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                                                     May/Jun 2010

Naval Centennial
The Executive
Curl is Back!
STV PaThfinder and TS Playfair
Keeping Toronto Nautical!
  Bruce Wannamaker

      John Baker
        1st VP

      Moira Haney
       2nd VP and
     Program Chair

      Richard Lewis
 Past Pres and Secretary

     Terry Doran
   Membership Chair
                            On the cOver:
      Hugh Franks
Development and Program     HMCS ATHABASCAN Officers ready to desembark
                            and enjoy “Fleet Week” in New York City - May 2009
    Richard Birchall
   Sea Cadet liaison,
 Scholarship Fund, and
   Life Members Fund

    Richard Wilson
     Treasurer and
    Membership Sec.

     Larry Barwick
        Program            executive Curl       nCdt J. Timmins    navy head Shave
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    John Anderson
     YORK liaison

      Paul Simas
     Editor, BUMPH

     Mark Phillips
    Director at large

                           Toronto Brigantine     Navy Trivia?    Canadian Ship Models
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From the Bridge       BRuce WAnnAMAkeR, President
            Naval Officers Association of Canada - (Toronto)

                      Toronto continues to be one strongest Branches in Canada. Our member-
                      ship has continued to drop from last year but still remains around the 200
                      mark which is about 15% of the National total.
                      Most of our program activity under the guidance of Moyra Haney and Larry
                      Barwick has been centered around growth and retention. We had a very
                      well attended Hoist of about 65. After that we invited the Naval Officers from
                      CFC to attend a reception and they came by the bus load. At this time we
                      invited to join the NOAC as serving members when they get back to their
                      respective bases. Although we didn’t get any members to join our chapter
                      we did increase the awareness of the NOAC overall which will help all of
                      the branches. We will also continue our efforts to have more Cadet Officers
                      join our chapter.

                      The Navy Centennial has also kept some of the Branch Directors. Richard
               Our    Lewis, Moyra Haney, John Anderson and Hugh Franks have all been very
                      active on various committees and in association with the Atlantic Council of
   membership...      Canada are organizing a Gala Dinner and Ball at The Royal York. It is also
  ....still remains   hoped that NOAC – TB will be involved in the Fleet Week Sept 2 to 7.
  around the 200      Our financial position remains strong under the eye of Dick Wilson. Reports
   mark which is      are issued and reviewed at every Directors’ meeting. As well at these meet-
about 15% of the      ing we set plans for next couple of months out but we do want to hear from
                      our members as to program events that they would like to see being held
    national total    from luncheon speakers to more social events.
                      The scholarship Fund for NOAC-TB is also in a very strong position. If
                      you review Richard Birchall’s report you will see we have slightly changed
                      course on how we award the scholarships.
                      BUMPH has a new editor, Capt Paul Simas and as you have seen a new
                      look. After a few initial bumps and computer we are well on the way to hav-
                      ing a superb publication for both print and on line reading. Paul would like
                      contributions to be sent in as this is your means of communication.
                       At the end of June we will be losing one of our members John Baker. John
                      has been VP for the Branch for several years
                      and will be leaving Toronto to take up resi-
                      dence new assignment in Winnipeg.
                      We wish John well in his new venture.
              The Executive Curl
On Sunday, May 2nd , 2010 at the Wardroom at canadian Forces Base halifax, the honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of
National Defence (MND) announces the reinstatement of the “Executive Curl” on Naval Officers uniforms, and the introduc-
tion of the Sea Service Badge created to recognize time spent at sea.

