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					   AMENDMENT NUMBER ONE TO Subordinate Contract Number MA-060-11012207
       with Intratek Computer, Inc. for Professional and Printer Repair Services

This Subordinate Contract Number MA-060-11012207 for Professional and Printer Repair
Services is between the County of Orange, a political subdivision of the State of California,
operating through its Sheriff-Coroner’s Department, , with a place of business at 320 N. Flower
St., Santa Ana, CA 92703 (referred to as “County”) and Intratek Computer, Inc. (referred to as
“Contractor”), having its principal place of business at 5431 Industrial Dr., Huntington Beach,
CA 92649, and is effective upon the date signed by County. County and Contractor are
sometimes individually referred to as “Party”, or collectively referred to as “Parties”.

This Contract is comprised of this document and the following Attachments, which are
incorporated by reference into this Contract:

Attachment A – State of California Multiple Award Schedule (“CMAS”) Contract Number 3-99-
                 70-0227B & GSA Contract (“GSA”) Number GS-35F0178J
                             Attachment B – Payment Provisions
                           Attachment C – Scope of Work / Pricing
     Attachment D – County of Orange Child Support Enforcement Contract Certification


WHEREAS, the State of California, through its Department of General Services – Procurement
Division, has issued a Multiple Award Schedule (“CMAS”) Contract Number 3-99-70-0227B for
Professional and Repair Services, Attachment A, the terms and conditions of which Contractor
has confirmed are included in the Contract, and the details of the project are more fully detailed in
Attachment C; and

WHEREAS, County desires to enter into this Contract for Professional and Printer Repair
Services and Contractor is willing to provide the Professional and Printer Repair Services
specified in this Contract.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual obligations set forth herein, both COUNTY
and CONTRACTOR agree as follows: the parties mutually agree as follows:


1. “State of California”, “State”, and “Participating Entity”, as used in Attachment A shall also
   include County, its employees and authorized representatives for purposes of this Contract.


1. Scope of Contract: Contractor shall provide Professional and Repair Services to County at
   the prices as set forth in Attachment C, pursuant to the specifications detailed in Attachment
   C, and according to the terms and conditions of Attachment A, as modified herein.

2. Term of Contract: This Contract shall commence on June 29, 2011 and continue through and
   including June 28, 2012, unless otherwise terminated by the County. This Contract may be
   renewed for two (2) additional one (1) year terms and upon written agreement of both Parties.

Contractor Initial: _____                        1
3. Compensation: Compensation under this Contract shall not exceed Two Hundred Seventy-
   Five Thousand Dollars ($275,000.00). Contractor shall invoice in arrears per the rates as
   specified in Attachment C of this Contract.

4. Employee Eligibility Verification: The Contractor warrants that it fully complies with all
   Federal and State statutes and regulations regarding the employment of aliens and others
   and that all its employees performing work under this Contract meet the citizenship or
   alien status requirement set forth in Federal statues and regulations. The Contractor shall
   obtain, from all employees performing work hereunder, all verification and other
   documentation of employment eligibility status required by Federal or State statutes and
   regulations including, but not limited to, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, 8
   U.S.C. §1324 et seq., as they currently exist and as they may be hereafter amended. The
   Contractor shall retain all such documentation for all covered employees for the period
   prescribed by the law. The Contractor shall indemnify, defend with counsel approved in
   writing by County, and hold harmless, the County, its agents, officers, and employees from
   employer sanctions and any other liability which may be assessed against the Contractor or
   the County or both in connection with any alleged violation of any Federal or State statutes
   or regulations pertaining to the eligibility for employment of any persons performing work
   under this Contract.

5. Precedence: The Contract documents will consist of this Contract, including its Attachments,
   and Exhibits. In the event of a conflict between the Contract documents, the order of
   precedence shall be this Contract, then the Attachments B and C and then Attachment A and

     This section replaces “State of California Multiple Award Schedule Contract Number 3-99-
     70-0227B”, Paragraph - “Order of Precedence”, page 7 of 13 and Section 11 of General
     Provisions – Information Technology, in Attachment A.

6. Insurance Provisions:
   Prior to the provision of services under this contract, the contractor agrees to purchase all
   required insurance at contractor’s expense and to deposit with the County Certificates of
   Insurance, including all endorsements required herein, necessary to satisfy the County that
   the insurance provisions of this contract have been complied with and to keep such insurance
   coverage and the certificates therefore on deposit with the County during the entire term of
   this contract. In addition, all subcontractors performing work on behalf of contractor
   pursuant to this contract shall obtain insurance subject to the same terms and conditions as set
   forth herein for contractor.

