; 19th Annual Meeting
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19th Annual Meeting

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									                         19th Annual Meeting

                    The College of Notre Dame
                            Doyle Hall
                     4701 North Charles Street
                    Baltimore, Maryland 21210

A Prayer for Orthodox Christian Unity first recited by the Canonical Orthodox
Bishops of North America meeting in Ligonier, PA on November 30 –
December 2, 1994.

Lord, Jesus Christ our God, we thank you for the holy Church in North America,
which you have gathered from the native peoples here and from our forebears in
all nations.

As our fathers in God gather in holy council, we ask you, as the Lord of Hosts
and Prince of Peace, who made your angels spirits and your ministers a flaming
fire, and who spoke to Elijah in a still small voice, to purify and sanctify our
souls and bodies, so that we, their spiritual children, may walk with them in the
way of your commandments.

Guide them in due season into one, holy and apostolic Synod, so that with one
heart we may give thanks, with one mind we may confess, and with one voice
we may proclaim, your sublime and majestic name; together with your Father
without beginning, and your all-holy, good, and life-creating Spirit, now and
ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.
      Orthodox Christian Laity
           Patron Saints
St. Symeon the New Theologian:
Forerunner of Orthodox Renewal feast October 12

Dismissal Hymn of St. Symeon the New Theologian
Having received the divine radiance in your sol, Father Simeon, you showed your
self a most brilliant luminary in the world. You scattered it’s dark madness and
convinced all men to seek what they lost, the grace of the Holy Spirit. Beseech
Christ our God that He may grant unto us His great mercy.

St. Photini:
Commemorated February 26

Dismissal Hymn of St. Photini
All illumined by the Holy Spirit you did drink with great and ardent longing of
the waters which Christ our Savior gave unto you, and with the streams of
salvation were you refreshed, which you abundantly gave to those who were athirst,
O Great Martyr and true peer of Apostles, Photini, beseech Christ our God that
He may grant unto us His great mercy.

                   OCL Past Presidents (1987 – 2006)
                          James Koulogeorge
                          George D. Karcazes
               Soterious Tsoutsoura (of Blessed Memory)
                           Nicholas Karakas
                          George Matsoukas
                          George Coupounas
                             Alice Kopan
                             Peter Haikalis
                             Lee Kopulos

                 They are truly WORTHY!
                God grant them many years.

Orthodox Christian Laity is grateful for the advice and consent
it receives from the outstanding hierarchy and clergy who serve
and served on its advisory board. We are grateful to them for
helping the OCL Board reach decisions based on the exchange
of ideas guided by the Christian principles of speaking truth in
1. Archbishop Nathaniel Popp was consecrated a bishop 26 years ago on
   November 15, 1980. He was elevated to serve as ruling Bishop of the
   Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America in 1984. He is truly
   worthy and may God grant him many years.
2. Very Reverend Father Peter E Gillquist, Director of Mission and
   Evangelism Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North
   America. He is always willing to be a speaker at the OCL Forums. His
   message is powerful.
3. Very Reverend Father Thomas Hopko, whose travel schedule is
   grueling. Presently he is in Paris delivering a series of lectures. He is
   always available to the board via telephone
4. Very Reverend Father Michael Massouh of St. Nicholas Orthodox
   Church, St. Petersburg, Florida. He is still adjusting to his new
5. Very Reverend Father Gordon Thomas Walker, Coordinator of New
   Church Development within the Department of Missions and
   Evangelism, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North
   America. Father Walker is a popular speaker at OCL Forums.
6. Very Reverend Father Steven Vlahos of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox
   Church, Wildwood, New Jersey. Fr. Steven has served the advisory
   board for 19 years and continues to share his love, vision, insights and
   perspective with the OCL board.

Former clergy board members include Father Demetrios Kavadas and Rev.
Archimandrite Eusebius Stephanou, Director St. Symeon the New
Theologian Orthodox Renewal Center, Destin, Florida.
Since its founding, Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL), in conjunction
with its quarterly and annual meetings, has sponsored Open Forums
bringing together outstanding Orthodox Christian hierarchs, clergy
and laymen to consider the imperative of administrative unity of the
Orthodox Church in North America, critical issues of Church
governance and other topics vital to the Church.
Welcome to the 19th annual meeting of the Orthodox Christian Laity
(OCL) and its open Forum on “THE PRESENT STATE AND
We thank you for attending our Forum which features a number of
eminent and dynamic speakers, all Orthodox Christians, with each
offering his own unique insights and perspectives on our Church’s
present and future role in our society and the entire world. In
particular we are blessed to have as our keynote speaker, His
Eminence, Archbishop LAZAR, an internationally renowned
Orthodox theologian, author and speaker. The participation of
Archbishop Lazar in this Forum provides an excellent opportunity
for Orthodox Christians and others to hear, learn and interact with
this outstanding teacher. We hope that you will find your attendance
to be an exciting, inspirational and educational experience.
OCL promotes the ancient and historic role of the laity as an active
and integral participant, along with the hierarchy and the clergy, in
the conciliar governing process of the Church. Such a synergy
provides good order and balance in matters of Church governance
and enables the Church to proclaim the Good News to all.
OCL has adopted as its mission the advocacy and facilitation of the
coming together of all Orthodox Christians in North America into
one Orthodox Church. OCL believes that the good order of the
Church in North America mandates the administrative unity of all