Prior to 1910, the Royal Navy provi ded mari-         gold braid of the reserves gave way to the straight
time defence of British North America and for         braided executive curl of the regular force un-       Including Canada, 19 of the 22 Common-
the Dominion of Canada from 1867. Early in            til 1968. With the integration of the Canadian        wealth navies use the insignia. Many republics
the 20th century, Great Britain redistributed the     Armed Forces, unembellished straight braid be-        who do not use the curl like the United States
British fleet and reduced its stations in Halifax     came the common rank insignia for all officers of     Navy and the French Navy substitute a star
and Esquimalt. As a result, the Government            both the Regular and Reserve Forces. The execu-       or other national device above the top row of
of Canada on May 4, 1910, under the author-           tive curl rank insignia was reserved for navy mess    lace.
ity of the Naval Services Act, created the Naval      dress only.
Service of Canada. On August 29, 1911 it was                                                                Changes for Navy Uniforms
designated the Royal Canadian Navy by King            On March,5,2010 the House of Commons
George V until in 1968 when Canada’s Navy             unanimously passed a private members bill rec-        Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence,
became Maritime Command within the Cana-              ommending, “That the government should con-           announces the reinstatement of the “Executive
dian Armed Forces.                                    sider reinstating the Navy executive curl on its      Curl” on naval officers’ uniforms. He also un-
                                                      uniforms.” Mr. Guy Lauzon, Member of Parlia-          veiled the Sea Service Badge, a badge given to
When it was created in 1910 it was natural for        ment for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry,             any Canadian Forces member who has more
the emerging Canadian Navy to adopt the same          explained that the insignia is common to most         than 365 days at sea.
straight rings with the executive curl for the per-   nations that have a monarch as a head of state.
manent navy and subsequently the “wavy” shaped        Subsequently, in recognition of the Canadian          Just days before the Canadian Navy celebrated
rings for the Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer          Naval Centennial, the Honourable, Peter MacK-         its 100th birthday on May 4, 2010, the Hon-
Reserve (RCNVR) and the rings of narrow in-           ay, Minister of National Defence authorized the       ourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National
terwoven gold lace for the Royal Canadian Navy        use of the executive curl for the Canadian Navy       Defence, announced two significant changes
Reserve (RCNR). Sea Cadet Corps officers had          on Battle of Atlantic Sunday, May 2, 2010. After      to navy uniforms.
a small anchor in place of the executive curl.        42 years absent, the executive curl insignia be-
                                                      came effective again on June 11, 2010 on the oc-      “To recognise the exceptional contributions of
Following the Second World War, the Royal             casion of the Pacific Canadian Naval Centennial       our navy, we are reinstating the Navy Executive
Canadian Navy was reorganized with a single           International Fleet Review parade of nations in       Curl and introducing a Sea Service Insignia,”
reserve component. In 1946 the distinctive wavy       Victoria, B.C. [1]
stated MacKay.
                                                       the current naval rank insignia. The executive curl   (3)      Rear-Admiral - 1 3/4 inch broad
He made the announcement in the Wardroom               will be incorporated into the dominant (top) band     lace with one 9/16 inch lace and executive
at CFB Halifax on May 2, Battle of the Atlantic        of rank with the exception of the Officer-Cadet       curl. Epaulettes shall be removed from the
Sunday. Noting that the announcement would             rank insignia which will not have the executive       tunic;
be followed by the Battle of the Atlantic cere-        curl. Additionally, the upper and lower stripes
mony at the Sailors’rial in Point Pleasant Park,       for Sub-Lieutenant rank insignia will be reversed     (4)      Commodore - 1 3/4 inch broad
the MND observed that the Second World War             from the current CF pattern with the executive        lace with 9/16 inch lace full circle executive
and the Battle of the Atlantic were pivotal events     curl on the dominant (top) wider band of rank.        curl. Epaulettes shall be removed from the
for the navy.                                                                                                tunic;
                                             2.       Background. From the creation of the
“It was during this time that our navy acquired                                                              (5)      Captain (Navy) - four 9/16 inch
                                             Canadian Navy on 4 May 1910, until 1968, the
its sense of purpose - and identity - that have                                                              lace with executive curl;
                                             executive curl was a distinctive part of the Royal
carried into the present day... What better time
                                             Canadian Navy uniform. In 1968, integration of
to show our appreciation than during the Navy’s                                                              (6)      Commander - three 9/16 inch lace
                                             the Canadian Forces (CF) with a common green
Centennial year?”                                                                                            stripes with executive curl;
                                             uniform resulted in the removal of the executive
                                             curl from the naval officer’s rank insignia. The ex-
MacKay gave credit to Guy Lauzon, MP for ecutive curl was later restored to rank insignia for                (7)      Lieutenant-Commander -        two
Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, who in the naval officer’s mess dress, but the service and                  9/16 inch lace stripes with executive curl
