Tierney                                                    Amir Lehavot
                                CORPORATe                      City of Seattle                                                 Nikkita Patel                    Beth Inadomi and Tim Newell
Jane Khudyakov                                                                                 Union Bank                                                       Karen Johnson-McKewan and       Beverly Spector and Kenneth
Suzy Kisch                      MATCHING GIfTS                 The Clorox Company              United Airlines                 Noah’s Bagels
                                                                                                                                                                   Tom McKewan                      Lipson
Selma Klett                     fOR eMPLOYee                      Foundation                   United Technologies Corp.       Odwalla
                                                                                                                                                                Sunny and Mark McKee            Brian MacDonald
Julie Knapp & Jerrad Mills      VOLUNTeeR HOURS                CNA Foundation                  United Way California Capital   Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe                                   Catherine and Richard
                                                               Employee’s Community Fund                                           LLP                          Michael Kleeman
Linda Krause                                                                                      Region                                                        Gina Sanfilippo and Frederick       MacDonald
Elise Kroeber                   A & B Foundation for Lynne        of the Boeing Company        United Way Of Los Angeles       Pacific Gas & Electric                                           Robert T. Mack
                                                               Environmental Federation of                                         Company                         Roeber
Cindy & Dawn Kukich                Murrell                                                     United Way of San Diego                                          Cecily and David Majerus        Douglas and Michele
Debbie Kwok                     Bank of America Matching          California                      County                       Pam Sagan                                                            Magowan
                                                               Gap Inc. Giving/Matching                                        Personal Telephone               Sheila Head’s Hawaiian
Ed Lai Birthday                    Gifts Program for Richard                                   United Way Of The Bay Area                                          Transport                    John G. Markoff
Ben Lefkowitz                      Ferris                         Campaign                     United Way Silicon Valley           Answering Services                                           Patrick McCleskey
                                                               Genentech Givingstation                                         Philip Thorson                   Kate’s Blossoms Floral
Ann & John Lonstein             Chevron Humankind                                              United Way, Inc.                                                    Designs                      Sunny and Mark McKee
Justin Maggio                      Employee Funds for Sierra   GlaxoSmithKline Foundation      UnitedHealth Group              PIER 39 Limited Partnership                                      Jerry Mecabe
                                                               Global Impact - Applied                                         Planet Granite of Sunnyvale      Andalucia Boutique
Merrill Magowan                    Suits                                                       Verizon Foundation                                                                               Chris Millias

