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					                                 Springfield Ball Charter School

                                   Board of Directors Meeting

                                           May 23, 2011

The Board of Directors convened in General Session in the Team Room of the Springfield Ball
Charter School at 5:30 p.m. on May 23, 2011.

Board Members Present:          Hugh Drake, President
                                Shoun Reese, Vice President
                                Lisa Weah, Secretary
                                Kenley Wade
                                Patricia Senor, Treasurer
                                Collin Hitt

Board Members Absent:           Sue Ruff

Administrative Staff:           Dr. Nicole Gales, Principal
                                Mark Durrett, Assistant Principal
                                Scott Brower, Business Manager
                                Judy Lascody, Recording Secretary

The Board meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. in the Team Room by Hugh Drake. A motion
to adjourn into Executive Session was made by Kenley Wade and Patricia Senor seconded the
motion. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

President Hugh Drake reconvened the meeting in to General Session in the Music Room at
6:43 p.m. Collin Hitt was excused before the regular session convened.

There were no visitor’s comments.

President Hugh Drake saluted Parent Educator Cathy Hughes and the Southeast High School
basketball team members who participated in the basketball clinic that was held at SBCS. He
said the clinic was conducted by the team for SBCS students and their fathers, grandfathers, or
special friends. He said it was a fun morning for all.

Assistant Principal Mark Durrett acknowledged two SBCS students, Cheyenne Walker and Addie
Rockford, for participating in the State Track Meet held the weekend of May 21st.

Shoun Reese gave the Fund Development report. Ms. Reese said despite the disappointment of
not receiving the Laura Bush grant again this year, she and Susan Wilson spent time reflecting on
the successes and challenges of the committee during the past year. She said she would be
bringing a transitioning report next month for future committee members to use as a guide in
applying for grants in the future. She also suggested the committee should reconsider its goal of
performing community outreach for the school and concentrate on fund development. She said
the committee was really too small to accomplish both goals. Ms. Reese suggested that the Board
solicit more members to sit on the committee next year.

Both Patricia Senor and Hugh Drake added that the complexity and competitiveness of seeking
out grants for the school has become more difficult in the last couple of years due to many factors
such as the downturn in the economy.

Dr. Gales said the Governance Committee met to review new applicants for the 2011-2012 Board
of Directors. She said the committee looked at candidates’ previous board experience,
school/work related activities and other experiences which might enhance the SBCS Board. She
said the committee was looking to fill one parent vacancy at the kindergarten through fourth
grade level and two community representatives. Four of the applicants were introduced in
Executive Session. The committee will meet and present candidates at the June meeting for

Business Manager Scott Brower gave the Finance Report.

Review of April 2011 Profit & Loss Statement:
Mr. Brower said the Finance Committee reviewed the April Profit and Loss statements which
included a year-to-date comparison for referencing where school finances stood in relations to the
same time last year. He said the school received the last per capita reimbursement check from
District 186 and had only received the one $64,000 check from the State for the Preschool For All
Program. The Charter Child Care income showed a slight increase over last year. Expenses ran
normal with a .48% increase over last year.

Review of Mid-Year Reappraisal:
Mr. Brower pointed out in reviewing the Mid-Year Reappraisal, some of the line item totals
reflected an up or down arrow indicating an increase or decrease in the line from the prior
month’s display. He said total income had increased by $4,933.55 from the prior month due to
forecasting increases in the Edward Jones investments and Charter Child Care Revenue.
Professional development expense estimates decreased by $3,066.30 due to forecasted decreases
in the substitute expense line. Regular instruction expense totals for staff using personal/sick as
well as staff on leaves of absence, increased by $4,086.46. The Administration expenses went up
by $721.67 due to forecasted increases in administrative consultant expenses. He said overall Net
Income projections increased by $3,924.41 to $280,149.69. Mr. Brower noted that the Edward
Jones investment had also increased in value during April. He said he would update the
reappraisal one more time before the June Board meeting.

Review FY12 Budget Draft:
Mr. Brower said he had met with Dr. Gales and Mr. Durrett to make revisions in the FY12
Budget Draft. He said footnotes and adjustments are now shown with a box next to the

adjustment which would make it easier to read and note where and why adjustments had been

Ms. Reese inquired as to whether the Charter Child Care revenue would be affected by State
budget cuts to childcare funding. Mr. Brower said that there is a minimal effect on the CCC
budget, as many parents do not rely on the State for subsidies.