     All self-insured retentions (SIRs) and deductibles shall be clearly stated on the Certificate of
     Insurance. If no SIRs or deductibles apply, indicate this on the Certificate of Insurance with a
     0 by the appropriate line of coverage. Any self-insured retention (SIR) or deductible in an
     amount in excess of $25,000 ($5,000 for automobile liability), shall specifically be approved
     by the County Executive Office (CEO)/Office of        Risk Management.

     If the contractor fails to maintain insurance acceptable to the County for the full term of this
     contract, the County may terminate this contract.
     Qualified Insurer
     Minimum insurance company ratings as determined by the most current edition of the Best's
     Key Rating Guide/Property-Casualty/United States or shall be A- (Secure A.M.
     Best's Rating) and VIII (Financial Size Category).

Contractor Initial: _____                         2
     The policy or policies of insurance must be issued by an insurer licensed to do business in the
     state of California (California Admitted Carrier). If the carrier is a non-admitted carrier in the
     state of California and does not meet or exceed an A.M. Best rating of A-/VIII, CEO/Office
     of Risk Management retains the right to approve or reject carrier after a review of the
     company's performance and financial ratings. If the non-admitted carrier meets or exceeds
     the minimum A.M. Best rating of A-/VIII, the agency can accept the insurance.

     The policy or policies of insurance maintained by the Contractor shall provide the minimum
     limits and coverage as set forth below:

          Coverage                                                  Minimum Limits

     Commercial General Liability                                   $1,000,000 per occurrence
                                                                    $2,000,000 aggregate

     Automobile Liability including coverage                        $1,000,000 per occurrence
     for owned, non-owned and hired vehicles

     Workers' Compensation                                          Statutory

     Employers' Liability Insurance                                 $1,000,000 per occurrence

     Professional Liability Insurance                               $1,000,000 per claims made
                                                                    or per occurrence

     Required Coverage Forms

     The Commercial General Liability coverage shall be written on Insurance Services Office
     (ISO) form CG 00 01, or a substitute form providing liability coverage at least as broad.

     The Business Auto Liability coverage shall be written on ISO form CA 00 01, CA 00 05, CA
     0012, CA 00 20, or a substitute form providing coverage at least as broad.

     Required Endorsements

     The Commercial General Liability policy shall contain the following endorsements, which
     shall accompany the Certificate of insurance:

     1)      An Additional Insured endorsement using ISO form CG 2010 or CG 2033 or a form at
             least as broad naming the County of Orange, its elected and appointed officials,
             officers, employees, agents as Additional Insureds.
     2)      A primary non-contributing endorsement evidencing that the contractor’s insurance is
             primary and any insurance or self-insurance maintained by the County of Orange shall
             be excess and non-contributing.

     All insurance policies required by this contract shall waive all rights of subrogation against
     the County of Orange and members of the Board of Supervisors, its elected and appointed
     officials, officers, agents and employees when acting within the scope of their appointment or

     The Workers’ Compensation policy shall contain a waiver of subrogation endorsement
     waiving all rights of subrogation against the County of Orange, and members of the Board of
     Supervisors, its elected and appointed officials, officers, agents and employees.

Contractor Initial: _____                          3
     Contractor shall, with respect to all insurance policies required by this contract, give the
     County of Orange 30 days notice in the event of cancellation and 10 days for non-payment of

     If contractor's Professional Liability policy is a "claims made" policy, contractor shall agree
     to maintain professional liability coverage for two years following completion of contract.

     The Commercial General Liability policy shall contain a severability of interests clause also
     known as a “separation of insureds” clause (standard in the ISO CG 0001 policy).

     Insurance certificates should be forwarded to the agency/department address listed on the

     If the contractor fails to provide the insurance certificates and endorsements within seven
     days of notification by CEO/Purchasing or the agency/department purchasing division, award
     may be made to the next qualified vendor.

     County expressly retains the right to require Contractor to increase or decrease insurance of
     any of the above insurance types throughout the term of this Contract. Any increase or
     decrease in insurance will be as deemed by County of Orange Risk Manager as appropriate to
     adequately protect County.

     County shall notify Contractor in writing of changes in the insurance requirements. If
     Contractor does not deposit copies of acceptable certificates of insurance and endorsements
     with County incorporating such changes within thirty days of receipt of such notice, this
     Contract may be in breach without further notice to Contractor, and County shall be
     entitled to all legal remedies.

     The procuring of such required policy or policies of insurance shall not be construed to limit
     Contractor's liability hereunder nor to fulfill the indemnification provisions and requirements
     of this Contract, nor act in any way to reduce the policy coverage and limits available from
     the insurer.

7. Grant Funding: Contractor expressly acknowledges and understands that this Contract is
   contingent upon Grant Funding. County reserves the right to cancel the Contract at no cost to
   County, along with any orders and/or shipments associated with this Contract, in the event
   that Grant Funding is no longer available.