2009 introduced a private member’s motion in operational clothing uniforms were unchanged.                   separated by one 1/4 inch lace stripe;
the House of Commons to reinstate the Navy
Executive Curl.                                                                                              (8)       Lieutenant (Navy) - two 9/16 inch
                                             3.       In 1987, the CF introduced its Distinc-
“This motion received unanimous support from                                                                 lace stripes with executive curl;
the House,” noted MacKay.
                                                                                                             (9)       Sub-Lieutenant - Lower stripe
The Executive Curl is a ring above a naval of-                                                               shall be 1/4 inch lace with upper stripe being
ficer’s gold lace or braid insignia. Its origins are                                                         9/16 inch with executive curl;
believed to be in the Crimean War, when it was
called Elliott’s Eye in tribute to the heroic ac-                                                            (10)     Acting Sub-Lieutenant - one 9/16
tions of a Capt Elliott.                                                                                     inch broad stripe with executive curl; and
The Executive Curl was part of a Canadian Na-
val officer’s uniform from 1910 until the unifica-                                                           (11)    Officer-Cadet - For the Officer-
tion of Canada’s military in 1968.                                                                           Cadet rank, standard CF gold insignia shall
The second change regarding navy uniforms con-                                                               be used without the Executive Curl. Lace
cerned the introduction of a Sea Service Insignia                                                            width remains unchanged.
to recognize maritime service.
                                                                                                             b.        Mess Dress. Mess dress insignia
“The Sea Service Insignia is Canada’s way of say-                                                            will be similar to the insignia for tunics as
ing thank you to all members of the Canadian                                                                 detailed in paragraph 4a. CF personnel, who
Forces who have spent at least 365 days at sea,                                                              purchased an obsolete dress pattern while it
                                                       tive Environmental Uniforms (DEUs) for its three
“ MacKay said. He emphasized that all CF per-                                                                was still authorized, may continue to wear
                                                       environmental commands. The executive curl on
sonnel are potentially eligible for this insignia.     the naval officer’s rank insignia was not included    that uniform until it is worn out. New pur-
As an integrated military, the navy, army and air                                                            chases shall conform to current regulations.
                                                       as part of this new naval uniform, as the common
force work together to accomplish missions.            CF rank insignia was retained for the new naval
For Level 1 of the Sea Service Insignia, person-                                                           c.       Shoulder Boards. B quality (0.5%
                                                       DEU service dress.
nel must have 365 sea days; for Level 2, 1095 sea                                                          gold wire) ½ inch and ¼ inch lace shall be
days; for Level 3, 1460 sea days and for Level 4,      4.        Details. The re-instatement of the execu- used on all commissioned officer shoulder
1825 sea days.                                         tive curl will lead to certain changes in the naval boards. In addition, the following direction
                                                       officer uniform.                                    is provided:
“It is a way to acknowledge the importance of
naval operations,” whether on a sovereignty pa- a.                                                           (1)     Flag Officer shoulder boards shall
                                                        Tunics. B quality (0.5% gold wire) lace
trol or on a deployment, according to MacKay. shall be used on all commissioned officer tunics.              remain unchanged from the current stan-
                                                The executive curl will be on the topmost rank               dard;
RAdm Maddison thanked the MND for the an- stripe. Rank size shall be as follows for both men
nouncement, saying “Thank you to you and to and women. (photos are included at Annex A):             (2)      Female officer shoulder boards
your government for expressing the will of Ca-                                                       - Current CF naval female sized shoulder
nadians to support our navy.”                                                                        boards can accommodate all ranks with ex-
                                                (1)     Admiral - 1 3/4 inch broad lace with
                                                   three 9/16 inch lace and executive curl. Epau- ecutive curl except Captain (Navy). A cus-
EXECUTIVE CURL –                                                                                     tom sized female prototype Captain (Navy)
                                                   lettes shall be removed from the tunic;
INTERIM POLICY GUIDANCE                                                                              shoulder board that is smaller than the male
                                                   (2)       Vice-Admiral - 1 3/4 inch broad lace shoulder board shall be developed; and
1. The introduction of the executive curl into the with two 9/16 inch lace and executive curl. Epau-
existing rank structure will result in changes to lettes shall be removed from the tunic;            (3)      Officer-Cadet shoulder boards shall
                       canadian naval Officer rank Insignia
              Insignes de grade des officiers de la Marine canadienne