Mr. Brower indicated he had discussed the core library funding with Dr. Gales and funding would
be budgeted in future years but not at the $20,000 level as in 2009. Dr. Gales said that the
Administration supports continuing the core classroom libraries and will discuss with the
Instructional Leadership Team the best way to distribute the funds next year. Mr. Brower reported
that the budget draft currently includes $10,000 for core libraries.

Mr. Brower said after adjustments were made to the Draft Budget, the surplus was anticipated to
be $68,429. The Draft Budget will be presented in June for approval so expenses can be paid at
the beginning of the fiscal year on July 1, 2011. Final approval of the FY12 Budget will be
presented to the Board at the August Board meeting.

Parent Nicole Evans asked if the Employee Insurance Opt-Out program had been proposed. Mr.
Brower said there was not enough interest from employees to pursue the option.

FY12-13 Projections:
Mr. Brower noted adjustments had been made to both the FY11 Reappraisal and FY12 Draft
Budget and they were added to the FY12-13 Budget Projections. He said that income figures
were estimates based on the Charter Agreement amount agreed to in the 2008 Agreement. Those
figures reflect per capita reimbursement amount which included caps agreed to by both District
186 and SBCS. He said he used conservative reimbursement figures when making the
projections which showed an estimated FY12 reserve amount of $871,633.

The next meeting of the Finance Committee will be June 8, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. The committee
members will be asked to review the agreement with Eck, Schaefer and Punke to perform the
school’s FY11 Audit.

2011-2012 School Calendar:
Dr. Gales shared a calendar with Board members which included 183 student days and 189
teacher days with a starting date of August 18, 2011 for students and an ending date of May 31,
2012. She had balanced the calendar with professional development days for her staff and
balanced days off with the District so as to save on transportation costs for busing students on
District non-attendance days.

Instructional Budget Planning:
Dr. Gales said she was meeting with the Instructional Leadership Team to determine curriculum
needs for the next school year. She said she would like the Finance Committee to be involved in
discussions to move the technology program along at a faster pace. She has asked Mr. Brower
and Mr. Nellessen to work on a plan to bring SBCS more in line with the ever changing world of
technology. Ms. Senor asked that the new Technology Specialist be involved in discussions of
future plans for the school. Mr. Brower said that Lauren Smith would be meeting with Mr.
Brower and Mr. Nellessen later in the week to begin discussions. Mr. Durrett asked to also be
involved in those discussions.


      A motion was made by Shoun Reese and seconded by Kenley Wade to approve the April
       25, 2011 minutes of the Regular and Executive Sessions of the SBCS Board of Directors
       Meeting. A correction was made in the Executive Session minutes that Hugh Drake was
       absent. The motion was approved with Sue Ruff and Collin Hitt absent.

   A motion was made by Kenley Wade and seconded by Lisa Weah to approve the 2011-
     2012 School Calendar. The motion was approved by unanimous vote with Sue Ruff and
     Collin Hitt absent.

      A motion was made by Shoun Reese and seconded by Lisa Weah to approve the
       employment of Gina Healy, Upper Middle Level Teacher, effective August 16, 2011 for
       the 2011-2012 school year replacing Laura Horstman. The motion was approved by
       unanimous vote with Sue Ruff and Collin Hitt absent.

      A motion was made by Patricia Senor and seconded by Kenley Wade to approve the
       employment of Lauren Smith, Technology Specialist, effective August 1, 2011 for the
       2011-2012 school year replacing Mike Nellessen. The motion was approved by
       unanimous vote with Sue Ruff and Collin Hitt absent.

Dr. Gales said she would like to have a BOD retreat in the summer to begin long-range planning
with new members and hope that old members would be in attendance also to provide for a
transition. She said she was looking at a July date and would be in touch later.

A motion was made by Kenley Wade and seconded by Patricia Senor to adjourn the meeting at
7:20 p.m. The motion was approved and Mr. Drake adjourned the meeting.

The next meeting of the Springfield Ball Charter School Board of Directors is Monday, June 27,
2011 at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Lascody
Recording Secretary