BMHR March 2009 Online Photo Sho by fjzhangxiaoquan


									BMHR Division 2 OF Mini –November 2010       1 of 3
                             BMHR                                     109 Pony Type Breed (No American Miniature or Falabella) (SM/PP) -
               November 2010 Online Photo Show                        (20)
                   Division 2 OF Mini Halter                          01.STF Inkblot(STF)
                      Judge: Sami Murphy                              02.Cobalt View(RS4)
Halter - Stablemate/Paddock Pal                                       04.Majik's Brynn(MRF)
100 Stock Type Breed (SM/PP) - (65)                                   05.Goldielocks(LBR)
01.STF Mocha Frappuccino(STF)                                         06.Spats(DRS)
02.Black Rock Super Nova(RS4)
03.Donna Noble(SS3)                                                   110 Clydesdale/Shire (SM/PP) -(10)
04.Kiowa(DRS)                                                         01.Sylver's Snowman(SS3)
05.Apache(LBR)                                                        02.Chance(DRS)
06.SBS Ruby(SBS)                                                      03.Black Diamond Mime(RS4)
                                                                      04.Kwik Timez(LBR)
101 Carriage/Cob Type Breed (SM/PP) - (23)                            05.Olympus(LBR)
01.Scarlet Ibis(RS4)                                                  06.Bells Of Brass(DRS)
02.Smoke In The Wind(DRS)
03.SBS Cookies N Creme(SBS)                                           111 Percheron/Belgian/Brabant (SM/PP) - (12)
04.Insomnia(PS2)                                                      01.Titanic Preview(RS4)
05.STF Cryptocrystalline(STF)                                         02.STF Gallia Begica(STF)
06.Zahner(SS3)                                                        03.Sylver's Ozark Prima Donna(SS3)
                                                                      04.SBS Stormy Night(SBS)
102 Warmblood/Sporthorse Type Breed (SM/PP) - (84)                    05.Robot Creek Cyborg(SS3)
01.STF Sterling Silver(STF)                                           06.Steppin'Starz(LBR)
02.Distant Haze(RS4)
03.Fashion Doll(DRS)                                                  112 Other Draft Type Breed (SM/PP) - (10)
04.Wonderbolt(SS3)                                                    01.Buttercream Boogieman(RS4)
05.Morning Star(AW)                                                   02.Rollercoaster Commando(RS4)
06.Prince Valiant II(MRF)                                             03.Cheerios(DRS)
103 Pure Arabian (SM/PP) - (26)                                       05.Keen Idea(DRS)
01.Impierical(RS4)                                                    06.Midnytes Old Roan(MS2)
03.Askari(AW)                                                         113 Spanish Colonial/Mustang/Feral Breed (SM/PP) - (31)
04.SBS Cappuccino(SBS)                                                01.Brazen Euphoria(RS4)
05.Sylver Psyche(SS3)                                                 02.STF Something for Nothing(STF)
06.STF Abdul Aziz(STF)                                                03.Mocha Delight(LBR)
104 Partbred Arabian (Including National Show Horse) (SM/PP) - (13)   05.Hidalghiro(AW)
01.Swift Chaos(RS4)                                                   06.Choctaw Storm Eagle(MRF)
02.Solar Wind(AW)
03.STF Supernaturalia(STF)                                            114 Long Ears/Exotics (SM/PP) - (7)
04.Sky High(DRS)                                                      01.Oober Goober Esquire(RS4)
05.Veronica(SS3)                                                      02.STF Kaibab(STF)
06.Double O Seven(MRF)                                                03.Manchego(LBR)
105 Spanish Breed (Gaited & Non-Gaited) (SM/PP) - (56)                05.Jess Edwards(SS3)
01.STF Vino de la Tierra(STF)                                         06.Carmel Sensation(LBR)
02.Arancaya Rojo(MRF)
03.Tundra(DRS)                                                        Champion Breed Stablemate/Paddock Pal -STF Ink Blot(STF)
04.Gallifrey(SS3)                                                     Reserve Breed Stablemate/Paddock Pal-Brazen Euphoria(RS4)
05.Gifted Rhapsody(DRS)
06.SBS Moonglow(SBS)                                                  Halter - Mini Whinnie
                                                                      115 Stock Type Breed (MW) - (25)
106 American Saddlebred (SM/PP) - (21)                                01.Heza Golden Buckeye(MRF)
01.Velena(AW)                                                         02.RGL's Butterscotch(SS3)
02.SLP Gold Velvet(MRF)                                               03.Stardoll(SS3)
03.Aretta(SS3)                                                        04.Red's Blue Man(DRS)
04.Gracie(LBR)                                                        05.Red's Spotted Riot(DRS)
05.Midnytes Rockin Robin(MS2)                                         06.A Little Mizer(MRF)
06.STF Revelation Song(STF)
                                                                      116 Carriage/Cob Type Breed (MW) - (0)
107 Tennessee Walking Horse/Plantation Walker (SM/PP) - (19)
01.SLP Strawberry Fields(MRF)                                         117 Warmblood/Sporthorse Type Breed (MW) - (6)
02.Kinetic Flare(RS4)                                                 01.Amber Tones(MRF)
03.Marina(SS3)                                                        02.Count Dooku(SS3)
04.SBS Total Eclipse(SBS)                                             03.Flash Gordon(DRS)
05.Rioscalita(LBR)                                                    04.Apple-On(SS3)
06.Polka Fever(DRS)                                                   05.Pallela(SS3)
                                                                      06.Flash Painted Partner(DRS)
108 Other Light/Gaited Type Breed (SM/PP) - (26)
02.STF Galleta de Florida(STF)
03.Doc Holiday(SS3)
04.SBS Fritz(SBS)
05.Spider's Domino(DRS)
06.Midnyte Flashpoint(MS2)
BMHR Division 2 OF Mini –November 2010           2 of 3
118 Pure Arabian (MW) - (13)                                          Grand Champion Breed -STF Ink Spot(STF)
01.Merlin's Magic Wand(MRF)                                           Grand Reserve Breed -Forever Journey(MRF)
03.Fiery Lover(VNVS)                                                  Color
04.Vindicated(DRS)                                                    130 Black - (30)
05. Danny Phantom (SS3)                                               01.STF Cryptocrystalline(STF)
06. Giza (SS3)                                                        02.SBS Coppernicus(SBS)
                                                                      03.Sir Lancelot(LBR)
119 Partbred Arabian (Including National Show Horse) (MW) - (5)       04.RGL's Midnight(SS3)
01.Blue Max(SS3)                                                      05.Myrddn(SS3)
02.Avery(MRF)                                                         06.Patent Leather Hoax(RS4)
04.Arrana(SS3)                                                        131 Bay/Brown - (73)
05.Aric's Fantasy(MRF)                                                01.Tamerlane Sham(PS2)
                                                                      02.Vermont Kiss N Tell(MRF)
120 Spanish Breed (Gaited & Non-Gaited) (MW) - (9)                    03.Al Ahmar(AW)
01.Sumamente Secredo(SS3)                                             04.Chocolate Dream(LBR)
02.Anastasio(MRF)                                                     05.Barbriece(SS3)
03.Gaeta X(SS3)                                                       06.Malone's Magpie(DRS)
05.Calcifer(SS3)                                                      132 Chestnut/Sorrel (Mane/Tail Same Color or Darker Shade Of Body
06.El Dorado Luna I(MRF)                                              Color) - (29)
                                                                      01.STF Galleta de Florida(STF)
121 American Saddlebred (MW) - (4)                                    02.Morning Star(AW)
01.SLP Dixie Queen(MRF)                                               03.SLP Dixie Queen(MRF)
02.RGL's Mystery(SS3)                                                 04.My Fair Lady(LBR)
03.Malone's Magpie(DRS)                                               05.H Csongor(SS3)
04.Darrin(SS3)                                                        06.Decoram(PS2)