                                     Admiral                   Vice Admiral
                                     Amiral                    Vice-amiral

       Rear Admiral                Commodore                   Captain (N)
       Contre-amiral               Commodore              Capitaine de vaisseau

       Commander              Lieutenant-Commander            Lieutenant (N)
    Capitaine de frégate       Capitaine de corvette      Lieutenant de vaisseau

      Sub-Lieutenant          Acting Sub-Lieutenant           Naval Cadet
  Enseigne de vaisseau de    Enseigne de vaisseau de        Aspirant de marine
        1er classe                  2e classe

not contain the executive curl. The stripe remains unchanged from the current standard.

d.       Slip-ons Service Dress and Naval Combat Dress. Slip-ons will be unisex and slightly longer than current naval male slip-on (by
5mm). In order to ensure that the slip-on will fit all service and Naval Combat Dress (NCD) dress articles, a notch modification will be
incorporated on the underside to ensure that it fits all shirts, sweaters and jackets. CF Gold ½ inch and ¼ inch width embroidered thread
with executive curl will be used for Acting/Sub Lieutenant to Captain (Navy) rank. Officer-Cadet slip-ons will also use the embroidered
thread but will not have the executive curl. Flag Officer slip-ons will remain unchanged from the current standard.

e.       Slip-ons CADPAT Lightweight Combat Clothing. Distinct navy slip-on identifiers are approved for wear with CADPAT
Lightweight Combat Clothing (LWCC) Temperate Woodland (TW) in Canada dependent on the operational context of the unit – i.e.
in non-tactical situations as deemed by the operational commander in accordance with reference D. The current navy slip-on identifier is
black thread rank insignia on Canadian Average Green. The new navy identifier slip-on for CADPAT LWCC (TW) will be modified to
incorporate the executive curl and it will be a unisex design as per the service dress/NCD slip-on. For tactical situations, the slip-on will
be the CADPAT TW standard slip-on with no navy identifier (no executive curl). Authorization on overseas operations will be at the
discretion of the Theatre Commander based on the operational situation. All other CADPAT designs (i.e. Arid Region, Arctic) will use
the appropriate CADPAT design slip-on, again with no navy identifier.

f.       Medical Branch Distinction Cloth. In accordance with reference B, Medical Branch officers will retain the distinction cloth be-
tween laces.

5.     Further queries concerning policy issues should be directed to Commander Barry Houle, Director Maritime
Personnel Special Projects Officer at 613 996-8157 and queries concerning procurement or implementation issues
should be directed to Mr. Mark
De Smedt, Project Director NICE, DMRS 3-7 at 819 997-6448.
                                                                              Sail the
 The STV (Sail Training Vessel) Pathfinder is a traditionally rigged brigantine operated by Toronto Brigantine Inc., a sail train-
 ing organization based in Toronto, Canada. The Pathfinder, along with her sister ship the TS Playfair, operate a youth sail
 training program during the summer holidays. This program is one of the very few sail training programs where all of the crew
 except for the captain are in high school (13-19 years old).