Evan Alevizatos Chriss & Cal Oren,

   Orthodox Christian Laity
        An Overview
  George Matsoukas, October, 2006
         Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) was established in 1987 as a
non profit educational association of Orthodox Christians to provide the
laity with an independent voice to express their concerns about
transparency and accountability in the governance of the Church. OCL
has adopted as its mission the advocacy and facilitation of the coming
together of all Orthodox Christians in North America into one united
Orthodox Church and education of Orthodox Christian laypersons about
their historic and canonical role in the life of the Church.
        OCL advocates the independent voice of the laity as an integral
part of the conciliar governing process of the Church, working in
prayerful synergy with the hierarchy and clergy to maintain good order
and in accordance with the canons of the Church.
        Peter Marudas, a founding board member has observed that the
emergence of OCL as an independent organization formed to restore the
proper role of the laity in the life of the Orthodox Church and to promote
canonical unity among the various independent jurisdictions in North
America is an unprecedented development in the history of the Orthodox
Church in North America and possibly in world wide Orthodoxy.
         OCL further believes that the good order of the Orthodox Church
in America requires the administrative unity of all jurisdictions and that
the Synod of the Church needs to be the Assembly of all canonical
bishops. In 1998 at the 11th Annual Meeting Los Angeles, OCL adopted
a resolution for autocephaly and has worked continuously to educate
Orthodox Christians in North America about the need for administrative
unity within the one Orthodox Church of which we are all members.
OCL’S 16th Annual Meeting held in Cleveland in 2003 with the theme of
“The Orthodox Christian Ministries Networking Conference” made that
reality very clear.
        The members of OCL are prayerful. dedicated and devout
Orthodox Christians from all jurisdictions who are regular participants
in the sacramental life of the Church and involved in the life of their
parishes as stewards, councilors, choir members, Sunday School
teachers, cantors, organizers, leaders and workers , in parish ministries
and special events,. They provide substantial financial support for the
organization and attend all OCL meetings at their own expense.
        The educational work of OCL includes the publishing of books,
newsletters and Occasional Papers on worthy topics, hosting educational
forums     and   providing    two     outstanding     web     sites    --
:www.orthodoxnews.com and www.ocl.org where news                    about
contemporary world-wide Orthodoxy are published. In early 2006
DePaul University in Chicago agreed to house, sort and catalog the many
volumes of OCL papers and to establish an official OCL archive.
         OCL has supported numerous special projects including the re-
publication of the historic book “Toward an American Orthodox
Church” by Alexander Bogolepov and the 1993 milestone publication of
“Project for Orthodox Renewal.” OCL has provided a monetary grant to
the outreach and mission work of the Annapolis Campus Ministry. It
offers scholarships to Orthodox college students to attend the Winter
Program of the Orthodox Christian Fellowship. At substantial expense,
OCL has kept the Proceedings and the Protocols of the 1994 Conference
of Orthodox Bishops in Ligonier, Pennsylvania in the consciousness of
the faithful by distributing hundreds of copies of the conference’s video
tape and the publication “A New Era Begins.” The theme of OCL’S 17th
Annual Meeting in Chicago in 2004 was “Celebrating the 10th
Anniversary of the Intention of Ligonier”.
        During the past 19 years, in conjunction with its quarterly and
annual meetings, OCL has held Open Forums bringing together
outstanding Orthodox Christian hierarchs, clergy and layman to consider
and discuss the imperative of administrative Unity of the Orthodox
Church in North America, critical issues related to Church governance
and other topics vital to the life of the Church.
        Since its founding, Officers and Directors of OCL have been
received by and met with Patriarchs of Constantinople and Antioch and
exchanged views on the state of our revered Orthodox Church. . They
have also been received by and       met with many Hierarchs of the
multiple jurisdictions in North America to share views on issues of
governance and unity.
        In November1989 soon after the founding of OCL The Word, the
Official publication of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese
reported “A group of Geek laymen…organized the Orthodox Christian

