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									                     I. Instructional Goals & Objectives
        As you and your child participate in the Mt. Baker Middle School music program, it is
our goal that our students meet certain building, district, and state achievement goals.

A. Music Goals:
       Musically, we will be teaching our students the following skills and concepts
       throughout the school year:

       *Musical Pitch         (Learning to hear and play musical pitches accurately, reading
       notes on all staffs, key signatures, sharps, flats, naturals, enharmonic tones, alternate
       fingerings, scales, understanding the use of proper posture, breath support and breath
       control, hand position, bowing, embouchure formation, and intonation and tuning in
       ensemble performance)

       *Musical Rhythm            (Learning to read, write, count, clap, and play musical
       rhythms in simple and compound meters, reviewing and working with meter
       signatures, tempos, subdivision, and the basics of keeping accurate time)

       *Instrumental Technique                   (Learning and using proper hand position,
       fingerings, alternate fingerings, shifting and positions appropriate for skill level;
       learning and practicing the Circle of Fifths, major and minor scales, thirds, arpeggios,
       and chromatic scales)

       *Music Theory         (Learning and using new musical vocabulary, scale construction,
       composition styles and forms, and various musical symbols and foreign terminology)

       *Musical Interpretation and Appreciation                         (Learning about musical
       styles, historical perspectives, musical phrasing, and self expression in music)

       *Musical Performance               (Understanding and practicing appropriate rehearsal
       techniques, study skills, practicing strategies; Practicing appropriate stage presence
       and behavior through self-discipline, respect for self and others, and pride in
       performance; Understanding of group effort and successful concert preparation and
       performance - ie. The responsibility of planning ahead, being on time, dressed
       formally and appropriately, having music well-prepared, focus and concentration both
       on and off the stage, and the participation in stage crews and public announcing)

B. Washington State Student Learning Goals:
       At the state level we will reinforce the following learning goals and expectations:

       *Students will read with comprehension, write with skill, and communicate
       effectively and responsibly in a variety of ways and settings.

       *Students will know and apply the core concepts and principles of math, science,
       civics and history, the arts, and health and fitness.

       *Students will think analytically, logically, and creatively, and will integrate
       experience and knowledge to form reasoned judgments and solve problems.

       *Students will understand the importance of work and how performance, effort,
       and decisions directly affect future career and educational opportunities.
II. Student Code of Conduct & Behavioral Expectations

Mrs. Wharton, Mr. Paustian, and Mr. Char all believe that the success
of our fine music program depends on students practicing and
understanding the following universal Character Traits:

      *Responsibility: Being accountable for your own actions and

      *Respect: Valuing and showing care for other people and their

      *Honesty & Integrity: Telling the truth and accepting the
      consequences for one’s thoughts and actions; living by your
      convictions and beliefs

      *Kindness, Caring, & Sincerity: Taking care of yourself and
      others; showing respect

       Additionally, the Mt. Baker Music Program prides itself on
demonstrating positive discipline, self-control, consideration, good
judgment, and concern for others at all times! We strongly believe
an important part of any successful group. We believe in handling
student discipline in a pro-active fashion, meaning, we try to eliminate
negative behaviors and attitudes before they ever appear, by providing
a positive and encouraging learning environment. All disciplinary
problems will be handled on an individual basis, with teachers
providing clear and consistent expectations and opportunities for
student growth and learning. Parents, administrators, and counselors
will be invited to student intervention meetings if appropriate
corrective measures are not taken. Our classroom rules are simple:

      1.   Be in your seats by the bell

      2.   Have daily required materials: Instrument, music, pencil

      3.   Show respect for people and property

      4.   Demonstrate cooperation by following directions and raising
           hand when you have a question or a contribution to make

      5.   Absolutely NO FOOD, POP, OR GUM (unless WE provide
           goodies for our classes!!)
     III. Student Assessment and Progress Reports (Daily
  requirements, grading, student work, practicing, daily work,
                    concerts & attendance,)

       Since band and orchestra are performance based classes, a great deal of
our grading reflects our students’ daily participation, effort, and progress.

                    ORCHESTRA and BAND GRADING POLICY

              1. Practice Charts, Written Assignments, Playing Tests, Written Tests,
                 etc. = 50% of grade
              2. Daily Participation and Concerts = 50% of grade

Concert attendance is required as part of orchestra, choir and band students
grades. Concert attendance is NOT optional.