Sail the summer away!                     ing programs.                              duty, and free time. Shore leave may be
                                                                                     given during port visits to explore and
It’s a hot summer’s day in late July.     TBI provides teenagers with a meaning- enjoy some leisure time in a new place
The sun is shining, the wind is blow-     ful opportunity to invest in friendships, with new friends and new sense of ad-
ing, and what better place to be than     a new interest and an experience that venture.
out sailing on a tall ship on the Great   will last forever. ‘The second you step
Lakes with 18 new shipmates; learn-       onto the boats, whether it is just for one Summer Program 2010 is comprised of
ing, living and loving the life at sea.   course or for years to follow, you are 7 Courses for youth, and 1 Course for
                                          taking a major step’ (former Trainee) adults. Through July and August, Train-
But don’t be fooled – this is no boat     toward becoming a different person.        ing Courser range from 6-13 days this
cruise.                                                                              summer sailing from and to ports such
Sailing with us is not a chance to        “I would not be who I am now with- as Toronto, Parry Sound, or Tobermory,
work on your tan -- it is a chance to     out TBI” says Captain Julian Schroer. en route to Bay City, Owen Sound, or
change your life.                         “It has given me skills that I was un- Chicago; just to name a few.
                                          able to develop in a traditional learning
Toronto Brigantine Incorporated           environment. It also gave me the con- In the Winter Program, participants
(TBI) is a volunteer-based, registered    fidence to apply those skills in various meet weekly at our Harbourfront work
Canadian charity that provides youth      other aspects of my life”.                 shop to continue leadership training, sail
ages 13 to 18 the opportunity of a life                                              and technical training, and to put a lot
time to develop tangible skills while      In the Summer Program, 18 Trainees of hard work into the boats. The Winter
learning how to sail. Since estab-        (per ship, per Training Course) sail day Program group is responsible for main-
lishment in 1962, more than 20,000        and night and normally moor on every taining the brigs, keeping them safe and
young people have participated in         second or third day. During the time at ready for Transport Canada certification
our adventuresome, life-transform-        sea there is intense sail training, watch for the next summer at sea.
                                                             When asked what they look forward to the most in the
Becoming a Captain is a daunting task on which only          Summer Program, both Captain Weed and Captain
the truly committed embark. Transport Canada certifies       Schroer had the same response; watching the Crew take
TBI’s Captains through a combination of written exams        shape.
and an oral seamanship exam. These certification exams
are required alongside                                                                           In     each Training
Basic Safety training,                                                                           Course, “the Crew, a
Survival Craft training,                                                                         group of strangers, be-
Advanced Fire Fighting                                                                           comes a real team. The
Training, Radio train-                                                                           proximity of each other
ing, Marine Advanced                                                                             on the boat, the silence
First Aid training, plus                                                                         of morning watch, the
a minimum of two years                                                                           camaraderie of cook-
of sea time.                                                                                     ing, cleaning, sing-
                                                                                                 ing, swimming – all
Captain Rhys Weed has                                                                            contribute to the spirit
been sailing for over 10                                                                         of the ships’ compa-
years. Captain Julian                                                                            ny. It’s just amazing
Schroer too, began sail-                                                                         to watch it happen”
ing over 10 years ago                                                                            says Weed. Schroer
under the determined                                                                             agrees, “It’s usually
pressure of his older                                                                            two or three days into
brother.                                                                                         a Course when the
                                                                                                 Trainees begin to de-
Both Captain Weed                                                                                pend on each other.
(26) of TS Playfair and                                                                          It is a truly amazing
Captain Schroer (24) of                                                                          sight to watch 18 teen-
STV Pathfinder attest to                                                                         agers, who have never
the greatness of the open                                                                        met before, working
waters and the level of                                                                          hard in an outdoor,
personal growth attrib-                                                                          sometimes tough en-
uted to participating in                                                                         vironment and having
TBI’s Programs.                                                                                  a great deal of fun as
                                                                                                 a team in a previously
“When I was 16, I re-                                                                            totally unfamiliar en-
member the first time               The TS (Training Ship) Playfair sailing on Lake Ontario     vironment. This is only
that I got to run the ship                                                                      possible because of the
myself through a night watch. It was an amazing feel- top notch Officers on board of our ships.”
ing of responsibility and achievement combined with
the unknowns of sailing at night.”                              Adults often exclaim: ‘Ah! I wish I was 16 again so I
                                                                could participate!’ Rest assured there is an opportunity
Reflecting on his sailing experiences, Captain Schroer for adults to have this amazing experience too! Through
comments on how his perception has changed: “When I the Shoulder Season (May, June, September, October),
first started sailing, I didn’t yet see the big picture. As I our tall ships are available for adult groups and cor-
gained more experience, my role changed; the jobs be- porate charters for a half-day, full day, an evening, an
came more complex and the focus much broader. Now, overnight or weekend sailing adventure. And, for those
I spend much more time teaching the Crew. I know that of you looking for a complete sail training experience,
I certainly wouldn’t be doing any of this if I didn’t still Course 8 from Goderich to Toronto is happening Satur-
love it.”                                                       day, September 11th to Sunday, September 19th. Waste
                                                                no time -- come join us!
     Tim Turner AwArd
                                                             Presentation of Tim Turner Award
Even if you prefer dry land, there are plenty of other
ways to get involved. TBI welcomes volunteers in our By Bill Qualtrough.
office, to serve on our Board, to pitch in at the shop,
to act as Crew during Shoulder Season, to help with On January 5, 2010 Richard Birchall, Chairman of the Scholar-
events, fundraising and marketing.                      ship Committee of the Toronto Branch of the Naval Officers As-
                                                             sociation of Canada, presented The Tim Turner Award to Jonathan
                                                             Timmins, former Coxswain of RCSCC Patriot in Newmarket,
And of course, TBI is always seeking funding, Bursar         Ontario at Ceremonial Divisions at his old Corps. The parade was
Fund donors and in-kind donations. Presently, financial      led by the Commanding Officer, Lt.(N) Jill Bottomley,CD.
contributions and materials for our brigantines are two
of TBI’s greatest needs.                                Richard Birchall was invited to inspect the Corps. Jonathan Tim-
                                                             mins is now a cadet at the Royal Military College, Kingston, On-
It is the dedication of our volunteers and the generos-
ity of all of our donors who keep our awesome organi- At the previous Annual Ceremonial Review held on May 31, 2009
zation afloat and heading for our 50th Anniversary in the then CPO1 Timmins had received the NOAC(TO) Bluenose
2012!                                                   Award because he was an outstanding Cadet.
                                                             After the submission of more information and documents with
                                                             respect to his educational levels Timmins was selected as the
Please find the Toronto Brigantine online at                 first winner of the New Award announced by the NOAC(TO), or call                           Scholarship Committee. The new Award provides the winner with
416.596.7117.                                                $2,500 for his first year of studies and a further $2,500 in each of
                                                             the next three years if he continues to qualify, for a possible total of
                                                             $10,000. This being the first time this scholarship has been award-
                                                             ed it was named “Tim Turner Award” after the late Captain (N)
                                                             Tim Turner, (Ret) who initiated the Scholarship Fund in 1977.
                                              This is a picture of the 1914-15 Star as awarded
                                              This medal was always issued with the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.
                                                                     1914-15 Star if it was awarded to an RNCVR or RCN rating. Ca-
                                                                     nadians serving with the RN had their stars named to that HMS
                                                                     (ship) as shown in the photos.