Laity –identified in its literature as a spontaneous grassroots reform
movement….. If it survives, a new dimension may be added to Orthodox
Church life in America.”
         His Eminence, Archbishop Iakovos of Blessed Memory, on
November 12, 1989 on the occasion of the 2nd Annual Meeting of OCL
at the Church of Our Savior said “I would like to thank the members of
the religious movement known as Orthodox Christian Laymen
{Laity}…for their genuine eagerness to assist the Church in its painful
labors to lead our people to a better and clearer understanding of our
place and role within the Church. At the same time, however, I would
like to call their attention, as well as the attention of all, to the very
serious problems we face which call us to delve into the depths of these
problems, which are spiritual in essence, and set up a list of new
priorities in our daily Christian life and preoccupation if we are truly
and sincerely concerned with the upgrading of the level of our modern
Greek Orthodox ecclesiology and religious life style.”
        On the occasion of the 12th Annual Meeting of OCL, November
11-14, 1998 in Berkley, California, His All Holiness, Patriarch
Bartholomew, wrote…”We hasten with this Patriarchal Letter to
congratulate all of you for your zeal and uninterrupted concern for the
good of the entire Orthodox Church. We extend to you and all the
beloved members of the OCL our wholehearted paternal and patriarchal
blessing as you continue to serve the Church in the United states of
America with love and dedication, putting her first and keeping the Body
of Christ spotless, blameless, and protected from the fiery darts of the
        His Beatitude, Metropolitan Herman, Archbishop of Washington
and New York, Metropolitan of All America and Canada wrote on
October 25, 2002 on the occasion of the 15th Annual Meeting …”I wish
to extend my sincere best wishes and the assurance of my prayers to your
and the membership of Orthodox Christian Laity ….It is my sincere hope
that your common prayer, your meetings and deliberations and your
gathering in Christian fellowship will serve to further the vision and goal
of Church unity shared by so many Orthodox Christian throughout North

                                     OCL BUDGETED EXPENSES-2005

                        Computers/ Internet/ Web
            MEETINGS; Board/ Regional/
                      6%                                                            OTHERS;
          OFFICE; Contract Labor,/                                            Insurance/Legal/Credit
             Phone/ Supplies                                                        Card/Misc.
                   8%                                                                 30%

          Labor/ Travel/

                                                       Promotional Mat'l,/ Adv./
                                                         Postal/ Mailing/ PR

                                      OCL BUDGETED INCOME-2005

                        Meetings; Annual & Regional,
                    Angel Fund, 10.70%,

                                                                                       Pledges/ Unity Drive, , 43.6%
     Dues/ Board Member
      Support, 19.60%,

                   Grants/ Legal Fund Drive/
                 Interest/ Book Sales, 23.60%,

Thanks to Mr. George Aravosis for preparing
     this helpful graphic presentation.

  Summary of the Internal
  Control Systems Review
An internal Control Systems Review for 2005 was conducted and
completed January 17, 2006 by Aris Mitchell Accounting & Tax
Consulting: Certified Public Accountants and Management
Consultants Chicago, Illinois. The review report states:

To the Board of Directors
Orthodox Christian Laity

We have reviewed the Internal Control Systems of
Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services
issued by the American Institute of Certified Public

A review consists principally of inquiries of Company personnel
and analytical procedures. It is substantially less in scope than
an audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing
standards, the objective of which is the expression of an
opinion regarding the financial statements taken as a whole.
Accordingly, we do not express such an opinion.

Based on our review, we are not aware of any material
modifications that should be made to the Internal Control

The Accounting Firm made a number of recommendations that will
improve our present system and these are being implemented.

 The Present State and Future of
  Orthodoxy in North America
 When:  Saturday, November 4, 2006
 Where: Doyle Hall – The College of Notre Dame
                 4701 North Charles Street
                 Baltimore, MD 21210
 Time:           8:30 am – 3:00 pm

 8:30 - 9:30     Registration and Continental Breakfast
 9:30 - 12:00    Keynote Speaker: Archbishop LAZAR
 12:00 - 1:00    Lunch
 1:00 - 3:00     Continuation of Program

Archbishop LAZAR (Puhalo)
Retired Archbishop of Ottawa, Canada, and
Abbot of the All American Saints
Monastery, British Columbia, Canada. His
Eminence, Archbishop LAZAR is a
hierarch of the Orthodox Church in
America. He is a highly-respected Canadian
Orthodox hesychastic theologian whose
writings clearly reflect both the spirit and
approach of St. Gregory Palamas and St.
Symeon, the New Theologian, one of the
Patron Saints of OCL. Archbishop Lazar is
a founder of The Institute for Canadian Orthodox Studies and the
Nemanjic Institute for Serbo-Byzantine Studies, and the acclaimed
author of numerous books, monographs and articles.