Calendars will be in students’ folders as soon as the school year begins, or when they
join orchestra, choir or band. With careful planning at home, conflicts should be
avoided. Please do not schedule family events on concert dates. Conflicts should be
considered once-in-a-lifetime event for students to miss a concert.
In the very rare event that your child has a conflict with a concert, notify your child’s
music teacher as soon as you realize there is a conflict; the sooner the better. Email
or send a note with your child stating the date of the conflict and the reason your
child will miss the concert. Many times compromises can be worked out – for
example often students are required to be at school by 6:30pm for concerts, but may
be given permission to arrive late in the event of conflicts.
In the equally rare event that a serious emergency arises on the day of the concert,
students should bring a note written by parents the next time they are back in
school. The note should include a specific reason for the absence.
The following reasons are not acceptable for missing concerts:
“Can’t find my black pants.”
“Nobody could take him to the concert” (with careful prior planning, another family
will provide transportation).
“Can’t find his music.”
Doctor’s appointment – please try to avoid scheduling appointments on concert dates
unless it is a serious emergency.
“I only play on one piece.” This is most likely an oversight by the music teacher and
students should discuss this with the music teacher in the 2 weeks leading up to the
“Left my instrument at school.” This does happen occasionally; custodians at Mt.
Baker are willing to let you in to get them after school hours.
“Had to baby-sit my younger siblings.”
WEEK OF EVERY MONTH! A parent signature is required on every progress report
- please ask to see your child’s progress report at the beginning of each month

         1. Practice sheets are due every Monday for orchestra (6th and 7th
         grade). They must be signed by parents to receive total credit. Band
         students will not use practice sheets.

    Students are expected to practice 2 hours per week.
         2. Tests- Students will be given several playing and written tests each

         3. Assignments - Students will be given several written theory or Music
         History assignments to complete.

         4. Participation includes concert participation, active participation in class,
         attitude, and dedication. A STUDENT’S QUARTER GRADE WILL DROP TWO

                                 Daily Requirements
Students are expected to bring their instrument, accessories, (valve oil, reeds,
drum sticks, shoulder rest, reeds, rosin, etc.) music, and a pencil to class every
day. The participation grade will be lowered each time a student comes to class
unprepared. Students are expected to be in their seat by the time the bell rings.
After three tardies, a student will be assigned lunch detention.

Students are responsible for following the simple classroom rules:
              1. Be in your seats by the bell
              2. Have daily required materials: Instrument, music, pencil
              3. Show respect for people and property
              4. Demonstrate cooperation by following directions and raising hand
                 when you have a question or a contribution to make
              5. Absolutely NO FOOD, POP, OR GUM (unless WE provide goodies for
                 our classes!!)

                                            IV. Uniforms
         Formal attire at performances is required for all Mt. Baker Music students. The required concert
dress will be as follows:

         The WHITE Mt. Baker Band/Orch. Polo Shirt (We will do an order in Oct.)
         Black dress pants or (modest black skirt) knee-length or longer
         Black socks and Black dress shoes (no athletic shoes)

The Polo shirt will available through the front office for approximately $20 and we will be making a group
order in October. (Wild Horse Graphics, Cle Elum –509-656-0111). Formal pictures will be taken in
November and all students must have purchased their concert outfits in time for these photographs.
Students who require financial assistance in purchasing their concert attire will be helped in a confidential
manner. Please ask if you need help!
V. Instrument Rental and Care (Music stores, district loan
     policy, music cleaning suggestions, cleaning kits, etc.)

                        School-Owned Instruments

       There are a few school-owned instruments that are available for those
students who cannot provide their own instruments. It is expected that students
rent or purchase an instrument to use at school, but it is understood that some
families cannot afford this. Most of the school-owned instruments are the larger
instruments, such as cellos, basses, bass clarinet, tenor & bari sax, baritones, and
tubas. There are a couple of school-owned violins and violas available.

       To check out an instrument, please notify your music teacher as soon as
possible that you need an instrument! We operate on a “First-come-first-serve”
basis and will try to honor as many instrument requests as possible. When you or
your child is issued a “Check-Out Card,” fill out the card completely, and return it as
soon as possible. Signing the card ensures that the student and parent assume
responsible for any damage done to the instrument; this also includes theft or the
accidental loss of the instrument. If an instrument needs repair, students and
parents should do the following:

STRING INSTRUMENTS: The school will not pay for the repair of the instrument.
In case of damage, the parent should take the instrument to the Hammond Ashley
Music Store for repairs. Their number is 1-800-STRING-BASS and they do high
quality repair work. Many music stores specialize in band instruments rather than
string instruments. Hammond Ashley is a high quality string repair shop.