122 Tennessee Walking Horse/Plantation Walker (MW) - (5)              133 Flaxen Chestnut/Blond Sorrel (Mane/Tail Lighter Shade Of Body
01.Maurice(SS3)                                                       Color) - (32)
02.Blazing Heat(SS3)                                                  01.Jumbeau Tron Hot Shot(RS4)
03.Fandango(DRS)                                                      02.Arancaya Rojo(MRF)
04.Robin(SS3)                                                         03.Rey Celoso(SS3)
05.Maurice(DRS)                                                       04.STF Gallia Begica(STF)
123 Other Light/Gaited Type Breed (MW) - (6)                          06.Lemon Merenque Pie(SS3)
01.Forever Journey(MRF)
02.Imite B Amini Me(DRS)                                              134 Palomino - (36)
03.Vermont Kiss N Tell(MRF)                                           01.Gifted Rhapsody(DRS)
04.Imite B Amini(DRS)                                                 02.SBS I'm A Golden Girl(SBS)
05.Selessan of Stars(SS3)                                             03.Solar Wind(SS3)
06.Imite B Amini Too(DRS)                                             04.Stardoll(SS3)
                                                                      05.First Offense(MRF)
124 Pony Type Breed (No American Miniature or Falabella) (MW) - (0)   06.Golden State Contessa(RS4)