Fr. Peter Gillquist,
Evangelist, Author
                Crucial Steps to Orthodox Unity. Fr. Peter
                Gillquist is the Director, Dept. of Missions and
                Evangelism, Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of
                North America. Fr. Peter is the well-known author
                of Becoming Orthodox, the inspiring story of a
                group of evangelical Christians on a search for the
                Church of the New Testament who found it in the
Eastern Orthodox Church. Fr. Peter travels extensively helping
found new missions throughout North America, and is a popular
and engaging speaker.

Prof. Terry Mattingly,
Professor, Journalist, Blogger
                So What Do the Converts Want, Anyway?
                 That's the question that many veteran Orthodox
                 priests have asked speaker Terry Mattingly. It's
                 crucial to realize that converts want a lively,
                 traditional expression of the Orthodox faith in
                 America, not a watered-down Orthodox lite. Prof.
                 Mattingly is a national syndicated columnist whose
                 weekly column, "On Religion" is sent each week to
about 900 newspapers in North America. Mr.Mattingly currently
serves as director of the Washington Journalism Center at the
Council for Christian Colleges and Universities.

OTHER SPEAKERS (continued):

Subdeacon Robert Miclean,
Campus Minister
                  Orthodox Campus Ministry. Mr. Miclean is the
                  Director of the Annapolis Campus Ministry, a
                  cross-jurisdictional Orthodox outreach program
                  at St. John’s College and the US Naval Academy
                  in Annapolis, MD. This ministry is partially
                  funded by OCL.

Mr. Andrew Natsios,
Diplomat, Administrator, Educator
                  Working with the Orthodox Church.              An
                   Orthodox Christian layman, Mr. Natsios will
                   share from his experiences working with
                   Hierarchs and church administrators in various
                   indigenous Orthodox jurisdictions around the
                   world in the course of his career in humanitarian
                   work. Andrew Natsios is Distinguished Professor
                   in the Practice of Diplomacy, Georgetown
University School of Foreign Service; former Administrator of
USAID; former Vice President of World Vision; and newly
appointed as the President's Special Envoy to Sudan.

Mr. Peter Marudas,
Journalist, Commentator
The Ecumenical Patriarchate and Orthodox Unity in America.
Peter Marudas served for many years as administrative assistant to
several Baltimore mayors and to Senator Paul Sarbanes. Mr.
Marudas’s essay “New Strategy Needed to Save Endangered
Ecumenical Patriarchate” will be distributed at the Forum.

 The Orthodox Christian Laity Angels

        Welcome to our Nineteenth Annual Meeting and
Conference! In addition to the annual business meeting and
program conference, we take this opportunity to reach out to our
members and friends and ask for support for our Annual “Angel”
fund raiser. The proceeds assist OCL in fulfilling its mission and
goals, including advocating the voice of the laity be heard in
matters of concern to the life of the church, expressing ideas on
renewal, administrative reform and jurisdictional unity in the Holy
Orthodox Church in America. Together with the hierarchy, clergy
and laity we move ahead in these areas of church life.
        To the following contributors, we offer gratitude and
sincere appreciation for the assistance rendered toward making our
Angel Drive a fiscal success. Your support and confidence inspires
us to keep going in our efforts to fulfill our mission of
strengthening the role of the laity in the life of the Church and
renewal of the Apostolic Lay Ministry. Thank You!

               Contributions received by October 20, 2006

           The Seraphin
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Andrikopoulos - Cheyenne, WY
    Mr. & Mrs. George Aravosis - Elmhurst, IL
       Mr. Hercules Barberis - Pikesville, MD
     Mr. & Mrs. George Boozalis - Victoria, TX
    Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Carris - Ft. Salonga, NY
      Mr. & Mrs. Evan Chriss - Towson, MD
         Mr. Gary Conrad - Scottsdale, AZ
   Mr. & Mrs. Abert Foundos - Muttontown, NY
        Ms. Argo Georgandis - Houston, TX
     Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gerich - San Gabriel, CA
      Dr. & Mrs. Peter Haikalis - Berkeley, CA
         Mr. Frank Kamberos - Smokie, Il
    Mr. & Mrs. George Kappos - Gulf Port, FL
     Mr. & Mrs. Nick Karakas - St. Louis, MO
     Mr. & Mrs. George Karcazes - Chicago, IL
     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Karras - Berwyn, PA
  Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Kartalis - Beachwood, OH
 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kasmer - Lawernceville, NJ
         Mr. Peter Katsinas - St. Louis, MO
      Mrs. Alice O. Kopan - River Forest, IL
     Ms. Emily Koulogeorge - Northbrook, IL
 Mr. & Mrs. James Koulogeorge - Northbrook, IL
      Mr. George M. Marcus - Palo Alto, CA
    Mr. & Mrs. Peter Marudas - Baltimore, MD
         Mr. Steve Moskos - Charleston, SC
    Mr. Constantine Pappas - Framingham, MA
  Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Pappas - Wilmington, DE