8. Debarment Certification: The Contractor certifies that the Contractor is not presently
   debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, declared ineligible, or voluntarily excluded
   from participating in this Contract by any Federal department or agency. Contractor
   acknowledges that award of contract will not be made to them by County in the event they
   are listed on the “Excluded Parties List System (“EPLS”)” maintained by the General
   Services Administration of the United States of America.

9. Environmental Protection Standards: Contractor shall be in compliance with Section 306 of
   the Clean Air Act [Title 42 USC Section 1857(h)]. Section 508 of the Clean Water Act (Title
   33 USC Section 1368), Executive Order 11738 and Environmental Protection Agency,
   hereinafter referred to as “EPA” regulations (Title 40 CFR Part 15), as any may now exist or
   be hereafter amended. Under these laws and regulations, Contractor assures that:

Contractor Initial: _____                        4
          9.1      No facility to be utilized in the performance of the proposed grant has been listed
                   on the EPA List of Violating Facilities;

          9.2      It will notify County prior to award of the receipt of any communication from the
                   Director, Office of Federal Activities, U.S. EPA, indicating that the facility to be
                   utilized for the grant is under consideration to be listed on the EPA List of
                   Violating Facilities; and

          9.3      It will notify County and the EPA about any known violation of the above laws and

10. Security Requirements:

     A. Contractor shall, with respect to all employees of Contractor performing services

          1. Perform background checks as to past employment history.
          2. Inquire as to past criminal felony convictions.
          3. Ascertain that those employees who are required to drive in the course of performing
             services hereunder have valid California driver’s licenses and no DUI convictions
             within two (2) years prior to commencement of services hereunder.
          4. Perform drug screening to determine that such employees are not users of illegal
             drugs or other substances.
          5. Have employee complete and sign Contractor Security Clearance and Orange County
             Jail Release of Liability documents, as required by Orange County Sheriff’s

     B. Contractor shall not assign to the County property any Contractor personnel as to whom
          the foregoing procedures indicate:

          1. Inability or unwillingness to perform in a competent manner.

          2. Past criminal convictions for theft, burglary or conduct causing property damage or
             mental or physical harm to persons.

          3. Where such employee’s duties include driving a vehicle, absence of a valid
             California driver’s license or a DUI conviction within the prior two (2) years.

          4. Usage of illegal drugs or other substances.

     C. If any of the problems identified with respect to the Contractor’s employees are
          discovered after assignment of an employee to County property, or if County otherwise
          reasonably deems an assigned employee unacceptable, Contractor shall remove and
          replace such employee at the County property.

     D. Nothing herein shall render any employee of Contractor an employee of County.


          All employees must pass the County’s background check and meet all requirements as set
          forth below:

Contractor Initial: _____                            5
          1. Contractor’s Personnel-Background Checks:

          2. All personnel to be employed in performance of the work under this Contract shall be
             subject to background checks. Clearance must be updated and renewed every twelve
             (12) from original date of clearance.

          3.     No person shall be employed on this work that has not received prior clearance from
                 the Sheriff’s Department.

          4. Within 15 days of the effective date of this Contract, the Contractor shall prepare and
             submit a complete and accurate “Contractor Security Clearance” and “Orange
             County Jail Release of Liability” information form for all Contractor’s employee who
             will be working on or who will need access to the Sheriff’s facilities to perform work
             covered by this Contract. County project manager shall provide form(s) to
             Contractor’s project manager.

          5. “Contractor Security Clearance” and “Orange County Jail Release of Liability”
             information forms for renewal, at specified intervals and for new employees of
             Contractor, shall be submitted at least ten (10) County working days prior to the
             expiration of an existing clearance or prior to the use of any person for work
             occurring on Sheriff’s Facilities.

          6. “Contractor Security Clearance” and “Orange County Jail Release of Liability”
             information forms must be submitted on the original Sheriff’s printed form.
             Facsimile or photocopy forms will not be accepted.

          7. “Contractor Security Clearance” and “Orange County Jail Release of Liability”
             information forms will be provided by the County Project Manager upon request and
             will be screened by the Sheriff’s Department.

          8. “Contract Security Clearance” and “Orange County Jail Release of Liability”
             information forms shall be thoroughly and accurately completed. Omissions or false
             statements, regardless of the nature or magnitude, may be grounds for denying

          9. The Orange County Sheriff Department will not give the reason an individual’s
             clearance is denied.


          1. All work areas shall be secured prior to the end of each workday.

          2. Workmen shall have no contact, either verbal or physical, with inmates in the facility.

                a. Do not give names or addresses to inmates.

                b. Do not receive any names or addresses from inmates.

                c. Do not disclose the identity of any inmate to anyone outside the facility.

                d. Do not give any materials to inmates.