Jeanne Montague                Marin Orthopedics and             Michele S. Hunnewell                Emily T. Andrews              Joseph Dolcini                 Craig Harms                Robin Harvey
Marina Nichols and Jesse           Sports Medicine               Sandy Imazumi                       Mary Bachman and William      Colleen Duncan                 Judy Helm                  Brenda Heinrich
     Fielding                  Pacific Heights Cleaners          Marina Nichols                         Downing                    Linda Espinoza                 Candis K. Hogan            Robert S. Hoffman
Rick Norkin                    Scandean Silver Jewelry           Ingrid M. Overgard                  Mark Blackburn                David Fluharty                 Christine Johnson          Laddia S. Holly
Stella Perone                  Jewelry by the Bay                G. Donald Goerlitz                  George Bradford               Nancy Frakes                   Nancy Johnson              Jewel F. Hyland
Sue Puhlhorn                   Nichols Investment Advisors       A. C. Groves                        Joyce B. Doheny               Joan Glassey                   Barbara Kaufman            Stan Jensen
Genelle Relfe                  Fred’s Coffee Shop                Stan Jensen                         William Downing               Peter Grace                    David Laist                Patricia Jones
Julie and Martin Richards      Treemasters                       Alva Fong                           Anonymous                     Joan L. Greene                 Mary Larsen Ransom         Eden S. Kennan
Keith Richardson               Wholefoods                        Frank Marinello                     Sophie and Robert Guarasci    Ailsa Hall                     Laura Lawn                 Deanna N. Knickerbocker
David Sargent                  Cal Marin Realty                  Arthur Taber                        David Gulland                 Jane A. Hansen                 Harry C. Lipton            C. Thomas Kulla-Abbott
Jeremy Schwartz                Billings & Locati Tax                                                 Betty and William Hasler      Gayle Holmes                   Virginia Mays              Tina Kurtz
Lincoln Shaw                       Professionals                                                     Steven and Laurie Holmstrom   Jennifer Hyde                  Robin Mcblaine             Ed Lai
Carol and John Simon           Woodlands Pet Food & Treats       HAWAIIAN MONK                       Diane Kimura                  Sharron and Robert Jackman     Kathryn Muhs               Olivia S. LeFeaver
Jill Spicer                                                      SeAL HeALTHCARe                     Richard G. McLellan           Claire Johnston                Joanne and Alex Norton     Becky Lunde
Faye & Sandor Straus                                             fACILITY CAPITAL                    Charles Seim                  Claire and Jay Johnston        Kim Peluso                 Eve Lyon
David Tenbensel                CAPITAL CAMPAIGN                  CAMPAIGN DONORS                     Dean and Joanne Storkan       Linda Levine                   Lori Pottinger             Gene Lyons
Misuzu Toyama                  PHASe II                                                              Jean and Phil Warren          Irene and William Lincks       Amanda Raymond             Pamalah Macneily
William Van Bonn                                                 In early 2010, the Center                                         Barbara Littenberg             Colleen Reichmuth          Ruth E. E. Martillo
David Waitrovich               The Marine Mammal Center          launched a new capital cam-          UP TO $999                   Lloyd Lowry                    George C. Ross             Tobie McPhail
Carol Watson                   gratefully acknowledges the       paign to raise funds to build a                                   Sally and David Mikkelsen      Patricia Roth              Cullen Meade
James Watts                    following donors for their                                            Robert J. Amos                Ann M. Murakami                Linda Rude                 Allison Merz
                                                                 new healthcare facility for the
Rhoda and Sheldon Wolfe        contributions to Phase II of                                          Michele and Brian Gustafson   Ian Nadel                      Delight F. Sabbag          Asta Miklius
                                                                 critically endangered Hawaiian      Coco Hall
                               the Center’s capital campaign     monk seal. This new facility will                                 Lesta Nadel                    Kay Sibary                 Francie Mitchell
                               made in the 2010 calendar                                             Peggy Hannan                  Kristi Nelson                  Neal Steiner               Jim Oswald
2010 RUN fOR THe                                                 be located in Kona, on the Big      Stephen Keil
                               year. Thanks to their support,    Island of Hawaii, and is part of                                  Betty Perry                    Lucile J J. Taber          Teri Palanca
SeALS CORPORATe                the Center is closer to fully                                         Nancy Ruth Wainwright         Ginny Quick                    Vin Talwar                 Shankari Patel
                                                                 the overall conservation plan       Constance Andronico
SPONSORS                       completing its marine mam-        for this species. The Center                                      Sam Ridgway                    Rebecca Vesely             Bonita Patten
                                                                                                     Jerome Barakos                Deborah Robbins                Laura Von Sachsa           Cassandra Phillips
                               mal hospital and increasing its   gratefully acknowledges these
 GOLD                                                                                                Jane Cook                     Angelica Rosa                  Albert Bechtel             Scott Pianalto
                               patient capacity.                 gifts received for the capital      Elizabeth M. Field            Teresa Rowles                  Gail A. Mcelrath           Patricia Quinn
Autodesk                                                         campaign in the 2010 calendar       Gayle and Keith Garrett
Bank of America                 $100,000+                                                                                          Elisa Schwasnick               Miriam K. Hillier          Katherine Ralls
                                                                 year.                               Sunny and Mark McKee          Paul Simmons                   James Parks                Marietta T. Scaltrito
KGO-TV                         Estate of Carolyn E. and                                              Susan Porter
KFOG                                                                                                                               Trevor R. Spradlin             Nancie L. Sailor           David Schofield
                                  Donald C. Meaney                $100,000+                          Jerell Price                  Marc Steinberg and Maria Day   Candice Toyoda             Robert G. Schrot