06.                                                                   135 Buckskin/Dun/Grulla - (27)
125 Clydesdale/Shire (MW) - (1)                                       01.Heza Golden Buckeye(MRF)
01.Avalanche(MRF)                                                     02.Threshold Snafu(RS4)
                                                                      03.STF Print Moe Money(STF)
126 Percheron/Belgian/Brabant (MW) - (8)                              04.Zurlina(SS3)
01.Bijou Blue(MRF)                                                    05.La Posta(DRS)
02.Pre-War(DRS)                                                       06.Midnyte Dun N Gone(MS2)
04.Big Tom(MRF)                                                       136 White Grey/Dominant White/Maximum Pinto White -(13)
05.Moondust(SS3)                                                      01.Impierical(RS4)
06.Maxine(DRS)                                                        02.STF Avant-garde(STF)
                                                                      03.Patent Pending(DRS)
127 Other Draft Type Breed (MW) - (9)                                 04.Doc Holiday(SS3)
01.Prime Directive(SS3)                                               05.Raoul IV(MRF)
02.Aye Matey(MRF)                                                     06.Topnotch(LBR)
04.Bijou Rouge(MRF)                                                   137 Grey/Rose Grey/Dapple Grey/Dark Grey - (68)
05.Pip(DRS)                                                           01.STF Vino de la Tierra(STF)
06.Baby(SS3)                                                          02.Cavallo Ioio(AW)
                                                                      03.Cobalt View(RS4)
128 Spanish Colonial/Mustang/Feral Breed (MW) - (3)                   04.Moondust(SS3)
01.Sacramento Jean(MRF)                                               05.Raja(PS2)
02.Stalight(SS3)                                                      06.SBS Cappuccino(SBS)
                                                                      138 Long Ear/Exotic Solid Color - (3)
129 Long Ears/Exotics (MW) - (0)                                      01.STF Daibab(STF)
Champion Breed Mini Whinnie -Forever Journey(MRF)                     03.Dune Bug(LBR)
Reserve Breed Mini Whinnie -Blue Max(SS3)
BMHR Division 2 OF Mini –November 2010          3 of 3
139 Other Solid Color - (7)
02.RGL's Majesty(SS3)
03.Buttercream Boogieman(RS4)
04.Champagne Dream(DRS)
05.Gregory D(SS3)

Champion Solid Color -Impierical(RS4)
Reserve Solid Color -STF Kaibab(STF)

140 Appaloosa (Color) - (50)
01.STF Ink Blot(STF)
02.Black Rock Super Nova(RS4)
03.Dirt Devil(SS3)
04.Knight Rider(LBR)
05.Adena Dreams(MRF)
06.Snowy Morning(AW)

141 Pinto (Color) (No Sabino) - (84)
01.Harliquinn Concept(RS4)
02.STF Mocha Frappuccino(STF)
03.SBS Fritz(SBS)
04.Sky High(DRS)
05.Pete T(SS3)
06.Deja Voodoo(PS2)

142 Sabino - (13)
01.Brazen Euphoria(RS4)
03.Scarlet Ibis(RS4)
04.Bells Of Brass(DRS)
05.SBS Total Eclipse(SBS)
06.STF Cool Springs(STF)

143 Roan - (42)
01.Redliner Tango(RS4)
02.SLP Strawberry Fields(MRF)
03.STF Freedom Ring(STF)
04.Bijou Bleu(MRF)
05.Sumamente Secreto(SS3)

144 Long Ears/Exotics Patterned Color - (3)
01.Jess Edwards(SS3)
03.Carmel Sensation(LBR)

145 Other Pattern - (0)

Champion Patterned Color -STF Ink Blot(STF)
Reserve Patterned Color -Redliner Tango(RS4)

Grand Champion Color -STF Ink Blot(STF)
Reserve Champion Color -Impierical(RS4)

Overall Show Champion -STF Ink Blot(STF)
Overall Show Reserve -Impierical(RS4)

Judge's Comments:Had great fun doing these shows and gotta hand it
to you-Thank you.

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