The Seraphin (continued)
   Mr. & Mrs. Spiro Pappas - Houston, TX
       Mr. Peter Petkas - Houston, TX
    Mr. Robert Gary Pond - Houston, TX
 Mr.& Mrs. George Pontikes - Evanston, IL
      Ms. Teva Regule - Brookline, MA
 Mr. & Mrs. Harry Spell - Minneapolis, MN
 Mrs. Constance Sumas - North Caldwell, NJ
Mr. & Mrs. G. Harold Tseklenis - Downey, CA
  Mr. & Mrs. Chris Xeros - Richardson, TX

        The Cherubim
  Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Coin - Rock Island, IL
  Dr. & Mrs. Angelo Creticos - Wilmette, IL
   Mr. John Mavroides - Okeechobee, FL

       The Archangels
  Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Coin - Rock Island, IL
 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kales - Ann Arbor, MI
      Ms. Mary Katchis - Scarsdale, NY
       Ms. Mary Livadas - Jupiter, FL
     Mr. James Morakis - New York, NY
    Mrs. Frances Palmer - Northbrook, IL
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Poulos - St. Petersburg, FL
     Mr. James A. Regas - Oak Brook, IL
        Mr. John B. Spanos - Erie, PA
    Mr. Leonard Zangas - Manhasset, NY

               The Angels
         Mr. Charles Alatis - Cleveland, OH
       Col. George Anthony - Vancouver, WA
       Mr. & Mrs. Paul Benos - Lancaster, PA
         Mr. John J. Chiakulas - Chicago, IL
     Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Chriss - Baltimore, MD
        Mr. Nicholas Clekis - Charleston, SC
      Mr. & Mrs. George Coin - Bettendorf, IA
     Mrs. Penelope Constantine - Riverdale, NY
    Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Cotsidas - Carlsbad, CA
     Dr. & Mrs. George Dalianis - Park Ridge, Il
       Mr. John C. Dimitrakis - Dedham, MA
       Mr. Bob Donus - Rockville Center, NY
      Mr. & Mrs. L. Eakins - Minneapolis, MN
          Ms. Eva Fedash - Jersey City, NJ
         Mr. Fotios Ganias - Worcester, MA
        Ms. Kathy C. Hoff - Shoreview, MN
        Mr. Daniel Hubiak, Ocean Pines, MD.
       Mr. Harold N. Kallis - Grand Blanc, MI
             Mr. & Mrs. Chris Kalogeras
   Mr. George A. Karaganis - The Woodlands, TX
   Mr. & Mrs. George Karampas - Cincinnati, OH
      Mr. Nicholas Kayganich - Dearborn, MI
    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Klimenko - Honolulu, HI
     Mr. & Mrs. Nick Lianos - Morton Grove, Il
Dr. & Mrs. William Maniatis - Greenwood Village, CO
 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Martin - Manhattan Beach, CA
    Mr. George Matsoukas - West Palm Beach, FL
     Mr. & Mrs. Alex Mekedis - Gates Mills, OH
    Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Milliones - Charlotte, NC
  Mr. & Mrs. James Murdakes - Bloomington, MN

  The Angels (continued)
 Mr. & Mrs. E. Nick Neckopulos - Rio Verde, AZ
 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Paleologos - Silver Spring, MD
    Mr. & Mrs. John D. Pappas - Monrovia, CA
       Mr. George Passes - Haddonfield, NJ
      Mr. Nicholas G. Petite - Towson, MD
  Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Preovolos - La Mesa, CA
   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Skarpelos - San Jose, CA
   Mr. & Mrs. John Stergiou - Manchester, NH
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Theokas - North Brunswick, NJ
    Mrs. Dianne N. Thodos - Washington, D.C.
       Mr. M.P. Vasilakes - Lakewood, OH
      Rev. Steven J. Vlahos - Cherry Hill, NJ
         Mr. Gus Wonais - Naperville, FL
      Ms. Mary P. Woodcock - Godfrey, IL
   Mr. & Mrs. Xenophon Zapis - Westlake, OH