Contractor Initial: _____                           6
                e. Do not receive any materials from inmates (including materials to be passed to
                   another individual or inmate).

          3. Contractor’s personnel shall not smoke or use profanity or other inappropriate
             language while on site.

          4. Contractor’s personnel do not enter the facility while under the influence of alcohol,
             drugs or other intoxicants and do not have such materials in their possession.

          5. Failure to comply with these requirements is a criminal act and can result in

          6. Contractor’s personnel shall plan their activities to minimize the number of times
             they must enter and exit a facility, i.e., transport all tools, equipment, and materials
             needed for the day at the start of work and restrict all breaks to the absolute

          7. Contractor’s personnel shall follow any special security requirements issued by the
             onsite contact person or escort Deputy.

          8. Contractor’s personnel shall report either to the on-site contact person when leaving
             the facility, temporarily or at the end of the workday.

          9. Contractor’s personnel shall immediately report all accidents, spills, damage, unusual
             conditions and/or unusual activities to the onsite contact person or any Sheriff’s

          10. Contractor’s personnel shall securely close and check all gates and doors to ensure
              that they are tightly closed and locked.

          11. Contractor’s personnel shall restrict all activities to the immediate work site and
              adjacent assigned areas.

          12. Contractor’s personnel shall remain with the assigned escort at all times, unless
              otherwise directed by the onsite contact person.


          1. Contractor shall acknowledge that the primary purpose of the detention facilities is
                the safe and secure operation of those facilities. To the end:

          2. Contractor’s personnel who enter a Sheriff facility but have not passed the security
             screening, or who have falsified the security screening information, or who have
             outstanding wants or the Sheriff may detain warrants.

          3. Contractor’s personnel shall immediately comply with all directions and orders
             issued by Sheriff’s personnel, other than changes regarding the quality or quantity of
             work, which will be controlled by the designated Authorized Service Requestor,
             County Project Manager, Contract Coordinator or the Contract Administrator.

          4. Contractor’s personnel may be delayed or denied access to the facility due to
             unforeseen events that may affect the availability of security escorts.

Contractor Initial: _____                            7
          5. Contractor’s personnel may be ordered to leave a facility prior to the completion of
             their work or the end of the workday by unforeseen incidents occurring within secure

          6. Contractor’s personnel may be detained within as facility until Sheriff’s personnel
             resolve an incident.

11. Ownership of Programming/WebEOC Services:

     a. Deliverables. Contractor agrees that upon completion or termination of this Contract, for
        whatever cause and without regard to whether the WebEOC services specified in the
        Scope of Work (“WebEOC Services”) have been completed, one copy of all notebooks,
        data, information and other material acquired or compiled by Contractor in respect to the
        WebEOC Services, including source code, object code and technical documentation,
        shall be delivered to Customer.

     b. Ownership. Full and exclusive rights and ownership in any and all work performed as
        WebEOC Services and in any and all related letters patent, trademarks, copyrights, trade
        secrets, Confidential Information and any other proprietary rights which Contractor
        possesses or is entitled to shall vest in and is hereby assigned to Customer as of the date
        of acceptance. Except as provided in this Contract, Contractor shall retain no right,
        ownership or title in the product of WebEOC Services or in any related letters patent,
        trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, Confidential Information or any other proprietary
        rights. The Parties agree that the product of WebEOC Services and all such rights are
        being sold in their entirety to Customer for whatever use it desires, and nothing contained
        herein shall be deemed to constitute a mere license or franchise in County.

     c. Cooperation by Contractor. Should County or any of its agents or representatives seek to
        obtain letters patent, trademarks or copyrights in any country of the world on all or part
        of the WebEOC Services, Contractor agrees to cooperate fully without compensation in
        providing information, completing forms, performing actions and obtaining the necessary
        signatures or assignments required to obtain such letters patent, trademarks or copyrights.
        In the event County shall be unable for any reason to obtain Contactor’s signature on any
        document necessary for any purpose set forth in the foregoing sentence, Contractor
        hereby irrevocably designates and appoints each of County and its duly authorized
        officers and agents as Contractor’s agent and Contractor's attorney-in-fact to act for and
        in Contractor's behalf and stead to execute and file any such document and to do all other
        lawfully permitted acts to further any such purpose with the same force and effect as if
        executed and delivered by Contractor.

     This section, together with sections 12 and 13, replace “State of California Multiple Award
     Schedule Contract Number 3-99-70-0227B”, Paragraph 37(a) and (b) of General Provisions –
     Information Technology, Information Technology Software Special Provisions Sections 1, 2,
     3, 4 and 7 and any other contrary or inconsistent provisions of Attachment A.