                                                                     Canada’s criteria for the award was “to all who saw service in
                                                                     ANY theatre of war between 05 August 1914 and 31 December
                                                                     1915 except those eligible for the 1914 Star”. Overseas service
Timmins’ application was selected from several applications re-      was defined as being beyond the three mile limit and this qualified
ceived from several outstanding Sea Cadets in the 13 Sea Cadet       the men of many RCN small ships. Some of the ships included
Corps in the Greater Toronto Area. The selection was initially       HMCS Niobe, HMCS Florence, HMCS Rainbow, and HMCS Earl
made by a committee of the Toronto Sea Cadet Alumni Asso-            Grey. Medals are also known to HMCS Shearwater, HMCS Cana-
ciation, comprised of Chairman Jack Cooke, Saul Glass, Bruce         da, HMCS Margaret, HMCS Sable Island and HMCS Stadacona.
Morgan and Bill Qualtrough, who recommended Timmins to the
Scholarship Committee of the NOAC(TO).                               In the picture attached, a portion of the reverse of the 1914 – 15
                                                                     Stars, awarded to Able Seaman Filler and Chief Stoker O’Connell,
We congratulate Jonathan Timmins and wish him well in his stud-      the naming omits the usual service number but includes their re-
ies and his chosen Naval career. His family, his Comanding Of-       spective rank, i.e. “A.B.”, and the name of the ship, “H.M.C.S.
ficer and his fellow Sea Cadets are extremely proud of Jonathan as   Shearwater”, where he qualified for the award. The die uses a
are we who have had a hand in this Award.                            school book style serif face which allows font size variants for
                                                                     the naming.

         Naval Trivia??
                                                                     The British War Medals and Victory Medals awarded to Cana-
                                                                     dian naval personnel are impressed in the standard format and in
                                                                     the standard sans serif font style and included either ‘R.C.N.’, or
                                                                     ‘R.N.C.V.R.’.The first question is why were the stars named this
                                                                     way, so different than those of the Army’s CEF. The naming was
The 1914-15 STar aS awarded To The                                   done here in Canada and the format was probably decided at Na-
royal CaNadiaN Navy                                                  val Headquarters in Ottawa

                                                                     Second, how many 1914-15 Stars were awarded to the RCN? The
The medals awarded to those who served in the RCN and RNCVR
                                                                     1914 RCN manpower level of the RCN was not more than 350
during WW1 were the usual trio; the 1914 – 15 Star, the British
                                                                     officers and men. A further 1000 were recruited and enrolled dur-
War Medal and the Victory Medal. The naming on the Stars award-
                                                                     ing the war, but, how many before the end of 1915 and were as-
ed to the RCN are particularly interesting as the style used was
                                                                     signed duties which took them ‘overseas’? The navy’s principal
different than that of those issued to members of the RN and other
                                                                     manpower base was the RNCVR where 8000 were recruited and
Empire navies. The naming style used omitted the usual service
                                                                     assigned to a variety of naval duties including Overseas. Uncon-
number but included their respective rank and the name of the ship
                                                                     firmed estimates of the medal recipients to the RCN and RNCVR
where he qualified.
                                                                     is about 5000.
As well, you cannot tell from the naming on a Canadian naval
 All Heads on Deck!!!
Toronto’s Navy Team Shaves Head and raises $10000 the Terry Fox Foundation!
 “When the opportunity to get in-         Head Shave Navy Team Organizer            year is to participate in The Great
 volved this way presented itself, I      and Air Canada Kids Horizon Am-           Canadian Hair “Do”.
 was very intrigued and I started to      bassador.
 put a Canadian Navy team together.                                                 The official dates for “do”-ing events
 I presented the challenge, explained     Since its very beginnings, The Terry      is 11 September 2010! Dates and
 the great work being done by The         Fox Foundation has always received        times are flexible, so if another date
 Terry Fox Foundation and the cancer      strong support from employees, busi-      works better for you contact us at 1-
 researchers who are funded through       nesses and groups holding their own       888-836-9786 to discuss your plans.
 their grass-roots approach, and both     fundraising events and/or attending
 men and women jumped at the              Terry Fox Runs as family, dedication      Brave a Shave
 opportunity to support the cause. We     or work groups.
 even convinced our Commander to                                                    Don’t split hairs over this one - save
 shave his head!                          Terry’s message - that every person       on shampoo and join the fun! Shave
                                          can make a difference - resonated         participants can choose to lose their
 We had a lot of fun and our support-     with eyewitnesses to his transforma-      locks, beard or mustache for pledges.
 ers came to cheer us on event day.       tive journey and with millions of         For those of you with eight inches of
 It was a fun way to fundraise for        supporters who continue to support        untreated hair, consider having your
 a great cause and Foundation, and        his legacy. Each year, Terry Fox          long tresses made into wigs/hair-
 it was one of the best experiences       supporters seek new ways to make          pieces for those who have lost their
 of my life. I’ll certainly do it again   their mark on the fight against cancer.   hair to illness.
 soon!”, says Lt(N) Paul Simas, 2008      A great way to make your mark this
  Get involved
            Join our 2010