      The Angel Helpers
    Mr. & Mrs. Arthur A. Abig - Millburn, NJ
    Mr. & Mrs. Dean Ananias - Downey, CA
  Mr. & Mrs. James Andreadis - Huntington, NY
       Ms. Sia Athanasas - Westchester, IL
  Mr. & Mrs. Gus J Athas - Downers Grove, IL
        Mr. James Barlas - Middleton, MA
       Ms. Artemis Berbatis - Sarasota, FL
      Mr. Nicholas Byron - Edwardsville, IL
        Rev. John Cassar - Rocky Hill, NJ

The Angel Helpers (continued)
         Mr. James Chrones - Glenview, Il
       Mr. Theodore Corsones - Naples, FL
  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coustenis - Hockessin, DE
       Ms. Dora Daley - Mechanicville, NY
       Mr. Andrew Dimitriou - Mokena, IL
      Mr. Nicholas Dovekas - Des Plaines, IL
     Mr. Sophocles Frangakis, Henderson, NV
      Ms. Helen K. Gallanis - Kenilworth, IL
  Mr. & Mrs. N.P. Geannopoulos - Glenview, IL
        Ms. Bess V. Glastris - Ballwin, MO
       Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gori - Carver, MA
          Mr. William Kafoglis - Katy, TX
     Mr. & Mrs. John Katsenes - Phoenix, AZ
  Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Kiladis - Perry hall, MD
  Mr. & Mrs. Steve Koulogeorge - Northbrook, IL
       Dr. George Kourvetaris - DeKalb, IL
          Mr. Chris Kouvelis - Dallas, TX
        Mr. Paul J. Kutscera - Bayside, NY
  Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Lakis - Cambridge, MA
     Mrs. M.M. Lazarou - Bloomfield Hills, MI
      Mr. Nicholas A. Lyras - Rye Brook, NY
      Mrs. Mary Manolakis - Wilmington, DE
     Mr. & Mrs. Steven Manos - Westfield, NJ
     Mr. Charles Markan - Southborough, MA
    Mrs. Aspasia Matsoukas - Lake Worth, FL

The Angel Helpers (continued)
   Mr. & Mrs. Robert McCormick - Oakland, CA
       Dr. & Mrs. Michael Melas - Albany, NY
      Ms. Annette Milkovich - Hackensack, NJ
      Ms. Artemis Nicholas - Youngstown, OH
                 Ms. Joanne Nikides
        Deacon David Oancea - Jackson, MI
  Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Panagiotis - Narragansett, RI
    Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Panoplos - Chicago, IL
         Mr. George Pappas - Ottsville, PA
      Mr. & Mrs. Emile Pappas - Houston, TX
      Mr. & Mrs. James Pappas - Harwich, MA
          Mr. Frank Petrakis - Reading, PA
  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Pontikos - Broadview heights, OH
           Mr. J.J. Pritten - Carlsbad, CA
  Mr. & Mrs. Themistocles Rodis - Lakewood, OH
       Mr. Nicholas Royce - Valley Village, CA
          Ms. Georgia Saros - Denver, CO
         Mr. Sam P. Stamatis - Glenview, IL
     Mr. & Mrs. Gus Stefanadis - Clearwater, FL
     Mr. & Mrs. John Stergiou - Manchester, NH
      Mr. & Mrs. John Strouzas - Oakland, CA
    Mr. & Mrs. Henry Thompson - Chatham, NJ
       Ms. Mary V. Thompson - Chatham, NJ
         Dr. John C. Trakas - Brookline, MA
         Mr. James Tzakis - Vernon Hills, IL

Annual Meeting Topics 1989-2005
     and featured Speakers
  Another Overview of the Concerns of OCL

First Annual Meeting Chicago January 14, 1989 at the historic church of
St George in Chicago… guests Rev. Christos Vagias and Rev George
Scoulas. Presiding Officer President James A. Koulogeorge, founding
president of OCL. By laws ratified, The Forum Publication established.
This was an organizational meeting.

Second Annual Meeting June 5, 1989 Rye, New York with Archbishop
Iakovos and Fr and Presbytera Baglaneas. Town Hilton Hotel Nov 10-11,
1989. A Conversation with Archbishop Iakovos.

Third Annual Meeting November 9-11, 1990         Chicago, Illinois Theme
“Together We Care” at the Inn at University Village and Saint Basil Greek
Orthodox Church. Featured speakers Rev. Leonid Kishkovsky, Hon Paul
Tsongas, Rev. Dr. Dimitrios Constantelos.