12. Ownership of Documents: The County has permanent ownership of all directly connected
    and derivative materials produced under this Contract by the Contractor. All documents,
    reports and other incidental or derivative work or materials furnished hereunder shall become
    and remains the sole property of the County and may be used by the County as it may require
    without additional cost to the County. None of the documents, reports and other incidental or
    derivative work or furnished materials shall be used by the Contractor without the express
    written consent of the County.

Contractor Initial: _____                        8
13. Title to Data: All materials, documents, data or information obtained from the County
    data files or any County medium furnished to the Contractor in the performance of this
    Contract will at all times remain the property of the County. Such data or information
    may not be used or copied for direct or indirect use by the Contractor after completion or
    termination of this Contract without the express written consent of the County. All
    materials, documents, data or information, including copies, must be returned to the
    County at the end of this Contract.

14. Appropriation/Contingency of Funds: This Contract is subject to and contingent upon
    applicable budgetary appropriations being approved by the County of Orange Board of
    Supervisors for each fiscal year during the Term of this Contract. If such appropriations are
    not approved, the Contract will be immediately terminated without penalty to the County.

15. Governing Law and Venue: This Contract has been negotiated and executed in the State of
    California and shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of California,
    without reference to conflict of laws provisions. In the event of any legal action to enforce or
    interpret this Contract, the sole and exclusive venue shall be a court of competent jurisdiction
    located in Orange County, California, and the Parties hereto agree to and do hereby submit to
    the jurisdiction of such court, notwithstanding Code of Civil Procedure section 394.
    Furthermore, the Parties specifically agree to waive any and all rights to request that an action
    be transferred for trial to another venue.

     This section replaces “State of California Multiple Award Schedule Contract Number 3-99-
     70-0227B”, Paragraph - “Applicable Law”, Section 6 of General Provisions – Information
     Technology, Attachment A.

     (Signature Page Follows)

Contractor Initial: _____                        9
Signature Page

The Parties hereto have executed this Contract MA-060-11012207 for Professional and Printer
Repair Services on the dates shown opposite their respective signatures below.

Contractor*: Intratek Computer, Inc.

By:                                                 Title:
Print Name:                                         Date:

Contractor*: Intratek Computer, Inc.
By:                                                 Title:
Print Name:                                         Date:

*If a corporation, the document must be signed by two corporate officers. The first signature
must be either the Chairman of the Board, President, or any Vice President. The second signature
must be the secretary, an assistant secretary, the Chief Financial Officer, or any assistant
treasurers. In the alternative, a single corporate signature is acceptable when accompanied by a
corporate document demonstrating the legal authority of the signature to bind the company.

County of Orange
                            A political subdivision of the State of California

                                            Sheriff-Coroner Department

By:                                                 Title:

Print Name:                                         Date:

Approved by the Board of Supervisors on: _________________________
  Approved as to Form
  Office of the County Counsel

  By: ________________________

Contractor Initial: _____                         10
                                    ATTACHMENT A

 State of California Multiple Award Schedule Contract Number 3-99-70-0227B & GSA Contract
                                (“GSA”) Number GS-35F0178J

Contractor Initial: _____                  11
                                        ATTACHMENT B

                                    PAYMENT PROVISIONS

This is a fixed fee Contract between the County and Contractor for goods and services provided
in Attachment C, Scope of Work / Pricing. The Contractor agrees to accept the specified
compensation as set forth in this Contract as full remuneration for services.
1. Pricing

     Pricing set forth in Attachment C shall be firm for the first term of the Contract. All price
     decreases will automatically be extended to the County of Orange. County will accept
     decreases only. Pricing will be firm unless a reduction is available.

     Pricing for WebEOC Contractor shall be as follows:

     a. Information Technology Expert III, Hourly Rate:                     $115.00 / Hour
        (Up to 2,000 hours per Contract year)

     b. Travel / Per Diem Reimbursement Cost Shall Not Exceed:              $5,000.00 / Year

     Pricing for On-site Printer Diagnosis/Repair Service shall be as follows:

     c. Jr Srv/Repr Tech Step I (JSRT I)                                   $43.08/Hour

     d. Parts (per State of California Multiple Award Schedule (“CMAS”) Contract Number 3-
        99-70-0227B) & GSA Contract (“GSA”) Number GS-35F0178J

2. Payment Terms
     Invoices are to be submitted monthly in accordance with Page 2, Agreement, Section 3 –
     Compensation of this Contract, unless otherwise directed in this Contract, upon the
     satisfactory completion and acceptance of commodity/services. Unless otherwise agreed to
     in writing by County, 1) acceptance shall not be deemed complete unless in writing and until
     all the goods/services have actually been received, inspected, and tested to the satisfaction of
     County, and 2) payment shall be made in arrears after satisfactory acceptance by the County.