Marin Independent Journal      Pacific Gas & Electric                                                Michele Rench
                                                                 Faye & Sandor Straus - The                                        Phyllis and Ted Swindells      Emil R. Caluori            Teri Sigler
                                  Company                                                            Pat Rudebusch                 Charlot M. Taylor              Judith Kahn                Paul Sjolin
 SILVeR                                                             Firedoll Foundation              Marcia and Nathaniel
                               Foundation for Environmental                                                                        Anna Van Bonn                  Janet and Peter Turnbull   Kevin Smith
                                                                 Atherton Family Foundation              Schmelzer
Crystal Geyser                    Education                                                                                        Jessie Vosti                   Glen Wilson                Laura Steele Monahan
                               Pat R. Callahan                                                       Elizabeth Weinhold            Jennifer White                 Mark Aitken                Kate Thomas
                                                                  $50,000-$99,999                    Patricia and Brian Wilson
 BRONze                                                                                                                            Loretta M. Giorgi              Sarah Alonzi               Sue Thornton
                                $50,000-$99,999                  Lynne & Marc Benioff                Gerald Codde                  Mary Markus                    Nancy Armitstead           Elaine Tiernan
Aveda                                                                                                Elizabeth A. Jackson          Cecilia Mikita                 Angela Arnott              Sherry Weiland
Clif Bar                       Laurel Foundation                                                     Cynthia Kendall
                                                                  $10,000-$49,999                                                  Kenneth Rogers                 Robert Beck                Stephen Winter
Odwalla                                                                                              Connie O’Connor               Suzanne Baird                  Linda Buchanan             Donald Koss
Marshall Arts                   $10,000-$49,999                  Susan Grau                          Georgette Victor              Kim Bates                      Sandra Carrier             Stefeni M. Luman
Big 4 Party                                                      Pat Callahan                        Meredith Standiford
                               Sheila Head                                                                                         Sheila Bigelow                 Diana Cherry               LaVonne Reschke
Fetch! Pet Care                                                  Barbara and David Beasley           Shelly and Rocky Barbanica    Raymond Brand                  Vicki Cornish              Crystil Turner
Fog City Dogs                                                    Bert L. Hatton                      Lisa Kossiver
                                UP TO $9,999                     Alice K. Robinson
                                                                                                                                   Lisa Burkett                   Barbara Dallenbach         Marisa M. Brownfield
                                                                                                     Doug Abrams                   Peggy Burks                    Rudolph Demay              Shannon Mcleland
 2010 RUN fOR TH               Chad Carlson and Ed                                                   Kathryn Arnold                Dave Cale                      Shirley Ensor              Carol O’Brien
                                   Westerman                      $1,000-$9,999                      Kate Ashley                   Daphne Carlson Bremer          Corinne Eustice            Marilyn Arnest
Wells Fargo                    Karen Johnson-McKewan and                                             George Bono
ArchRival Sports                                                 Mara Kerr and Mark DiOrio                                         Dan Cavallo                    Gabriel Fields             Megan Boynton
                                   Tom McKewan                                                       Michel Boynton                Linda and Tim Curtis           Maureen Flannery           Stephanie Burnett
Bacchus & Venus Wine Tasting                                     The Robert S. and Grayce B.
                               Cecily Majerus                                                        Carol and David Cislowski     Marci Davis                    Elsie M. Fletcher          Robyn Carmel
Sol Food                                                            Kerr Foundation, Inc.
                               Jean and Phillip Warren                                               Shirley Llanos-Clayton and    Patrick Foo                    Roy Fuller                 Linda S. Catlin
Escape from Paris Jewelry                                        Paul M. Hazen
                               Mary P. Maurer                                                            Scott G. Clayton          Jonathan Fox                   Kelly Gagliardi            Lauren De Maio
AXA Advisors, LLC                                                Beth Inadomi and Tim Newell
                               Scott Hayes                                                           Alec Cohen                    Diane Gabriel                  Richard Gagnon             John L. Hoffman
Mill Valley Insurance                                            Glen Mathison and Zoel
                               J. Johnson                                                            Kathleen M. Colegrove         Chris Gabriele                 Denise Garrett             Maxine Saunders
Irving William Bernstein                                            Fages
                               Stephen Simpkin                                                       Suzanne H. Colwell            Denise J. Greig                Ann Glascock-Ryan          Carol Schaffer
    Accounting                                                   A & B Foundation
                               Tanja Gabrovsek                                                       David Cottingham              Sarah Grier                    Leeroy J. Gutierrez        Joe W. Swierkosz
Saylors Restaurant & Bar                                         Chad Carlson and Ed
                               Catherine L. Lau                                                      Louise Courpet                Valerie Guarin                 Caroline Hansen            Annabelle Travis
Sea Trek                                                            Westerman
                               Katherine H. Blackwell                                                Barbara Cronick               Helen Hamada                   Ruhiyyih Hansen            Dale Alison Anania
                                                                 Cecily Majerus
                               Elizabeth M. Bloom                                                    Michael Declerck                                                                        ..........