BAND INSTRUMENTS: Mr. Paustian will determine what repairs are necessary on
the instrument - if your instrument is not working properly or has been damaged,
please bring it to him immediately. In many cases, the repair is minor and it is
something Mr. Paustian can repair for the student. If it is a major repair (beyond
normal wear and tear), students will be asked to take it to a district pre-approved
repairperson. Students (and their parents) should NEVER attempt to repair their own
       It is important to remember that your child is the only student authorized to
       play the instrument. Please keep the instrument out of the hands of curious
       brothers, sisters, and friends. All instruments are fragile, and only an
       experienced person should play them. Keep instruments away from heaters,
       doors, or windows as the temperature change can cause string instruments to
       crack. Please store the instrument in a room-temperature location that is safe
       from harm. It should also be stored in a location that will remind the student
       to bring it to school every day!
                          Instrument Maintenance and Cleaning
BAND INSTRUMENTS: Mr. Paustian will provide assistance and instruction on the proper washing and
cleaning of all instruments. Students (and their parents) should NEVER attempt to fix their own
instrument. Please seek the advise of your band teacher as soon as there is a problem. The following
Cleaning Supplies should be purchased by each student:

          Flutes: Metal tuning and cleaning rod and a small, soft cloth for swabbing the interior of the
flute after each practice; Medium size soft, flannel cloth cleaning the exterior part of the instrument.
Other items to purchase could include: Small screwdriver, key oil, pad cleaner paper.

         Clarinets/Saxophones: String swab. Other items to purchase could include: Soft polishing
cloth, small screwdriver, key oil, pad cleaner paper, mouthpiece brush, and reed guards for the reeds.

         All Brass Instruments: Soft polishing cloth, valve oil or slide oil, slide grease, mouthpiece
brush, valve brush, and large cleaning “snake,” (cleaning brush).

Wind and Percussion Repair Specialists:

        East Hill Music
        25680 104th Ave SE Kent, WA 98031        253-852-3025

        Marv Rose Musical Instrument Repair
        1603 Vine St. Milton, WA 98354  253-922-7118

        Joe Schaller Instrument Repair
        823 E. Main Ave. #B Puyallup, WA 98372         253-841-4846      or 253-841-0914

        Mills Music Repair
        24202 104th Ave. SE Kent, WA 253-850-8000

        Ted Brown Music
        6228 Tacoma Mall Blvd. Tacoma, WA 98409 253-272-3211

STRING INSTRUMENTS: All students are responsible for keeping their instrument maintained and cared
for. Each case should contain the following items:

        1.   Extra strings
        2.   A soft cloth to remove rosin and dust
        3.   Rosin
        4.   A shoulder rest for Violins and Violas (students should purchase their own)
        5.   An End Pin Stop for all cellos and basses (students should purchase their own)

STRING REPAIRS: No student should ever try to repair a broken instrument. Hammond Ashley Violin
Shop is the best repair shop in the area: 1-800-STRING BASS. Remember, no glue, tape, varnish, or
paint should ever be used on a string instrument! You should not play your instrument if the sound post
has fallen (this is the small piece of wood that stands near the bridge inside a string instrument). The
instrument can collapse without the support of the sound post. Do not wash the instrument with any
substance unless it is specifically a cleaner for string instruments. NEVER use soap on the instrument.

String instrument Safety Tips:

        1.   Do not allow anyone else to play your instrument!
        2.   Try not to tighten the bow too tightly. There should always be a slight bend in the stick.
        3.   Hitting the bow against anything, especially the tip, can cause irreparable damage.
        4.   Keep the instrument in a safe place at home, out of the reach of siblings.
        5.   Keep the instrument away from heaters, windows, or drafty areas.
   VI. Music Incentives (awards, private lessons, middle
   school music tutors, Youth symphony, high school pep band,
   Mt. Baker Jazz Band and Pep Band)

        Music students at Mt. Baker Middle School have the unique opportunity to
participate in some exciting programs beyond their normal, daily classroom

                                   EXTRA CREDIT
Students will always have the opportunity to gain Extra Credit by: Taking private
lessons on their instrument, tutoring younger students, taking Piano lessons,
attending community concerts (No Rock concerts, please!), writing short musical
reports, being a section leader, participating in Youth Symphony, completing extra
credit worksheets, playing “mini concerts” for mom and dad, completing more than
the minimum 2 hours a week of practice, and many other activities! Students are
encouraged to build up their “Extra Credit” bank each quarter!