   Navy Centennial
     Hair Do Team
and earn a change to win 2 tickets from

to anywhere in North America, Caribbean
              and Hawaii
For participants willing to take their shave south of the

                                                             From our
neckline - how about collecting pledges to smooth that
chest, or wax those legs? As an added bonus, it’ll be
cooler in the summer without all that extra hair!

True Patriot love

Show off your patriotic style! Consider having a
maple leaf shaved or dyed on the back or side of your
head. Or why not just dye it all red for Canada Day
festivities? It’s a great, visual way to say I am proud to
be a Canadian! Hey, why not assemble a regiment of
(dyed) red-headed patriots to recognize Canada Day/
Weekend? It would be a great photo opportunity for
your event and your Canada Day festivities.

Going Gaga

Show your creative side - go Gaga! Pile it on with hair
extensions or transform your look with a wig you’d
never think to don! Go big and challenge your friends
at your workplace, club or even your family to create A lunch at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club of NOAC
the greatest hair masterpiece and raise much-needed     Hamilton & Toronto members to acknowledge Andy
funds in the process.                                   Irwin’s work for NOAC. Gill Hutton presents Andy with
                                                        a copy of the just-published official Naval history, signed
reason for Participating:                               by all those that were present

This is my third year supporting the Terry Fox Foun-
dation and the Great Canadian Head Shave! We had a
successful year in 2008 and 2009, and we hope to top
it this year! To top it all, Air Canada’s Kids Horizon
Program is donating 2 airline tickets to anywhere in
North America, Caribbean and Hawaii! All you have
to do is support the Terry Fox Foundation and with
any pledge of $20 or more your name will be entered
into a draw! The Head Shave and the Draw will take
place on SEPTEMBER 11 2010 at 11am at the Brook-
field Place in Toronto!


Its a great cause and its all worth it!!!

                                                             At HMCS YORK’s Battle of the Atlantic mess dinner on
                                                             June 30th, with 3 of those that were actually there 65 years
                                                             ago and more: Fraser McKee, Diana Hirschmann and
                                                             Werner Hirschmann, late of U-190, Elaine and Andy Irwin,
                                                             who was the featured speaker at the dinner.
Warship Models

                                                                                    Seaworthy, impeccably detailed and
                                                                                    fully operational models of HMCS
                                                                                    TORONTO, a Halifax Class Frigate
                                                                                    currently in use by the Canadian Navy,
                                                                                    and HMCS LOUIS St. LAURENT, were
                                                                                    displayed at TASK FORCE 72 Annual
                                                                                    Regatta in Forestville NSW, Australia.


Who doesn’t like Ship Models?                  then Governor of New South         in the UK that they have started their
                                               Wales and now Patron of their      own offshoot branch, “TASK FORCE
TASK FORCE 72 Scale Model Ship                 association, Rear Admiral Peter    72 UK”.
Association Inc. was first conceived           Sinclair, AC, RAN (Ret’d.) and     In over 10th years of operations, we
in 1994 following discussions over a           the then Naval Support Com-        now display all around Australia under
few beers, as all good ideas are! It was       mander, Rear-Admiral David         the TASK FORCE 72 Banner. Those
thought that “it might be nice” to see all     Campbell, RAN, (Ret’d.) were       of us who were lucky enough to have a
the 1:72 scale model ships that we knew        also suitably impressed by the     hand in the starting up of this associa-
were being constructed at the time, sail-      presence of so many models.        tion are immensely proud of what has
ing together in one place.                     The lake is a picturesque site,    been achieved and the reputation that
                                               surrounded by bushland with        the association can now boast.
A venue was found by David Rowland             houses tucked into the trees. It
who lived in the area, tested and found        is large at approximately four     Thousands of the general public, and we
to be quite suitable to hold a display         hectares with a sandy, shallow     tend to agree with them, have told us
that was to be the first of its type held in   bottom along the edge, ideally     that TASK FORCE 72 members pro-
Australia. This “First Regatta” took place     suited to moor or anchor ves-      duce some of the finest models of Na-
over the weekend of the 25th and 26th          sels and be close enough to the    val and Merchant Vessels anywhere in
of November 1995.                              shore that the public can view     the world and display them in a novel
                                               the models, without getting too    way. Where else in the world can you
As the Saturday morning drew around,           close. Since this humble begin-    go and see up to 100 models of historic
they could feel that this was going to a       ning of 35 members with around     and present day ships and submarines
great success. Over 60 models had ar-          70 models between us, the as-      all together in their natural element and
rived and were now gathering on the            sociation has grown to over 100    all built to one common scale.
beautiful waters of Wentworth Falls            members with over 300 models.      At the moment, the answer is,
Lake in the beautiful Blue Mountains           This includes overseas members     “Nowhere, except here at TASK
about 60 km west of Sydney.                    in Canada, New Zealand, USA,       FORCE 72.”
Their special guests of the weekend, the       Germany and enough members
From the ediTOr
                                              PAuL SiMAS, editor

