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									Blogging is a new medium widely used by the media today - not surprising since
publishing articles through a blog site is cheaper and faster. Blog sites, like
WordPress, are well read today for they are easier to read than the broadsheets
being delivered to our homes and even a lighter express than news articles job in
the internet. You would want your blog to be as beneficial and as well-designed as
possible especially if you need to use it to promote your business.A good way to
achieve that is with the use of plugins. With the help of plugins, every website can
look well designed or professional. Plugins enhances the blogs' interface and
makes them usable. You can make your blog a fun site with plugins that will help
you job games, music and videos so that your blog visitors will take pleasure in
visiting your site. Plugins will later be mentioned.An Introduction to WordPress
and Plugins.Blogs are snippets of information and they usually consist of 100
words as the minimum length and 500 words as the maximum length. But, blogs
do not have limited length of highly expressive when publishing an article. Yet,
they are however famous for easy to digest news.WordPress and plugins is one of
the well popular announcement platforms in the web today. The other blog
publishers are Blogger, Live Journal, Tumblr and a lot more. WordPress and
plugins is at present one of the top 1 million websites even though it just got
released on May 27, 2003. It has a new versionrecently and which is called
WordPress 3.0 and was released just this February 2011. Over 32.5 million
downloaded the WordPress 3.0 since its release which now makes wordpress and
plugins absolutely massive.Because of the large open source community of
WordPress' programmers, it has become a content management system (CMS)
which allows bloggers to run their own business websites which is why wordpress
and plugins are so popular.The question you have been waiting to be answered is
this:How can you use WordPress and plugins ?Here are the steps on how to make
your own WordPress and plugins blog:At the beginning, go to the site and sign in
with your username and password. Of course you have to register first. If you're
done with that, just click the button that says login. Second, you'll be sent to your
dashboard. Look on the left side of your dashboard wherein your blog site's name
is viewed on the blue box. Click that name of your site. Next, look on the top right
corner of your dashboard and click on the button that says "new job".A job is
where you type in what you necessary to say to your customers (if this is your
business' blog) about your newest products or business events. Your job can in
addition to be a platform for your feelings about the news as of now or about the
movie that you just saw. You can also share your blog post to your friends by
clicking the dissimilar share links offered by WordPress that can be visual just
under your every published post. Upon writing your post, you can give it a
headline, also called a title. Then type in the text that you want to go with that
headline. You can in addition to add photos that go with your post. WordPress
also suggests photos from the web that have no copyright and are related to your
post.When you essential to upload photos for your blog post, just click the image
button that can be viewed just below the headline's box. Then, just browse for an
concept in your computer. If the upload was failing to achieve a goal and you can
see the image added on your post, you can then position it on how you
fundamental it to appear.If you are sure and contented with your post, just click
the button that says Publish and it will certainly send you to your blog's site. The
blog site is where your jobs can be seen and what your visitors will see once they
visited it.Now, what you essential to do is to enhance your WordPress and plugins
blog site's appearance, lay-out and content, so that it is appealing to visit and
read.Here's how to install plugins ( wordpress and plugins):At the beginning, on
your wordpress and plugins installation, go to your dashboard and on the left side
of it you'll see the box that says Appearance. Under that box, click the button that
says Plugins, and click the words Add New. You can now search the plugins that
you need to add in your WordPress and plugins blog.Here is a list of Handy
Plugins for your wordpress and plugins site:WP Mailing List - This informs your
subscribers on your contemporary blog post. WordPress will send your
subscribers your current post through email.Sideblog - This is one of the most
popular WordPress plugins that helps you to post short notes on your site's
sidebar. Sideblog gives you the alternative to prohibit RSS feeds and show how
many posts to display.WP Cache - This is used by blogs that have traffic sites.
This helps you to bring into agreement or to a standard your WordPress and
plugins pages in a file instead of making the whole page from the database by
doing it manually and duplicate all of the PHP code. This plugin can also be used
for slow servers.Simple Recent Comments - This organizes your readers'
comments in a list. Through this plugin, your blog site's visitors will see the
excerpts of the recent comments you received from other readers.Digg - This is a
WordPress plugin that helps you to certainly dig your current blog job to
digg.com.Flickr RSS plugin - This certainly look your Flickr photos on your
WordPress blog site.Category Tag Cloud is a plugin that helps your visitors to
easily access your job. This plugin appear highly expressive that you having as a
name in your posts. The visitors will just click the word they want to express
about and your job that is tagged into it will be announced.There are a lot plugins
available for your own WordPress and plugins site,; all you have to do is choose
what you think is best for you. If you have before expected time generally agreed
upon your plugin, click the button that says Install. Then, you will see the
description and ratings of it. Click the highly expressive on the top right corner
that says Install Now. A box will appear after fortunately installing the plugin.
Look at the bottom of that box and elect to do click the words Activate Plugin to
fully install the plugin.There is no age limit when blogging with WordPress and
plugins. Opinions and thoughts from all ages and cultures are welcome. So, why
don't you begin blogging now and get your own wordpress and plugins site? Need
help, of course i will, just ask.

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