                                PRIVATE LESSONS
       We STRONGLY encourage all students to take private lessons on their
instrument. Not only is this a great way to maintain your musical skills, but it also
provides invaluable one-on-one instruction from a highly trained professional
musician on that instrument. Please refer to the Appendix at the end of this
Handbook for a listing of Private Instructors in our area or give us a call for further
information: 253-804-4555.

                            BAND & ORCHESTRA AWARD
       We are pleased to announce that Mt. Baker Music students (8th) will have the
opportunity to earn a pin in band and orchestra this year. Activities to earn a pin will
include participating in Solo & Ensemble Contest, Youth Symphony, Jazz Band and
other musical activities to be determined by the directors.
                               SUMMER MUSIC CAMP
       There are many fine summer music camps in the Pacific Northwest and we
strongly encourage students to find a camp of their ability. Most camps are held
during the months of June, July, and August. Please write or call for information
from the following organizations:
       Burton Music Camp                               Evergreen Music Festival
       9326 SW Bayview Drive                           Tacoma Youth Symphony
       Vashon Island, WA 98070                         901 Broadway Plaza, Suite 500
       206-622-3935                                    Tacoma, WA 98402-4415                         253-627-2792

       Marrowstone Music Festival                      Icicle Creek Music Center
       c/o Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra            PO Box 2071
       11065 Fifth Ave. NE Suite E                     Leavenworth, WA 98826
       Seattle, WA 98125 206-362-2300                  509-664-0412                 

       Auburn Summer Music Camp
       Melinda Wharton, Director

                                   YOUTH SYMPHONY

        As students become more skilled in their musical abilities, we encourage them to
audition for one of the many Youth Symphonies in our area. The auditions are held each
spring and fall, and are quite competitive. It is assumed that students who wish to participate
in such an organization attend summer music camp and take private lessons. Please see your
director for information on the Seattle Youth Symphony and the Tacoma Youth Symphony
(Mrs. Wharton’s alma mater)!

                      MT. BAKER MIDDLE SCHOOL JAZZ BAND
        Mt. Baker is proud to have many new and exciting musical opportunities for our
students. We are pleased to offer Jazz Band again this year for any Mt. Baker student who
plays saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drum set, piano, or bass. Jazz Band will be offered on
designated mornings before school from 6:45am to 7:30am. Students will need to provide
their own transportation to school on these mornings. Attendance is an important part of a
performing ensemble - no more than one absence a month will be allowed; Students will need
to bring a note from home if they have been ill.

                               SOLO & ENSEMBLE CONTEST
Solo and Ensemble Contest is a wonderful opportunity that all Band and Orchestra students
may chose to enjoy. It is not required for our students, however it is a very fun and rewarding
experience. It will take extra hours of practice and rehearsal. Students wishing to perform a
solo should be taking private lessons. The Auburn School District has funds available to hire a
professional piano accompanist for our soloists who cannot afford their own accompanists.
Students wishing to perform in a small group (duets, trios, quartets) must have the
permission of their band or orchestra teacher and will be assisted in the appropriate selection
of their music. After-school or lunchtime coaching will available for soloists and small group
participants. Students will need to follow practice and rehearsal schedules to attain the
success that we expect at Mt. Baker Middle School. Success feels great at any age, and we
are setting high musical performance standards at Mt. Baker.
   VII. Appendix

Music Stores in our area:

East Hill Music             Enchanted Harp            Good Time Music
25680 104th Ave SE          204 S Meridian            321 3rd Ave S
Kent, WA 98031              Puyallup, WA 98371        Auburn, WA 98002
253-852-3025                253-770-0550              253-833-7398

Green River Music           Hammond Ashley            Hi-Ho Music Center
2 West Main Street          Violin Shop               405 W. Stewart
Auburn, WA 98002            320 Third Ave NE          Puyallup, WA 98371
253-833-2240                Issaquah, WA 98148         253-845-7335

Helmer’s Music           Kennelly Keys Music          Lakewood Music
1640 318th Pl.     Southcenter mall        10507      Gravelly Lk. Dr.
Federal Way, WA 98003    206-431-9195                 Tacoma, WA 98499
253-839-2124                                          253-581-2926