                       What a year for our Navy! I have just gotten news that as we speak, the Canadian
                       Senate is tabling a bill to restore the official use of the term Canadian Navy, in-
                       stead of the post-unification more generic term “Maritime Command”. Let’s hope
                       they are successful!

                       It is also interesting to observe the reaction of those involved in the realm of the
                       Navy Family, and the public at large. There has been some rumblings about the
                       financial investments into a largely “cosmetic” change to the Naval Officer’s uni-
                       form by the addition of the Executive Curl. Some say that the investment could
                       have been put to better use, such as on the refurbishing of the MCDV’s, or even
                       investment into recruiting for the Naval Reserves, however history has shown us
                       that not investing into culture and traditions can have rippling effects, as the Navy
                       experienced while wearing Green Uniforms during the “unification” years.
416-824-8351           Although the resurgence of the Executive Curl isn’t as dramatic as the implemen-
                       tation of the DEUs (Distinctive Environmental Uniforms) was in the 80’s, it is a
                       symbolic, but powerful gesture that Canada is now ready to recognize that it has a
 ...canada is now      proud Naval history. Now a name change is proposed. It is great to see Canadians
                       getting involved and caring for their Navy and other uniquely Canadian institu-
          ready to     tions. Creating and molding its own structures, history and culture.
  recognize that it
                       While it is true that the government is paying more attention to the Navy, it is
      has a proud      also true that the Navy must engage Canadians. While parades and uniforms help
                       to show a Naval presence, it is by truly participating in their community that the
    naval history...   Navy will shine! Our head shave event was fantastic fun and the folks at the Terry
                       Fox Foundation now have a wonderful memory of their joint activity with the
                       Navy! The NOAC can be a wonderful vehicle that can tie and facilitate and even
                       organize events in which the Navy can engage with their Naval Family. From
                       Veterans to Sea and Navy League Cadets. They are the past, present and future of
                       our Navy, and if not that, they are supporters! Talking and getting involved with
                       Canadians also help to personify and recognize their Navy.

                       After all, this is the CANADIAN NAVY! YOUR NAVY!

                       Yours Aye,
     2010 Naval Community Calendar
      Canadian National Exhibition                                       ON - Toronto 2010-08

      Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve (R.C.N.V.R.) Plaque to be Remounted
                                                                     ON - Toronto 2010-09
      Dedication of Gun                                                  ON - Toronto    2010-05-02
      Citizenship Ceremony at HMCS YORK                                  ON - Toronto    2010-05-04
      Open House                                                         ON - Toronto    2010-05-29
      Freedom of the City / Sunset Ceremony                              ON - Toronto    2010-09-03
      NOAC Centennial Ball                                               ON - Toronto    2010-10-23
      Great Lakes Deployment - Ships Visit                               ON - Toronto    2010-09-02
                                                                         to 2010-09-07
      Toronto Fleet Week & International Air Show                        ON - Toronto    2010-09-02
                                                                         to 2010-09-07
      TD Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up                               ON - Toronto    2010-09-18
      Canadian Naval Centennial Ball                                     ON - Toronto    2010-10-23
      Street Banners                                                     ON - Toronto    2010-07
                                                                         to 2010-08

             If you have any events that you would like included in the calendar in Fall 2010
              please contact Paul Simas, email - phone 416-824-8351
                           The deadline for the Fall BUMPH is 30August 2010.
Members are requested to make advance, prepaid reservations for all social and educational events, using the
             addressed envelope that will be included with the notice of event mailed to you.

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