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Architectural History

Niels Marius Askim. Photographs: Are Carlsen

The Hut
19 Cottages Designed by Architects
Published in Norwegian – English working title

Norwegians are said to have a very special relationship with their
cabins – small, simple holiday cottages by the sea, in the mountains
and in the woods – preferably without any electricity and water
facilities. However, even in Norway cabins have changed radically in        Norwegian Title: Hytte. 19
recent years as a result of higher living standards. But the romantic               arkitektegnede hytter
cabin, made from simple materials and in harmony with nature, is                              Pages: 224

still the essence of this presentation of Norwegian cabins by the                   ISBN: 82-05-30819-5

Oslo-based architect, Niels Marius Askim. The Hut is a beautiful
book featuring some of Norway’s most interesting cabins in terms
of architecture, from the latter half of the 20th Century. The
selection focuses on cabins that in very different ways have been
designed in accordance with and based on Norwegian building
traditions, and in particular on wooden and stone structures. The
starting point for the selection is simple, modest modernist designs
that harmonise with the landscape, and it includes two absolute
gems: Knut Knutsen’s summer house in Portør (1949) and the
summer house that Wenche Selmer designed for her family at
Beltesholmen (1957).
                                                                        Niels Marius Askim is an architect
The Hut is beautifully illustrated with new photographs by Are          and partner in the practise Askim
Carlsen, and drawings and plans of all the cabins. Niels Marius Askim               og Lantto Arkitekter.
selected the cabins and has written an introductory essay about the
history of Norwegian cabins, as well as an extensive presentation of
each building. The book introduces well-known and lesser-known
work by architects such as Lund Hagem, Birger Lambertz-Nilssen,
Bengt Espen Knutsen, Jarmund/Vigsnæs, Lund & Slaatto, Per Olaf
Fjeld and Carl Viggo Hølmebakk, and shows a relatively unexplored
part of modern Norwegian architecture.

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