Financial Summary
                                                                                     Statement of financial Position
Statement of Activities                                                              as of September 30, 2010
for the year ended September 30, 2010

OPERATiNG SuPPORT AND REVENuE                                                         Cash and cash equivalents                        $1,737,908

  Contributions from foundations,                      $5,405,359           76%       Contributions receivable                          1,581,253
  corporations, members and                                                           Investments                                       1,662,428
                                                                                      Inventories                                         180,932
  Education program fees and                              762,450           11%
                                                                                      Structures and equipment                         28,936,536
  retail revenue
                                                                                      Deposits and prepaid expenses                        114,615
  Donated materials and services                          426,905               6%
                                                                                      Total Assets                                   $34,213,672
  Government support                                      252,089               4%
  Other revenue                                            244,117              3%
  Total Operating Support and                          $7,090,920         100%
  Revenue                                                                             Accounts payable and accrued                     $1,139,007
                                                                                      Notes payable                                     2,600,000
                                                                                      Total Liabilities                                $3,739,007

                                                                                     NET ASSETS
                                                                                      Unrestricted                                   $29,044,312
  Veterinary science programs                         $3,878,655            54%
                                                                                      Temporarily restricted                              810,341
  Educational programs                                  1,895,683           26%
                                                                                      Permanently restricted                              620,012
  Fundraising                                             763,642           11%
                                                                                      Total Net Assets                               $30,474,665
  Supporting services                                     682,883               9%
                                                                                      Total Liabilities and Net Assets               $34,213,672
  Total Program & Operating                            $7,220,863         100%
  Expenses (1)
  Change in Net Assets                                 $(129,943)
                                                                                                       Audited financial statements for the year ended
(1) Total Expenses include $1,210,253 of depreciation, primarily from the new             September 30, 2010, prepared by Louie & Wong, are available
Sausalito facility.                                                                             at The Marine Mammal Center’s administrative offices,
                                                                                                 Chief financial and Operations Officer, 415-289-7336.


Pat Callahan                                                DIReCTORS eMeRITI
  Executive Vice President and Head of the Office
  of Transition, Wells Fargo Bank                           Mary Bachman
                                                            Nancy Colvert
Chad Carlson                                                Dennis DeDomenico
  Senior Director, Global Advertising NAS Online            Jerry Gibbons
  Demand Generation & Global Agency Management              Rev. Douglas Huneke
  Oracle Corporation                                        Joseph Rogers
Richard Cassam                                              Peter Stauffer
   Trustee, Del Monte Forest Property Owner’s Association   Beverley Tanner
                                                            Robert Wilson
Elaine Genevro                                              Sheldon Wolfe
   Senior Vice President, Market President, Union Bank
Susan Grau                                                  exeCUTIVe DIReCTOR eMeRITUS
  Civic Leader
Betty Hasler (Board Secretary)                              Peigin Barrett
  Partner, Hodge Niederer Cariani Lindsay LLC
Sheila Head                                                 exeCUTIVe DIReCTOR
                                                            Jeff Boehm
Beth Inadomi
  Principal, The Podesta Group
Karen Johnson-McKewan (Board Chair)
  Managing Partner, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP
Michael Kleeman                                             SCIeNTIfIC ADVISORS
  Entrepreneur/Lecturer, UC San Diego
Catherine Kruttschnitt                                                                                                2000 Bunker Road
                                                            Sarah Allen, Ph.D.
  Civic Leader
                                                              National Park Service, Point Reyes National Seashore    fort Cronkhite
Merrill L. Magowan
                                                            James Harvey, Ph.D.                                       Sausalito, CA 94965-2619
  Co-Founder, San Francisco Sentry Investment Group
                                                              Moss Landing Marine Laboratories                        T 415.289.7325 (SEAL)
Cecily Majerus
  Civic Leader
                                                            Dave Jessup, BS, DVM, MPVM, DiplACZM                      f 415.289.7333
                                                              Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center,    www.MarineMammalCenter.org
Glen Mathison                                                 California Department of Fish and Game
  Vice President, Employee Communications
                                                            Linda Lowenstine, DVM, Ph.D., ACVP
  Charles Schwab & Company, Inc.
                                                               Department of Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology &     Monterey Bay:
Mark McKee (Board Vice Chair)                                  Immunology, University of California, Davis
 President, Capital Alternatives                                                                                      PO Box 778, Moss Landing, CA 95039
                                                            Hal Markowitz, Ph.D.                                      T 831.633.6298 • f 831.633.5927
Martin Richards                                               Department of Biology, San Francisco State University
 Commerical Banking Executive and San Francisco
                                                            Jim McBain, DVM                                           San Luis Obispo:
 Market President, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
                                                               Veterinary Office, Sea World of California             1385 Main St., Morro Bay, CA 93442
Gina Sanfilippo (Volunteer Council Representative)
                                                            Tom Williams, DVM                                         T 805.771.8300 • f 805.771.8304
John Simon                                                    Monterey Bay Aquarium
  Senior Vice President Human Resources, PG&E
                                                                                                                      Anchor Bay-fort Bragg:
Sandor Straus (Board Treasurer)                                                                                       T 415.289.SEAL
  Managing Director, Merfin, LLC 
                                                                    The Marine Mammal Center is a proud partner
Phil Warren
                                                                    of the Golden Gate National Parks
  Civic Leader
                                                            Our park partners http://bit.ly/f2mWa3                    Photos: Marie DeStefanis, Stan Jensen, Dina Warren,
                                                                                                                      The Marine Mammal Center archives. Design: Monica DuClaud

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