Fourth      Annual Meeting October 25-27, 1991 Baltimore, Maryland:
Workshop on topics included in Project for Orthodox Renewal:
Administration and Accountability; Faith Language and Culture; Mission
and Outreach; Orthodox Unity; Selection of the Hierarchy; Spiritual
Renewal and Women’s Role in the Church. Keynote Speaker was Anthnoy
Ugolnik. His topic was Orthodoxy: A New World Vision. Dr. Daniel
Shahas spoke on the “Theological Foundation of the Role of the Laity in
the Church.” Reception hosted at the Walter Gallery. Senator Sarbanes
and Rep Helen Delich Bentley 2nd Congressional District Maryland

Fifth    Annual Meeting “Orthodoxy: Rediscovery and Renewal”
Frontenac Grand Hotel, St. Louis Missouri, October 23-24, 1992 emphasis
on Orthodox Unity and Orthodox Challenges. Speakers included Fr.
Eusebius Stephanou, Th.D.on Proclaiming the Truth of Orthodox
Renewal, Fr. Steven Vlahos on How Should the Church Address Interfaith
Marriage? and Dr. Paul Meyendorff on Liturgy: Work and the Laity. Three
workshops were conducted including Fr. William Gaines Orthodoxy and

Young Adults, Pauline Sarantopoulos Orthodox Religious Education and
Matushka Ellen Gvosdev on Women in the Church. .

Sixth Annual Meeting: October 29-31, 1993 Park Central Hotel, New
York, Theme “A Call to Unity: One Christ, One People,” Fr. Thomas
Hopko, Dr. Thomas Klocek, Dr. Andrew Kopan, and Dr. Alice Scourby
were presenters.

Seventh Annual Meeting Oct 28, 29, 30, 1994 Skokie, Illinois
“Embracing our Spiritual Identity” Workshops on the topics of the
OCL Project for Orthodox Renewal. Keynote speaker was Demetria
Velisarios Jacquet. Others included Fr. James Doyle, Fr. William Caldaroni,
Fr. Joel McEachen.

Eighth     Annual Meeting November 17-19, 1995 Tremont Plaza Hotel
Baltimore, Maryland “Orthodox Unity in the Americas.” Keynote
speaker was Bishop Nicholas of Amissos on Unity the Gift from God. Fr.
John Garvy St Nicholas Church in Jamaica Estates moderated the forum:
What Unites Us, What Divides Us? Panelists included Dr. Efthalia
Makris Walsh, Despina D. Prassas and Nicholas Balamaci. Bishop
Nikiphoros of Constatine also spoke on the conditions of the Church in the
Holy Land. Afternoon session “Orthodoxy in Action” included Fr. Steven
Vlahos, Fr Leon Pachis, Alexander Rondos and Fr. Milton Gianulis.

Ninth Annual Meeting October 11-13 1996 Sarasota, Florida
“Transition, Renewal: One Faith, One Church. Keynote Speaker was
His Grace Bishop Iacovos of Catania, administrator of the Diocese of
Atlanta. Title of his address was On the Historical Jesus.
Other speakers included: Frank Schaeffer, “Renewing Orthodoxy:
Rediscovering the Foundations of our Orthodox Faith,” Dr. Helen
Theodoropoulos spoke on the life of St Symeon the New Theologian, Dr
Nicholas Gvosdev on The Phanar Project, Sophia Stefanadis eloquently
spoke on “Reaching our Young People.” Dr James Oliver vice president
for Institutional and Program Planning at St Petersburg Junior College
conducted an administrative workshop.

Tenth Annual Meeting: November 14-16 , 1997      The Harvard Club and
The Maliotis Cultural Center at Hellenic College/Holy Cross School of
Theology Boston, MA, Theme “The American Church and the
Ecumenical Patriarchate,” Charles T. Lelon, John Collis, Dr. James

Counelis, Rev Theodore Stylianopoulos, Dr. Ariseidies Papadakis, Dr.
Valerie Karras and George Matsoukas were presenters..

Eleventh       Annual Meeting. October 9-11, 1998 The Jonathan Club,
Los Angeles, CA , Theme: “Orthodoxy in the Next Millennium and the
Role of the Orthodox Christian Laity.” Stephen P. Angelides, George
D. Aravosis, George D. Coupounas, Dr. Peter Haikalis, John T. John, Rev.
Michel E. Najim, Rev. Steven J. Vlahos, Dr. Verna Harrison.

Twelfth Annual Meeting November 12,13, 14, 1999 Radisson Hotel,
Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, CA Theme “The Ethos and Identity of
American Orthodoxy: A Vision for the 21st Century Tour and Vesper
Services Athenagoras Orthodox Institute, Graduate Theological Union,
Berkeley, Keynote Dr. Robert Scott, “Developing the Qualities and Identity
of Spiritual Maturity in American Orthodoxy.”