     Contractor shall reference Contract number on invoice. Payment will be net 30 days after
     receipt of an invoice in a format acceptable to the County of Orange and verified and
     approved by the agency/department and subject to routine processing requirements. The
     responsibility for providing an acceptable invoice rests with the Contractor.
     Billing shall cover services and/or goods not previously invoiced. The Contractor shall
     reimburse the County of Orange for any monies paid to the Contractor for goods or services
     not provided or when goods or services do not meet the Contract requirements. Payments
     made by the County shall not preclude the right of the County from thereafter disputing any
     items or services involved or billed under this Contract and shall not be construed as
     acceptance of any part of the goods or services.

3. Invoicing Instructions:

     Payments and/or invoices are to be sent to:
Contractor Initial: _____                          12
     County of Orange
     Sheriff Department/Emergency Management Bureau
     2644 Santiago Canyon Road
     Silverado, CA 92676
     Attn: Luis Ramirez

     County of Orange
     Sheriff Department/Information Services
     320 N. Flower Street
     3rd Floor
     Santa Ana, CA 92703
     Attn: Melissa Saldana

     County of Orange
     Sheriff-Coroner Department/Crime Lab
     320 N. Flower Street, 5th Floor
     Santa Ana, CA 92703
     Attn: Esthela Zamarripa

     County of Orange
     Sheriff-Coroner Department/Commissary Operations
     1530 S. State College Blvd.
     Anaheim, CA 92806
     Attn: Accounts Payable

     Contractor will provide an invoice for services rendered, not more frequently than monthly.
     Each invoice will have a number and shall include the following information:
     1. Contractor’s name and address
     2. Contractor’s remittance address
     3. County Contract number
     4. Contractor’s Federal I.D. number
     5. Date of Order
     6. Product description, quantity, prices
     7. Sales tax, if applicable
     8. Brief description of services

Contractor Initial: _____                      13
                                         ATTACHMENT C

                                       Scope of Work / Pricing

I. WebEOC Contractor:

     1. Background: Contractor shall provide Professional Services to County for County’s
        WebEOC. The WebEOC is an “off-the-shelf” application designed to provide Orange
        County Emergency Management Bureau with the ability to:

          a. Track incidents that happen with an emergency activation.
          b. Provide communication between users.
          c. Track needs and availability of supplies and resources in response to an emergency
          d. Track distribution and usage of supplies and resources.
          e. Provide shelter information to track available space and people in the shelters.
          f. Provide universal map displays showing location of incidents, road closures, gas
             plumes, evacuation areas, etc.
          g. Provide reporting of incidents to State and Federal agencies for assistance and

          Currently, WebEOC has an advanced custom implementation in Orange County’s
          Emergency Operations Center. There are four other implementations of WebEOC within
          the County by cities. These are linked to provide upward and downward communications
          between the cities and the County. A highly advanced jurisdiction and situation status
          board called JIMS 3.1 has been developed. This board integrates various advanced status
          reports such as Initial Damage Estimates, Road Closures, Evacuations, and many others
          including response boards for a San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station incident. These
          boards form a nexus where information can be easily gathered and analyzed. In addition,
          approximately 140 other cities, agencies, and educational organizations utilize the
          County’s WebEOC if emergencies arise in their jurisdictions. This is all done through
          secured connections via the Internet.

          The Orange County Sheriff’s Department - Emergency Management Bureau which is
          also the designated Operational Area point of contact for multi-agency coordination of
          resources and responsible to capture pertinent information as indicated in the Orange
          County Operational Area Agreement, the Standardized Emergency Management System
          (SEMS), the California Emergency Services Act and California Government codes, and
          the National Incident Management System (hereinafter “NIMS”).

          Orange County Sheriff’s Department – Emergency Management Bureau has the
          responsibility in time of disasters to capture, and be able to provide information not just
          amongst the Orange County partners, but also to the State of California. In many
          instances, resources, assistance, and monetary qualifications are dependent on
          information obtained which has to be shared with the California Emergency Management
          Agency and during certain events with federal partners.

          Additional work that needs to take place includes further integration of various boards
          into Jurisdictional Information Management System (hereinafter “JIMS”). Activity logs
          and significant events are currently separate boards. In order to reduce duplication of
          effort, the integration of these boards into JIMS will be necessary. A way to generate
          printer-friendly reports must also be developed for audit and historical documentation

Contractor Initial: _____                         14
          purposes. As more and more users are moving to mobile platforms such as the Apple
          iPad, the JIMS code will need to conform to those standards to support mobile users.

