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					                                                                        Case Study Business Services

Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt, one of the world’s preeminent
trade fair operators, puts on events that attract
hundreds of thousands of professionals and                         50 websites, one platform
consumers to exhibitions worldwide. As a forward-
looking company, Messe Frankfurt seeks to
transform every event into an unforgettable
experience for both exhibitors and visitors alike.
To ensure this is also the case for its online
presence, Messe Frankfurt is overhauling its
web sites using Day CQ5.

Day CQ5

Results                                              Overview
Completed implementation in just three months        Striving for a dynamic and efficient web presence
                                                     Every year, Frankfurt Messe launches over thirty exhibition sites around
Enables staff to view pages exactly as they will     the world. Complementing these exhibitions are around 50 web presences
appear online in the browser                         featuring well over 10,000 pages that provide an overview of the events
                                                     and see an average of more than 500,000 page views a day. To promote
Scales to support any number of authors working      brand recognition and simplify tasks for its web editors – who revise and
simultaneously in the system                         update several hundred web pages each day – the company decided to
                                                     move all exhibition sites under the corporate site.
Simplifies content changes and reduces work
                                                     Messe Frankfurt’s requirements for a new Content Management System
loads significantly                                  were clearly defined from the start. The new solution had to unite Messe
                                                     Frankfurt’s corporate website and all pages related to individual exhibitions
Offers maximum design flexibility while preserving   in a single layout. At the same time, each event and central service
corporate look and feel                              had to have creative freedom and a unique appearance. The company
                                                     sought an innovative and contemporary Web Content Management System
                                                     (WCM) that guaranteed this creative flexibility, while also offering user-
                                                     friendly functionality and access to an integrated, state-of-the-art digital
                                                     asset management. Also of importance was compatibility with mainstream
                                                     web browsers, along with support for concurrent site editing by a large
                                                     numbers of editors. From the perspective of the web editors, ease of
                                                     use was the number-one priority. Another key demand was to maximize
                                                     user interaction with the trade fair websites.
                        “Day Software provided a solution with which we can realize all our visions of a
                         progressive, state-of-the-art website.” Martin Meller, Project Manager, Messe Frankfurt

Compelling agility and user friendliness                                      Just as important, CQ5 increases the amount of interaction visitors
After a three-month evaluation process, Day Software’s Web Content            have with the various sites, and in doing so, provides more engaging
Management (WCM) system CQ5 triumphed over other software                     experiences that help Messe Frankfurt boost event attendance.
offerings. Not only did CQ5 fulfill all the company’s requirements,
the system’s outstanding user friendliness and agility impressed              Accelerated time to web
Frankfurt Messe. Only minimal changes – such as the development               Although Messe Frankfurt was confronted with the challenge of fully
of special templates and programming CQ5’s communication with a               overhauling its pages in a new design using an entirely new CMS,
legacy database – were needed to adapt CQ5 to the trade fair operator’s       the implementation took just three months. After a web agency
unique requirements.                                                          developed a new concept with a modern and progressive design,
                                                                              Day Software was called upon to prepare the implementation of
Intuitive and robust system                                                   the new layout. Despite the project’s scope and Messe Frankfurt’s
Thanks to CQ5’s support for in-context editing, staff can view pages          exacting demands, the project progressed according to plan, largely
exactly as they will appear online in the browser from the site visitor       due to a special aspect of CQ5. Thanks to the software’s outstanding
perspective. Changes can be made intuitively in the current page              flexibility, Messe Frankfurt was able to launch the editorial system in
layout using drag-and-drop techniques. Plus, the number of authors            parallel with the implementation phase. As a result, web editors were
working simultaneously in the system can be scaled at will. “Day              trained on the “live” system, allowing the implementation and
Software provided a solution with which we can realize all our visions        training phases to be run concurrently rather than consecutively.
of a progressive, state-of-the-art website,” says Messe Frankfurt             During the design phase of the new web presence, the CMS played
project manager, Martin Meller. “CQ5 enables our editors to work more         an increasingly prominent role, eventually becoming the mainstay of
efficiently – in particular, its intuitive graphical user interface reduces   the new Internet platform. Since the launch of the first websites, the
their work loads significantly,” adds his colleague Stefanie Stapper.         platform has been further extended, with additional event websites
                                                                              being migrated to CQ5. At the end of this gargantuan task, the 50-or-so
Maximum flexibility and superior site service                                 web presences of the separate exhibitions and service departments
The broad range of themes covered by Messe Frankfurt’s events                 will be published under the umbrella of the central corporate website
necessitates that the content and appearance of the individual                (, with each retaining its individual identity.
websites be unique. “One of the largest initial challenges was to
offer maximum possible design flexibility for each exhibition website,
while simultaneously remaining compliant with Messe Frankfurt’s
corporate design policies. With CQ5, this was effortless,” says Day
Software project manager, Conrad Wöltge. Moreover, the new platform
helps substantially reduce administrative overhead. For example,
by integrating Adobe Flash intros into pages, Frankfurt Messe
enables site visitors to inform themselves about trade fairs. At the
same time, each trade fair can link to general information on the
corporate site– such as directions to the fairground or to the central        Messe Frankfurt
media section for journalists – rather than maintaining separate
information on each site. Moreover, exhibition visitors can use the 
innovative “My Account” feature of CQ5 to gain single sign-on                 Headquarters Frankfurt, Germany
access to all of Messe Frankfurt’s events and to set up personalized
Favorite lists.                                                               Industry Business services

                                                                              Size 1,665 employees

                                                                              Company Profile Messe Frankfurt, the world’s largest trade fair corporation,
                                                                              puts on events in more than 30 locations every year. In 2009 alone, its 31
                                                                              trade fairs attracted 37,900 exhibitors and around 2.25 million visitors, while
                                                                              it hosted over 800,000 visitors at its 131 conferences, concerts and cultural,
Corporate Headquarters
                                                                              business and sporting events.
Adobe Systems Incorporated    Corporate Headquarters
345 Park Avenue               Phone 408-536-6000
San Jose, CA 95110-2704       Fax 408-537-6000

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