Thirteenth Annual Meeting October 13, 14, 15, 2000 Doubletree
Hotel at Lincoln Center, Dallas, Texas “Individual Responsibility in the
Church,” Speakers on the topic included: Dr. Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Dr.
Valerie A. Karras, John Sallas, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel,
Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, Rev. Dn. Robert Schott, and
Greta Larson.

Fourteenth Annual Meeting October 20-21, 2001, Renaissance
Hotel Oak Brook, Illinois
Theme: “Orthodox Christian Diversity …and the Unity We Need.”
Peter Marudas, Dr. Elizabeth Prodromou, Dr. John Erickson, His
Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit, Primate Romanian Orthodox
Episcopate of America all contributed to the topic.

Fifteenth Annual Meeting, November 9, 2002 Westin Hotel, Detroit
Michigan and St Andrew House Center for Orthodox Christian Studies,
Theme: “Returning Home: Bringing or Youth Back to Orthodoxy”
Ann Salvador, students George Gallos and Larissa Galan, Archpriest Paul
Jannakos, Natalie M. Kapeluck, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel,
Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America.

Sixteenth Annual Meeting, Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key
Center, Cleveland, Ohio November 1, 2003 “The Orthodox Christian
Ministries Networking Conference.” Presenters included: Very Rev.
Anthony Scott, Executive Director of Stewardship Advocates, Gregory
Yova founder and director of Project Mexico, Very Rev. Leon A Pachis,
Director of Development Eastern Orthodox Foundation of Steel Valley-
Senior Caare and Healing, Renee Croitoru, Executive Director Treehouse,
Very Rev. Thomas Hopko, Very Rev. Peter Gillquest, Director of Missions
and Evangelism, Aniochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese, Paula
Kappos, Executive Director ZOE for Life, Ann Salvator, Outreach
Program Coordinator at St. Constantine and Helen Church, Cleveland. Eric
Namee, President Virginia H Farah Foundation and Brian Gerich
philanthropist and Rev. Scott discussed the need for the development of
private foundations to support Orthodox missions and other Orthodox
Christian needs.

Seventeenth Annual Meeting, Renaissance Oak Brook Hotel, Oak
Brook, Illinois October 30, 2004: “Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of
the Intention of Ligonier.” In addition to the video “A New Era Begins,”
His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit provided the participants
with his impressions of Ligonier. Very Rev Fr. Peter Gillquist discussed
“Evangelism and the Church at Ligonier and Now,” Dr. Valerie Karras
discussed “The Nature of the Orthodox Church” and Alexis Liberovsky,
Director/Archivist Office of History and Archives OCA presented
“Autocephaly of the OCA: How did it occur and what does it mean?”

Eighteenth         Annual Meeting Church of St John of Damascus,
Dedham MA October 8, 2005 “How to Do Pan-Orthodox Ministry
Successfully Orthodox Christians United: Building Up the Body of
Christ.” Keynote speakers included Very Rev. Gordon Thomas Walker, D.
Min Department of Mission and Evangelism Antiochian Archdiocese, New
Church Development and Dr. Robert Haddad, Sophia Smith Professor of
History and Professor of Religion Emeritus, Smith College. The work of
the Council of Eastern Orthodox Churches of Central Massachusetts was
discussed by Deborah Sedares and the St. Nina Quarterly: Publication of
Women’s Orthodox Ministries and Education Quarterly was presented by
Teva Regule. Very Rev. Peter Gillquist talked about Orthodox Christian
Fellowship: Campus Ministry.

OCL Publications
Series of Occasional Papers:
Transition, Renewal: ONE FAITH, ONE CHURCH Bishop Iacovos
of Catania, 1997.

The Theological Foundation of the Role of the Laity in the Church,
Daniel J. Sahas, Ph.D., University of Waterloo Ontario, Canada, 1997.

The Challenge of Outreach, Nikolas K. Gvosdev, Ph.D., 1997.

The American Church and the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Proceedings
of the Tenth Annual Meeting, Alice Kopan, Editor, 1998.

An Orthodox Christian Church in the United States: Unified and Self
Governed, Peter Haikalis, Ph.D., 2000.

Greek Philosophy and the Theology of the Greek Orthodox Church,
John Mavroides, Ph.D., 2006.

New Strategy Needed To Save Endangered Ecumenical Patriarchate,
Peter Marudas, 2006.

Project for Orthodox Renwewal: Seven Studies of Key Issues Facing
Orthodox Christians in America, Stephen J. Sfekas and George
E.Matsoukas, 1993, Light and Life Press.

For more information visit OCL on the web at
  www.ocl.org and www.orthodoxnews.com

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