Mills Music                 Pat Parkin                 Ted Brown Music
24202 104th Ave SE          18308 74th St E            6228 Tacoma Mall Blvd.
Kent, WA 98031              Bonney Lake, WA 98390      Tacoma, WA 98409
253-850-8000                253-863-9094               253-272-3211
West Campus Music           Metropolitan Music         Hometown Music
32042 23rd Ave S.           17725 NE 65th Suite B235 319 E. Street
Federal Way, WA 98003       Redmond, WA 98052 Auburn, WA 98002
253-946-4956                425-869-9299


Pepper at Ted Brown: 1-800-345-6296
Robert King Music:
Giardinelli Music: 1-800-288-2334
Woodwind Brasswind: 1-800-348-5003
Portland Sheet Music: 1-800-452-1133

Violin                                 Viola
Lynn Johnson-253-946-6049              Chris DeLeon – 253-945-5100
Lisa Ingraham 253-752-8744             Mark Jasinski-253-841-0903
Diane McMahon 253-833-7398             Laura Kexel- 252-241-6276
Marcia Ott 253-841-6324                Joyce Ramee -253-879-3700
Phillip Kwon –253-835-5693             Cello
Elaine Ray - 253-833-4836              Brian Wharton – 253-833-4941

Bass                                   Flute
Todd Larsen 253-887-1688               Jamie Henry 253-435-0276
Miriam Chong - 253-627-8517            Tammy Gagliardi -253-471-7812

Ask Mr. Paustian

Clarinet                               Saxophone
Denyse McCuistion 253-891-0103   Fred Winkler 253-848-1469
Amanda Hinz 253-939-5114

Bassoon                                Trumpet
Francine Floyd 481-4467                Wally Ridgewell- 866-670-1056
David Cripe 253-538-0924               Andy Thrush – 253-347-9248
                                       Kevin Paustian 253-804-4555

French Horn                            Trombone/Baritone/Tuba
Robert Redmond 253-627-7646            Ryan Wagner 253-640-2141
Tracy Cripe 253-538-0924
Meghan Paustian 253-209-3618
Liz Ward 253-845-6044

                                       Jamie Reno 253-863-3376
                                       Scott Ketron 253-772-9254
                                       Dan Kexel 253-241-6276
Tia Monsen – 253-804-4469
Kathryn Hornvedt-253-841-1848
Kate Kosaka -253-833-4680

ALL INSTRUMENTS: Electronic/quartz metronomes, digital tuners, Manhasset music
stands or folding music stand, quality music CDs and tapes, music books and
instructional materials (please call for recommendations), and instrument case
covers, gig bags, and music bags.

STRINGS: Kun Shoulder Rests for violins and violas, String instrument polish, Rosin,
Extra Strings, Rosin Cloth, Metronomes, electric tuners.

BRASS INSTRUMENTS:           Vacciano trumpet straight mute, Aluminum trumpet
harmon mute, Stoneline trumpet and trombone cup mute, Bach 3C trumpet
mouthpiece; Bach 6 ½ AL trombone mouthpiece; Bach 11 french horn mouthpiece;
brass instrument cleaning kits (snakes, brushes, oils).

WOODWINDS: Ligatures: Harrison, Bonade, or Rovner; Reed guards; Saxophone
padded neck straps; Woodwind Cleaning Kits; Bo Pep Finger Guides (flute); Clarinet
mouthpiece - Vandoren B45; Alto Sax mouthpiece - Selmer C* or Meyer 5M; Tenor
Sax mouthpiece - Meyer 5M; Mitchell Lurie Clarinet Reeds; Vandoren Clarinet Reeds;
Vandoren Alto and Tenor Sax Reeds.
                TABLE OF CONTENTS

I. Instructional Goals & Objectives

II. Student Code of Conduct & Behavioral Expectations

III. Student Assessment and Progress Reports (Daily
      requirements, grading, student work, practicing, daily
      work, concerts & attendance)

IV. Uniforms

V. Instrument Rental and Care (Music stores, district loan
policy, music cleaning suggestions, cleaning kits, etc.)

VI. Music Incentives (Music awards, private
lessons, middle school music tutors, youth symphony, Mt.
Baker Jazz Band)

VIII. Appendix (Music Stores, Sheet Music Service, Private
Lesson Teachers, Musical Gift Suggestions)
    Mt. Baker Middle School

        Music Department

        Student Handbook


Mr. Paustian   Mrs. Wharton   Mr. Char
Band           Orchestra      Choir

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