The Channel Changer by dandanhuanghuang


									The Channel Changer

Based on an idea sent in by Hibah and Nadia of Herndon, VA

CAST:                                           PROPS/COSTUMES:
Person with Remote                              Remote control, play oven, a table, plate
Cook                                            of nachos, aerobic step, dumbbells,
Game Show Host                                  handkerchief, microphone with dollar
Aerobics Instructor                             signs on it. Costumes: Apron & chef's
Soap Opera Character number 1                   hat (for Cook); salesman jacket (for
Soap Opera Character number 2                   Game Show Host); workout clothes (for
News Anchor                                     Aerobics Instructor); suit (for News
Talk Show Host                                  Anchor).

SETTING: A television screen.

(The players line up across the stage and the Person with Remote sits in front, facing
them. The Person clicks the remote and the TV goes on. When it is time for a new
player to speak, the Person with Remote changes the channel and says click. Players
are frozen when not speaking. You could also make a cardboard TV with a hole cut in
front for the screen that characters could stand behind when they are "on TV." When
the channel changes, the next character could pop up.)

Talk Show Host:
GOOD morning out there. Today we bring you a...

...spicy little number called Nacho Surprise that will make your mouth...

News Anchor:
...scorching hot. So head to the beach and...

Aerobics Instructor:
...sweat it out and you'll feel...

Soap Opera Character number 1: sad...

(Blows nose with "honk" sound.)

How could you do this to me...

Soap Opera Character number 2:
But, Belinda, I just...

Game Show Host:
...won a million dollars!!!! What are you going to do with all of that cash?
Talk Show Host:
Travel to the exotic land of...

...fiery chilies and crunchy tortilla chips that...

News Anchor:
...are causing major flooding in...

Aerobics Instructor:
...your biceps. So feel the burn and don't forget to...

Soap Opera Character number 2:
...marry me...will you, will you marry me?

Soap Opera Character number 1:
Oh Biff, I, I....

Game Show Host: so sorry, that's the wrong answer. The correct answer was meat loaf. Thanks for
playing and see you next time.

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