          As indicated above, one of the Orange County Operation Area responsibilities is to be the
          multi-agency coordination point of contact in order to collect information in the most
          expedient and accurate manner. Documentation must be written and training developed
          and conducted for all new system developments.

          The WebEOC project scope of work must be flexible to address changing needs of the
          Operational Area as areas for improvement are identified which each use of the system.
          Unlike many contractual software projects where a specific footprint and/or infrastructure
          design is identified prior to the start of the project, WebEOC priorities can change day to
          day based on the capability needs to respond to an emergency event in the future or due
          to current events happening worldwide. From previous real life emergencies and
          exercises conducted to test the WebEOC system, the following areas outlined below sets
          the benchmarks to be completed during this single year contract work period include:

          a. Maintenance of JIMS code to reduce bugs and increase reliability and performance
             based on feedback from users.
          b. Provide support to the EOC for activations as required.
          c. Continue end-user and technical documentation of all changes.
          d. Provide 8-12 hands on training sessions to Operational Area members.
          e. Attend all WebEOC steering committee, user group and applicable OCEMO
          f. Attend the WebEOC Annual User Conference.

          First half:
          a. Generation of flexible printer-friendly reports by Jurisdiction and Status Update.
          b. Integration of JIMS status updates into jurisdiction activity logs.

          Second half:
          a. Ensure that the JIMS board will work reliably in other browsers such as Firefox 3,
             Safari 4, and Internet Explorer 8 as well as mobile browsers like Mobile Safari in use
             on the Apple iPhone and iPad.
          b. Re-design of JIMS Graphical User Interface to be more immediately intuitive and
             aesthetically pleasing.

          The contractor shall provide monthly documentation of project achievements in all of the
          above areas. Software development within WebEOC is primarily driven through a cycle
          of user feedback, development, testing, and deployment. The development priorities and
          requirements listed above reflect feedback from the user community. Specifics of each
          requirement will also be driven throughout the evolutionary development process.

          Other additional project areas may be added and will be dependent on operational
          requirements and as time allows. The creation and prioritization of these project areas
          will be determined by the Orange County Emergency Management WebEOC Working
          Group in a collaborative manner. These projects areas may include, but are not limited

          a. Customize the WebEOC system to provide a credentialing system for field
             responders as well as all local government Emergency Operations Centers including
             badge templates, credential tracking, priority status, and zone workers credentials.

Contractor Initial: _____                         15
          b. Development of a mapping capability to all Orange County WebEOC users to
             improve the situational awareness such as command post locations, evacuation zones,
             road closures, shelter locations, etc., of the 115 political subdivisions and private
             sector partners.
          c. Identification and development of interface capabilities with other systems (as
             available and requested) such as OC Public Works day-to-day system, Reddinet,
             CalHan, to pull information into WebEOC so duplicate entry will not occur.
          d. Upgrade and future-proof HTML and JavaScript to be compatible with HTML5
             standards and next-generation browsers such as: Firefox 4, Google Chrome, Internet
             Explorer 9, and Safari 5.

     2. Requirements:

          a. Contractor shall have five (5) years of project management experience.
          b. Contractor shall have ten (10) years of general software development experience.
          c. Contractor shall have strong systems analysis and design background in the areas of
             Microsoft (SQL, HTML, Javascript, etc.) and WebEOC System (Board building and
          d. Contractor shall be self-motivated to work independently with minimal direction and
          e. Contractor shall be organized and disciplined to achieve project milestones on time
             and within budget.
          f. Contractor must have excellent verbal and strong written communication skills.

          g. Contractor must have business analysis experience in eliciting, analyzing, and
             recording/implementing requirements from software users to create a work flow
             system and operational organization.
          h. Contractor shall have experience working with government agencies.
          i. Contractor shall interface with people. Contractor shall be a key “face” of the
             Sheriff-Coroner Department to the other cities and agencies in the County.
          j. Contractor shall work with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Emergency
             Management Bureau project lead to conduct productive discussions by phone and
             arrange appropriate meetings with users.
          k. Contractor shall listen well to user requirements and clearly define them.
          l. Contractor shall have experience with and knowledge about the WebEOC board
          m. Contractor shall have attended and passed ESi’s WebEOC Advanced Board Building
          n. Contractor shall implement these user requirements using WebEOC front-end tools:
             Micrsoft, SQL, HTML, Javascript, etc.
          o. Contractor shall design and assist with conducting hands-on training sessions for
             users. Contractor shall provide input to the training materials developed by the
             Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Emergency Management Bureau project lead.
          p. Contractor shall have a working understanding of web servers.
          q. Contractor shall have knowledge of Microsoft SQL to be able to run backups,
             administer databases, and user rights.
          r. Contractor shall have a working understanding of ESRI-base GIS (Geographical
             Information Systems) and Google Earth.
          s. Contractor shall have strong knowledge of HTML and Javascript to make
             modifications to existing screens within WebEOC.
          t. Contractor shall have experience, training, and an understanding of the Standardized
             Emergency Management System/National Incident Management System, and the

Contractor Initial: _____                       16
                coordination requirements of the Orange County Operational Area and all political
                subdivisions within.

     3. Project / Assignment Requirements:

          a. Contractor shall meet all the duties and / or qualifications listed above in Section 2.
          b. Contractor’s job classification shall be equivalent to an Information Technology
             Expert III.
          c. Contractor shall provide up to two-thousand “2,000” hours of service per each
             Contract year (term). Contractor shall work full-time, forty (40) hours per week, in
             order to complete various projects. Contractor shall respond during an emergency
             activation of the Emergency Operations Center, including off hours (7 days a week,
             24 hours a day).
          d. Contractor shall work at an assigned workstation within the administrative office of
             the Orange County Sheriff – Coroner Department Emergency Management Bureau,
             2644 Santiago Canyon Road, Silverado, CA 92676.
          e. Contractor is expected to travel to the annual WebEOC conference for continued
             training. County shall bear no additional cost beyond what is stipulated in this

     4. County Obligations:

          County will supply up to the following to support Contractor in the performance of their
          Contractual duties:

          a. Office Space, including desk, phone, computer, and printers.
          b. Software, including but not limited to operating system, WebEOC, Microsoft Office
             (including email), Microsoft SQL, HTML tools, and GIS Tools.

II. On-site Printer Diagnosis/Repair Service:

     1. Printer and Service General Information: Sheriff-Coroner’s Department currently has
        approximately 1,200 printers within its Information Systems Division at 37 different
        locations. The manufacturer of ninety-five (95) percent of the printers are Hewlett
        Packard; the models include Laser Jet Color and Monochrome, All-in-One and Desk Jet
        printers. The age of the impact printers vary considerably; however, they still remain
        serviceable and seem to fit within the specific architectural design for the location of
        these printers.

     2. Contractor shall perform all of the following responsibilities and duties:

          a. Provide all labor and costs associated with labor including trip and travel related
             charges such as mileage, (parts and materials at cost of MSRP or list Price less 20%)
             necessary to fix/repair all printers.

          b. Pick up all printers for service. County will schedule pick-up service during business
             hours, Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Pacific Time), excluding County
             Holidays, and Contractor shall pick up all printers for repairs at one locations at the
             Annex Warehouse located at 1045 N. Fuller Street, Santa Ana, CA.

          c. At the time of pick-up for new repairs, Contractor shall return all prior repaired

Contractor Initial: _____                        17
     3. Certification: Contractor’s Repair Technicians shall be trained and certified in printer
        repairs. Contractor’s Repair Technicians shall be knowledgeable and capable of
        diagnosing and repairing problems.

     4. General Requirements:

          a. Contractor shall furnish and install all new parts, materials, and lubricants that meet
             or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications.

          b. Contractor must maintain a reasonable supply of available parts and maintain a
             reasonable supply system for acquisition of additional parts either immediately or
             with minimal delay.

          c. Contractor shall warranty all labor and materials used in performance of this work for
             a minimum of ninety (90) days from receipt date of the repaired printers by County.

Contractor Initial: _____                        18
                                          ATTACHMENT D

                   County of Orange Child Support Enforcement Contract Certification

Contractor Initial: _____                         19
                            County of Orange Child Support Enforcement

                                          Contract Certification


                                                    PART I
  A. In case of an individual contractor, provide:
     His/her name, date of birth, Social Security number, and residence address:

  B. In the case of contractor doing business in a form other than as an individual, provide:
     The name, date of birth, Social Security number, and residence address of each individual who
      owns an interest of 10 percent or more in the contracting entity; OR

  C. *If your firm is a non-profit entity please indicate: “N/A, Non-Profit Organization” OR If no
      single person owns an interest of 10 percent or more please state this fact below.

                       (Please note: Part II “Certification” must also be signed and returned)

             1.    Name:
                   SSN No:
                   Residence Address:

             2.    Name:
                   SSN No:
                   Residence Address:

                                        PART II

 I certify that Intratek Computer, Inc. is in full compliance with all applicable Federal and State
 reporting requirements regarding its employees and with all lawfully served Wage and Earnings
 Assignment Orders and Notices of Assignments and will continue to be in compliance throughout
 the term of Contract Number: MA-060-11012207 with the County of Orange.
 I understand that failure to comply shall constitute a material breach of the contract and the
 failure to cure such breach within 60 calendar days of notice from the County shall constitute
 grounds for termination of the contract.

                  AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE

                  PRINTED NAME


Contractor Initial: _____                              20

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